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How To Create Your Coaching Niche In 4 Easy Steps
Jul 19

How to Create Your Coaching Niche/Service Based Business Niche

By Jennifer Hall | Business Alignment , Client Attraction , Client Conversion

4 Step Formula to Create Your Coaching niche/Service-Based Business Niche

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What Makes You Unique
Jul 10

What Makes You a Unique Offering and Why Would Someone Pick You Over Everyone Else? (How to Find Your USP)

By Jennifer Hall | Business Alignment , Client Attraction

lets begin with a Truth-bomb...

You may be surprised to hear me say this, but it’s not your micro-niche that makes you unique or that provides your USP. Your micro-niche is a deep level understanding of your ideal client and it makes up a large portion of why people want to buy from you. Because once you crack that, your messaging will be spot on meaning you resonate with their problem and their true desires. You understand what motivates them, and within that lies a huge a conversion power.

So, what is it that actually makes you unique?

Well there are a few things that make up the unique cocktail of what’s on offer and whilst your micro-niche is a large part of this, there are a few more things that go in the mix
1. Your Personality...  

There really isn’t anyone else who is quite like you. You are utterly unique in the cocktail of elements that make you… well - you! So get some clarity on what makes you – you. Write down all the amazing qualities and attributes you possess and write down ways in which you use those to help your clients.

2. Your Message And Story...

Sorry to break it to you, but you’ll likely be on the exact same ‘passionate mission’ as everyone else in your niche. But whilst purpose and mission is extremely important to the success of your happiness and business it’s not the mission that’s unique, it’s in the story behind the mission that is. Essentially, it’s in the way you tell it! Your journey is unique to you and the way you tell it will provide the context and resonance to the right people who you are meant to help and will attract, inspire and heal your ideal prospects.

3. Your Solution...

The way you solve someones’ problem will and should be unique to you. Just like your story is ‘yours’, your way of doing things is also yours. Create a unique method/roadmap/strategy that is all your own. Because it is in the way you help people and how you get them there that truly builds the uncopiable assets in your business. You may even do things differently because of a common complaint/demand that those in your market have that they are annoyed about and/or aren’t getting met. This will go a long way to contributing to your USP.

4. Your Values...

Understanding your truth, what you stand for and against, is a crucial part of your uniqueness. Integrity towards those values are an incredibly attractive feature and will be at the core of your branding. Write down your truths and values and more importantly write down how you uphold these and action them within your business.

5. And Of Course, There’s The Micro-Niche...

Who you help, what problem you help them solve and what outcome do you help them achieve in order to reach their success island. Clarity on these 4 elements are crucial to standing out from everyone else but also to position you as a trusted expert/specialist. This is the glass to your cocktail, it holds everything together and provides as a vehicle to deliver incredible results to those you serve.

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Create a Killer Lead Magnet
Jun 24

How to Create a Killer Lead Magnet

By Jennifer Hall | Client Attraction

How to Create a killer lead magnet and blow the socks off your ideal client

Creating a great lead magnet (otherwise know as an opt-in or freebie) is vital to your business for generating new leads AND nurturing them into clients.

Some of the biggest pitfalls when it comes to lead magnets 

  • They either do a great job in generating leads but they fail to deliver in the content, meaning low conversions and lost clients...
  • Or the content is amazing but the headline let's it down and therefore no one gets to experience the awesome info.
  • The content is focused on what the business owner wants to deliver vs delivering on a benefit that the ideal client wants to achieve.
  • The name of the lead magnet is vague and not targeted toward their specific ideal client meaning low conversion and potentially a lack of leads in the first place as it fails to speak to anyone in particular.

 clarity on your ideal client

Clarity on your ideal client is so important to make a good lead magnet that not only generates leads but converts at a high rate.

A lot of people think they have clarity on their ideal client but actually their description of them is still pretty vague.

If you're describing your ideal client as someone who 'may' have different problems and outcomes, you're being too broad and it's indicating that you don't have full clarity or that you need to separate out these people and create different ideal client avatars.

It's important to note that each of these ideal client avatars may need a different lead magnet as they will be motivated to solve a different problem and perhaps achieve a different outcome.

Killer Lead Magnet Checklist

  • Create a painkiller not a vitamin. People want something that's going to help them make progress not give them unnoticeable side effects.
  • Make sure your Lead Magnet is relevant to what you're planning on selling and in line with your zone of genius, otherwise you'll end up with a bunch of non-prospects who won't buy from you.
  • Make it specific to your ideal client. You want targeted leads that will convert easily.
  • Make it wholesome. As much as possible make it actionable, fillable and progressive, they want to feel like they've taken a leap. Don't skimp on value, no one ever said 'oooh great I've got everything for free'. They think - 'imagine what their paid stuff is like!'
  • Make sure you have prepared a way to continue nurturing your leads once you've captured them. It can take up to 14 touch points before someone will buy from you.

The knowledge to creating the ultimate killer lead magnet that compels your ideal client to click and convert is right here...

This training includes:-

  • 45 Minute Masterclass on the anatomy of what makes a desirable lead magnet and what should be included.
  • Info on the best practices and also the pitfalls of where lead magnets go wrong.
  • Bonus training notes including Q&A from the live questions following the masterclass.
  • Checklists on the software I use to create and deliver my lead magnets and how to perfect your lead magnet headline.
  • Training slides included as a separate PDF for your reference.

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Nail Your Message
Jun 23

Nail Your Core Message with these Messaging Hacks

By Jennifer Hall | Business Alignment , Client Attraction

Nail Your Core Message & Story to attract your ideal clients

Three Short Cut Questions

The quickest and easiest way to get to your why, core message & story is to answer these questions (I have another task below to help jog your brain into action should you struggle to answer them so don't worry):-

1. What is the transformation you want to see in the world and why?

Try and be super specific, if you write down 'to see everyone achieve their dreams' that's way too generic... let's replace the word everyone with who you're really talking to and describe what the 'dream' actually is, because that is different
for everyone! When you write down why, think back to stories that have led
you to wanting others to experience the transformation. 

2. If you were asked to stand up in front of 50,000 people and share one
message with them what would you say?

Bearing in mind you are able to choose the type of people in the audience, who would they be, how would they be moved by your message (what action would it inspire them to take) and why is it so important to you to share it?

3. It's all about intention, so think about (in the context of your purpose and business purpose) what do you want people to know, think, feel and do?

Align Your Story

One of the biggest issues with uncovering the 'right' brand story is the fact that it can sometimes seem so far removed from our business and unaligned. And the reason this issue is caused is because we can start with the story first instead of focusing on what we're passionate about now. You end up trying to pick from a pool of stories that we think matter, but actually whilst they have contributed to who we are, they aren't directly related to our mission as it stands now. The best to find your brand story that's aligned with your mission, is to start with your mission first.

What are you most inspired to help people with NOW. Focus on the present and what you want to do in the future and then trace back the story/stories that bought you to this inspiration and mission that you want to take forward.

That way you'll be pulling out what matters to the future of your ideal clients and your business.

Helen Packham, Public Speaking & Thought Leadership Coach, says your story is a vehicle to providing the elixir that helps those that need it most. And I totally agree! Your story and message is like the beacon that attracts and helps your tribe.

I see it as kind-alike inception. At some point in your journey there were ideas and beliefs that were planted in your head from the experiences you've been through. It's about finding clarity in the now and then working your way back to find your story.

Below you'll be diving deeper into your stories but you may want to read all the way through once so that you can gain more clarity on your inspired mission and perhaps a bit about your message and then repeat with the second goal of uncovering your stories.

Dive in Deeper to Your Core Message to uncover your story

The gold is sometimes in the small stuff so don't disregard ANY story! Also remember that nothing has meaning except the meaning you give it, so your stories are incomparable to anyone else's.

They are what they are and they meant what they meant at the time. Write without judgement and accept them for the moments in time that they were and the significance they had on you regardless of anyone else's perception of them. This is not a time to criticise or compete with who has the biggest story... the GOLD is usually in the SMALL and seemingly NORMAL stuff!

This can be quite an emotional task to undertake so make sure you're
somewhere quiet, perhaps with tissues, and even perhaps make sure you have
someone you can talk to afterwards.

▢ Get two pieces of blank paper and you are going write down 2 - 3 stories on
each from your past that made the biggest impact in your life to date, these
are usually some of the most memorable and can have arisen at any age. 

▢ On one sheet write down the stories that have left a positive impact and are
fond memories to loom back on. For each story, write down the lesson you
took away from those moments.

▢ On the other sheet write down the stories that perhaps might be a bit difficult
to think about because they perhaps had a more negative impact, HOWEVER
it's important to note that these events have still made a huge impact on you
and they form part of who you are today. The most important thing to do now
is determine the positive lesson from each of those stories. We can learn
from those moments we don't have to be defined by them. So make sure you
write down the POSITIVE lessons learned from those situations.

▢ Make sure that you're being as specific as possible about those
memories/stories and write down how they made you feel, the details and
what specifically about those moments impacted you the most.

▢ Once you have your stories, it's time to pull out the common lessons learned
from those moments. If you're struggling to find a common thread, ask a
trusted friend/colleague... it's important that they don't know you too well
because I wouldn't want them to skew the perspective of your stories too

▢ Once you have your common positive lesson that you'd want to share with the
world, ask yourself how you'd like others to specifically take action on this
lesson/message? What would you like to see them achieve in their lifetime
using this message? This is your core message.

▢ Your core message must be something that you feel truly passionate about
and connected with. It must have context to make sense to the people who
you are talking to and to make the biggest impact. It is something that you
should truly be excited for someone to take action on.

When defining it, have this in mind... what do you want people (a particular type of person not just everyone) to do with your message? What action do you want them to take?

▢ It might help to revisit the shortcut questions at this stage!

Now lets create your why/mission statement...

Your mission statement will sound something like this...
''To.... so that...''

Mine is: To (insert action) empower ambitious entrepreneurs with the
means to CREATE their success so that (insert outcome) they can
make epic impact , epic income, and leave a true entrepreneurial

Try and make your statement as specific as possible and try not use words that
are too vague. It's fine to start vague. but drill it down. You might have to write
this down a few times before you get it right.

Revisit the story part again after you've got your mission statement if you're still feeling unclear.

Making Your story Stick

Getting clarity on your core message and your story is one thing, but getting it to stick in the minds of others as an idea that they remember, understand and assimilate is another.

Your story is a great way to communicate your 'idea' / core message and compels action in others when you do the following the things...

  • Get your listener/reader to pay attention by opening with something unexpected.
  • Bring context and specificity/detail to the story to raise it's credibility and add an element of solidness to for the audiences minds to latch on to.
  • Amplify the credibility of your story by using a case study where perhaps someone or you experienced the negative effects of not heeding the core message you're trying to get across and describe the consequences. Or perhaps a case study where by heeding the core message actually yielded beyond belief results.
  • People will only remember and act upon your story/idea/core message if it's simple, based around one strong idea and just as important -  that they care. People care about a story that brings them on an emotional journey with you.

If you'd like to discuss how you can build your tribe full of the right people through finding clarity on your coaching niche, mission, story and who you serve so you can monetise your unique skills, then just book a call with Jen Hall here

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why people buy
Jun 21

Why People Buy & Find The Money For What They Want

By Jennifer Hall | Client Attraction , Pricing

I Was Recently Reminded of an Old Analogy I Used to Use to Explain Why People Will Always Find Money When They Don't Have it and it Goes Like This...

If I offered you a house in Chelsea, London for £60,000 or San Francisco, USA for $80,000 if you paid the full amount up front in cash, even if you didn't have the money (and lets be real here, the average person doesn't have that kind of money to hand) you'd be doing EVERYTHING you could to find the money from somewhere.

  • You'd get a loan...
  • You'd crowdfund...
  • You'd get a cash advance on credit cards...
  • You'd convince your friends and family to pitch in...
  • You'd do whatever you could to find the money...

Why Find The Money?

Because you know the return on investment that you'd get for buying a house in one of the most expensive places to live in the world.

Think of what you'd make back, the investment would be a no-brainer.

But the money being asked for isn't small fry either, and still, you'd be doing everything in your power to raise the funds. Now I'm saying 'you', because I'm assuming you're a true entrepreneur and true entrepreneurs wouldn't let this opportunity pass you by.

However, there may be some people or perhaps even you, who says 'Meh, not for me thanks'. You may not be motivated by money and the thought sounds nice but it's not your dream to be financially free. 

The Do's, Dont's and Musts Of Selling a Service

When we think about selling our services, we also need to be thinking with this mindset...

  • We DON'T have to sell cheap to get someone to invest.
  • We DO have to show our prospects the return on investment.
  • We MUST know exactly WHO we're talking to in order to ensure we speak to the right people and we know what motivates them.

The return on Investment doesn't have to be money

This example is an obvious analogy of a great return on investment, but the ROI doesn't always have to be money and in fact in a lot of cases it's not.

Think about why people buy a new car for instance. As soon as they drive it off the forecourt it's immediately lost monetary value which flies in the face of supposed logic.

Or indeed why people buy a house that isn't for investment purposes i.e. they are not planning on selling it and actually just want to live in their dream house.

The return on investment takes a slightly different form in these circumstances, in the form of fulfilment. 

That feeling of having reached a certain pinnacle in their life.

It's also playing on our desire for newness. 

We love buying the latest tech toy, the new iphone, the new release etc. Novelty can be a huge motivator in the reasons why people buy.

It may be the case that there is some form of aspirational connection...

 ...which may have taken the form as keeping up with the Jones's, which also taps into our need to buy what's popular. Or indeed they want to upgrade their lifestyle to be 'like' that person they admire.

And then of course, theirs our need to please others. 

We're not as self absorbed as this blog post may insinuate. Brendan Burchard, the High Performance Coach & Persuasion King, coined the phrase 'Extended Benefits' as one of the reasons people are persuaded to buy something. Extended benefits are the benefits that extend beyond ourselves into adding value to our loved ones, our community and the world as a whole. Perhaps buying that bigger house will be better for the kids. Are the schools better in that area? Will it mean they all have their own rooms? Maybe buying that house will mean that you can now care for your elderly aunt or perhaps the area you're moving to has been crying out for someone with your skills and experience.

Let's not forget one of the biggest reasons people buy - usefulness.

Usefulness is highly underrated and sometimes we can actually go in the opposite direction and promote only the benefits and not the features. The features of what you are offering are equally important because it gives people logic to help justify their emotional buying decision.

Going back to the last bullet point above... who are you talking to and what motivates them?

Are you talking to the property developer or savvy investor? Or are you talking to the family man/women who wants an amazing home for their family? Their motivations will be very different as to why these people buy.

The ultimate reasons why people buy...

People buy emotionally first and then they justify that decision to 'want' to buy with logic. I mentioned above some of the main motivators to why people buy and the main forms ROI can take...

  • Usefulness
  • Fulfilment
  • Extended benefits (As coined by Brendan Burchard)
  • Aspirational connection
  • Newness
  • Popularity

But there's an even bigger driver at play that encompasses all of these things - IDENTITY!

Identity plays a huge role in motivating our buying behaviour and really links into that initial emotional buying urge. Think about it... why do you buy and wear the type and style of clothes you do? What do they say about your identity?

Why would you buy a Ford over a BMW? I don't want to get into a debate over stereotypes here but you can see where I'm going with this. 

We are all moving toward and buying things that contribute toward the identity and reputation for being a certain type of person OR the identity that we want to adopt.

Let's bring it back to a service based business now and talk about aspirational identity in context with that.

Let's take the case of the prospect who wants to lose weight, their motivators may be because they want to feel good about themselves (fulfilment). They want to be able to keep up and play with their kids (extended benefits). They admire people like Joe Wicks and perhaps their super healthy friend (aspirational connection). And/or maybe they've seen their peers join a weightloss programme / gym / health kick and they want to be a part of it (popularity).

The identity that perhaps they ultimately want to adopt is... 'healthy, slim and sexy'. They want to be the one who has the willpower to opt out of dessert and choose the apple instead. Perhaps they want to look sexy and slim so when they attend social occasions they look amazing like their other stunning friends. maybe they want to be the yummy healthy mummy who gets stuck in with high intensity activities with their kids and feels comfortable going to the gym with the other parents of the school their kids attend.

This is why getting absolutely clear on your ONE ideal client is so important, because if you don't know this information you'll never be able to dig deep and market to them effectively. 

To write copy or create content that 'speaks' to your ideal client, you have to know them intimately.

The Answer

So if you think you're speaking to the right people, but you're not getting bites, you have to ask yourself this question...

Have I demonstrated the return on investment?
If you've demonstrated the ROI then the next question is, have I demonstrated the right ROI, i.e. do you truly know what motivates your prospects, what they truly desire and what identity they are trying to uphold or achieve?


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How to only work with ideal clients
Jun 20

How to Only Work with Your Ideal Client

By Jennifer Hall | Business Alignment , Business Mindset , Client Attraction

Only work with ideal clients by using boundaries...

Did you know that there's a HUGE difference between the ideal client that we write down on paper to the ideal clients we paint in our minds? And indeed the ideal clients we encounter in the real world...

Why is this?

When we start to map out who our ideal client is, we're playing in hypothetical mode. We tend to be brave and courageous when it comes to mind mapping who they are and they're these awesome human beings who kick ass and shit rainbows - well not quite the latter part but they are 'dream' clients who you're so excited to work with.

BUT when we return to our minds we add a new dimension to them based upon previous clients, the less than average prospects who tell you you're too expensive, and the fears and assumptions that we make for ourselves.

  • 'My ideal client can't afford me!'
  •  'My ideal client won't pay that!'
  • ' My ideal client doesn't need 'ME'!'
  • 'This ideal client is way out of my league.'

Then we start to veer off track from the person we want to work with, to the person who's an easier target.

We slip into working with people who are less than ideal, who aren't in the place we want them to be at but are 'easy' (so you think) to help. And you start to bend the rules on pricing and all those 'so called' non negotiable qualities you said they had to have.

First of all, remember that the ideal client on paper was a promise to yourself and your business and if you're not willing to respect that, who else is going to respect you and your business?

When you work with clients you don't want to work with, it disrespects them as much as it disrespects you!

If you've been struggling to attract high-end Ideal Clients...

If you've been struggling to gain momentum with high-end clients, check your mindset.

When we brainstorm our ideal client on paper, we work in a hypothetical manner and we suspend disbelief. But when it comes to walking the talk we start creating a different kind of ideal client in our minds.

The kind that's on the back foot, that doesn't see our value and worth, and we start to imagine them being out of our league.

That poison is enough to repel them before you've even started a discussion. More than that, these are false assumptions created by the gremlins in your head!

Stop making assumptions

Stop making assumptions that people won't pay your prices or that your amazing ideal clients aren't around at the moment. 

The right people are waiting for you to step up and own your worth AND your boundaries.

And remember, if you were a respectable coachee that needed help at the level you now 'WANT' to coach your clients in... there are others out there too who equally wants a coach that's exclusively for the right person.

Respect your boundaries and the promise you made to yourself and keep doing the mindset work on 'who' you want to work with.

Don't slip into making assumptions and attracting the WRONG kind of client... what you resist persists.

Repeat after me: I am worthy of working with amazing clients!

Top mindset tips...

Own your greatness!

  • Start a testimonial file if you haven't already to remind yourself of the many people you've helped at the level below and how you've helped them step up to a new level.
  • Remind yourself of how far you've come - you've made leaps and bounds in your journey so far, why would that stop?
  • It's uncomfortable for a reason, you're growing.
  • Instead of looking at why your ideal client is 'out of your league' start focusing on what they're going through and how you can help.
  • Don't make it about you, make it about how you can help them.

Work with Jen...

If you'd like to discuss how you can turn your purpose into profit through finding clarity on your coaching niche and on who you serve so you can monetise your unique skills then just book a call with Jen Hall here

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How to write great headlines
Jun 20

How to Write Great Headlines for Your Content

By Jennifer Hall | Client Attraction

Write great headlines to get more click throughs to your content

If you learn how to write great headlines, you'll have greatly improved your chances of your content actually being read.

A great headline does around 90% of the work when it comes to your content. It's job is to grab the attention of your ideal clients and make them click into your content. If they're not noticing or clicking, it doesn't matter how great the article is, it won't get read. And therefore won't be influencing any action taking,  meaning zero impact and zero $!

The 4 U's of a Great Headline

I like to use the above and the 4 U's of headlines to measure the impact of my headlines.

  • Ultra-Specific (Relevance to your ideal client and specific topic)
  • Useful (Relevance, Offers a Big Promise)
  • Unique (in some way - this can include a shock factor or a unique angle or take on a pre-existing idea)
  • Urgent (if you need to leave one out, this is the one to leave out when it comes to a headline as it's the least important out of the 4)

Be mindful of your content goal & Platform

If you're writing an email subject header, your main goal is to get them to click through and read the email. But it's also important to note that if they're on your email list, particularly if they've been on there a while they 'should' know that they are your ideal client. So some details around the relevance to the 'who' can potentially be missed out as they already know your content will be relevant to them and they just want to know if the topic is relevant to them. Or you may want to put more of a prominence on making the headline create curiosity or appeal by being useful.

If you're writing on a social media platform to a pool of people who may or may not be your ideal client, making the headline appeal the 'who' would be more  important to make sure you get the right readers who you can help further. Remember there are no hard and fast rules, and you could narrow down your content funnel in the second article once you've got as many readers as you can through the first article. You don't always have to call out their 'self identifying label' e.g. coach/single mum to get targeted readers, you  can also narrow down the type of reader by being specific on the topic.

If you're writing a headline for your blog or vlog, it may not be the same as perhaps an email subject line or indeed a social media post. You will probably want to make it SEO (search engine optimised) friendly. Which means making sure your title includes the search term that others will be plugging into Google or YouTube.

If you're writing a headline for your lead magnet it should be focused around being extremely relevant, useful and specific to your ideal client in order to maximise click-throughs.

So be mindful of the headline you use on each platform as it will make a difference to how you create it.

Can you come up with a totally unique headline?

Making your headline unique in some way could mean taking on new angle on something that has already been done before.

Trying to create a headline that is entirely new and unique is going to be pretty impossible in today's noisy content saturated world. Especially as you want people to have some kind of understanding of what the content behind it will be about. So as much as you want to make it totally unique, just do your best to make it stand out in a different way.

For example, we often hear about the 5 ways to Create a Large Following on Twitter, but what we don't usually hear about are the '5 Things Business Owners Should NEVER Do on Twitter'. The second one is a unique take on a widely used headline and it also builds curiosity.

Headlines that position you as the expert

A great focus in order position yourself as an expert in your field is to use the U's - Ultra-Specific and Useful.

In order to create a headline with these two in mind, you must be clear on WHO you are writing for. 

The prep that you need to do before you attempt writing a great headline that is useful and specific is to write down the following:-

  1. Who is your ideal client?
  2. What is their main desire/ultimate goal?
  3. What problems are standing in the way of them achieving that goal/desire?

  • Ultra-Specific (Relevance to your ideal client and focuses on a very specific topic)
  • Useful (Relevance to your ideal client / Offers a Big Promise / helps them overcome a problem/achieve a goal/desire)
The more specific you can go with this the better. 

These headlines tend to be lengthier, don't feel restricted but in the same breath, it's a headline, not a full on paragraph.

Some ideas to get you started...

  • 5 Ways to...
  • The One Thing that...
  • How to...

Help your readers make progress with something specific that they really want. Try and make it stand out somehow, even though these headlines are more useful, they still have to catch your eye. Make them as punchy as possible! 

Headlines that position you as an Authority in your Field

One type of headline that is sure to get attention AND position you as the authority/expert - is personal/opinion headlines.

Yes, you got it! It's time to jump off the fence and pick a side. It's time to stand for what you believe in and share something personal with the world.

Now you can do this in a few ways...

  • You can share a personal opinion such as a statement that some people (i.e. your non-ideal clients in the market you serve) will disagree with. eg. 'Why Working Mums Start Coaching Businesses For All the Wrong Reasons' or 'Women are Solely Responsible for the 40% Gender Pay Gap in Business'


  • You can share a personal experience that hints at your opinion or perspective that you know will get people curious. For instance 'Why I Stopped Eating Healthy Food' or 'The One Thing that Made Me...'

But whatever you decide, it must fit this description-

You are sharing something that's relevant to your industry and ideal client that your non-ideal clients in the market you serve will disagree with. 

In order to create a headline with these two in mind, you must be clear on specifically WHO you are writing for. I.e. who is your ideal client and what world views do you both share that not all people, even if they share similar problems and desires, will agree with?

Don't use the phrases like 'I believe' or 'I think' , these will lessen your authority on the topic. Stand your ground firmly and in the content back up your opinion with carefully thought out points.

How to Make Your Headline Grab Your Readers Attention

People tend to notice attention-grabbing headlines for one of four reasons.

  1. It's relevance to them personally and/or how useful it is to them
  2. Sheer absurdity/shock factor
  3. Curiosity
  4. Negative angle

Urgency; where time sensitivity is built into the headline it can also push people to look. But they'll only do that if it's hitting one of the 3 reasons above, and mostly when coupled with number 1.

Use shock factor or negative angles like salt – too much salt and it’ll ruin the meal but a little sprinkle and it works like a treat.

Prince EA's post went viral in a matter of hours with his 'Why I stopped 'Musterbating'' headline. This was a very clever way to grab attention (viral worthy in a matter of hours with over 6 million views so far) whilst staying in integrity to his content, which brings me onto...

How to make sure your great headline achieves the desired effect...

The Rules of Creating Headlines that Deliver

  • It mustn't be misleading. By this I mean the content you've created or are planning to create must be relevant to what you have as a headline. Prince EA didn't mislead, he used the shock factor to grab attention but it is us who misreads the words, and the content is exactly about the word in the headline.
  • Make sure the headline is relevant to the content that ultimately has a purpose. By this I mean, make sure the content you mean to write for this headline has a purpose bigger than just getting attention. If the content underneath has no relevance or value to the reader, it's a pointless shot at getting attention with no greater benefit for you or the reader.
  • Make sure it is connected somehow to your business/core message and is relevant to your ideal client and offer. This is how you make money from your content; it should be in congruence to the products that you sell.

Make it Mind-Bending & Myth Busting

Adding an 'even if' or a 'without' phrase after a 'How to...' style headline will help you to capture those who have an objection around your headline. 'How to Attract & Convert High-Paying Clients - even if you've been struggling to convert 'low-paying clients'' This headline helps anyone who makes the assumption that they can't sell high-ticket because they can't even sell at a low level to include themselves in the relevance of the article. Another example of this could be 'How to lose 10lbs without giving up chocolate cake'

It also helps to make it more intriguing and more interesting, as it makes those who have jumped to conclusions about what's behind your content second guess themselves and draws them in.

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Make your coaching packages truly desirable
Jun 20

How to Make Your Coaching Packages Truly Desired

By Jennifer Hall | Client Attraction , Positioning

How to give your coaching packages the best chance of selling success...

In this highly popular training I show you how you can make your coaching packages sell like hot cakes by making them truly wanted and desired by the market.

It's a juicy one so get ready with a pen and pad to take lots of notes!

You could create the perfect package if you follow the ‘rules’ in this post… BUT it won’t sell unless… 

Creating Perfect Packages that Sell Out can be attributed to one thing!


  • Why is buying your product so important?
  • Why is it a priority for your IC?
  • What is it the impact of them NOT buying it?
  • What do they desperately want that this product will help them achieve?
  • What pain are they struggling with that they’d gladly pay to solve to achieve their goal?

Essentially… what is their ultimate goal and why is it so important to them?

If you can answer that and create a package that achieves it and solves a pain point that’s standing in their way of the goal, you have a sell-out program.

What sells it, however, is YOU!

You have to own your greatness and shout about it with confidence!

You have to show your audience that this product is worth its weight in gold and build trust by adding incredible value (for free) first!

You have to be the one that takes responsibility for its success and yells about it until you’re blue in the face because you KNOW that for the right people, this product will change their lives.

So yes, create something that they truly want, BUT more importantly, OWN IT!

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How to Use Your Unique Power to Convert Clients with Ease

By Jennifer Hall | Client Attraction , Positioning

Use your unique power and the power of micro-niching to skyrocket your client conversion and convert clients with ease...

In this training, I take you through the 5 steps to use your unique power in combination with a micro-niche to convert clients with ease. And not just any clients... your IDEAL clients. The ones that truly want to work with you and you love to work with.

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If you'd like to discuss how you can turn your purpose into profit through finding clarity on your coaching niche and on who you serve so you can monetise your unique skills then just book a call with Jen Hall here

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Should I use my personal Facebook page for business
Jun 18

Should I be using my Facebook Personal Page for Business

By Jennifer Hall | Client Attraction , Monetising Facebook

Facebook could shut you down if you use your personal page like a business page, so what can you do?

In this video, I give you my thoughts on using your personal Facebook page for business. I'll help you understand the best ways to use it.

It's important to mention that if you have many Facebook friends who are potential prospects then it would be silly not use them but using your personal Facebook page/profile to purely run your business from will lead to Facebook shutting you down. 

So be savvy and be mindful of why people are on social media... to connect with other human beings not necessarily businesses and logos.

Give the video a watch 🙂

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If you'd like to discuss how you can build your tribe full of the right people through finding clarity on your coaching niche and on who you serve so you can monetise your unique skills, then just book a call with Jen Hall here

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Gain full access to all my video training and informative articles on client attraction & conversion, business mindset miracles and business alignment specially designed for Coaches, Consultants & Experts so you can become the most desired option in your niche.