December 14, 2022

If you have fears over a launch flop or a recent launch that did not go as expected, this episode will get you back on track.

Find out the psychology behind a launch and what we can do to stop taking launch flop as a personal comment against our work when it is absolutely nothing to do with your expertise and everything to do with a vital skill that you are missing in your armoury for launches.

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Bounce Back After A Launch Flop

This episode is inspired by a recent client. We planned out a launch, a brand new masterclass funnel to get her high-ticket sales. It is to get her thousands of pounds worth of sales. This client was very fearful of it flopping, what happens when I sell it at a higher level. Are people even going to join the masterclass?

I have been there. There are occasions when I worry now. It is human to worry like this. I have not always been as brave as I am now but there are still doubts that creep in. There are people who have amazing confidence that their launch will sell. I am not one of them. I still have jitters over a launch.

Even down to the fact I did not get enough engagement on social media. And I am so pleased to say that I am no longer hung up on social media. Social media is an algorithms game. If you need to be on top of it all the time, you will get the numbers. Facebook will prioritise those who are on the platform all the time. I am not going to try and compete on this level. It is not what I am about.

If you want to get the numbers on social media, you can do that. This is one of the biggest learnings business owners need to do around social media: it is all science and it’s a numbers game.

Fear Of Launch

The reason we have these fears around launching is that we see it in relation to ourselves as a person. Yet, your launch has nothing to do with you as a person. It has nothing to do with your talent. You can be the best in your field and you can still flop a launch.

And this is what we need to understand in relation to launches. What is your expertise in relation to helping others? Is it helping them crack launches? No. Then let’s not worry about the fact you have a launch flop. Separate yourself from the task you are doing.

Now, this particular client got people into a masterclass and she oversold.

If you are running a webinar or masterclass and it’s for the first time – limit the slots. So then you know you are not setting yourself a ridiculous target. It all depends on your audience size. Are you expecting sales based on an audience you do not have? Are you being realistic?

You can increase your confidence by limiting places so that you are in demand. Make the numbers smaller and increase as you go. Sometimes we cause problems with our own expectations. We compare our current launch with another launch.

So this client sold out her masterclass and the majority of people booked a call with her and she made £5k. I am so proud that she pushed on despite the fear. The fear can take over and you end up pulling the plug. We can sabotage our own actions.

Running A Masterclass Or Webinar

This story could have gone another way. My client has expert eyes on her launch to make sure her message is on point, using my launch experience and I know what works at each stage. A seven-figure launch we run for EverTrek may not work for the niche you are in.

We have to look at your niche, audience size and positioning to create the best launch. There are different tactics and strategies depending on where you are at. Plus, we need to plan out the content that will go into that particular masterclass down to the last t that is crossed.

Putting together a masterclass or webinar is great training. If you ever catch someone doing their first masterclass or webinar, you are going to get gold. The tendency is to give away your life’s work in one webinar. And unfortunately, that does not sell your stuff. It does not bring them to a stage where they need extra help. You give them so much to think about and do – they will try and implement what they have learned and come back to you.

Perfect Your Sales Funnel

What happens is they go off and don’t have your help with the implementation and they don’t buy. As a result, they think it doesn’t work. You give them too much to do and it looks like your methods do not work.

Instead, draw a line around the value you give and what you show them is on the other side of that. There are so many things that can go wrong with putting together your sales funnel. It is all well and good having a template. A template does not do the selling, what you put in there does the selling.

What makes a difference is the messagingNot only the core message but what goes on around this message to create a sale. There is a lot more to launching than following a “proven process”. You have to understand the psychology behind the process.

Understand The Launch Psychology

Having support will help you understand the launch psychology. However, I have still had clients whose launches did not quite hit the mark. You cannot always predict what the market will do. For this particular client, she was able to leverage her market knowledge for a successful launch. In order to do this, you need to fine-tune your niche first.

Before this client started in Elevate, they had undergone an intensive with me to firm up their niche. Then we worked on it again in Elevate so that her funnel was super-specific. This contributed to the launch’s success.

There are so many elements that you can get wrong which can lead to a potential launch flop. We take it on board, and then realise that one cog wasn’t working and it doesn’t take away from who you are. If you took a £10 note and crumpled it up, it is still worth the same. Just because the launch did not work, it doesn’t reduce your worth or the value you are giving. People love you.

You have the ability to change people’s lives. But you need to realise the ability to change lives comes with an exchange of money so you need to get the selling right. It means that you need to learn a new skill, and get expert help so you can take your amazing skills and sell them to an audience. Without this transaction, you limit your ability to make an impact. When people pay, they pay attention.

Stop Attaching Worth To Launches

I have gotten so involved with what I think makes sense in a launch and lost what makes sense to my customers. This is why it is useful to get a third party to help. And this is what I did with this particular client, to help understand the translation and articulation of what is coming across. Is it hitting the spot for customers and what they want to buy?

Book a Clarity Call to give your next launch the best chance of success.

Launches are a numbers game so your worth is not relevant. I have a client who has not yet built a foundation for their business. They do not really have a big enough list to sell to them. She is currently selling on social media. So she needs to evolve into a more stable selling system by building her newsletter list. It also stops you from being a slave to social media.

What Is Realistic?

When you do not have a formula or know who you are selling to – then a masterclass class funnel is ideal. You are bringing people in, you are gripping them and bringing them value. It is an intimate conversation. If you are putting social media out there, it goes into the ether so it’s too hard to understand what is realistic.

When we run our seven-figure launches, we have a formula. We get X amount of people into the funnel, we will get this amount of sales. It will fluctuate depending on what is going on in the world. There is a ballpark figure of what we can expect before we launch. You cannot do this unless you are being more strategic about your launches.

How Strategic Were You On Your Last Launch?

Did you just talk about your product? Or bring them through a buying cycle? Think more intelligently about your strategy and do not bury your head in the sand if you have had a bad launch.

The reason a launch flops is for very practical reasons so stop berating yourself. Be kinder to yourself. You don’t know what you don’t know. It is another skill to master. Get curious about what didn’t work and why. Figure out where it misses the mark.

For example, if you use a masterclass model and no one attended the class, can you change the title? Or the aim? Is the messaging right? Fix that and then test again.

If at the end of the masterclass, are they booking a call with you? If not, how can you generate the desire to book a call and fix that? When we start looking at the funnel analytically, we can work out where it went wrong.

There are people out there, worse than you, doing what you do and making a ton of money. Let that sink in. Recognise your worth and the talents you bring to the table. All you need to do is master launching and selling to create a real impact. You can scoop up that market and help them even further.

Launches are learning, testing and looking at it analytically to do it better. You do not need to wait three months to try again. You have to keep trying.

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