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May 19

Why I Switched Business Insurance Providers

By Jennifer Hall | Business Alignment , Business Mindset

Switching Business Insurance Providers...

This May Sound Like A Potentially Dry Subject But Bare With Me...

When I originally went with my previous Business Insurance providers they asked me what I did for a living so that they could provide me with the best insurance. ACE, top points to them. They were making sure that what they were selling was RIGHT for me.

But This Is Where It All Goes A Bit Wrong...

They continued to look at the products they had in front of them and realised that nothing quite fitted my business.My business being a coaching/consultancy / speaking hybrid business. so they said this, 'the closest thing we have is a business consultancy package, would that be ok?'

Now being that these were supposedly high-level insurance providers, I stupidly made the assumption that this was my only option. I presumed that 'it will have to do'. If I'm honest I was a little nervous the whole time having this half-baked insurance policy that 'sort of' fitted my business.

TRUTHBOMBIt Doesn't 'Just Have To Do'...

When my renewal came around I decided that I was going to do a bit more research. Then someone recommended the one I'm now with.

When I rang them, the lovely chap introduced himself as Steven the Insurance Expert. He said he was here to find the perfect insurance product for my business.

He was indeed an expert and explained complicated insurance jargon in an easy to understand way and reassured me that the cover would fit my hybrid business perfectly!

The insurance policy was actually more expensive. Not by much, but it offered a ton more value. It was GDPR compliant (not something that truly excites me but I needed none the less) and I knew would cover and protect me for all eventualities, therefore giving me total peace of mind. It meant that little niggle of worry, had magically disappeared.


  • When you get expert help, explained in a way that you understand, that perfectly fits the person it was meant for, and if you are reassured that what you are getting fits your wants and needs, not only do you feel like you have gotten an incredible service, you are also happy to pay more.


  • Becoming the expert/specialist and micro-niching is KEY to earning a high-end income and keeping your clients happy.
Charge with integrity
Jan 22

How Much ‘Should’ You Charge?

By Jennifer Hall | Business Alignment , Pricing

Today I'm not just talking about charging your worth, I'm talking about...

How much should you charge...with integrity!

You may want to charge top dollar for your services because

  1. you want a bigger income and
  2. you believe your results are worth it...


One of the biggest blockades to you feeling able, and having the integrity to charge and be paid high-ticket prices, is your willingness to invest the amount of money you are charging in your OWN development and coaching.

If you're hoping someone is going to pay you top dollar, when you are unwilling to pay top dollar UP FRONT for your own personal development, then you have a serious issue with integrity!

You have a serious issue with the ability to believe in your success...

And thus a flaw in the ability to believe in your clients.

Your BELIEF in both the power of your 'coaching', personal development and the client’s ability to transform and leap to success with your guidance, is essential for your client to achieve successful results!

big Investments mean big results!

Stepping up into a new league happens before the first session of coaching even starts. It happens the moment you invest a large sum of money. It's a reflection of how serious of an intention you are making.

So How do you get serious dream clients?

The answer is...CHARGE MORE!


If you're not willing to take yourself seriously... don't expect anyone else too.

What you charge must be in line with what YOU are willing to invest in yourself!

Jan 15

How can you offer the best service when you’re marketing 80% of the time?

By Jennifer Hall | Business Alignment , Business Mindset , Productivity , Uncategorized


Firstly, if you’re not making marketing/sales your first port of call then you’ll never make ‘good’ money NOR will you give the best to your clients. 


Secondly, If you spend all your time focusing on the product/coaching package, you’re blinkered for the following reasons:

  1. Getting clarity on your niche and Ideal Client is all part of your marketing strategy and if you don’t know who the person is that you are selling to, and/or you don’t spend time speaking to those people, you could be creating a product/package that nobody wants or cares about.
  2. You won’t have an audience to sell to or worse, an irrelevant audience, and therefore that product is obsolete.
  3. No one knows who you are, so there is no trust.
  4. Chances are, by not marketing you have not been offering any or enough value to build know, like, trust.


When you make studying your IC and marketing/sales a priority, you are then able to do the following:

  • You’re able to QUICKLY create packages that your IC actually wants.
  • When you sell the package first before you’ve created it, you save yourself a lot of time and worry creating things that people don’t want.
  • If you’ve sold something first and then you have to create it… surprise surprise, your productivity to create it, shoots through the roof!
  • You’re able to serve and add value whilst building a relevant audience to sell to.
  • Prospects will have the ‘know, like, trust’ factor and will have bought into ‘you’, so they KNOW the value, and they KNOW your expertise.
  • By offering value relevant to your IC regularly as part of your marketing strategy, you are growing and learning all the time for the sake of your clients.


So you can see that to offer the best service to your clients, you MUST make the study of your IC and marketing to them your TOP priority, otherwise you’re selling them crap they don’t want! And that’s bad news for your business AND your clients!