December 2, 2020

In this episode we’re exploring:-

  • How purpose can impact your potential to create more wealth
  • The reason most people fail to convert on sales calls
  • The big lie that coaches are telling you around their level of wealth.

Malaine Leah Butler supports purpose-driven entrepreneurs in redefining and designing who they really are from the inside out. So you can pivot and step fully into your calling with your business create a legacy and amplify your wealth.

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[00:00:00.085] - Jen Hall

If you've been wondering why you're not making the money that you really want to make or why you're suddenly starting to see a plateau, well, in this episode it may explain why.

[00:00:18.695] - Jen Hall

Hello and welcome to this week's episode of the expert unrivalled podcast, my name's Jen Hall, I'm your business positioning and market leadership expert.

[00:00:27.425] - Jen Hall

And in this exciting episode, we are talking to the awesome Malaine Leah Butler, who is a specialist in helping entrepreneurs to align with their purpose and amplify their wealth. And I am so excited because I have some seriously juicy questions for Malaine all conversations can go on forever. Every time we have a conversation, there is always golden nuggets and truth bombs. You know, Malaine is actually someone who is working with me currently, but is also someone that I have followed for a very long time.

[00:01:03.845] - Jen Hall

She's almost just like my life coach from afar, my mentor that I follow. Because every time I hear her speak, there is always so much gold and inspiration that comes from her words.

[00:01:16.205] - Jen Hall

So I'm really excited to share her amazing gold with you today. We're going to be talking all things why sales fail, why launches fail, which I know we touched upon. But she's got some great insights into that and also how obviously, obviously how you can overcome all of that. I'm also going to be asking her a really big question. And I know the answer to this, obviously, because we worked together. But I can't wait for you guys to hear the answer to which is the biggest lie that coaches are telling you around their level of wealth.

[00:01:51.395] - Jen Hall

And I'm really excited to hear her answer to that one. Now, just before we dive into the conversation with Malaine , I just want to remind you that there are only a couple of spots left in Elevate. As it stands, Elevate will be changing formation likely in the new year. Probably, you know, at some point January, February time, I will get a more exact time for you. But right now, all all the information need to know is, is that it will be changing.

[00:02:21.365] - Jen Hall

So if you are interested in Alloway as it stands with all of the one to one support that you get within there,

then do make sure that you give me a call. The link is in the show notes it is You can go down there and Book a call, you know, Elevate really is a program that is high touch massively creates huge transformation for businesses to help them become the number one choice in the markets.

[00:02:50.315] - Jen Hall

It covers things like messaging, articulation, niching, but it's also got so much in there around how to launch effectively, how to ensure that you create a business that can scale to seven figures and beyond, how to start creating evergreen assets in your business so that your business can work on autopilot. There's so much juice and gold to be had. What I'll do is I'll also link to my Elevate sales page so you can have a little look and browse over all the juicy details of what Elevate includes.

[00:03:22.955] - Jen Hall

But yeah, now it's kind of like Last Chance Saloon to get elevate as it stands before prices change, before format's tweaks and other bits and pieces come in. So, yeah, make sure you because soon as possible. Now let's kick off with the conversation with the amazing Malaine Leah Butler.

[00:03:42.605] - Jen Hall

So we have the awesome lane here with me. I'm so pleased to be chatting with you here on the podcast. Thanks so much for joining us.

[00:03:50.735] - Malaine Leah

Oh, it's my pleasure. Again, I love talking to you. And now that we're recording it, it's even more special also.

[00:03:59.855] - Jen Hall

Well, I've got some really juicy questions lined up for you, Malaine, because something I love about our coaching calls together when we're talking or even just any conversation, there's just so many different ideas and things that just spring to life. So I can't wait to kind of see where my questions are going to kind of bring the conversation. And you never know. It could be completely different and take a completely different turn. We will see what happens.

[00:04:26.045] - Jen Hall

So the first question I want to dive into, because this is what you're all about is, you know, really helping people to align to what's meaningful to them and their purpose. I just got to ask you, why do you feel that purpose is so critical to running a business?

[00:04:45.065] - Malaine Leah

Yeah, that's such a great question. And I think that people get really confused on their purpose. And instead of getting the clarity that they need around what their specific purpose is and what their unique medicine is, that they're here to serve the world with a lot of people just play it safe or cling to something that is. Easy for them to solve, so it's not necessarily their zone of genius, it's not necessarily their purpose work, but they're good at it, you know, and I think a lot of people, especially entrepreneurs, can be very good at multiple things.

[00:05:29.555] - Malaine Leah

And so they can really get tripped up and never truly aligning to their purpose work and instead playing in an area that they're good and thus their results are always good. But they're never really hitting their fullest potential because they're not truly aligned to why they're actually here. So I look at your purpose as being that unique medicine that the divine higher power, God, whatever you choose to call that source, I say God. But whatever it is for the listeners out there.

[00:06:04.615] - Malaine Leah

That that was given to you at birth and really is meant to be lived through you. We each have something very unique and specific and the modality in which you express that can change. And that's what I think people got a little bit confused on, is like, oh, well, my purpose work always has to be me hosting retreats. And maybe your purpose work is expressed through you hosting retreats, but it also could be expressed through you coaching or speaking on stages.

[00:06:36.655] - Malaine Leah

And the overall message is always around sales or around marketing or around, you know, like there's like a specific medicine that you're serving. But the modality in which you serve it can for sure change through a book, through speaking through. And I think people get tripped up that purpose. Work means that you do one thing every single day, day in and day out. And that's not true. And it really, for those of you listening and if you're unclear about what your purpose is, just ask yourself, what's that one thing that, you know, you've just always been a little bit better than everyone else that you you've always had a little bit more confidence in that area.

[00:07:19.675] - Malaine Leah

It comes to you really naturally. And I think that we undermined that innate skill set because we think, oh, well, everyone else can do that, but everyone else cannot do that. Only you can do that. And when you start to pull that string, you'll start to unravel and reveal what your true purpose is, I believe 100 percent.

[00:07:42.625] - Jen Hall

And so what are the kind of symptoms for someone to kind of recognize when then when they're not aligned with their purpose, like what's going on for them?

[00:07:52.855] - Malaine Leah

You know, when someone's in a line to their purpose, life can be good. It's not that it's terrible and that everything's, you know, that shit hitting the fan per say. Things can be good, but it's never you're always kind of feeling this underlying feeling of I know I could do better. I know. There's a floodgate of abundance and cash and all the things that are supposed to be coming to me like how come I'm never hitting up?

[00:08:25.955] - Malaine Leah

There's a constant kind of feeling of plateauing. It's almost like if you relate it to the weight loss industry, it's like those last five pounds that just won't come off and you're gonna just come off. Why aren't you coming off? And so you can get so freaking close to all the results and desires that you want without being in alignment. But you'll never attain that true homeostasis, that true alignment of where you really want to be. And it's like once those five pounds are released, you're like, oh, yes, like this is the body that I'm supposed to be living in like this.

[00:09:07.925] - Malaine Leah

This feels good. And I felt so uncomfortable even with those extra five pounds. And it's like, well, why? Because I was never supposed to have them on me. And it's the same with when it comes to being in alignment with our purpose, I think that you can live a good life without being in alignment with your purpose, but you'll never live an extraordinary life. You'll constantly plateau. You'll constantly have a stagnant energy that enters your life.

[00:09:35.975] - Malaine Leah

You'll constantly be in the conversation of especially as an entrepreneur or in in any business of I need more sales. Where do I get more sales like those will constantly be a conversation. Now, when you're in alignment with your purpose, it doesn't mean that though that conversation doesn't happen. Of course it does. But eventually it stops when you really hit the sweet spot because the floodgates have now opened up.

[00:10:01.985] - Jen Hall

So I think you kind of end up building that momentum where, you know, it's it's it comes from a different place, doesn't it? It comes from a different energy rather than like, where am I going to find sales like this

kind of like almost panic mode or, you know, this this feeling of trying harder, it becomes that kind of question of like, what's next comes from a place of joy. And I'm almost like expectancy versus I'm struggling and I'm really trying here.

[00:10:29.765] - Jen Hall

Yeah, totally. Absolutely. And I was going to ask you because, I mean, some people I know you kind of touched on this already, but a lot of people would say, well, you know, I make a lot of money out of what I do. And it's not like my purpose work. But I kind of feel like what you're saying is, is that, you know, your you might be making a lot of money, but actually imagine what you could do, right.

[00:10:53.225] - Jen Hall

If you were in alignment, would you say that actually you're causing yourself a plateau at a different level?

[00:10:59.675] - Malaine Leah

Yeah. And it's almost, you know, like I said, a lot of people can live a good life. But the what is actually available and possible, you'll never really experience that when you're not in alignment, because at the end of the day is I believe when you're not in alignment, you're betraying yourself, you're not in integrity with your soul and why you are here. And that's a pretty deep thing, like, oh, my God, I'm betraying myself.

[00:11:28.925] - Malaine Leah

Like, no, I'm not. I'm doing what I like to do. Malene, you don't know what you're talking about. No. When you're not living in full alignment with why you're here and, you know, like deep down, you know, it's niggling at you because you know that you're your full potential hasn't been access. You know that you're under indexing yourself. You can feel that at the end of the day, you're a little bit drained because what you do doesn't energize.

[00:11:55.715] - Malaine Leah

You might make you money, but it's not energizing you. It's not lighting you up. It's not giving you like it doesn't make you feel purposeful or passionate or joyful or blissful. You're just getting through the day and the accessibility of wealth, abundance and and everything that will come, opportunities that will start to open up when you're aligned is quite different than when you're actually betraying yourself an out of integrity and and being in those frequencies. You'll also never attract the other things in your life that are meant for you because you're emitting a different frequency than you will be when you're in alignment.

[00:12:39.125] - Malaine Leah

So I say it's almost like when you're not in alignment, your address is blacked out for the universe. The

universe can actually see your address. So therefore, all the gifts, all the opportunities, all the people, all the clients, all the things that are are meant for you. The universe has lined up. They can't find you because you're not in alignment with your truest form of why you're here. And so it goes missing. It goes back to the post office of the universe.

[00:13:12.405] - Jen Hall

So like, well, I guess to it, we can't find her. Don't know where she is or she is. Absolutely no, I know I 100 percent agree and like this podcast and my work can be on the on a very practical side of things, and this is a really refreshing conversation, I think, for all of us, because we don't we don't talk about this enough because, you know, whilst I am very, very practical business coach, I, I very, very much believe in things of frequency because I've had people say to me in the past or, you know, Jan, you know, I've had coaches tell me that the reason, you know, I failed was because my frequency was off.

[00:13:53.965] - Jen Hall

Now I can tend to roll my eyes at things like that because I'm a bit like, well, hold on a second. That's not the entire picture here. However, I do 100 percent believe that you can have all of the practical things in place, but you can still hold yourself back if your frequency and your mindset are not in the right place, if you're not aligned, if you're not loving what you're doing, if there's any kind of worries and I think I talked about this in a couple of podcasts that go around like why launch is fail?

[00:14:24.355] - Jen Hall

And one of those things were is being aligned with your with your offer. And I don't think you need to be 100 percent aligned every single time in order to make stuff happen. But you need to be working towards that 100 percent in order to see results. And I do think that those practicalities absolutely. You know, they need to be in place. But without that alignment, you can massively just you could just literally block everything coming to you.

[00:14:49.375] - Jen Hall

So I 100 percent, you know, with the on everything that you've just said, something I want to dive into, which got me really excited and we were both excited when you started really digging this up. And that's because, you know, a lot of people out there are looking around, you know, whether they're making a lot of money or not, a lot of money. We get into this comparison itis mode of looking around, particularly those who have these massive, like online launches.

[00:15:16.495] - Jen Hall

They're making loads and loads of money that, you know, and bragging.

[00:15:20.275] - Jen Hall

I'm saying bragging lot like not in as a negative, but they'd like talking about how much money they're making and how much wealth they have and this amazing nomadic lifestyle, the fact they have all this time on their hands, but yet they're making all this money and people are looking at that and just going, how on earth am I actually like going to achieve that?

[00:15:40.405] - Jen Hall

You know, how how can you attain that? It kind of feels a little bit like a potentially a lie. It can feel unattainable. And and people don't get how how others can make that kind of life actually happen. Now, you you talk about this as one of the biggest lies that most coaches are telling around the level of wealth. Can you just dig under that story a little bit for me? Yeah, yeah, yeah.

[00:16:06.635] - Malaine Leah

It's a really big one. And I think that. That whole freedom based lifestyle was very in vogue and like twenty fourteen know, and now, like, fast forward, like people are just inundated with that messaging. All over the place, the market is more saturated when it comes to personal development world and everyone's like, look at me, I'm in Bali and I have a laptop and I can work wherever I want. And I make so much money and it's very relative.

[00:16:40.485] - Malaine Leah

Some people just say they make a lot of money and don't really go into facts or figures. So it's like, well, what's a lot to you may not be a lot to me. I saw someone celebrating like a 10K launch that would be a fail for me. You know, at this point, that wouldn't be that wouldn't be success for me at this point. Now, there's a lot of coaches online that are preaching seven, multiple, seven billion figures.

[00:17:09.015] - Malaine Leah

And so what I always say to my clients is. Hold up, like let's just look here for a second, what's going on behind the scenes, No. One, what are they doing behind the scenes? Like are they actually living a freedom based lifestyle or are they. Tied to their laptop, are they working 6:00 in the morning till midnight? What's their actual life behind the scenes? Because a lot of times certain people are. You know, seven, multiple, seven figure earners in there, and maybe they are maybe they are doing that, but they are not living a life that I personally would ever want to live know.

[00:17:55.985] - Malaine Leah

I had a mentor once who's, you know, amazing and does really well. Multiple seven figure is great and, you know, bless her heart up at 4:00 in the morning every day. Very regimented schedule. Not a lot of time for

play like I'm sorry, not available, not interested in that. But one of the biggest things that a lot of the people online, especially in the personal development world of the entrepreneurial field, what they're not telling you is that they have multiple streams of income that are generating those seven or or multiple seven figure.

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