September 15, 2021

There are many factors to creating a seven-figure business. There is one in particular that MUST exist to determine seven-figure success. Fancy funnels, webinars and social media fame are ways in which people have made seven figures but that’s not the whole truth.

The process does not determine financial success – listen in to this special episode of the Expert Unrivalled podcast to find out the REAL 7 figure ingredient.

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The Real Secret Ingredient To Making Seven Figures

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has been on the podcast. And to thank the listeners who have listened to the 100 episodes and taken nuggets from it. It does light me up to know that I’m helping businesses with this podcast to strive for more and fan the flames of ambition.

This podcast has been the most consistent piece of content I’ve created and it’s a pleasure to do. It is one of the reasons I adore podcasts. It works so well around several businesses. I am able to batch record, strategically think about the content. I am able to record on the fly should I need to.

Plus, podcast listeners are the best kinds of consumers. You are committed to learning and engaging with content.

The subject of this week’s episode comes from an Elevate member. She was discussing how someone she knew has made seven-figures from an ebook funnel. She is noticing all these things and getting FOMO and feeling she needs to do it as well. If they are making a success, why not me?

We had this conversation and it was interesting as we need to look at this strategically. I do not believe in a “copy-me” strategy. As in: “it worked for me so you need to do it, too.” Successful businesses do not work this way. You need to be more strategic. There are so many variables and factors in business – you can follow a process and it might work for your business. However, you need to compare against your own business, industry, how it works, price point, delivery and model.

It is not just about this fancy funnel that works. And I want to share with you this secret ingredient as it does exist but it is not the only thing you need to think about.

The Secret Ingredient

There is something that will determine your seven-figure success. If you don’t have it, even right now and you’re earning zero or 100k a month. If you don’t have this thing you will not reach seven-figure success. It has to exist for you to reach this success. It is not the only thing but it is a determining factor that is overlooked in favour of some of the sexier things out there.

The secret ingredient is not in the fancy funnels. It is not in the ebook with an upsell. I’m not saying that we do not use funnels like that – we absolutely do use these tools. However, that is not what determines success.

This took me a long time to learn as a business owner. I have made the same mistakes and was chasing that magic pill to solve all the business problems and make more money. It is dangled like a golden carrot and it really is not.

The answer to your seven-figure success all lies in your messaging.

I don’t know whether you are expecting that answer or a different one. Your messaging is key to your success. If you look a the ebook funnel – what is the ebook about? What do people want to download and buy?


You need to create desirability. I used to call myself a Business Desirability Coach because desirability is key. In order to create desirability in your business, it all comes down to your messaging. If people do not know why they need your product or service, if people have not had their appetite whetted, they will not be buying.

If your messaging hasn’t helped to allay their fears, to overcome their objections, and realise that they need what you have, there is no point putting anything on a Facebook Ad or a webinar. I see business owners get tied up in what they want to put out there. What they think will be useful to the people who they want to lead. It can come from a good place of wanting to make an impact.

Sell them what they want

It comes back down to that simple phrase: “sell them what they want and give them what they need.”

Unfortunately, a lot of the time the lines are blurred and it becomes “I will sell them what they need.” When actually, the people who you want to buy have not been through that journey and you need to see it through their eyes.

I call it The Dirty Want. When you’ve been through a journey and come out wiser, you have more of an idea of what does and doesn’t work. This is why you do what you do as a coach, expert and consultant. So you judge those at the beginning of their journey. You are trying to help them step up into your new wisdom too soon in their journey. Instead, you need to catch them with what they want. Then you can educate them on what they need.

By not doing this, you will miss out. Your Facebook Ads will not get clicks. That lead magnet will not get downloaded. And your webinar will not get the registrations because it is not hitting the button.

Make your messaging relevant

There are also other elements to messaging. You need to make it relevant and phrase it in a way that people want to take action. It’s a bit like saying: “download this and win a free iPad.” Why are people entering the competition? Are they interested in your services or the iPad.

So your messaging needs to be congruent and needs to relate. This is why it’s difficult, and why so many businesses fail. It is not simple to get right. There is trial and testing to see what works and what doesn’t. Equally, you need to think about how you articulate what you sell to your audience to pique their interest. Then what it is your messaging needs to do to educate them at this next stage.

The messaging needs to continue through until purchase and beyond. Once they have bought your product, they want to see integrity. Then you will get repeat custom from the same buyers and from who they spread the word about. I call this third-party credibility. You need people to start talking about what you do to make seven figures.

You will not get this credibility if your messaging is off. If you do not nurture people to see they need your services. Without getting your messaging right, there is no point in any of these fancy funnels, ebooks, webinars and ads.

Meet people where they are now

Going back to this conversation with my Elevate member – I want to know what this ebook is promising and what’s the next upsell? How does this relate to the ebook? What do they want to know that is next in the sales sequence and what is inside that ebook that makes them think they need the next step?

You need to think about the entire process and the messaging process BEFORE you think about the logistics of getting people in. What is the messaging going to be? I see so many people passionate about what they want to do and make an impact. Yet, if they are not in the mindset of figuring out what people want to buy – you can still make an impact but you need people where they are at now.

Unless people are investing their money, they are not fully committed to your product. This is why I talk about high-ticket items because your clients are fully committed and have that energetic transfer. They are committed to using your product, making changes and not simply chucking money at the problem.


All of this comes back to niching. Yes, the copy can be brilliant and resonate with your ideal client. You also need to call out who your ideal client is. So you are leaving it up to luck for the right people to come across it.

Your messaging starts with your niche. Who it is you are selling to. Why they want it. And why it is for them specifically. I thought we had come to an end to people being fearful over niching. Niching is the first pivotal moment in any business for people who are struggling to market themselves. If you are fearful around this you need to get over it. If you are not talking to somebody, you are talking to nobody and so you are not going to make any money.

Your messaging begins with your niche.

  • Who you sell to
  • What they want
  • And what their specific problems are.

So that you can tailor that messaging around that person. Then they know your product fits them like a glove. You need the niche to move forward. If you are stuck at the niching point then you will always struggle and make less of an impact. Every successful business, that may look more general, gained momentum with a niche. You build exposure with your niche.

If you are not niching, then you will never be seen as an expert. You will not be seen as the one to go to for that thing. You will be seen as a generalist. This goes alongside your messaging.

Niche and messaging is the backbone of what we do in Elevate. It has to be when it comes to business.

Scale your product

Scaling your product can be a problem for coaches and experts. Yet, you need this if you want that seven-figure success. People will start out doing 1-1 work and need to work out their process. How do they deliver this on a larger scale and productise it? You need to make people confident in buying something that is scalable. And making sure they still get the best experience.

It is possible to do this. You may have to think about different ways of scaling. Not necessarily whacking it into a digital product and putting it on a Facebook Ad. You may need to scale in different ways. You may need to hire other experts to support you. Or create a group experience. There are many ways to scale.

When you have the messaging sorted, you can apply it to a strategy that works for you. How does your audience like to consume? This is why it helps to know who you are speaking to first.

It is not just one thing but your messaging is critical. If you want to get your messaging right and not follow a ‘copy-me’ process, then Elevate may be right for you. Book your call here.

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