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May 01

5 Steps to Become Known in the Market (even if you are pivoting)

By Jennifer Hall | Client Attraction , Positioning

Striving to become known is a goal for every single business owner, particularly for those in highly saturated markets. It can be difficult to get the attention of the market and you have to ensure that your message is loud, clear and heard. 

So here are 5 simple steps to becoming known in your market (even if you’re pivoting)

Step 1. Stick a Stake in the Sand  

Whether you're pivoting, starting out new or whether you realise that you've been a little vague and not been particularly straightforward with your messaging, you need to ensure that you are clear about what you want to be known for.  

Deciding on what you want to be known for can be the most difficult step. 

Questions such as -

  • Should I pick something that makes the most sense to my expertise and my experience? 
  • Perhaps I should pick what I've invested the most money in?
  • Or should I pick the thing that I'm most passionate about? 

It’s important to note that passion doesn’t always lead to profit. If you’re multi-passionate my big advice is to pop your business hat on and decide what’s going to stay a hobby and what has legs to become hugely profitable.

I absolutely believe that you need to be passionate about what you do - even if it’s about the process of making money - excitement will be the driving force for your success in business. 

Be smart around what you pick to run with as a business to ensure it’s profitable, and I absolutely believe that it should make sense to your area of expertise.

If you are passionate about something different to what you've been currently investing, learning and developing in, then look at what steps you need to take to become the expert in that area before you start going out and proclaiming your new niche. 

If you are looking to grow and scale a business successfully, it’s important to bear in mind that eventually you won't be the one doing the ‘do’ in your business, you’ll be focused on overseeing the business and growing it.

Part of creating profitable business niche is to look at how desired your ‘thing’ is. In most cases you can absolutely link up your expertise and passion and angle it in such a way that it fulfils a need in someone's life. That’s what business is all about - serving needs.

So, the key three things that will determine what you will become known for are:-

  1. Passion 
  2. Expertise
  3. Being able to articulate it so that is wanted by the market.

Step Two- Create a Sticky ‘Ronseal’ Message

Creating a message that articulates what you want to be known for is key. In order to transform your message into money, you must make sure you angle your expertise and what you offer so that it is wanted by the market.

A message that is:-

  • simple,
  • short,
  • tangible,
  • understandable
  • and memorable

...will be the most effective. If you can create a message that has those elements, it’s going to easily stick in the minds of the individuals within your market.  Making it as ‘Ronseal’ as possible (does what it says on the tin) will help your message stickiness and make it as clear as day. 

This will be of huge benefit to you and your business when it comes to networking at events and when others make introductions because you will not only be memorable, you will also become well known for being worth knowing.

Your messaging has many levels to it but first and foremost you must be able to articulate quickly with a one liner what you do and who you help with an emphasis on the desired outcome.

The Dangers of Messaging

If you’re switching from one thing to another, it could crush your credibility because people lose trust in you when you're an expert in one thing then in the next breath you’re an expert in something else. People start to doubt your abilities because people are very aware that you can't be an expert in everything. If you start changing things in very short succession, you will lack credibility, so sticking to your decision will give you time to build trust and your credibility back up again. 

The other danger of putting out different messages that are vague is that by firing out different messages something will stick in some of the minds of your market, however you won’t have any control of it - you’ll start to become known for something that perhaps you don’t really want to be known for. So the first thing is to decide on a clear, sticky message that you are happy with so that you can fully immerse your marketing and your market.  

Consider who your message is for, tailor it to benefit and help your target market. Show them how you can help them achieve a particular goal.

Step Three- Flood your following

 So, in order to get your message out there and become known for something, the next obvious step is to talk about it A LOT. What you may think is “a lot” might be very different to what’s required, take your “a lot” and amplify that by a million. 

If you are already known for something different and you are making a pivot, you will really need to push this new message due to the fact that you are having to overwrite a potentially strong previous message that is already stuck in the minds of your market.  

You probably have a current following who you may now no longer serve in the same way, perhaps not even at all. If you have pivoted to this point, sometimes it’s a case of communicating the fact that you’re not supplying that service anymore, but that you’re doing something different.

However, always consider your current following when you do something different because there still might be people within your audience that will follow you to your next thing if it suits them.  So, it's not necessarily about dropping or burning it down. If it's only a slight pivot where you’re still able to help them, for instance helping them at a higher level - then communicate that message and let them know the benefit of sticking with you.

The way you communicate and get your message out is crucial; one private email just won’t do it.  

Go live on Facebook, consistently post on social media platforms, change your website to reflect your new message. Set dates and times when you will be going ‘live’ to talk about your new ideas or services, so people make and give you time. 

If you've got a whole website geared up to something else that no longer exists because you've changed, then cut it down to only a few key pages. This is generally your contact page, your ‘about me’ page and your homepage.

It’s important to change your website, your social media profiles, ensuring that the cover photos have been changed to reflect your new direction. Write a post about the pivot/direction, go live, do a video, write a blog. Make sure everything that the public sees reflects your message. Get your message out in anyway you can!

Step 4. - Use Case Studies

Now is the time to demonstrate how your business has benefited clients and using case studies is a great way to do this. If you don’t have case studies then create them. And if you don’t have clients yet, going out and finding them is a high priority so you can start creating these case studies. 

Your case studies need to reflect the overall desired outcome you are marketing. I see so many people who have case studies but they don’t accurately reflect the type of person you help, the desired outcome of the target market nor the key challenge you help them overcome. Case studies don’t just build credibility that people ‘like’ you, they are designed to help demonstrate and provide reassurance that you’re able to get results for ‘people just like them’. 

It's proof to potential clients of what you can do and how you can help them specifically. 

Step 5.  3rd Party Credibility

It’s really important to catapult your message and become seriously memorable, and this comes from sharing. Encourage your clients to share your new message and how you’ve helped them in a particular area. Ask people for testimonials and encourage them to share your message as well. And don’t just ask for testimonials, make sure you ask specific questions to help guide your clients to help them fully articulate their transformation.

Make anything you can ‘sharable’ so that people can spread the word on what you do. For example:- getting people to post what you’ve done for them on social media to get the word out about your USP.  

Encourage people to share, if you don’t ask, you don’t get. 

Creating shareable content around your new message will really help spread the word further than just your current following. Your personality, style & storytelling can also really help; this can amplify your message and allow it to stick more. It makes your message more personal and unique, which automatically stands out.

Create a memorable, understandable and tangible message. Use your personality, style & storytelling to make it unique to you and stick in the minds of your market and following. 

Flood the market with it - let everyone know.

If you’d like help in defining your niche & category of one status, and positioning yourself as a Market Leader then make sure you book a call with Jen Hall from Market Leader League to discuss how she can help you make that happen.

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sales page
Jul 01

Do I really need a Sales Page?

By Jennifer Hall | Client Attraction , Uncategorized

So, after three years I have only just got round to creating a 'Work With Me' page on my website.

So yes, you guessed it, I've been selling high-ticket programmes for 3 years without ever having a sales page for them.

How is this possible?

Well, people just want their problems solved and their goals achieved. The bells and whistles are just a lovely bonus. But what they're really paying for is a solid outcome, and to have the pain removed.

Of course, the desired outcome isn't the only reason they'll part with their money. There's a lot more to it. If you're planning on mass selling to a cold(ish) audience then a sales page is essential.

you must make them believe in you...

  • You need to be able to position yourself as the go-to expert/specialist in helping people just like them.
  • They must believe that you are credible and have the credentials to back up your claims.
  • They need to believe that you are the person to help them. That it's only your 'way' to help them get that result.
  • They need to understand the full extent of what they're buying. What's the full impact on their life when they decide to buy, and also if they decided not to.
  • You have to help them tap into and articulate the internal emotional problem they want solving, and the impact that is having on their life.
Among many more things...

So as you can see there's a whole lot more to it than just setting up a sales page and expecting sales to come.

By the time people get on the phone with me they are already certain they want to work with me. The only question on their mind is how they can make it happen.

How is this achieved?

I do this using a content funnel that helps them reach the right conclusions and helps them overcome their own objections.

By the time they get on the phone they know all the above and more and can't wait to get cracking.

They didn't need a sales page because the conversation has already been happening and all they want to do is speak to me to find out how we can get going.

So why now? Why have I decided to create a sales page...

Writing a sales page helps to give you clarity on your ideal client, the huge benefit of working with you, and sharpens up your ability to articulate your value (if it's done well).

And after re-clarifying my programmes over the last few weeks it was hugely beneficial, and it will now be an added part of the 'conversation' that I have with my prospects.

I'm also becoming more well known in my field and being looked up more and more.  Now people who are collaborating with me to send me referrals have a place to send people to find out more.

Feel free to check it out here!

How are you having 'that' conversation with your prospects?

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Apr 01

Niching Done Right vs Niching Gone Wrong Plus the missing piece to your niche

By Jennifer Hall | Business Alignment , Client Attraction , Client Conversion , Positioning

Niching right down & getting seriously specific on who and how your products benefit certain individuals continues to be a pivotal factor in the incredible success both myself and my clients have in converting their own clients with absolute ease. It's the first step to business success and will never cease to be.

When you talk to everyone, you talk to no one.

Most (not all), but most business owners know this but not that many truly embrace it. The fear of cutting out potential buyers is real!

The thing is, you DO NOT have to turn people away if you want to and can help them. But in order to attract potential buyers who are happy to pay your price point, they need to know how it's going to benefit them specifically, that it was designed with them in mind and that you're an expert in helping people just like them. The trust, impact and connection you build when you get specific is second to none.

However, there are those that embrace niching because they know it is essential to being heard in their noisy market...

But here is when it can go horribly wrong...

1. A lot of people get confused and think that carving out a niche is about being specific on WHAT they do. Whilst what you do definitely comes into it and really helps you become KNOWN in the market for something specific. But by using the 'what' as the driving thought process behind niching you end up creating products/packages that don't sell because they're created without taking into account a specific person.

2. A lot of entrepreneurs make the mistake in thinking that niching is about being different and that by niching it helps you to stand out. So they recreate themselves as something so super special but so ambiguous people fail to understand who it is they help and in layman's terms what it is they actually do and how it's of benefit.

True Niching = getting really specific on an individual who has specific problems or desires.

Niching doesn't help you to stand out as such, it helps your messaging connect with people, it builds trust and draws attention for all the right reasons. 

When you come from it at the angle of helping a particular individual you create products that are ideal for that person that are centred around their specific desires, problems and needs. You create stuff that sells. It sells because you're providing solutions. 

This is '3rd Layer Clarity' - this is the kind of clarity you need to have in order to convert prospects with ease. 

The market is saturated, it doesn't matter how much you specialise in helping a particular person with something really specific there will always be people doing something similar if not the same as you. Being different to your competitors is about finding a NEW WAY, creating a 'Unique Magic Bullet', a solution that makes total sense to your ideal prospects that they hadn't thought of before. It's the epiphany moment that you deliver that gives them renewed hope that they can finally achieve what they wanted. Asides from your wonderful personality, this is what provides the irrefutable and compelling evidence that YOU are the only person they want to help them.

Yes you can create demand for a product but it still has to be connected to a genuine core desire in a REAL LIFE individual.

Create new solutions to real problems for genuine people and you're onto something successful.

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selling without suspicions
Feb 12

How to avoid Selling without Suspicions

By Jennifer Hall | Business Mindset , Client Attraction , Client Conversion , Uncategorized

If you're looking to convert prospects into clients, read on...

Last night I was scrolling through some second hand interior bargains as we'd like another chair in our living room and I want to get creative and try out some upcycling skills.

BUT as I was scrolling through the sale posts there were some that I was considering but they quickly became a big fat NO!


...Because they were lacking in detail.

''BLUE CUDDLE CHAIR - Pick up only''

Whilst the pictures were ok, this is clearly a second hand piece of furniture with no access to any other reviews other than that of the owner. And they just weren't giving me anything to go on i.e. 

What kind of condition is it in? How old is it?

Now I could have asked, but quite frankly I couldn't be arsed to spend the time writing out a message when there was plenty of other choice to pick from instead!

Another one stated...

''CRUSHED VELVET GREY FIRESIDE CHAIR - Unbelievably comfy, slight tear on the underside but can easily be repaired out of sight.''

Weirdly enough the second advert made me feel ten times more excited. Not only could I visualise myself next to our inglenook fireplace toasting my toes, I also have complete confidence in the review of it being truly comfortable.

Even though they mention the tear, this doesn't put me off. In fact, it makes me feel utterly reassured that they're a seller with integrity and I know what I'm getting.

So In Business Terms...

When you're looking to convert prospects into clients, we have to show authenticity, honesty and integrity, without it we're left suspicious.

It's also important to add the detail and the specifics. People need enough information to know what they're getting and to appeal to their 'desires'.

I'm not suggesting you point out your flaws, but I am saying that giving people your honest opinion, even if that's a small dose of uncertainty, will actually make them feel more confident in your promises.

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rejected by clients after lie
Dec 06

Rejected? It’s not them it’s you…

By Jennifer Hall | Client Attraction , Client Conversion

Are You being Rejected by potential Clients?

The pandering advice that you've been told and have probably been telling not just others, but yourself, is usually told at the moment you get rejected by a potential client, and your coach/biz bestie says...

'They obviously weren't your ideal client!'

Now, sometimes this is the case. Sometimes they genuinely were not your ideal client. In some cases you made a lucky escape.

But i'm going to ask you...

how often do you get rejected?

I know this is a very triggering question. But please know that I'm not asking you just to ruffle your feathers. I'm asking you because if you're experiencing rejection after rejection, we have to face the real possibility that it's not them, it's YOU.

I know, I know I'm twisting the knife.

But hang in there because I want to open your mind to a new possibility...

We can either keep lying to ourselves and experiencing the same outcome, OR we can face the truth!. We can make a change, and get a different outcome.

Why Are We being rejected?

A lot of the time when we experience rejection it's not that people don't want to buy from us. Sometimes people adore you and they truly WANT to, but they just can't seem to justify it in their heads. It seems like a lot of money for what they're not sure they'll be getting.

Your 'unsure prospect' generally rejects you for these reasons:

  • They can't see a return on investment.
  • They don't trust you to help them achieve their result.
  • They're not clear on what they'll actually be achieving when they work with you.
  • They have a 'better' option.
  • They're scared that they themselves can't achieve what you're promising.

Knowing this information is truly empowering because we can start to identify which one is happening and what's missing in our marketing. Because if you're marketing is done well, your prospect should already be converted to a 'YES' when they approach you.

how can rejection be avoided?

So the next time you're rejected, instead of telling yourself this lie, first ask yourself these questions...

  • Did I truly show them a return on investment?
  • Have I done everything I could to present myself as credible. To build trust with my prospects so much so that they feel totally confident in my abilities?
  • Have I been really clear on the solid results/outcomes that they will get. Will they help them to get them to their overall 'success island'?
  • Why didn't they choose me? What could I have done better to tune into they're true desires/wants/values?
  • How can I help them build confidence in themselves that they too can achieve the results that you help others to do?

to Conclude...

When you stop running from the truth, you'll find that the answers. The answers you receive will be so illuminating that it will allow you to do something different to get the result you want...


Work with Jen...

If you'd like to discuss further how you can convert your potential clients with ease, then just book a call with Jen Hall here

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marketing lies
Dec 03

Can your ideal client’s really get bored of you?

By Jennifer Hall | Client Attraction , Truthbombs

A marketing lie that is going to hurt...

Like, it's really going to hurt!

Because you'll probably have found yourself saying this to someone else at some point.

Why?...Because you're a nice person!

But the problem is, there is so much advice that is given with the best of intentions but is actually killing your business success. Pandering to someone just to make them feel better in the moment isn't going to help them with their long term success.

The Lie...

Brace yourself and get ready for the lie you've been told and you're probably telling...

''Your ideal clients could never be bored of you!''
"Yes they can! And they do!"

Just because they are ideal clients doesn't mean they love you unconditionally. Even if they were raving fans, that doesn't mean that they won't get bored if you put out stuff that isn't resonating or hitting the spot. I love my daughter and I'd like to think I'm her ideal mummy. But I'm also human, and there's only so many times she can make me watch Peppa Pig before I want to end it all.

Saying that people don't get bored of you, leads you to produce more drivel that just gets ignored. 

Your ideal client doesn't want to hear about how great NLP is. They want to hear about how they're going to solve their problems and achieve their desires.

They don't want to hear the same message being plugged out there like every other entrepreneur. They've seen it, heard it and they're tuning out.

My fear is so many people will be reading this and thinking well that means I'm screwed, because I'm really boring.

Here's the truth...

You are not boring, really you're not. But your content could be if you're creating from your left brain instead of your right brain, heart & gut...

In order to create interesting content, you have to create stuff that:-

  • MEANS something to your ideal clients. They will only find it to be awesome if they can connect it with themselves and THEIR wants. And desires, problems, beliefs, values, opinions...
  • Brings them something different, fresh & new that they haven't come across before. With so much content being created, people are actively tuning out. They need something that appeals to their intellect and offers to show them a different perspective they haven't explored before.
  • Comes from the heart and spoken or written with absolute passion, zest and power. You have to connect with your audience emotionally, so come from a place of emotion.

And of course, let's not forget, everyone loves a good nose behind the scenes of what's going on professionally and personally.

To Conclude...

There is an art to creating content that stands out and grabs attention. But it is an art that can be learned. You're not going to get it right all the time. Goodness knows I don't. But unless you make an effort to produce something that hits those three things above, it's likely that you're going to be ignored. Not because you're not amazing, but because what you're putting out there isn't bottling it up right.

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Nov 26

5 Ways to Position Your Content Idea as New to Grab Your Markets Attention (that the Gurus are trying to Keep Quiet)

By Jennifer Hall | Business Mindset , Client Attraction


In this saturated arena of noise, it's become critical that you grab the attention of your market with your marketing / content idea to be in with a chance of gaining them as a client and impacting their lives.
But the problem is, it’s so easy to become bland and blend in with the rest of the crowd. Because of the inundation of content being pumped out there, people only want to consume content that offers them something NEW, that they haven’t yet come across.

But how do you make something appear fresh & new when it isn’t new to you?

Below I have laid out the 5 ways you can position your business idea/headline/hook/services as new. This information allows you to cut right through the noise and create compelling marketing content that your market wants to consume like their favourite dessert.
The examples below are to give you a starting point.Some creative licence is required to make the hooks standout and impact.

1. Expose Lies

Tell people that everything they’ve been told thus far is wrong. If you’ve noticed there seems to be a distinct smell of BS lurking around your industry and you’re ready to expose those lies and help your market do things the right way, then get out their speak the truth!
Example hooks -
·      Why (insert old way/lie) won’t work and this will
·      3 Lies you’ve been told about ( insert specific desire/problem)

2. Tell Secrets

People can’t bear the thought of not knowing something about the ‘thing’ that’s important to them. The intrigue of a secret that even the gurus/experts don’t know about or aren’t sharing, is strong!
Example hooks –
·      The headline I used for this article is a great example of an untold secret.
·      The book ‘The Secret’ utilised this principle to sell over 30 million copies.
·      The Untold Secret to (insert specific desire/problem) 
·      The ‘Russel Brunson Secret’ that helped to create his $40 million Networth

3. The Time is Now

People love to follow current trends and if something is timely, they are all over it like a rash, if it’s about something they’re genuinely interested in.
Examples –
·      Following a timely event/new research/announcement you could stress the importance of consuming your content NOW to the benefit of (insert problem/desire).
·      You could share your idea/pre-existing idea that is updated for (insert current month/year) to provide the ‘latest’ information.
·     Propose that an old way has stopped working and introduce a new way.

4. Forgotten Treasure

Bring back something that has been long forgotten. Some of the best ways are the old ways, and going back to the basics could be the best way for your audience. So just like fashion goes around in cycles, you could bring something forgotten back to the present and position it as ‘new’ all over again.
Examples –
·      This Long Forgotten Ancient Cure for Heart Disease Saved My Life 
·      How my Clients Used this Proven Timeless Strategy to Achieve (insert desired result) in 2018

5. Orange is The New Black

Let’s not forget that you might actually have something new, and perhaps without realising it. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that EVERY business ‘could’ have something new if they’d only create it.

Your idea could be cutting edge because you’ve reinvented a pre-existing solution and made it better in some way.
Examples of ways you can make your idea brand new –
·      More advanced / new version
·      Reorder, rebuild or reinvent an existing idea.
·      Develop an existing idea
·      Solve a common complaint about a pre-existing service or a secondary problem beyond the immediate one.‘’I want to do this, but I can’t/don’t want to because____’’
·      Simplify a pre-existing solution to make it easier / faster to implement.
·      Deconstruct an idea, add your unique benefit and put it back together with that beneficial idea at the core.

If you’re lucky enough to be first to the market with an idea that’s BRAND NEW, then make a big whale of a deal out of it!

Make sure you Crack this...

Number 5 is the most important to crack. Because it's the one that will be the most genuine and authentic and will shine out like a lighthouse in the fog. It's the bedrock for your entire marketing campaign and will compel your prospects to buy your product.​​ 

It's what I call the 'Unique Magic Bullet'. Don't mistake this for a magic pill though, people who want a magic pill want everything done for them and they throw money at things and expect to work. No, a 'UMB' is different, it's the key component that makes the market realise why it hasn't worked or won't work any other way without it. It's the component that makes complete logical sense, that is of huge benefit, and the only way they can get it - is from you.

Focus on creating your Unique Magic Bullet and you'll achieve true irresistible unrivalled status. You'll become the obvious choice.

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stop looking usp
Nov 15

STOP LOOKING for your USP & Try This…

By Jennifer Hall | Business Mindset , Client Attraction

where's Your unique selling point (USP)...

If you've been racking your brains trying to find your USP (unique selling point) to no avail, it's time to stop looking.

Not because I want you to give up, but because it's actually extremely rare in such a saturated market to find a pre-existing USP. 

'You don't find one - you CREATE one'

But being unique doesn't mean you are useful. So when you are thinking about creating a USP you have to be mindful that there has to be a benefit to it as well.

be the best of the USP's...

Your 'way' of helping people has to be BETTER in some way. That's not to say that the other ways out there aren't awesome too, but you have to be better in some way for a certain someone to feel compelled to choose you. In order to be unique, you have to be brave enough to point out WHY you are different.

In the Monetise Your Message programme that I'm running at the moment, I'm currently helping my clients to create their USP's as part of their overall 'Desirability Factor'. Whilst i'm obviously not going to giving away the full paid content, I thought I'd share 3 top tips that might help when thinking about what makes you different.

3 top tips to discover What makes you different...

Top tip #1...

Get really specific on your ideal client. Once you know what kind of person they are, their habits, their faults, their likes/dislikes, the challenges that are specific to them beyond the immediate problem you solve, you can start to see how you can create a USP.

Example - one of my awesome clients Anwin Mbah, talented Wealth Strategist, creates a Spending Plan for her clients instead of a Saving Plan. This is because she knows that her particular type of client will reject/hate the idea of a savings plan because they have a spending habit. So by changing the angle in which she tackles their problem specifically, her way will work 'better' because it's designed with their mindset in mind.

Top Tip #2... 

Think about why your ideal client will struggle or has struggled in the past with other 'ways' of trying to achieve what they wanted. What could you bring to the table that would alleviate that struggle and make the process better in some way?

Top Tip #3... 

Of course if you have read my book Expert Unrivalled, you will know that what makes you unique and stand-out is the unique cocktail of your micro-niche/specialism, personality/style, values & opinions, your story etc. The entire mix is what makes you entirely unique and people will be drawn to the energy in which that mix creates.

But a very strong pull to choosing you over others is the logic behind your method. So don't just stop at 'I'm great so people will obviously choose me'. They might follow you, but in order for people to want to buy from you, you need a 'NEW SOLUTION'.

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Oct 22

How to land clients fast! 4 Daily Activities

By Jennifer Hall | Client Attraction

I Have A Confession To Make... 

...and one that Gary V wouldn't approve of.

I'm ever so slightly addicted to a phone puzzle game. I got completely stuck on this particular level at the weekend. I was getting seriously frustrated as at one point I thought I'd done it, but to my horror I was trying to do something that wasn't the actual goal of the game. So I realised that in actual fact I was never going to win!

This is one of the biggest mistakes that I've made in business in the past. Following everyone else's set of rules regarding what I should be doing. Focusing on the task itself, instead of ensuring that the tasks actually related to my goal. So it meant that I never actually went anywhere.

'I was running a business instead of winning at business'
'It pays to check what the end goal is to ensure that what you're actually 'doing' will get you there.'

My '2 Modes' Strategy

These days I work in 2 modes, 'Short Term Strategy Mode' and 'Long Term Strategy Mode'. And for both of these modes I first have to look at my 'End Goals'

For instance, I look at what I need to do in order get clients right now (short term thinking) because landing clients is ALWAYS the goal, as that's what keeps me in business.

And for this goal, attracting my clients, I think what can I do right now that will plant the seed so I can land even more clients (long term thinking).

Of course there are other goals too, but I'm clear on them. I prioritise them, and I ONLY do the things that make my boat go faster towards those goals.

Being clear on my goals and my priorities, helps me to prioritise the 'doing', so I'm not an insane fool' busy being busy with tasks that keep me running on the spot.

fREE from me...

I want to re-share a video I created a few weeks back on the '4 Activities You Need to Focus on Daily to Land Clients Fast' AND... I'm also going to give you the link here to download the FREE printable checklist that I mention in the video so you can get right to doing the right things that will bring in those clients!

Just click this link to download your FREE Checklist >

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Oct 19

How to Know If You’re Content Marketing is Crushing It or Not!

By Jennifer Hall | Client Attraction , Client Conversion

The 7 Best Ways to Know Whether Your Content is Crushing it or NOT!

Creating content that truly crushes it is an art and only comes with learning. Note I didn't say practice. Obviously our writing/content marketing skills get better with practice absolutely but we also have to learn both in copywriting skill and testing what works and doesn't work for our audience.

Engagement with your content can be a great sign that people are 'digging' (i'm seriously down with the kids this morning) what you're putting out there.

Here are the Top 7 Engagement Types to Know Whether Your Content Marketing is Crushing It... or Not


Likes, loves and wows are a great sign that people 'like' what you do but it still ranks lowest. People can still 'like' your stuff without physically liking it.


Comments are a better sign that your content is hitting the mark. But beware of the type of comments - some people feel compelled to comment to showcase their own expertise and visibility - this does not mean they will become a client (they still might but it's not a sign). Some people will comment because they disagree.

But the comments to look out for are comments that are in agreement, show interest or even better, comments that ask questions. 

5. Conversation

If you can enter into conversation with these people on the thread you are able to further build more intimate relationships and move people from the friend zone to the client zone.

Responding to all comments regardless of the type of comment, is very important. It adds to the contents engagement and reach, and it starts conversation and keeps the content 'alive'. All of these 'good or bad' comments, get attention and will expand the reach to more people including your ideal client.

A negative comment isn't a bad thing, it gives you the opportunity to respond with class and with your view point to position yourself as a confident authority. You'll also find those that agree with you will feel more compelled to comment as well because they jump to defend the perspective of the content and it's author.


There is one type of engagement that is a jackpot for your visibility that trumps likes, comments and even click-throughs for a visibility goal (see no.1), and that's 'shares'. If your content is shared this is a sure sign that someone really and truly resonates and loves your content.

A share will increase the reach and is social proof that this person not only likes it but is wholeheartedly in agreement/in love/totally resonates with what you have to say. They might share it because it's useful, but more often than not, people share because they're in agreement with a sentiment or an opinion and by sharing it, it sends a message out to the world that they are well and truly in agreement and in alignment with that way of thinking. It shows the world something about their identity and what they stand for.

3. Passive Engagement

I know this one ranks at number 3! Shocking but hear me out...

One thing that was said to me when I first started out that I still stand by, is that 'likes and comments don't build a business'. There is an element of trust when it comes to your content and making sales. Not everyone actively engages but that doesn't mean it's not making an impact on them. 

I get a tonne of sales from people who have been passively following me, some I've never heard of and some have NEVER physically 'liked', commented or shared my stuff. But they are still engaging by clicking through or even reading/watching/listening silently.

2. 'Click-Throughs'

Writing epic headlines is what will get the most important piece of engagement - 'click-throughs'. If people aren't clicking through to read/watch/listen then they're not even passively engaged and you're being overlooked so this is imperative! I use an online tool called '' to measure this.

The biggest rule of content is that people have to care about your content. Both in the headline AND beyond. 

1. Leads & Sales

Leads and sales is the number one way to know if you're crushing it with your content marketing. If people aren't opting-in and/or buying, then it's not working (that's assuming you're creating your content for your business). I'm not suggesting that people read/watch/listen to something once and will then become your client (even though let me tell you, I have clients who have done just that) but some people need more time to make a decision so...

Ask your clients how they first heard about you, track as much as you can where people made their first touch point with you and through what content did they join your group or list. Understanding where your sales are coming from will help you to understand what content is working and that you either need to create more of that type OR repurpose it, reshare it, reuse it or scale it up (put it on an ad). See below for more info in converting surface level engagement to buying engagement.

How to Boost Engagement

Asides from the obvious advice that you should be asking for engagement - telling them to comment, share, ask questions, respond to your question etc.

Your content needs to come from the heart and needs to resonate with your ideal client, either because it's useful or because it speaks 'truth' to them. 

How to Convert 'Engagers' into Paying Clients

In order to convert these people into clients, they need to know why they should follow you further, that you have something of value to offer them. So a clear call to action at the end of your content (where you're able) is important to pull them into your domain (list, group etc) so you can nurture and convert them into paying clients. Offering something of further use to them specifically (that then leads into a relevant paid offer) will lead them through congruent funnel to becoming paid clients.

This means you have to be clear on 'who' you're speaking to when you're writing, and not just in terms of demographics, I'm talking about the values and world views your ideal clients have. 

Your content should be something that's either useful to them or that resonates with them. 

Do you struggle to write content?

If you struggle to write content it's likely because you're struggling to define who it is you actually help or perhaps you know who, but you're struggling to identify with their true desires, problems, unique views, motivations and priorities.

Once you know 'who' at a deep level, the creation becomes effortless. Content that helps them solve their biggest problems, content that resonates with their views or even content that creates a new way of thinking or offers a new way of doing things to give your ideal clients hope that they can achieve their goals/desires/overcome their issues.

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