July 8, 2020

Hands up who’s fed up of creating content that doesn’t convert? Who’s exhausted from being VISIBLE ALL THE TIME and not seeing the results that you know you should?

In this episode of the Expert Unrivalled podcast I’m revealing the NEW WAY of being visible that will not only allow you to eat your dinner without having to post a picture of it but will actually make you far more money!

  • Discover three ways to start being more strategic in how you produce content.
  • Enjoy a mid episode rant where I talk about ONE simple mistake that so many people are making that makes your content utterly pointless! 
  • How to move leads out of the ‘friend zone’ and into the ‘paying client zone’.

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Are you exhausted from being continuously visible, but not seeing any results? Well, in this episode, we're talking all about strategic visibility.
Welcome to the expert unrivaled podcast. My name is Jen Hall, your business positioning cage and market leadership expert. And today we're talking all about strategic visibility because it's so, so important to actually switch from this exhausted, overly visible entrepreneur, to somebody who is actually able to make money and get the best from the time that they actually spent out there being visible, because let's be honest, nobody enjoys being on social media, 24/7, you know, at the end of the day, we need to have balance in life and continually documenting everything. Gary V style isn't for everybody. In fact, I'll take it further and say, really isn't really for anybody, it's a fast track way to burn out. You know, the Gary V's of the world generally have a humongous team, which can take, you know, content can continually follow him around with a camera and then we'll go away and, and turn that content into several different things.
You know? And it's not, it's not a normal way of running a business, you know, not everyone has that team running after them. And I certainly wouldn't want it, even if that was something that was possible right now on the lockdown. I definitely, definitely wouldn't want that to happen in my life. Something that I much prefer to do is actually to be more strategic about how invisible, because this is the thing we see some entrepreneurs out there, some coaches and people that we follow online and some of them appear to be on it all the time. And actually in some cases it's true. They are that's how they've built their audience, that they've done that through you know, heavily posting on social media. And if that's something that you do, I'm not saying it's not for anybody. I truly don't believe it's very good for health.
Put it that way. I really don't think it's very good for our health to be on social media all the time. But if you listening to this and you're disagreeing with it and you're going well, no, I love being on social media all the time. And I want to carry on doing that then probably best not listen to this episode, skipped to a previous one or hang on till next week. But if you're this person who's listening to this going, yes, I don't want to be on social media all of the time. I don't want to have to document everything. And I want to actually, you know, get money through my business through being strategically visible and actually seeing results because a lot of people find, you know, some people don't be on social media all the time and actually that, you know, they are financially successful through doing that.
You know, generally there are kind of like a lifestyle business, so there'll be all the time about what they're doing, their life, their opinions, all of these different things. And so people will view that and they will see it and they will get on board and they will, you know, the way a lifestyle business works and the way that people respond to that is that they want to be that person. They want to have that person's life. And you know, and that's what they're aspiring to. So they're kind of essentially advertising their life. And in order to do that, you do need to be, you know, a lot more visible. But if you're on the other side of it where you're just like, I'm not necessarily lifestyle business, you know, I'm selling a service, I'm selling a skill. And I don't necessarily want people to want to be me or what my life they know they want their own version of success.
You know, they, they want to have me for my expertise, not necessarily because of what I have in my life. And if that's, you then keep on listening because there is another way, because like I said, there were seen people out there doing a copying this way of continually posting online. I'm actually not seeing anything for it. So not only are you exhausted, you're also not seeing anything, you know, as a financial return, which is awful. And so, you know, I just want to kind of celebrate this week really for, you know, I've been celebrating some clients over the last few weeks, but actually I want to kind of celebrate something to show you what's possible. I've made recently in the last quarter, 80,000 in the coaching side of the business. So far on mainly three or four posts, I'm not gonna lie.
I'm not quite sure what the three or four, but either way, a very small amount of social media posts that have linked in to my elevate NFL strategy sessions you know, those two pieces of content or what have been, what has converted the most clients in my business over this last quarter. And by the way, if you do want to attend there are only 20 pounds to attend to come and see some of the campaigns or strategies we've been putting in place. So for instance, over in our adventure travel business, we've recently just launched another campaign. We're always launching campaigns, but I do love a good campaign. We've just launched another campaign. We did two weeks of lead generation and then we've just launched into the sales and we made over 320 K in the first four days of that opening.
And it's open for two weeks. We're aiming, judging by the conversion rates that we have on our usual campaigns at the similar sort. But because we have so many more leads this time, we're actually looking at hitting hopefully a seven figure Mark, which should be just incredible. So I give you some insights into those campaigns during these as evolve and elevate strategy sessions. The next one is on the 15th of July. There are spaces laughs a do, make sure there are, there are limited. Those are, do you make sure that you get your space, your, you know, get your, get your bond booked onto one of those because they do go rather quickly. So make sure that you get yourself in there because you know, I'm always updating them and delivering the, you know, the most up to date strategies and campaigns and information on those sessions.
So do you get yourself booked into that? The link is in the show notes. But yeah, you know, there, you can convert your clients very easily. A lot of people are under the impression that people need to know you over a very long period of time in order to build trust. And it's just not true. And it's something that has been proven time and time again. It's how you've positioned yourself so that when people come across you, that they're getting the best from you at that time, because you cannot control how often people see you and you can't control necessarily when people will see you, but what you can control is what they will see when they do see you. And one of the biggest mistakes and things that I see happen all the time is this favoritism for quantity over quality. And so people start just kind of like spurting out constantly this content asking random, unrelated questions on social media for the sake of engagement.
And just hoping that they're, you know, they're going to get some response and they generally do these random posts with random questions. We'll absolutely 100% very likely get you the engagement that you're after. But then when you put something out that is less relevant, you will see your engagement drop. And this is the thing is that instead of going after engagement, going after the likes, going after the shares, it's about creating that quality content that isn't about generating numbers. It's actually about generating individuals, you know, generating leads from individuals rather than trying to get the most people possible to view your thing. Because when you focus in on the individual, you will find that it converts much more. And actually what you find is when people are interested in things and it gets the cogs working in their brains, you actually finds out actually the engagement drops and you find that, you know, in my experience, at least in the many moons, I've been an entrepreneur for over 16 years.
And my experience of social media over that time, seeing it, you know, as a brand new thing that everyone's trying to figure out to now, something that's incredibly well used and you know, has become part of everyday life. I have seen a pattern where by there are entrepreneurs out there that do get a lot of engagement and there are entrepreneurs out there who focus on quality and on the whole, you will find in a particular experience over my business, because I went through that stage of being overly visible and thought, that's what you had to do. And you had to be posting three times a week in every group going and all that kind of stuff. You know, I've been there and done it guys like don't think home, you know, I got this right first time, it's something that I went out and, you know, I absolutely did that stuff, but through doing it and now through seeing a new way of doing things, you know, I've a hundred percent seen that that doesn't work.
And actually what works in terms of, in terms of monetary results. If we forget about engagement, it is about creating that quality content for individuals. And actually just worried, worry about getting one person at a time because when you start broadening out, you'll find that you will lose the quality on your content. It'll actually generate less clients and less money because it's all surface level stuff. You want quality people, you want quality clients who are the right people for you who actually want to buy from you, not just the most active person on Facebook, because that's just not gonna work. So it's really important to when you're creating content is to, first of all, let's not think about the numbers, but actually focus on writing it or, you know, I say writing, creating content, this could be anything, it could be a blog, it could be a post.
It could be creating a talk for going on stage. It could be recording a video, going live, whatever it is, but we want to make it the best. And it was really interesting because I was watching the story of Queen and Adam Lambert a couple of nights ago over the weekend. And it was really interesting to watch, you know, I'm a massive fan of Queen. I was lucky enough. My late uncle was one of Roger Taylor, the drummer, his best friends. And so we used to spend a bit of time over at Taylor's house which was incredible. And we we went there for the, when the eclipse happened and we had a massive like garden party and got to see the place. It was amazing. Anyway, go, I don't, I don't, I going off on a tangent, a memory tangent, but again, it was really exciting.
So I've got a bit of a, a personal connection with it. And I was really interested to see, because, you know, since my uncle died, we obviously spent less time over there. And you know, I've kind of lost that latter part passive there journey. And so it was interesting to see this, you know, how this collaboration without alarm that came about, but they were talking about the fact that when I say they, it was the guy from foo fighters was talking about how it was very difficult to feel Freddy mercury shoes. And you know, who on earth could do that? Because at the end of the day,Queen is known as, you know, possibly the, the best band, you know, rock band in the world. And that songs are just incredible. Every one of them was a hit, every single one of them just skyrocketed.
And he said, you know, how can they do that? And it's because they were hitting for a home run every single time. That was the quote they were hitting for a home run every single time. And that really stuck out to me when they were talking about why they were so successful, why it's so hard to feel Freddie Mercury shoes, because you know, the everything about them was quality, absolutely everything. And, you know, they weren't the type of band to not release something that they thought was going to absolutely rock the world. And they weren't the sorts of bands to release something that was, you know, mediocre. He wouldn't have it, you know, that's something that he stood by. He wouldn't have it, he won't have mediocrity. And I think that's something that we can all take away.
And when we're, when we're thinking about our creation of what we're putting out there into the world, you know, perhaps not on the same kind of wavelength or level as Queen, I know we're not writing songs here, but we are creating content just like they were creating incredible content and we need to do the same. We need to take the same high bar and the same high standard. And I'd much rather you do less of it and more quality content then focus on the numbers because it's gonna make your life so much easier as well. You know, you're going to be less exhausted. Less worry about when I wasn't, you know, I didn't post today. Like you did post date. Maybe you had post the next day, but when you do post the right people pay attention. And that's the thing. And I've talked about this quite a bit, that it's not about being famous being market leading and being monetarily successful.
Isn't about being famous to the most people possible. It's about becoming well worth knowing to the right audience, to the correct people. So becoming well known to those people, that's who you want. You know, you don't need to be visible to absolutely everybody. And that's when you see that a lot of people are reliant on their personal profiles, because at the end of the day, they're kind of selling themselves on a personal profile and, you know, trying to get visible to everybody. And yes, it might get you more engagement, but you won't necessarily find that it gets you the right monetary result. What I'm not saying guys is, don't like, you know, they used to be this thing as you shouldn't be using your personal profile on Facebook for business totally untrue. You absolutely can. I wouldn't say it's a longterm strategy and something that you should rely on, but absolutely is as another way to, you know, to follow in the right people from that pool of connections that you've made.
Absolutely. So don't ever think, I'm saying you shouldn't be using your personal profile. You know, I'm all for that. Like, you know, if anything, I would encourage you to do that, but rely on it as that as your main source of getting clients and they need to be funneled into something else. They can't just, you can't just keep that relationship in that friend zone. They have to suddenly they have to cross the bridge over to being very interested in what you're talking about. So your gated content. So that could be for instance, that they joined some kind of webinar, you know, as an example, but they've got to be able to cross that bridge into being, you know, engaged in what you're talking about, because a lot of people are very nice on Facebook and they just, they just give you a like, or they give you a comment as support, and that's really lovely, but that isn't going to fill the bottom line.
So be really clear about what you're creating really think about, you know, slowing down on being everywhere. Because like I said, I've put out maybe three or four Facebook posts, which have then funneled into my gated content and people have come into this gated content where they're now seeing, you know, at a very low cost, you know, some incredible value. And then also they're seeing that the door opened to something even better. And so they can go on that client journey and they can really follow you down there, down that path, to where they want to be. So see your content as a journey. It's not about this spray and pray technique where we just kind of scattered, gone a ton of stuff out there in the hopes that we're going to get somebody's attention. You want to be getting attention for the right reasons.
We want to be far more intelligent and thoughtful over our content creation and, you know, getting, getting their attention, the right people's attention. Because again, it's not about getting everyone's attention. It's about really understanding your niche and part of the reason for some people that they really struggled to create content that really gets the right person's attention. It's because they don't really understand their niche. They haven't been able to articulate what they do, the solid result they get for people who they are, who they serve. All of these things are very vague. And so actually creating content of any cold quality is going to be nigh on impossible. So if you're in that stage where you're like, Oh yeah, I'm finding it really hard to articulate. You're relying on referrals. You know, the only time you ever find that you get any kind of, you know clients are either through referrals or through perhaps networking where you're able to build that close relationship.
And you're not finding that you're getting the results that you want from social media or, you know, or even perhaps they, if you, if you're running some kind of session to a larger group of people, and you're not finding that many people are following you down that path, on that journey, then there's something wrong. And you know, you're going to be banging your head on a brick wall and wasting a ton of time and energy putting out content or, you know, creating content or showing up for people who don't really get what you do. And that's going to be time wasted in my gosh. I mean, I spent a lot of wasted time as an entrepreneur when I didn't fully nail on my niche and what I was doing. And I wasn't fully able to articulate what makes me different, you know, who I serve all of those different things and, you know, the, the, the solid results I got for them.
And it was a total waste of time. I'm not going to fluff it up and be like, Oh, it's all part of the journey. My gosh. Yeah. It was a, there's a fat, it was a part of the journey. But if it's a part of the journey out of much rather cut out, because it was wasted effort, it was totally wasted effort. And I see it happen all the time. It's so many people and I have so many clients recently that have jumped on board who've just gone. Oh my gosh. I just wish I'd nailed the sooner. Cause I've just been chasing my tail for so long. It just feels like a waste. And you know, there is no way fluffing up. But the fact is, is good right now. We've got it solved. Now we can move forward. And you know, if you're in that position where you're listening to this going, Oh gosh, here I am.
I need to get it sorted, stop, wasting time, get it sorted. Otherwise it is just going to be a complete, you're just almost just like running down the road with a big bag of money and just throwing it into the field next year. It's just a complete waste. So how long are you going to sit there for before you do something? And this is my kind of pitch to you to, to cheat, to change the up. But if you do have your niche, you do know how to articulate yourself. Then let's start being a bit more intelligent. And up-level that, that content to something that people will actually, the right people will pay attention. And another way that you can be strategic, it's not only by reducing the amount of content that you're producing and not only by being more thoughtful about the types of content that we're creating, but we can also be more thoughtful about where we're putting that content.
Because like I said, we can follow people from larger areas. So let's use the Facebook personal page. As an example, you can get the right person's attention with the right headline and something around headlines, guys, just to kind of, don't diverge slightly on this one, but you should be spending at least half your time on your headline. You know, the amount of times here we go, here's, here's around the hidden rant. It's going to come out in the middle of face. You know, I sometimes see people going live, no headline. So many times, I see just an altar load of waffle at the beginning of a post to you really get to the crux of what it's about. You should be spending at least half your time that you would spend on your content overall, just on the headline. Because if nobody is drawn in by that, nobody's going to bother clicking.
Nobody's going to bother watching. And so everything you do beyond that point is completely wasted unless you've got the right people, you know, doing that. And the only time that we'll ever get people watching your stuff or reading your stuff, if you haven't got a headline or your headlines rubbish is if they have had experienced very good content from you in the past, or they have a lot of time to waste one of the two, because you can find that like on an email list, you can get away with a bit of a crummy subject line and you will still get a good open rate because if you're producing great content every day or every week for your list, you will find that they will just naturally want to open it because they're just like, Oh, you know, I received really good stuff from you.
So I'm teetering wanting to hear what you got to say. But then you, you know, even in that scenario, you put a new subscriber and their headline isn't good enough. You haven't built that relationship yet for them to feel like, you know, that they, that they want to continue opening your emails potentially. So you've got to learn that trust in order to, in order to get away with a crummy subject line or a crummy headline. So think about that really think about your headlines. It's really important because if you don't, then everything else beyond it is completely wasted because nobody's going to watch it. You know, the ones that do, you know, you'll be lucky. So do you make sure that you spend more time on that, but yeah. Looking at things like the funnels, so you're on your personal Facebook page and you've got a great headline, which speaks to the right person that, you know, would be your ideal client and the content then invites them into that next stage.
So you can actually think about, yes, you could use your personal Facebook page, but if you are in a pool of everybody, depending on who you're accepting friend requests from and who you are, but actually reaching out to connect with, you know, your mum's on there, your uncle's on there, you know, your friends are on there and Facebook does that thing where it only shows you into a certain amount of people. So again, which group of people is it being shown to? So, like I said, I'm not saying don't use your personal Facebook page, but it's not necessarily the best use of your time as an ongoing strategy, but you can actually think about, okay, so where are my ideal clients hanging out? So instead of just like broadcasting on your personal page all the time, let's think about perhaps looking at and taking it that step further.
And I still don't necessarily believe this is a better use of your time, but if you're going to be a little bit more strategic about it, okay, well, what Facebook groups are they hanging out in? And then you could hang out in them too, or even better than that. And I was probably giving you this before, but you might want to be making friends with the leader of that group and then running some kind of expert session, much better way to make an impact position yourself as an expert. And you know, getting that message out there quickly to the right people. So that could be one way. And obviously you want to be finding complimentary groups, not ones that are in direct competition, cause that just gets really icky. You know, I remember when I first started out online and I was told this thing around, Oh, well, you know, there's room for everybody's and therefore competition doesn't exist.
That's not strictly true. And it was really icky and I was a bit like, well, but there's room for everyone. Please. Can I come in your group? I don't know. He can't come in my group and sell your stuff over mine. I've worked hard for this, you know, audience who do you think you are coming in and wanting to pitch my page, my clients. And that's basically what, how it is as nice as you want to be about it. You know, the bottom line is it is a key and there are other people that do similar things to you out there. And you know, work on building your own audience. So you want to be finding complimentary groups or complimentary memberships, or even complimentary podcasts anywhere where you share an audience with someone else, but you don't necessarily do the same thing.
That would be a complimentary audience. Say for instance, I've recently in the last few months I've been in Lisa Johnson's membership group running an expert session for them. You know, I had, you know, a few outreaches from that group coming over and following my stuff. And I've also been on Janet Murray's podcast very recently. And again, we will meet Lisa and Janet. We have crossover, we all do completely different things, but yet we are sharing that audience. So, you know, we're helping to leverage each other's audiences. You know, Lisa came to speak at my expert unrivaled event last year in November and got a ton of clients through that event because they saw her speak and they came to see her there. So, you know, it's about being more strategic. So on three things. So just as a recap, first of all, you want to be reducing the amounts of content that you're creating in favor of quality versus quantity.
That's really, really important. In order to put more effort into things that are going to get you results. The second thing is, is focusing on the right people. Remember it's not about being famous to everybody. It's about being well known for being worth knowing to the right people. So really getting granular in who this content is for so that when you're writing it, creating it, recording it, you really speaking to the heart and soul of that person and the mind of that person so that you can convert those people. Because otherwise, if you're not doing that, you're not going to hit the Mark and you're going to have everybody watching it and nobody buying. So you want to make sure that it's really niche so that people understand that that content is meant for them. It fits them like a glove and it's showing them something that's wow.
Factor. So you're, you're looking for hitting that home run every time. Look just like Queen making sure that everything you, you release is a banger or as much as much as a banger as possible. There's the odd occasion where you will aim and you'll think, wow, it was really good piece. And nobody comments, nobody likes nobody engages it with it entirely. And it want funny as you down the path. That's also possible you know, but you've got to try, you've got to keep raising the bar on the standard of your content and you know what, sometimes in those cases where you think it's amazing and you put it out there and you don't get anything, it could also be that it's gone out at the wrong time. I've had that before where I've gone, like, Oh, I thought this was great. And like nobody else thought so.
And it's because nobody saw it. That's literally all it was. And so sometimes it's about going, okay, well, I think it's a great piece of content. Let's release this again at a different time of day or a different day. And see what happens. And, you know, in, I would say 8 times out of 10, where in the cases where that's happened to me, I've actually found that it was just the wrong time and it just needed to be posted again at a different point in order to get some catch up, catch people's attention. And the third thing is putting it in the right place to see, being more strategic about where you're placing the content and actually finding those complimentary audiences and also treating it like a journey. So remembering that it's not necessarily one and done, you know, it's about, it's not about being visible all the time, but it's about a call to action at the end of every piece of content that you write rather than, you know, what would you think of this?
And then people only loader for opinions on your posts and you're going great. What was the point of that? Where are they meant to be going next? Well, they're meant to be doing the aim is for them to buy your stuff. So what was the point of that? You know, yes, it could perhaps be getting some market research. Absolutely. But have a purpose to every piece of content that you write, be strategic about it. Why are you writing it? If you're writing it for engagement, scrap it, story up, throw it in the bin and start again. That should not be your purely, your only reason for creating that content. You know, we need to be creating content for our businesses that are going to actually achieve results. So think about that when you're creating it, treat it like a journey call to actions at the end of each thing, where are they going next?
Where do you want them to be? What do you want them to be clicking? Where do you want them to be going? What do you want them to be doing? Think about that as well as the purpose of why you're creating it. And then also, like I said, going back to kind of like that number two on, you know, making it super quality and making sure that you're kind of hitting that home run every time. It's also, like I said about making sure that you're focusing on that headline, really looking at you spending a lot of time on it so that the P the right people get to, you know, grow into that content. So hopefully with those three things in mind, you're going to be way more strategic for the next half of 2020. So no more feeling exhausted, no more feeel that panic over what I haven't posted.
And I haven't posted, you know, to forget about that. Let's be more intelligent. Let's reduced the amount we're doing, and actually start focusing more of our time on creating that home run every single time. And if you would like more help on creating content that converts, because it goes beyond just those three points. That's the, that's the tip of the iceberg. That's the first things that you could be doing, but there is so much more that you can be doing with your content that will get you more results both financially, and actually making an impact to the, to the people who you want to be impacting. And if that's you and you, and you want some help doing that, and you've enjoyed that, you've been enjoying the podcast and you're taking value from it then why not jump on a call with me? And the link is in the show notes, but you can pick on a call with me to talk about working with me, moving forward at bit.ly/claritycallpodcast link in the show notes.
And also don't forget about the evolve and elevate session that is running on the 15th 20 pounds to join. It's going to give you all the dirt on our latest campaigns which have already produced well over. Well, in fact, it combined the last few, we're probably looking at about 800,000 so far which is just incredible. And like I said, we're looking on for this one campaign only we are holding all of the fingers and all of the toes across for that seven figure Mark to hit. So it's just, which would just be incredible. So yeah, so if you want to join that, make sure you book in the show notes, both links are there to book a call with me to also join the session in the show notes, make sure you go and do that ASAP. I will see you guys in the next episode.

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