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Jen Hall is Business Clarity Coach for Coaches, Consultants & Experts who want to become Unrivalled Go-To Experts. Jen not only gets you clear on your micro-niche, message and what makes you unique and desirable, but she helps you to define what makes you an irrefutable offer to the market so you can position yourself as a high-end 'must have' option for your prospects. She is a Multi-Award Winning Speaker and Best Selling Author of Expert Unrivalled.

Jul 24

The Power of Recognition

By Jennifer Hall | Uncategorized

A couple of days ago I was TOTALLY humbled and brought to tears to see my name tagged several times in a celebratory thread for ‘doing what they do best’ and was specifically called out by a well-respected coach as being a leader!

It was almost unbelievable that so many people were recognising me for my efforts! (that’s a far cry from the corporate days, I can tell you! 😉 ) and it genuinely moved me!

When I first started out, I felt invisible at times, despite posting for what felt like 24/7!

It was a lonely place and super scary putting myself out there only not to be noticed. I kept on going, consistently and persistently and built my own group quickly.
The only problem… little to NO engagement! And there were a few moments where I questioned whether there was any point to it!

You see, I was so focused on building the group I didn’t make the engagement my priority.
I thought that people = engagement and that somehow it was their responsibility being part of the group to mandatorily engage.

Until I realised that I had to step up and become a leader, to lead by example and genuinely serve!
To add incredible value and SHOW them unignorably how I could change their lives. I had to commit to it, make them my priority over the other groups I was a member of.

Being a Leader means committing to your tribe, a bit like a parent does to their children, they are the ones that hold the responsibility to nurture them and help them grow. And as a leader that is your responsibility!
Over time they will come to love you, respect you and want MORE of you! Then they’ll step up of their own accord.

The tipping point happens and it all starts to come together.

And one more thing… just because there isn’t any engagement, doesn’t mean you’re not being watched and it doesn’t mean they are not taking value.
The countless people who have told me privately they love my work but have never engaged or liked any of my stuff.

YOU are being watched, so get out there and BE watched!

Step up as the leader that shows up to serve, and you’ll be tagged soon enough!!!

Jul 17

Who are you aligned to?

By Jennifer Hall | Uncategorized

Last week I was told ‘Working with different clients from different backgrounds, with different outcomes is the only way we can find out who we’re aligned to’.

In my professional, expert opinion this is entirely inaccurate on two levels.

The first being that it’s completely disrespectful to your clients to ‘try them out’ for size.

‘’Yeah I can help you with that, I mean I’ve never worked with extremely emotional women before with childhood trauma, but what the heck, give me your money and let’s take it for a spin and see if I like it or not! If I don’t like working with you, at least I can say I’ve tried!’’


‘’Yeah sure I can give ‘Sales Funnels’ a crack, I’ve never worked with online funnels before but I’m reading a book on it at the moment along with the Power of Now and Get Rich Lucky Bitch so I reckon I’ll totally be able to help you, and if I don’t enjoy it, mess up and waste your time then I’ll know for sure that particular niche is definitely not for me!’

Yes I know I’m being ridiculously sarcastic here, but in essence when we ‘wing it’ and ‘give it a go’ we’re stabbing in the dark with no real target and completely dragging our reputation down as well as the confidence in coaches in general for the people you are ‘trying out’.

Secondly, there is another way to find out! If you know you want to be a coach but have no idea in which area, or what specifically you’re best aligned to i.e. what lights you up, your zone of genius and who you are best aligned with to get results then get yourself some Clarity Coaching!

As a Coach, we have to be willing to invest in coaches, because if we won’t invest in ourselves, who else will?

Don’t underestimate the importance of this stage in your business.

It is VITAL that you are able to eloquently articulate specifically who you help and what you help them with and ensure alignment with it. If you haven’t heard this one before this is one of the best places to start in finding the first stages in clarity on IC and Niche, and that is recognising that your Ideal Client is ‘you’ at one stage in your journey.

If you don’t make sure your Niche is aligned and your Ideal Clients Heaven and Hell is properly mapped out, your coaching business will never take off.

If you are struggling with clarity on your ideal client, give a try to my free resource, is going to help you!

Jul 10

What’s the difference between the Ideal Client we describe and the one we paint in our mind?

By Jennifer Hall | Uncategorized

Did you know that there’s a HUGE difference between the Ideal Client that we write down on paper is very different to the IC we paint in our minds?

Why is this?

When we start to map out who our ideal client is, we’re playing in hypothetical mode, we tend to be brave and courageous when it comes to mind mapping who they are and they’re these awesome human beings who kick ass and shit rainbows! – well not quite the latter part but they are ‘dream’ clients who you’re so excited to work with 🙂

BUT when we return to our minds we add a new dimension to them based upon previous clients, crappy prospects who tell you you’re too expensive and the fears and assumptions that we make for ourselves!

  • My IC can’t afford me!
  • My IC won’t pay that!
  • My IC doesn’t need ‘ME’!
  • This IC is way out of my league.

Then we start to veer off track from the person we want to work with to the person who’s an easier target.

We slip into working with people who are less than ideal, who aren’t in the place we want them to be at but are ‘easy’ (so you think) to help, and you start to bend the rules on pricing and boundaries.

First of all, remember that the IC on paper was a promise to yourself and your business and if you’re not willing to respect that, who else is going to respect you and your business?

When you work with clients you don’t want to work with, it disrespects them as much as it disrespects you!

Stop making assumptions and remember, if you’re a respectable coachee that needed help at the level you ‘WANT’ to coach your clients in… there are others out there too! Respect your boundaries and the promise you made to yourself and keep doing the mindset work on ‘who’ you want to work with.

Don’t slip into making assumptions and attracting the WRONG kind of client… what you resist persists.

Repeat after me: I am worthy of working with amazing clients!

Are you struggling with your ideal client? Maybe you aren’t sure about how to understand her? Then this free resource can totally help you!

May 08

Embrace your personality to make traction on Facebook

By Jennifer Hall | Uncategorized


This might sound harsh but I’m saying this to help you! Being bland, sitting on the fence, sharing memes, staying quiet, censoring your words, rewording strong posts, people pleasing, peer pleasing, asking for permission to share your view, apologising for sharing your view, dumbing it down so as not to make people feel uncomfortable or come across as a ‘know it all’!

All of the above are ways to stay struggling. All of the above are ways to shrink into the background and have little impact!

You can be extrovert, introvert, ambivert, loud but passionate, quiet but sarcastic, lovely, harsh, critical, whatever but please…

Own your amazingness! Have an opinion! Stand up for you know to be true! Share the value that you know will trigger but will absolutely HELP!  Have a style! Whatever that style is, own it, BE it, embrace it and share it unapologetically!

No one wants to watch or read BLAND! You’re a powerful being, move away from the bland story and into your fierce power! Whatever you are, I know you are definitely this… AMAZING! So don’t play at being anything but.

Your clients are waiting for you to step up!

Mar 01

A Tip on how to Manifest everything you Desire!

By Jennifer Hall | Uncategorized

I wanted to share an inspired thought with you today, a little tip on how to bring what you want to you and become the Manifesting Queen of 2017!

In order to attract what you want in life you must first know what you truly want. The only reason we want material things is because we ‘think’ it’ll make us feel better or good. When we feel this way it indicates that we are out of alignment and we want ‘wholeness’.

In essence all we want in life is wholeness – to FEEL GOOD!

I was brought up as a child with the ‘Game of Life’ as my mentor for what you want or should have… a husband, a family, a house, a job and a car. And wow a car! My mother didn’t even have one of those… when I get a car I’ve really made it!

At the age of 21 I passed my driving test and wow did that feel good! I brought my own car with my OWN savings and I felt accomplished. I had a boyfriend who I knew would eventually propose and his parents so eager to marry him off, offered us a mortgage on a plate to own our first home together. The moving in process took 8 months to get to get to the day of exchange due to one problem or another but the day came when I was to sign on the dotted line…

But I couldn’t do it! I didn’t love him really, and if I’m honest it was only the thought of owning my own home that kept me there! So ashamed and scared I pulled out! Out of the house, out of the relationship. The thought of owning my own home was the BE ALL AND ALL, I thought it was THE thing to have and once I had that I would finally be happy, my life would be fulfilled. NEWS FLASH! Material things without true alignment with what truly fulfills you, does not bring happiness. I had it all there, but it felt flat, full of sadness and a complete anti-climax.

So that’s the first lesson – ‘things’ do not bring happiness. The second lesson I learned is that if you don’t feel good, there’s no point to it. As feeling good is all we really truly want to be/have.

In order to manifest what you want in your life you need to FEEL GOOD in the first place. Like attracts like. It doesn’t really matter how, but the key is to enter the good vibration without an ulterior motive. When you don’t have something and you really want it, you’re so focused on wanting it, that the focus is also on the complete lack of having it, which of course feels horrible. When you say ‘I’m going to start feeling good because I want that house’… the feeling is false because you don’t have the house so you get pulled back. ‘I want that car so I’m going to start feeling good’… ‘oh but I don’t have the car!’ Disappointment starts and you’re pulled right back again.

To feel good you’ve got to be in it without wanting. So this year, do the stuff that makes your heart sing… if coaching makes your heart sing go do that, if dancing makes your heart sing, go do that, if helping others makes your heart sing, go do that! Just make sure you stay in the high vibe.

When you’re in that high vibe, you’re happy, you’re grateful, you’re feeling good and you’re authentically ‘acting as if’ and then the house, the car will be with you BUT you’ll also have so much more.

As we all know happiness does not lie in the material things, it lies within this very moment. That doesn’t mean you should not ‘want’ these other things, go ahead… just don’t make it your primary motive. Make feeling good right now your primary motivation and watch as all the things you ever wanted flow into your world. Let go of the outcome and focus on feeling amazing!

Mar 01

Success is ALL in the thoughts you choose!

By Jennifer Hall | Uncategorized

Success is doing what you want, when you want. where you want, with whom you want, as much as you want!” Tony Robbins

I’m sure this resonates with you! But sometimes we forget this is the ‘why’ that we want success for ourselves. Of course, on a deeper level our ‘why’ is certainly about contributing the wider world but on a personal level this is what we are all striving for!

I’m here to tell you that YOU ARE IN CONTROL of your own success. That YOU have total responsibility for the success you achieve.


Well let me divulge a couple of tips…

1. Success lies in the thoughts you CHOOSE to think or NOT to think right now. Misery only arrives when we choose to think thoughts that are negative. That truly is the only way that misery and lack of success can survive.

2. When you notice yourself in the state of thinking a negative thought, give yourself a MASSIVE pat on the back. Because that right there is called self awareness and is the first step to turning things around. When you become aware you can stop the momentum of that negative thought snowballing into a more negativity.

3. Distract yourself with a positive thought, be grateful for something, anything, perhaps even for the negative thought that arose and you caught. 99% of the time the negativity you are thinking about is utter garbage anyway! Think about the things that make you happy, turn the train around!

Because if you choose to follow the path that leads to misery, you only have yourself to blame!

Through the Eyes of your Clients
Jan 17

Through the Eyes of your Clients

By Jennifer Hall | Uncategorized

Most people will be mapping out their vision for the year ahead looking through their own eyes, from Through the Eyes of your Clientstheir perspective and where they want to be.

Whilst I think it’s extremely important to map out our vision from our own perspective and for own personal desires, in terms of creating a successful business, this will only help so far. The real success comes from looking through the eyes of your clients.

If you’ve been following me a while, you’ll know that I strongly believe that as coaches, mentors, teachers, we are all our ideal client as some point in our journeys. But because we are usually ahead of the game and have already solved the problems that our clients face, we can easily forget the struggle our clients are going through and we can become disconnected from them emotionally and disconnected from that place of understanding.

In order to serve your clients powerfully, you must understand their pain points, their struggles, and their aspirations. You must connect back to that time in your career or life when you too faced the same problems your clients do; only then can we attempt to solve them.

I urge you to spend some time looking at your business through the eyes of your clients. What is it you solve for them? What do they need and want from you? Why is it so important to them?

If you answer these questions and the thought of helping your clients with whatever it is that came up makes you feel uninspired and dispassionate, it’s time have a relook at your ideal client. They may not be so ideal anymore. Have you evolved so much that you’re ready for an uplevel? If the answer is yes, then it’s time move straight out of that comfort zone into an uncomfortable place to grow into your new shell!

If getting back in touch with your ideal client’s pains has brought a greater understanding and rekindled the excitement, then get creating those packages and programmes that tackle their problems, and go serve those clients powerfully and make your mark!

If you’re a coach, mentor, teacher or trainer, I’d love for you to join me in my Facebook Group where I offer weekly trainings and a community of like-minded women who are all striving for continued success! Join me here


Dec 21

4 Essential Steps to Achieve your Goals

By Jennifer Hall | Uncategorized

Every year Maximise just gets better and better! This year I was privileged to be able to speak and I so I set about putting together the talk that I knew would motivate and get everyone starting off 2017 on the right foot!

Here are the key points of the talk on the day…

  • Make sure you know where you’re going! Set the internal sat nav to where it is you want to be, you can’t get there if you don’t know where you’re heading. Make your goal super specific.
  • The closer the goal, the harder you’ll work, the farther away the goal, the more time you have to chill! Bring that goal closer to ensure progress is made.
  • Make sure you have a clear understanding of ‘why’ you want to achieve the goal. Write down why it’s so important for you and then write down why it’s so important for the people you are serving. In order to stay motivated, you must wake each morning with a fire in your belly, a mission to change the world! If you’re not lit up by your goals, change them or tweak them until you are… you are not here to lead a lukewarm life, you’re here for a reason, let’s make that reason worth being in business!
  • Let go of the emotional attachment to what is holding you back. If what you are doing doesn’t bring you alive, you HAVE TO change something! We find it hard to let to let go of the old and change because we think about the investment we’ve made into it so far; the time, the money, the studying, the tears, the struggle etc. But if we’re unhappy we must learn to let go of what is no longer serving us, it’s not a waste, it’s all part of the journey.

We will never survive in business if we’re not aligned to our passionate ‘why’! Wishing you all the very best for 2017!

If you’re a coach or you’re thinking of coaching then join my Facebook group to watch the entire talk

Dec 14

”The most controversial thing I ever did, was to stick around”

By Jennifer Hall | Uncategorized

”The most controversial thing I ever did, was to stick around” -Madonna’s acceptance speech for Woman of the Year

The whole speech was quite frankly ‘pure truth’, hard-hitting and inspiring!

Madonna, for me, symbolises standing in your own truth unapologetically!

If you haven’t watched the speech yet, I suggest you watch it, I’ll add the link at the bottom of this email.

​​That quote about sticking around, really spoke to me today.

I am currently going through an incredible up-level where by I’m stating an opinion, or put more correctly, I’m stating what I know to be truth, knowing full well there will be others out there who will point blank disagree with me.

To those people I would say ‘take the wool out of your ears’. That wool is not serving you! It will ALWAYS be the case that unless you’re ready to hear what I have to say, it will fall upon deaf ears and/or defensive ears.

But stating your opinion is harder than you first think! It’s so easy to backtrack to try and fit in with others opinions because as humans, we crave connection, and to stand out from the crowd, alienates us.

But do you know what hurts us more as business women? Saying something that no one cares about!

We will never connect with everyone! FACT! But we will connect with those who resonate with our message, who when they hear your words will resonate truth throughout their being!

​​Who are you trying to connect with?​​​​​​​ Those who disagree with you or those that love you for what you stand for?

As coaches we’d be idiots to think we had all the answers, BUT we have to stand up and help people with what we KNOW to be truth, within our zones of genius, that we KNOW will ​​get our clients to where they need to be!

Our clients need us to be strong, they need us to lead and they need us to stand in our own truth unapologetically ​​and stick around! Do not shrink back, step forward and walk your walk PROUD! Shine your amazingness and don’t let the fear of others hold you back! Don’t let your own fear of being wrong hold you back… you know what you know and you don’t know what you don’t know as my Dad used to say!

Here’s what I say (all the time)… Say what you want to say with confidence, knowing that you will always be wrong in someone else’s eyes! But to those people you resonate with, you will be inspiring and leading from the front on a mi​​ssion to make a difference to the world! That right there, is every reason for you to say your stuff, stick around unapologetically and do what you were born to do! That right there is inspiring, admirable and courageous and in complete integrity with you!

Watch this incredible woman share her words of inspiration…​​​​


Love Jen xx​​​​

Nov 23

The problem is not the problem, the problem is your attitude about the problem!

By Jennifer Hall | Uncategorized

( I do love Jack! ♥)

I love this saying even more as it is the cure to you all your problems!

Firstly stop and take a look at where you are in your coaching business.

Perceived problem #1 – is there something that you’re feeling stuck on that is stopping you progressing?

Attitude Reality – When we focus all our energy on the ‘problem’ we can become caught up in the struggle.

– Ask yourself, what am I trying to achieve, what is the end goal?

Is there someone/somewhere appropriate I can ask to get help with solving this?

Another tip is to find some distance on the problem, go for a walk, do something fun and come back with a fresh mind and perhaps a new perspective.

One more question you might want to ask yourself, is this ‘problem’ merely a beautiful procrastination/excuse not to progress? If so why?

Perceived problem #2 – is it that you’re ‘doing’ but not getting anywhere fast? This is almost more dangerous than the first.

Attitude Reality – We kid ourselves that we are progressing but actually we are just playing without purpose.

– Again, Ask yourself, what am I trying to achieve, what is the end goal?

Check your task list, is everything you’re doing making your boat go faster? Or are they distractions from what you should actually be doing? e.g. fiddling with your website to make it look pretty when you should be focusing on the money making tasks or the clarity issue on your niche!

Have you set goals? Do you have a plan of action with tasks to be delegated, scrapped or scheduled in to make sure they get done?

Do you need someones help to sit down with you and work out your execution plan? If so, go find one instead of using the lack of help as an excuse for not progressing.

Are you perfectly clear on your niche and ideal client? If you’re not crystal clear, all these actions you are taking is a TOTAL WASTE of time… stop… get clear! Don’t know how? See problem #1.

What’s your ‘problem’? and what’s your attitude to the problem? i.e. what is stopping you from solving it?

Let me know in my facebook group 🙂