January 20, 2021

Listen Now! Five Must Use Content Hacks for 2021

In a time when it is business as NOT usual you can’t expect to be treating your content in the same way as you have been. And seeing the same results.

In this episode, I’m giving you five content hacks to change up your content for 2021. So you can make a greater impact and actually see the results from your visibility efforts…  i.e. more clients and market-leading positioning.

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It's certainly not business as usual. In this episode, I'm talking about how your content needs to be different in 2021
Hello and welcome to the experts unrivalled podcast. My name's Jen hall, your business positioning coach and market leadership expert. And in this episode, we're talking all about your content and how it needs to be different in 2021. And I've got five awesome tips for you, plus a few truth bombs as well, just to really get things going,uin January this year. So then,ubefore we get kicking in, I just want to celebrate a few wins on behalf of some clients of mine. We've got clients who are starting books that they're going to be completing, and are using, different tools that they can access in elevate to help them actually get that finished, get it out there and really make the most of it for leveraging it for their positioning and in order to generate leads so that, you know, these guys aren't creating these books to make money off of back of them.
They're being clever that using them to boost their positioning in the market, and they're also using them to get more clients and they using them to generate more leads so that they can make money off of the back of it. So when people say to me, you know, they want to write a book or they want to make money from it, or they want to start speaking and they want to make money from speaking. Yes, you can make some money from both of those things, but particularly when you're starting out it's unrealistic to think that that's going to be the big boomer in, unless you're, you're sort of like a one in a million case. So the best thing you can do around writing a book as an expert is to actually use it for leveraging two sales off the back of it.
So yes, so that's what they're doing. You know, we've got a couple of people inside of the group that are looking to do that. We've got a few people launching podcasts this year as well, which I'm really excited about because I really do believe that podcasting is going to become huge as the years go on. And it's really big at the moment because people don't have time to sit and watch video as much as they used to. Whilst pick them platforms like Facebook and things are favoring video, you know, at the end of the day, you know, the usage of it is going down because, you know, because kids because of COVID and because of other things going on at the moment, some of the usage is going down on that. So particularly if you have parents as idle clients, it might be worth considering a podcast for your nurture medium, because it's an easy way to consume.
They can put the earbuds in and listen as they go. And they can sort of pause it and start again. And you know, podcasts super, super engaged. I know you guys are, you know, you're listening to it because you want, you want to consume the information. You're not mindlessly scrolling on Facebook and just happening to upon this episode, you know, you've deliberately come in here to listen to me. Talk about content. Talk about business market, leading business. So, you know, podcasts, listen, listen, listen is a far more engaged. So I'm really excited to see these people. Who've decided to launch a podcast in 2021 do so inside of the elevate program, inside of the elevate program, they've got access to obviously me to help them launch that, create that really get that messaging, right. Really design their launch. They've got my quick start podcast guide to try and take all of the overwhelm out of the process.
And they've also got access to podcasting that pays, which was created by the wonderful Jessica Lorimer, who is an amazing sales coach and the wonderful Scott do SATs who is a podcast producer and knows all of the technical side of things. So, you know, if you're in that, you also get access to that program as well, so that you can really have a thorough walkthrough of how to set up your podcasts from scratch and how to make money from it because, you know, podcasting is great and it can be fun, but there are so many mistakes that can be made when doing so. So this ensures that you're doing it in the right way, in the most strategic way so that you can actually monetize your podcast and get the best out of it. So those are just a couple of things that people are doing this year to both make more money, but also position themselves in the market and position themselves as that.
Number one all of these things really do accumulate up. And I'm not suggesting that you decide to do all of these things at once, but you should definitely have some goals in your diary for 2021 on positioning. You know, what are you going to be doing to really put your flag in the sand as a leader in your field, as a leader in your industry, what are you going to be doing? You know, I know a few people have made it, the priority is to do more speaking gigs, which might sound a bit crazy. It, Jerry gets time where we can't go to events. Let's fingers crossed the latter half of the year. It's going to be better for that. But you know, right now, in terms of speaking, you can absolutely be pitching to podcasts. You could be pitching to virtual stages.
There are still virtual events going on, where you can be positioning yourself as the one to go to. Now, a lot of the time people pull back from that, the reason why people are finding it so easy to write a book and so easy to launch a podcast is because one of the core things that we cover is your messaging. You know, what are your, how are you articulating what you do. We look at creating that UMB, that unique magic bullet, the thing that stands you apart from the rest of the industry, which makes it super easy to, to write books, it's super easy to talk and find ways of getting on those podcasts. That's sometimes more difficult because it's not that hard to get on a podcast and talk about what you do, but it is harder to get on the podcasts that are in the charts, the ones that have the most listeners.
And so by having these assets, these human BS, by having your messaging sorted by making what you do sound as fresh as possible, it means that you're going to have a far easier job at getting on those bigger podcasts. And you know, and getting those, those, those stage invites it means that writing your book and actually getting people to buy it. And actually, you know, because so many PA lots of people do have a book. But it's the ones that stand out from the crowd. And really that's what elevate is about. It's about helping you stand out of the crowd, helping you really differentiate yourself from everyone else out there so that you can make a beeline for that market leading position and becoming that number one choice in the market. So guys, if this is your dream for 2021 to finally be lined for that really accelerate that process towards that end goal of becoming the market leader in your industry, then do make sure that you book a call with me.
The diary is getting super full these days, guys. So to make sure that you book that in sooner rather than later, because I'm, you know, I'm getting messages from people saying, Jen, I can't get hold of you. When's the next time you've got, I want to speak to you in the next couple of weeks on the odd occasion. If you do find that you can't get ahold of me quick enough, if you reach out to me by email at Jen@jen-hall.com, I can have a look at the diary and see where I can squeeze you in. But the diary is looking for guys. So do you make sure you grab your spot as soon as possible? So that you're not waiting weeks for, to speak to me about joining out of a innovative boarding program, elevate just the bus, a couple of myths around it as well.
A lot of people think elevate is a group program. There's a group element to it in terms of you can be in a group with other people, but it's primarily a one-to-one program. So you will, you will have my one-to-one support throughout their 12 months theory and elevate, but you also have the mastermind, just the cherry on top so that you can also get share the experience, share the journey, and also get other people's eyes on what you're doing as well from people who are, where you're at. And also from people who are perhaps a bit further along as well to help you along the way. So there's, there's tons of value to be had in there. Like I said, we've, you've got the podcasting elements to it. You've got the book planning elements to it. You've got messaging elements. There's four pillars in there guys.
So there's a whole pillar on content where you've got access to things like how to create challenges, how to write content, that converts how to get the best headlines to get people clicking on your, on your lead magnets, how to create your lead magnet, all of the things in there that you would need to help position you as that number one choice in the market, get more clients, make more money and really become that stand out business that everybody wants to work with. So if you're interested, make sure you click the link in the, in the show notes where you can go and book a call with me, or like I said, reach out via email and we'll see what we can do if you can't find a space soon enough, because I know that a lot of you at the moment are very keen to get going.
So if you're thinking about applying for elevate or potentially one of the other options I do on occasion, run some intensives and things like that. So do a book, a call, and so we can chat about how, you know, you can move forward with that. So well done everyone and elevate from setting those big goals and actually not just setting them, but actually making progress with them and making, getting the ball rolling on that. We've got people, people making big changes to the business ecosystem their core products. So they can actually make more money, but have room to breathe, which gosh, don't, we all need that in 2021. So there's loads of stuff going on inside of there and people making some serious changes for the batter moving forward into 2021. So anyway, back to the, the content at hand, which is how to really change up the content in 2021 to make it make a difference and really see the impact of that.
So my number one tip at the moment is, you know, it's a bit of a truth bomb, and that really has stopped being lazy. The amount of content I see chucked out there, you know, with literally just like the link to the blog post or a one-liner or just mindlessly scheduling things in and not really paying attention to what you're putting out there. If you're looking to make a difference, if you're looking to make an impact and for your content to be worthwhile so that you're not just mindlessly being busy for the sake of it, you're going to need to put a bit more thought into your content. You need to think about headlines, you know, you giving away the punchline. I see this so often where people just give away the punchline, you know, why would they bother to read the entire blog?
You've just told them the end of the story and why would they bother listening to the video? Because you've just told them the core message of what you're trying to get across. You know, if people are going to get the best out of your content, they need to read it or listen to it, watch it in its entirety. And you know, that otherwise, what was the point of you creating that entire video on the top, on the subject? So leave, leave a cliff, Hannah, entice people in put some curiosity building inside of those headlines to entice people, to watch read, listen, listen on. Otherwise what's the point you've given away everything you've done. But almost too soon. So they've missed all of the great stuff that you were talking about, you know, in my call to action, just dissecting what I've done here.
You know, I've given you guys some, some tips on what you couldn't should, should be doing in amongst giving you a call to action. If you hadn't have listened to that, you may have not picked up some tips if I'd just gone straight in for the kill. So again, you make sure that everything that you say is valuable and that you're actually giving value in everything that you do, but at the same time, ensuring that you're, you know, you're, you're enticing people to actually go and listen to it in its entirety. So yes, to stop being lazy with your content, you know, put a bit more effort into it. If you share a blog, share a teaser, what's the teaser puts a, what's a line within that blog. That's going to get people going, or, gosh, that sounds super juicy. I need to click into their immediate because people are lazy, which is why you're being lazy with the content.
Potentially people are lazy readers. They want it spoonfed to them. And that's the other thing as well. We need to, we've noticed this kind of moves into step two. In terms of what we need to change up is actually looking at where you're sending people to look at your content. You know, it's much easier for instance, to get other podcast listeners, to come and join your podcasts and listen to it. It's much harder to drive people from other social media platforms over to your podcast. They do do it their mind that especially when you, when a podcast listener does happen to scroll, they're suddenly like, Oh, okay, I can download that one. So not promote over on other social media platforms, listen to your podcast, but it is notoriously easier to get other podcast listeners. So the most strategic rate is to go on other people's podcasts, drive that podcast, traffic over onto yours.
But also we can apply the kind of same strategy to things like people sharing YouTube videos on, on Facebook. I would absolutely opt for uploading the video natively to Facebook rather than sending people over to a different platform because people are lazy that the use of technology working very fast, they want it, they want to click it and they want to, they just want to see the thing. Now, again, this isn't everybody not everybody's ignoring that, but it's better to start putting the extra bit of effort in to upload it natively. Cause you're going to get far more views from users using it because it's on the platform and take them away from their platform. Doesn't they get difficult if they're on a smartphone with a YouTube thing, ask them to log in and they're just like, Oh, for God's sake, I don't, let's not worry about it.
You know, people get flustered and annoyed and if it's not instant that you can easily go mess as much as they want it to watch it. They might not have time to sit there and flick through. And so out that logging in stage and they just need to just watch what they wanted to watch. And then you've missed your opportunity. So be thinking about that and YouTube, just while we're here, you know, if you're using YouTube, a lot of people use YouTube as a video storage platform and then they go and post it out on Facebook. And that's the only way that getting people over onto YouTube to view the video, you may have to just post it up on Facebook, because if you haven't made your YouTube video, if you haven't designed it specifically for YouTube, with the right structure, with the right CTA, the call to actions on there and with the right SEO in the backend, then you're not going to get anybody searching it.
And YouTube is a search engine just like Google. So if you're, if you're just creating a video for Facebook, storing it over on YouTube and sending people over to YouTube to watch it, it's just the Plava. Just, just upload it natively to Facebook and put more thought into stop being lazy over on YouTube. Put more thought into your content, which by the way, guys, if you're looking at YouTube, I've got YouTube topics inside of elevate as well. So if you're considering LFA and you're considering YouTube, it's also another great perk of being in there as well. Because I, I do know, I do know a little bit about SEO on YouTube and how to generate leads on tap from that, but you've got to make it SEO friendly. So again, be mindful of the platform that you're on. Like, you know, where are you sending people?
How are you using the platforms? And I'm all for repurposing content, but you have to think about where are you creating your core content for what platform you're looking to dominate. Because if you try and be everywhere and create content natively for every single platform you're going to go bonkers. So I'm all for repurposing, but there are times where we purposing is pointless. Like I said, storing videos of over on YouTube. You know, as a public listing is only going to damage your YouTube channel. If you ever want to use it in the future, you're better off storing it elsewhere. And actually, you know, uploading them natively to Facebook and regularly posting them over there rather than sending people away from the platforms. You're going to get more views. You're not going to end up damaging your YouTube channel and you're going to get, you know, more, more bang for your buck and in your time and energy of creating that piece of content.
So yes, you can repurpose. My version of repurposing is actually looking at how you can do it and how you can repurpose not only the content itself, but how you can make it work for the different platforms that you're using. So that it makes sense to that platform which I've given you a few examples of. So think about where you're sending people. Are you making it difficult for them to consume? How can you make it easier for them? Where are you doing it? Are you actually just wasting your energy with that repurposing or is it smart? Re-Purposing okay. Third thing, make it relevant, make your content relevant to now it was hilarious how some companies are literally ignoring the elephant in the room. I received a a leaflet through the door a few days ago from my local gems saying, sign up now and get money off of on January.
We're in a locked down, you anxious serious. I can't sign up. Gee, why would I sign up to you now? You know, the marketing was all wrong. They're ignoring the elephant in the room. They're continuing on like business as usual when it's not business as usual, they are shut. And I cannot yet I use the gym. So a better marketing campaign would have to address the fact that yes, you can't come right now, but come wait when you can sign up now and pay later or sign up now and save X amount when you do, you know, making it more relevant. Otherwise I'm just laughing at it and I'm putting it in the bin. You know, it's completely waste of time, someone coming and posting that through my door, a waste of marketing material, marketing time money spent doing that. It's just, and it's, you know, what was the point of it?
It really does miss the Mark. So you need to make sure that you're not ignoring the elephant in the room that you are addressing it and that you making your service relevant. You know, when we look at our travel company, you know, you know, w w we put the messages plan until you can, you know, you can't travel right now, but right now is a good time to book. Because as soon as this is over, you're going to struggle with, you know, spaces for getting on things on the dates that you want to, because it's going to boom, because everybody's going to want to go. So by planning it, now, it gives you a, something to get really excited about right now, instead of feeling the doom and gloom of being stuck in doors B, it means that you can plan. You can train, you've got a deadline it's in the diary, and you can get excited about your, your, you know, your dream coming true.
And you know, you've got more choice of dates right now. So, you know, there are ways that you can change and become more relevant. Don't ignore it. Cause it just, it misses the Mark and people either ignore it too now, or that you just get laughed at. So make what you do relevant. Think about what messaging could you use. Why do they need to buy from you right now, even during a time like this full thing that you need to be looking at and making sure that you're doing in 2021 is overcoming objections. It's about
Picking out the new objections that might come up from people buying from you, what's going on for them right now where this, this pandemic is potentially impacting them. How, how can you overcome those objections that they have the new ones that have arisen
And what can you do? What kind of content can you create? That would really say, you know, yes, this is going on right now, but why is this the best time to be buying my thing? If I was going to use elevate as the example, I would say to you guys, you know, why like genuinely, why is the best time to do it? Well, right now, inside of elevate, we're helping people to stay relevant. We're helping people to stay current so that they don't end up Downing tools and actually getting left behind. Because now it's hard to say it's one of the best times to dominate and become market leader because so many other people are just saying, well, what's the point. I don't have the time. You know, what's the point nobody's buying false and they're giving themselves all these reasons to slow down.
And this is your best time to get ahead and in, in, in the race and really dominate and really lap up the lion's share of the market. So it's as hard as that is to say, it's the truth. And so that is why now is a great time to get into elevate because it will give you you know go, you know, because right now you, either people fold or they flourish. And which one are you going to be? So again, it's looking at your messaging, what are you telling people? How are you building the urgency to buy right now? How are you overcoming those objections that people might have? Now, the other thing, the last thing, in fact, I want to talk to you guys about today, which is really, really important is called actions. Making sure that every single piece of content takes someone into the next part of their journey.
Now your call to actions could be many different things. It could be book a call with me. It could be by my thing, but we also know that they're not necessarily appropriate all of the time. It might be that that piece of content that were putting out there actually needs to lead to something else. So let me just give you an example. If someone has just signed up to your email list, it may be a good idea to invite them, to go and watch a piece of content, sort of call to action would be go and watch this video, because they're going to have a far better comfortability factor. If they've actually seen your face, kind of, you know, people buy people. So they want to feel comfortable perhaps before they book a call, some people are not, you know, my podcast kind of does that for me.
People, you know, hear the real me, I don't edit my podcast. So you get everything apart from, apart from the odd occasion, when I get a knock on the door, a parcel arrives, just as I'm trying to do something and tell you some things in spits out. But in general, if I cook up a word or whatever, you're hearing the real me, the genuine me. And I'm just kind of like, my advice is rolling off the tongue as it were. So this is a great way to nurture people because they're like, right, okay, I'm hearing you. And I feel comfortable to speak to you because I'm hearing on voice. I know how you behave in that. You know, what you talk about. So this is a great way to warm people up. And so sending someone to listen to podcasts and have someone to watch a video can really help to help people feel comfortable and take that next step and building that trust to say, yeah, actually I do want to book a call with you.
So you have to think about your call to action, but don't leave it blank, send them somewhere, tell him to go and look it. If you want to know about more about this, go to here. If you, if you want to book a call with me, do, but how are you bringing them into the next day? Because they see so many great pieces of content and people go, Oh my God, that was amazing. Like scroll on because there was nothing else for them to do. And, you know, you were in one ear and out the other, build that relationship by taking them through a content journey, stop missing those opportunities by not putting a call to action on that. Okay. It doesn't have to be crazy stuff, guys. It's just a link is fine. Obviously we have to think about where those links are going to be stored.
If you're on social media, it's better to put those in the comments. Oh, well, that doesn't work in my scheduler. I were failure back to 0.1, stop being lazy with your social media content. Put the links in the comments cause it, you know, so it doesn't reduce your reach. And you know, and so it doesn't impact that, but definitely have a call to action, put the call to action in the main body and the actual link in the comments. So there we go, guys, those are my biggest tips. For the time being, I'm sure there would be more around content during the year on how you can make that better. But those are my, my biggest tips for 2021 on, on how to create market leading content or how to stay relevant. I hope you enjoyed remember guys, if you would like to talk about elevate, joining it potentially, or any of the other options that I might have to help you move forward.
Either with your messaging, your USP's with your positioning, with your content, with your conversion strategies, how to get more clients, how to, you know, reach that number one position in the market. Then do book a call with me. The link is in the show notes for those of you who just want to type it in quickly, it's is http://bit.ly/claritycallpodcast. And you can get a call via that. Otherwise email me Jen@hen-hall.com If you can't find a space because I'm super busy. And I would do my best to squeeze you in where I can. I know this has been a particular issue for people over in the U S at the moment of the time zone difference and things like that. So do always reach out to me. There's probably something I can do to squeeze you in somewhere to chat about things. And obviously when you become a client, you know, there's more, there's more availability for switching things around and finding the right times. So don't be panic panicking about anything like that. have a fantastic week and I will see you guys in the next episode.

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