July 7, 2021

sell high ticket in a saturated market

Selling at a higher price point in a market where many others are doing a similar thing to you can feel so overwhelming. You’re worrying  ‘why would they buy from me vs those others’ and ‘how am I going to get their attention with all the other marketing being thrown at them’?

In this episode, I talk you through the mistakes that you’re making. And the holes in your marketing that are making you invisible to your market. PLUS how to supercharge your visibility and marketing efforts to get the attention AND the sales.

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How to sell high-ticket in a saturated market

How will you stand out when there are so many other businesses in the same market, competing for the same thing? The truth is that no matter how much you niche down, there will always be others who are doing what you do. So, I’m going to tackle how you get others to pay attention to you rather than anyone else.

Selling high-ticket can feel like the scariest thing to do in business. This episode is dedicated to those who have recently raised their prices or are raising them for the first time. You want to have a steady flow of clients, not feel like it is a fluke and for it to feel easy. If you are at a new level and wondering if anyone is going to buy. There is a lot that plays into this.

High-value mindset

In order to sell high-ticket, you need to have a high-value mindset. This is understanding the value that you bring to the table. Having a high-value mindset is the most important thing.

You’re not selling bananas on the local market so stop trying to sell like a market stall

People do not buy high-ticket from posts on social media or from shouting the loudest. And while I do not like comparisonitis, we do have to recognise there are others in the industry. Then look at the reasons why someone would buy from us rather than them.

Advertising you have a programme alone is not what will bring you clients. Particularly at this high-ticket level. Instead, we need to build trust. We need to be a breath of fresh air to the people hearing the same messages every day. There is an information overload. So we need to cut through the noise and do so with a new message. It is not about being the person who shouts the loudest.

If you are not at the point of knowing what you’re selling can solve those problems, make an impact, then this is the first place you need to start. Build a high-value mindset around your results and the impacts of the results. Don’t ever think that what you do is so little and small. You need to believe in this and your pricing to be confident in your product.

Visibility is not the same as strategic visibility

Strategic visibility is different to being visible where you end up exhausted and broke. You can be showing up all the time on social media, posting the most and shouting the most. But unless you are strategic with where you show up, when and the message you give, you are not getting the best return on your time. In fact, most people will benefit from around 20% of their time on social media marketing. So you need to work out what the fruitful activities are for you.

There are others who are spending all of their time on these activities and not getting a return on their time. You need to focus on where the people are who have the problem that you solve. Otherwise, you are talking to everyone and that doesn’t help you attract the right people. Focus on the right platform for what you sell. Be strategic about where you show up.

Your USP and fresh message

What are you saying that is new and different to everyone else? What is everyone doing that is not helping their situation? People are looking for pioneering new ways of doing things that help them. Your unique personality is not enough. People want a tangible reason for buying from you. You need to articulate why what you sell is special and for that message to be fresh.

And consider how is this different from what everyone else is doing. It may also be that the tools are correct, but you are not hitting the spot with the messaging. You are not leading correctly in that space. If you position yourself well, people will build trust. People need to know you have a roadmap and there is a reasoning behind it. If you find you are getting pre-buyer interest but not enough sales, it may be that they like you but cannot see the logical reasoning to buy.

People have to love you and logically understand why you are the number one choice.

People do not buy high-ticket if they are not 100 per cent certain they are investing their money in the right place. You need to build trust by giving people the confidence that you can deliver. This comes back to the high-value mindset.

Avoid the seeds of doubt

We can often find ourselves planting seeds of doubt. This comes from a place where we know that not everyone will get the results. And this happens because there are many variables involved, especially within a coaching relationship. If your client is not involved fully with the process, they will not get the right kind of results. And this comes down to mindset.

You will still get clients who do not do what they need to do. The person who buys but does not show up. Or does not engage with the content. You’ve done your best but they haven’t. This can cause doubt in our minds. You need the confidence that if they show up and engage then they will get the results. You need to coach yourself into realising this is valuable and a two-way street. You can only take the confidence for your part. But address this so you don’t plant seeds of doubt.

If you don’t feel confident, then this will come through with your energy. In turn, it will make your potential clients not feel confident in you.

Sell the results

Many people are scared to promise a result. You need to be able to dangle a golden carrot else what are you delivering? It cannot be a process for the sake of it. You need to explain the destination where they are heading to. This is why you need to be clear on what outcome you are taking them towards. It is often the one you are too afraid to say that is the one they want to buy. It may be that you’ve never done it yourself or helped anyone achieve it yet.

For example, if you provide a piece of the puzzle that will get them there, you can position with integrity that they need you to get them to their end goal. You are not promising to take them the whole way but to that next step. Absolutely do not promise something you cannot give. Be transparent and help them understand how you help them to their goal.

Build market-leading credibility

Position yourself as a brand in your own right where you can leverage social proof, your processes and methods. While it is great to be featured in Forbes or the BBC, they are additions. You need to overcome objections and build credibility by being a leader, a thought-leader, being transparent and having a fresh message.

This links back to the USP and the tangible reason why you are the best out there for your clients. It is different when starting out to leverage social proof. It may well be that you’ve only got yourself to talk about but do it transparently. Your high-ticket may well not be as high as it will be when you have more social proof.

I see coaches try sell high-ticket packages when they’ve not yet coached anyone. And while we all start somewhere, your pricing also starts somewhere as well. If you are unconfident in pricing there is usually a tell that you are out of line with your pricing. The reason may be that you don’t yet have the experience for selling at that price point. You need to look at where you are on your journey and what experience you have for that price point.

Yet, if you’re in a saturated market, you need to stand out from the crowd and cut through the noise.

If you’re looking for a programme to help you find that fresh message, your unique magic bullet, to build from the ground up to be market-leading and create that high-value mindset. And create messaging to articulate that value then you need to be in Elevate. Book your call to find out if it is the right programme for you.

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