June 20, 2018

Discover your life purpose to gain clarity on your business purpose

Align your life purpose with your niche

I'm so glad you've decided to take this life-changing step, by being proactive in discovering your life purpose and allowing yourself to create a vision that's big enough to ignite the passion within.

Purpose is the rocket fuel to your business and conversely, when we're not feeling the passion for our business as we once did I can tell you for certain it's because you've lost your way, your reason, your 'why'. So I've put together this interactive step by step guide to uncover your purpose and re-inject your business with the much-required passion it needs!

‘’The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why''

This will be the first step in discovering and/or aligning with your niche and your ideal client.

Where there's passion and excitement in line with your mission and purpose, money and abundance are sure to follow.

It's about living to your full potential, being the greatest version of yourself and sharing your unique gifts with the world. When you work in this manner you can skyrocket to success.

As you complete these questions and exercises, park any preconceived ideas to one side. You don't want to be following someone else's purpose or create something you think you 'should' be doing rather than what's right for you. You MUST THINK BIG! You serve no one playing it small! What would you love to be doing? You must fill in
this workbook like limitation doesn't exist.

Limitation only lives in the walls we create for ourselves in our minds.

Let go of your attachments to things that no longer serve you...

Work with what you love, what you want! NOT what you think you think you should. Yes you may have spent years studying for it, yes you may have spent $$$ into it, yes you may have a lot experience/skills in that area...

BUT if you don't love it, if it isn't an obsession... you'll never make any money and you'll lose steam! It will be a hard slog!

Don't work in a niche you hate, or 'choose' an audience you don't really want to work with because you think they have more money, or that clients will be easier to get. You'll resent your business if you work in that manner.

Let go of the attachment to the fact you think you have a duty to work in a certain area because of the knowledge and expertise you currently have to date. You have the ability to learn new things. We only get one life! Let's stop doing the things that turn us off and start doing the things that light us up.

Generally, we are people of many talents and we are a treasure chest full of amazingness to choose from and we can usually transfer a lot of our skills and experience to other areas.

Think big! Do what makes you come alive! This process should be FUN and free flowing.

Become obsessed with what you love and build a business you're
excited about! Then clients and money will flow in abundance.

Let's get started...

There are many ways to discover your life's purpose but this is the way I found easiest for me and my clients.

Read the questions and write down your answers in as much detail as possible. If anything doesn't 'feel' right, just revise the answers until it's something that feels good to you.

When it comes to your life's purpose statement you should feel content and happy with it. When you find your life purpose & niche, you will feel aligned, excited, an abundance of ideas will usually flood in!

Create your life purpose statement

▢Write down 5 unique traits/personal qualities.
Tip: If you're stuck, google positive personality traits and see what makes most sense yo you.

▢ Pick the 2 that resonate with you the most.

▢ Write down one or two ways you enjoy expressing those qualities when interacting with other people.
For example: My qualities are MOTIVATIONAL & COURAGEOUS. I would state that I love empowering and motivating women to own their worth and courageously lead by example ​by taking bold steps to own my own awesomeness.

▢ What's your version of an ideal world? How would everyone be interacting with each other? What would this perfect world feel like?
For example: Mine is everyone would be doing what they loved, making money and helping each other by sharing their unique gifts with one another.

Put it all together to create your life purpose statement...

Mine is: ''My life's purpose is to empower and motivate women to live their purpose and own their worth by courageously leading by example, and empowering them to achieve their own dreams, and enabling them to share their unique gifts with the world!'' 

As you can see there is some creative licence here to make it something that truly resonates and means something to you. You will find after putting it together it might not make complete sense to you, so feel free to amend as you see fit to something that makes you feel happy.

Check out some more examples...

​Examples taken from The Success Principles by Jack Canfield 

To inspire and empower people to achieve their destiny – Robert Allan Author of One Minute Millionaire 
To uplift humanities consciousness through business. – D C Cordova Cofounder of the Accelerated Business School 
To humbly serve the Lord by being a loving, playful, powerful, and passionate example of the absolute joy that is available to us the moment we rejoice in God’s gifts and sincerely love and serve all of his creations. – Tony Robbins

More purpose jogging questions

Now you've created your statement you will have the basics there but I'd like you to answer the following questions as well.

This may or may not (there are no hard and fast rules) provide you with additional insights that you can tweak the statement so that you feel truly happy with it.

▢ What did you want to 'BE' / 'DO' when you were growing up?

Look at the reasons behind why; what was it specifically about these vocations that made you want them?

So for instance, I wanted to be an Actress because I liked influencing people with a moral message and working with an audience. I also wanted to be an Art Teacher, so that I could enable others to express themselves in non-conformative ways and be proud of their achievements whilst expressing my own creativity. Today, I influence people by motivating them to live limitlessly with passion in non-conformative ways.

▢ What makes you feel alive?

​▢ What could you talk about for hours, where the words just fly out your mouth?

▢ What brings you absolute joy?

▢ What's your Personal Power?

What skills, experience & knowledge do you bring to the table? Think about your experiences: Jobs / Careers / Industries, courses attended / qualifications, life experience, surprising skills that perhaps might feel unrelated, other careers you’ve wanted...


So knowing all this information, knowing your mission, your purpose and your personal power AND what excites you...

Forgetting for the moment the attachment to knowledge, experience, time/money invested etc, what you might think you 'should' do...

If you could create any role (that may not even exist at the moment)
what would it be?

This process may have done of two things:

  1. Confirmed and strengthened your passionate why behind what you are currently doing and you will likely feel more motivated than ever to get out there fulfil your purpose.
  2. You may have come to the realisation that what you were doing just isn't in alignment with your life purpose and / or your passions. If this is the case, don't be disheartened, be grateful for the wake-up call. It is NEVER too late to act upon your life purpose and walk your true path. Yes it's scary, yes it means letting go of hard work, money and time invested BUT, would you rather continue to live a life unfulfilled or make the changes to make the most of your ONE life that you have been privileged to lead?

Whatever your life's purpose has inspired, it best be BIG, it must excite you, it must be a burning desire and it MUST SCARE THE SH*T OUT OF YOU!

No one ever made progress or made a difference in their comfort zone.


''Risk does not apply to those who believe in themselves.''

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