December 30, 2020

Four Ways to Make Business Simple for Success in 2021

Complicated = Slow or No Progress! It’s also the road to a poor mindset and a busy schedule that reaps low rewards! 

In this episode, I’m showing you four ways that you can simplify your business for better success and less working hours. Yes. a win-win scenario for 2021.

It’s time to do business the ‘inch wide, mile deep’ way for more money, more progress and more time!

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Why make things complicated when they can be simple. I'm going to be dishing all of the golden nuggets on how you can make 2021 simple. And
Hello and welcome to another episode of the experts unrivalled podcast. My name's Jen hall, your business positioning coach and market leadership experts. And in this episode, I'm talking all about how you can start making business really simple in 2021, to see the most traction in the most effortless way, isn't that a breath of fresh air to be hearing it's something to look forward to right in the show notes, that is a link to a seven figure market leader roadmap. So if you're looking for something to follow, how to start building the foundations for a business, that is the number one choice in the market, and actually has all the foundations in place to grow to seven figures and beyond then do make sure you get in the show notes and download that today, because that's going to give you all of the juicy golden nuggets to start planning your best 2021.
So back to the topic of conversation, how do you make things as simple as possible? Now there are a few ways and, you know, sometimes it gets worse. The longer you've been in this game in terms of how much stuff we have, how much we think about what we're doing how busy we are, the longer we're in this game, the busier we can tend to be. And so one of the things that we do is we start to become hoarders and collectors of ways of working orders and collectors of social media accounts, hoarders collectors of you know, opt-ins lead magnets, pro prep, programs, products, all of the things. And sometimes we can start creating our own mess for ourselves and we can overcomplicate the whole thing. It doesn't mean that you didn't start out in a great direction. It just means that you've got it a little bit wonky.
So what we need to do is start resetting, resetting, looking at the map and looking at the compass and thinking about the direction that we want to be heading. So the first thing I'm going to say to do is actually think about what are you going to be selling next year? What are you going to be putting in place? What is your core product? And we talked about this over the last couple of podcasts around really thinking about the structure infrastructure of your business. And one of the best ways that you can do that is simplifying your, product portfolio, looking at the programs that you're offering out there next year, and really pulling that back. And one of the best ways that you can do that is by creating a business ecosystem. So you're looking at what your signature program is, what you're going to be focusing on as your main seller for next year.
And then looking at the supplementary programs and products that you can be sending that compliment that core product that could either be a cross upsell, a down, sell whatever you want to call it. And creating obviously things for different budgets. Should that not be the right program, whether that is the fact that it's not at the right level, people need more one-to-one help and they need, they need to actually a higher ticket program or whether it is actually, you know, they aren't quite ready yet for that core product, depending on your entry level of the ideal client that you want to be focusing on. You need to have a think about that anyway, go and listen to the last sort of five podcasts. And you will get a good feel for what I'm talking about there. So I won't talk about that too much today, but we do need to think about your business model and the infrastructure of what's going on there when you do that, it can really simplify everything else.
And we really do want to get it down to that one core product that you're going to be selling next year, because when you do that and it focuses everything in, because that means then that your content needs to be focused in, on complimenting to sell that product. That's congruent with selling that product and everything else that you do in that business can draw from that one place, because that's, what's going to pull in the most profit. And again, I'm not going to blow the run about it today, but you do need to take into account. You know, and we talk about this on whether you go high ticket or low ticket, go listen to the episode, but you think about your audience size. What do you need to be focusing on? If you're selling a lower ticket item than audience building is going to need to be a big priority for 2021, because you're going to need to be able to sell it.
And if you haven't already got that audience and you're planning on selling a low ticket item, then you need to get on it quickly. And you might want to think about perhaps earlier on in the year, starting something higher ticket and then moving into that lower ticket program. So let's start thinking strategically how we can work either way, decide on what your core program product is going to be, that you're selling, and then you can work your content around it. And then you can look at the course over the course of the year. When are you going to be pushing that? And what about the other complimentary products? Not too many of them guys, because otherwise it does that start brings you over complication. So have a good look at them and think what makes sense for your ideal client, or actually have a look at the different types of ideal clients that you could be selling to, and perhaps the different areas in which you could be selling to them.
I know some people have a corporate arm. Okay, well that can mostly be done over the phone and through LinkedIn connections, you know, and if you're selling more to B to C, then we can think about, okay, where, you know, where are you going to be marketing that? So we need to look at what we're selling when and to whom so that we can start planning out the rest of the year and the content that's going to be driving the traffic, the content that's going to be driving people towards wanting to buy your product and getting them on the right call to actions in order to make that happen. You know, if you speak to people, if you want to speak to people, if it's a high ticket thing, then you're probably going to want to get them on the phone where those call to actions being placed.
Are you putting a good focus on that? What are the lead magnets that are most appropriate to, to that particular product? So we can make, we can simplify everything just by simplifying the product portfolio that we have in front of us. So have a good look at that. And you can start looking at the year ahead, looking at what you're selling when, when you're going to be pushing it and to whom. And then you can also look at where, which brings me on to my second. Second thing to make things simple is actually to look at the where, so what social media platforms are you trying to be everywhere all at once? And if you're on your own doing this, is that really the best use of your time? Is that where your ideal clients are hanging out? You really need to be looking in and really looking at dominating one particular social media profile, because that's where you're going to be able to hone in and build the biggest following.
So I see a lot of people like, you know, Instagram's all the, all of the new rage. I'm not saying that it's not necessarily the right place to be. I'm just saying actually for lots of people, it isn't the right place to be. You know, where, where are you getting the most fruit from this? And if you're not getting the most fruit from it and you are dead set on the fact that, you know, your ideal client is there, then it's time to start looking and investing in the experts that are going to be able to help you with those social media platforms that doesn't, I'm not talking about me guys by the way, but I am saying that if you are like, well, I, you know, I know my people are there, but I just can't reach them. Are you using the best growth strategies?
Are you using the best, you know, how to build a following strategies that are out there? Or is it that your messaging isn't quite right, because that's where I can step in guys. If you are thinking, I'm saying, you know, I'm not necessarily an Instagram expert, by the way, if you're looking for one Sam, Baffert highly recommend her, love her to pieces definitely go and check her out. She could help you with that. And she's great at audience building and looking at building followings on different platforms. She's fantastic at it. So she's someone you could go to for that. But in terms of, you know, you could be, you could be doing all, you could be following those kinds of strategies, but you're still not making any progress. And that could be that your overall messaging isn't working. And again, which brings me onto my next thing, which is actually looking at your messaging and really simplifying that down.
If it's overly complicated and over complicated message will just fall on deaf ears because no one really understands what you do. So let's start looking at the, and I use this word all the time. I'm going to put it in the dictionary. I swear the understandability, the comprehensiveness of your messaging. Do people get what you do? Do people understand what you do? Is it simple enough? Is it snappy enough? Because if it's not, then it's going to be very difficult for people to buy from you because they don't know what the hell you do. They could love you to pieces and think you're great, and they might love your content even, but if they don't know how you're going to add value to their bottom line, to their health, to you know, the, the, the work-life balance, whatever is that, you know, really drills down to, if they don't get how you're going to add value to their lives and how you're going to build that life transformation, then why would they spend their money with you?
So that's something else to remove the over complication from actually really focus on and finding the simplest form of it. You know, I worked with a lot of people for instance, on their, on their USPS and looking at what makes people stand out. And people are surprised by the end of it because we go through a whole complicated process to get to it. But what comes out the other side is usually a very simple idea, and it's a simple, but very powerful idea that will draw people to you that will make, give people that are harmed moment, where they're like, wow, I've been waiting for you all of this time, this breath of fresh air that finally tells me why it's not worked for me and how it can finally work for me. So we want to be looking at simplifying the messaging so that people get it.
They understand it underneath all of that. You've got a lot of complexity, you're an expert, you know what you're doing? This, there's so many things that go into creating that transformation, but your marketing has to be, has to be understood. They have to get what you're doing and say, some people try and bring that complexity out because they think that it positions them as an expert, but actually a lot of the time, it just confuses people. So at that very first conversation starter on your social media, your messaging needs to be super simple. And then once they get into following you, that's when you can start bringing more complexity to it, once they understood where they're trying to get to, they will be more invested in actually following those complexities. So that's really, really key is looking at your messaging, but going back to that first, that vault, the second one, I think it was, which was around where you are, where you're spending the most time.
We do need to really simplify that because if you're trying to be, if we, while you're trying to be Gary V it really isn't going to work out for you. Gary V has been in the game a very, very long time. He's a very unique way of Sally is a very, yeah. You know, unique set of products that he does and how he makes his money. And you know, he's, he's got a huge, huge profile for visibility. I'm not saying there aren't lessons to be learned from Gary V. I absolutely love him. I love him. And I love what he stands for. And I also love, you know you know, some of his messaging, some of it, some of it I don't agree with, but a lot of the idea, so don't get me wrong. I'm not like, you know, sagging off Gary V here.
I think he's great, but don't stop trying to be Gary V when it comes to social media, because it really isn't going to pay off for you, or it's going to do, is it going to leave you exhausted and it's going to leave you Paul. So please stop trying to do that right now that isn't going to work. Think about the platforms that you make the most out of. Then once you, once you're growing, then you can start thinking about expanding. But if you're still looking for that traction, then you're going to need to start focusing in, which brings me to the last thing on my nest, which is hiring, okay. Now hiring people to help you out. You know, I've recently hired a new content manager. My gosh, has it been the best thing? In fact, I'm going to admit isn't, it's, it's, it's late.
It's, it's been a long time coming and I wish I'd done it sooner. You know, I am known for producing great content. And so I guess that comes with, that comes a bit of a complex, okay, well, I'll keep that close to my chest. And I still want to keep it close to my chest, but, you know, in order for me to stay visible and serve my clients and for me to actually repurpose all of the ridiculous amounts of content that I have, I have a lot of content. I need someone to organize it for me. I need someone to be able to repurpose it. Now I'm not suggesting that I should have hired her from the very beginning. Absolutely not. Because, you know, I do still believe that you need to be close to your content and what you're putting out there as an entrepreneur, and as a marketer, you need to know your own voice.
You need to know your own strategies before you can start helping some get hiring someone to help you with it. But I do absolutely think that when you get to, if you're at that stage or you're getting to that stage where actually you've got a lot of content your messaging is on point and all these things you want to start thinking about hiring a team to help support those things. You know, if you've got full to that capacity, you can, you can look at the format change for particular programs, but you can also think about hiring perhaps support coaches or support experts, and start expanding your team. Something that Andy has always done really, really well better than I've done. And that is hiring early. You know, he's always the first one to say to me, I think we need someone else.
I think we need to do this. I think we need to do that. And I'm always on, who's looking at the bottom line going, Oh, no, I don't think we should. But you know, he always, he always makes me see reason. And so that's a really a golden nugget that I want to share with you today. And that is really do think about hiring because yes, it might be profit off the bottom line, but in order to grow, you need to create space. I need to keep them, you need to create capability to grow and having the right people on your team. And I've learned the hard way, you know, I've gone, I've gone cheap and you know, lost out. And actually it has been, it's been it's, it's, it's crippled the bottom line, not dramatically to the point of anything drastic, but I've certainly not seen the return on investment.
So we do need to think about who we're investing in ho who we're hiring, making sure that we're actually hiring experts who know what they're doing. So do do make sure that you do that. You know, you, you start going cheap with your hiring and you will notice the difference. And sometimes it can actually be more of a hindrance than anything. I've found that as well. I'm just like, actually you're causing more damage than you are good. So think about that. Think about who you're hiring and who you need to be hiring. If you haven't got the right strategies in place, if you don't have the right messaging, if you are, if you aren't at capacity, if you need more clients than actually the best people you can be investing in is experts in how to do that and how to grow your business. More of a consultative role rather than support, rather than content managers, rather than people you know, to take on help you take on more clients, if you haven't got the clients, and obviously that's a bad move don't be doing that, you know, quite yet, you need to build momentum.
You need to build traction. And if you haven't got that, then don't start doing that, start investing in the right things, the things that are going to help you grow to the point where you can start reinvesting back into the business, to go further into things like Facebook ad managers, into content managers you know, growing your support team of people who can help support communities and other, such things, because you gotta be in a position where you're starting to see momentum build. Haven't got the momentum that need to start going back and thinking, okay, what do I need to be investing in? And I'm all for investment. I really, really am. And I'm not just saying it because, you know, I want people to invest in me. I'm saying it because it was the savior of me being an entrepreneur. If I hadn't of done it, I wouldn't be where I am today.
And I can honestly say that every single person that I've met that's been successful has not done it on their own. If they told you they've done it on their own the line. If you go back and listen to the conversation that my business partner and I had Dave on building a marketing business from scratch, we took a lot about that in there, but it really, really is important to build your team and to surround yourself with the right people to grow. And also if you're hanging around a lot of mediocre business owners, and I don't mean that in a way that means like I'm a people hater. I love people regardless of how successful they are, but in a strategic sense, we do need to start thinking about who we're hanging around with, who you're surrounding yourself with. Because if you're surrounding yourself with people who are stagnant and who are not progressing, then you are likely going to fall into that same boat.
So be really careful of that and make sure that you are, you know, networking with the right people, surrounding yourself with people who are moving forward and creating success, because you really are the sum of, of the people around you. So do watch that. And I'm not saying ditch everyone else. I'm just saying, let's watch who we're spending our time with in 2021. So there we go, just a short and sweet one today on raise that you can make things simpler, just to recap, we're looking at first of all, what are you selling next year? And how can we make our content congruent towards that so that we can stop just producing for the sake of it and actually start being intentional with our content so that it actually drives people to buy things. Second thing was, is looking at your social media, where you are hanging out, how can you actually spend more time in the right places so that you can actually get in front of the right people and actually start to really dominate a platform because if you're looking at every single platform, you're going to be very lukewarm across all of those.
So make sure that you are really honing in on a couple of platforms to make sure that you can dominate those spaces. The next thing on the list was your messaging. How can we really simplify that to be more understood, to get it really super clear about that transformation that you bring to the table so that you can really communicate that across and articulate it in a way that's going to get people running after you, rather than just going blurt your, your wonderful person. But I have no idea what you do. Let's get that simplified. Let's make sure it's understood, and let's make sure that people know what you bring to the table. And last but not least hiring, just spoken about that. So it won't be bleed on a bounce it, but make sure you're hiring the right people for the right time in your business and investing in the right things in order to help you grow and expand.
There we are last time. I'm going to tell you, make sure you do download that market-leading seven figure roadmap. That's really going to help you put in those foundations to build a business to seven figures and beyond right now, there's no point hoping that one day you're going to achieve that. If you're not doing the things now to make that happen, that it's never going to be a reality. So do you make sure you pop into the show notes and download that guide? I promise you it will be a great investment of giving me your email address. I do promise that, okay, have a fab week guys, and I will see you all in the next episode
At a very Merry Christmas.

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