August 19, 2020

Fed up of spending hours recording or writing content to just get ignored and see ZERO results? In this episode I’m going to show you two simple ways to make your content grab the attention of your ideal clients and convert them! SIMPLES!

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Let's get ready to make your content pop and converts.
Welcome to another episode of The Expert Unrivalled Podcast. My name is Jen Hall your Business Positioning Couch and Market Leadership Expert and today I'm talking all around how to make your content pop and convert using two lines. Now I'm tricking you slightly here because the two lines aren't going to be talking about are actually lines of text, but I will give you all the juicy stuff in just a moment before that. I just want to give you guys a little heads up in terms of what's been going on in the background behind the scenes and the last few days have been absolutely manic because as you listen to this fingers crossed, I should be selling myself in Greece. Now I say fingers crossed because we just don't know what's going to happen. Who knows if we'll make it there under the current regimes, constant changes of regulations and FCA rules and so on and so forth.
But fingers crossed where I should be with a cocktail, I swim up bar in roads in Greece, fingers crossed, keep fingers crossed me and so the last few days have been ups that you make, you know what it's like before you go on holiday or tying up loose ends and do you know what, since I've had this deadline of being on or going on holiday? My participants within elevate have been going absolutely bonkers, getting all the bits and pieces over to me in the program part of the program is that they get to send me anything via the G drive. So that could include sales, copy strategies podcast scripts that they want me to look over call to actions, posts, content, all the things. And so they've literally just been, give someone a deadline. I swear, honestly, it pulls you into action.
It's something that I've talked about on this podcast before around productivity, but they've been sending me all the things in and so they've actually been getting way more done than they would do by, you know, on a Monday and then they would ever know what he do and so I've had all the things to the cap, which has just been amazing. It's been so great to see so much progress happening in inactivate. You know, we've seen people after struggling for a very long time to get any money money in C the seven K seven K sales 10 K months from people who've bouncing back from certain periods of time where things haven't been going so well for them. So I'm really, really pleased to see such great progress inside of the elevate program, as well as people setting up whole new Facebook ad funnels getting evergreen content, going to altar to generate, you know, prospects and clients on top is there's just a hive of activity and buzz going in that now there aren't actually that many spaces left inside of activate, but there are a couple.
So if you're looking to get your business to that next level, looking to become the market leader, whether you are at the stage of needing help to get your message right, really niche it in, in order to start becoming known for something in your market or whether you are actually more established and you've perhaps even got a seven figure business, six figure business, and you're looking to take it to that next level so that you can start to become the number one choice in the market. Then make sure that you get your corporate in with me as soon as possible after holidays, by the way but click the link in the show notes, and you'll be able to go and book a call with me to talk about how you might be a good fit or may not be a good fit for the elevate program.
I like to make sure that the people I work with it's a one-to-one program. So it's not a group experience there is a mastermind group element to it but it's driven by one-to-one coaching and so I want to make sure that the people I work with are going to get the best results possible and that they are the best fit for the program or of course, I've also got clients on at the moment who are working with being on intensives, who aren't quite ready for the elevate experience, but needs help to either niche down, understand that messaging really get to grips with their business model or the programs that they're putting in front of people so that they aren't as irresistible must have. If any of these things are striking you as things that you want help with I also put together a bespoke packages for people as well.
So if you want to chat with me about any of that stuff, make sure that you book a call with me in the link, in the comments so that we can start to get things in front of your audience, that they cannot wait to buy. That's the aim of the game. So anyway, into today's top tips, okay. Now on the reason I'm writing and writing, this is reason why I'm recording this podcast is because I've seen so much awful content out there at the moment is bugging me and the reason why it's awful is often very simple reasons that are so easily fixed and I really just want to put it out there for you guys to really understand that you don't need to have rubbish content creating good content Isn't difficult and there's just a few rules that you need to stick to a few things on the checklist to make sure that you've created something that is going to pop out, get people's attention and then convert them into clients
Okay? So the first of the two things I'm going to tell you about the lines I refer to area is headlines, Okay? I see so much content without a headline is unbelievable. Let people know what they're about to watch if the thing that I say about any content that you put out there is the question that you have to ask yourself before you put it out, is why would someone bother using that time to watch or read this content? What is the point for them? That's really important to ask and if there is a point, great, that's good news. We're on to one step of the journey there, but then we need to think, okay, how have I actually demonstrated that point? Have I actually created a headline that articulate why they should bother spending their time to watch or listen to this content?
Because too many people expect they see these kind of like Facebook, celebrity, jeez, out there and they see all that It'll Paul say, you know, engaging on their posts and their content, regardless now that's great, great for them. But do you know what I found over the years? It's the, actually those people are amazing and you will always find people who are loyalty, who engage with your staff and who really do want it to be that support what you're doing. They are interested in what you have to say, but those regular people, aren't always the people that buy from you and if you want to attract, because buyers, people who are actually going to buy your services, you're going to have to be a little bit more intelligent. You're not creating content for your friends and for your mom who's going to watch it anyway because they're so proud and amazed and love hearing what you have to say.
That's great that they love hearing it, but other people that are putting their money where their mouth saw, no, and so you need to start thinking about being more intelligent about creating content that will get the right people, who to read and watch listen, and the can the right people who will pay and in order to do that, we need to not be lazy and not rely on your regular listeners, your regular people watch your stuff. We want new people, new blood, new, fresh people who are actually going to the right people, the right eyeballs to come and look at what you have doing and in order to do that, someone's coming in cold. They, you can't rely on them knowing you and knowing your stuff and just watching it anyway, you need to give them something to bite and that's why your headline is so, so important.
Now, there are a couple of things that we need to look at when we're looking at writing a great headline Okay? the first thing is around making it relevant, It needs to be super relevant to your ideal client to make sure that it's specific to them so that when they read that they think, ah, okay, yes, this headline, this piece of content is directed at someone exactly like me. So you need to very specific about either a very specific problem or a specific area. Well, you need to actually use their label in the headline somewhere so that they go, ah, okay, fine. That's who you're talking to. You're talking to me because that's what I need to know about. And you want people to resonate with it that much, the only the right people are going to view that, that information. That's what you want to aim for.
Is this going to put the wrong people off and pull the right people in? If it's not doing that, then it's likely that it's far too generic really make it relevant, really make it way more specific as much as you possibly can. And the next thing you need to be looking at is about it being fresh and disruptive what we don't want to be doing. Yes, we're going to make it relevant, but we also want to catch people's attention. If they've seen the same kind of headlines hanging around time, time, again, with so inundated with things all the time, with information, with content constantly on social media, we need to make sure that the content that we're putting in front of people has a unique angle, a fresh, new, disruptive perspective. Now sometimes you can come from a controversial angle and that's absolutely fine, but I always use controversy where like a pinch of salt, you know, use too much salt in something it to get a bad taste.
And by that, I mean is not necessarily too much. So in the one piece of content, but in terms of the, the regular content that you put out there, don't make it all, you know, 90 negative, make sure that you're keeping a good balance and that if you use controversy like a pinch of salt and do the odd posts, it can build huge traction, but again, use it too much. People start to sort of think that you're being very negative and you're coming from very, you know, negative angles. So absolutely state your opinions and get really passionate about your beliefs and really pull that into your content. But at the same time, make sure that you are also disrupting in a, in a more positive way as well. We don't always want to be coming from the negative angle. I'm one of the best ways that you can disrupt positively is actually looking around a new way of speaking, using analogies, using metaphors as well can be really great way because what you want to do is build a paint, a picture in people's minds and abusing analogies can be a really great way to freshen up and find a unique angle on a, an idea that's already been brought up time and time again, because that's the thing is that there aren't any new ideas out there everything's already been done, but usually to find a new way to frame it.
So one of my amazing clients, Lucy Orton, who helps to beat procrastination and self sabotage in high-flying corporate women who want to build a business and turn the side hustle into their full time success story. She came up with a great headline recently around stop scratching the mosquito bite of obsessive thinking. Now, you know, obsessive thinking and overthinking and over complicating matters, or is it something that's been talked about a lot for in space, especially in her industry with the, with the personal development side of things. But she's used this great analogy of this mosquito bite as almost like this itch that they, that, that you have to scratch is such a great analogy that really brings out picture in your mind that really captures your attention, really captures your eye to what you're talking about. So using words like that, using analogies and metaphors can be a great way to disrupt people when they're scrolling and really capture people's attention. But again, you want to make that content as specific as you possibly can as well by really no noting down somewhere in the content who it's for and why that headline is so important why that content is relevant to that person. That should be right.
But having a Headline really is a signpost of getting people's attention and really getting to the crux of what you're talking about.
The next thing I want to talk to you about, which sometimes really leads people down the wrong garden path is that they put the punch lines instead about two lines, see where to tick headline punchlines. The second thing I told you, I was punching lines. One of the biggest mistakes with headlines is giving away the punchline in the headline. You know, you don't want to give away the entire story if you would like them to read more into what you're talking about. So you need to use curiosity to build that intrigue so that they want to click. They want to find out more. And you want to be thinking about that in every line of your content that you write, or, you know, script out for the, for your video or for your audio, your podcast, or whatever you really want to be thinking about how you going to entice somebody into listening to the end, to reading until yet, how are you going to keep them keeping on with what you're talking about?
So don't want to give everything away in the headline, make sure that you're always building intrigue and curiosity into your headlines as much as possible, as well as being useful for potentially as well. There is, you know, you've always got your, your five steps to doing this, how to do that. And all of those types of ones are very useful. And they're great headlines as well because people again, but the curiosity is still built in because they want to know how to do that thing and going to have to read the rest of the content or listen to it, watch it, read it. I'm just going to say, read it for the, for the case of, you know, having to repeat, read, watch, and listen. I may just use, read for that for, for the entirety of the rest of this podcast, just to make it easier.
But yet you want to be building that curiosity in, in some way, shape or form. So they really want to find out what's going on listen to you, whatever. So don't give away the punchline, but do have a punchline that's really important. And the punchline in two different ways here. So you want to make sure that you have a core message and I do this for every piece of content. What am I trying to deliver? The what's the point? So when I came up with this podcast idea, I was thinking, okay, what do I want people to know? What's the learning, what's the lesson here. And that is that your content cannot see you pop and convert. Yeah. And it doesn't need to be showed in. It doesn't need to be ignored. So I wanted to make sure that I gave the information to you guys so that you can start implementing it in your own content to start seeing more traction.
That's the purpose of this piece of content and all such a simple, simple idea, but you have to do it and you will be surprised. And you may even be thinking about how you're doing it and going, Oh gosh, yes, I don't do that enough that we just kind of sit down and we just kind of like pen to paper. And sometimes that's great just to kind of get content ideas flowing, but we also want to be thinking, what am I trying to get them to understand here? What's the point of this and what do I want them to go away and do and realize I'm so transparently on two levels, one that you can change your, your content very easily into something that you can go away and make traction with. But equally so from a, from a, from another perspective, so demonstrating my expertise and showing you how to create good content and showing and demonstrating my knowledge, that will help you.
That will help you understand that if you were to work with me, that you're going to, you know, this is just the tip of the iceberg here. That there's way more to be had from the scenario. And you know this for a lot of people, like I don't, I'm just getting it all out on the table here. I put no, like, you know, I'm not, I don't hide behind anything. I'm very transparent and I'm not going to pretend that I'm running this podcast for a laugh and this podcast absolutely. To help business owners you know, you become the number one position in the market. And there are so many people that take so much value from this podcast that I'm really chuffed and that you can make progress. But I'm also here to demonstrate my expertise and to show you that there is more to be has that when you actually invest money into something, you're going to get way more results.
So, you know, and then that's me being completely transparent with you. So you have to understand what the purpose for other people also, what's the purpose for you, which brings me on to the second kind of punchline, which is your call to action. So as you notice at the beginning of every podcast, because it's where people listen to podcasts, the most is at the beginning people, when they feel like it's ending, they will just kind of like cut it off. You want to make sure that your call to action is at the beginning of a podcast episode. And I always think about my call to action and what I want people to do. And I had someone ask me today, one of my clients to say, do you think I should be putting out some posts as well with our call to action? And my, my answer to that is, well, what's the point?
What is the point of doing that? If people don't want to take any further action, they won't, you know, there'll be many of you listening to this and literally totally fine, by the way, he will listen to it and wait book a call. But they equally, there will be some people who wanted to take that business forward, who really do want to make market leader level. And they don't want to wait for that. And so they want to work with somebody who's going to help take them through that process to speed it up accelerator and get focusing on the right kinds of things who will invest. So, you know, why would you not give a call to action so that people can choose or not choose? Like it's completely up to them, whether they take it forward or not, but as long as you're providing some kind of value to people and that you're giving them the opportunity to move on and work further with you and the call to action might not even be, you know, book a call with me, the call to action could be download my freebie to help you further with this thing.
Or it could be joined my group. It can be something, anything that's going to help take them on that content journey so that they're not just going, Oh, that's enough. You post. And then tomorrow you completely forget that you've ever existed. If someone cottons onto something good, give them the opportunity to dive in deeper and say, my answer is no. Always have a call to action. Don't not provide a call to action, whatever that might be, but give people somewhere to go so that they can find out more dive in deeper if they want to, should they not want to? That's fine. They don't have to do anything. They was holding a gun to their head. So, you know, give those call to actions. You use that punchline, find out, understand the core message for them, understand the purpose for you, make sure that you really kind of given that information in to serve both of those purposes and that you've given them that call to action to go and dive in deeper that you've given them that information.
That's the only way you're ever going to get your content to convert is providing those call to actions. There's also something else that I'll talk to you guys about very quickly, that really, really helps. And it's widely used, but isn't used enough as far as I can see. And that is the problem agitate solution structure. And this is something I teach all of my clients as a basic. It really, really helps in every scenario, not just in a sales scenario, but in terms of giving value, but really helping people to understand their own problems, really helping people to understand who you serve, how you help them. And it enables you to demonstrate your expertise enables you to show emotion and empathy towards what's going on for them. So the way we would craft a problem, agitate solution piece of content is first of all, outlining the problem.
So let's take this piece of content as an example. So, you know, and this is where I'm going to dissect it. Now engage in and watch, and you could have done a much better job here. That's a waste the way. The problem that I see people suffering with is the fact that they have so much content out there that gets ignored. Doesn't make any traction, doesn't convert anybody. And no one even bothers to read, watch or listen to it. That's the problem that I outlined. Now you can really go into agitated. So when we look at agitating, it we're agitating the problem by saying, okay, well, if nobody's clicking or watching your staff, then what is the point? If you creating it, how much time are you wasting creating that content? How much effort and energy have you put in to thinking of that content, writing it all out and then recording it or writing it for nobody to bother to read it?
What is the point? So you can start to see that you're agitating the problem. So you're showing them the impact on that. And the time that they're wasting in that business, running around, doing all of this stuff for nothing, they're not going to see any return on investment. They're not going to see any clients off the back of it. And all you're doing is being a busy fool for the sake of being busy. That's not very productive, it's not constructive, and it's not going to take your business any further. And it certainly isn't doing your positioning, any, you know, any favors tool. So you can see you're agitating it and then you can provide the solution. Now the solution can be some valuable tips and things like I'm doing here. I've just given you two tips here, headlines and punchlines, to help you to start, to get your content, to pop I'd convert, get the attention of people and convert into clients.
And, and, or your solution could also be book a call with me or download my freebie in order to see X outcome, because if you're sick of all of that staff, then this is the thing that you need. So you can use it in a value situation and you can always use it in a sales situation as well, either way. It keeps it really relevant to the people who you're talking to. It keeps your content granular and specific, and it really helps to dive into how that's impacting then to help people understand that. Now the problem may not always be so negative. The problem may also be aspirational that they want to get over to somewhere else. And then you want to be talking in the agitation part of it, around what they're leaving on the table. What are they leaving on the table by not getting over to where they want to go to?
You know, and that's where you'll find the agitation because you will be building that excitement and going look at all the lovely goodness that's over there that you are not seeing. You know, when you see me do that in other ways, again, in full transparency. In other ways, you see me talk about that in terms of, okay, if you want to actually get traction in your business, if you want to actually see yourself, become that number one choice, where you will pick out of a lineup of people doing the exact same thing as you as the number one choice that blows everyone else out of the park. In fact, if you will not to be you, then you need to do X, Y, and Z, and you need to work with me because that's exactly what I help people do. I hope people get chosen in amongst, you know, in amongst the good people as well.
Now in amongst the load of rubbish in amongst a very competitive market and amongst the lineup of very decent people who could absolutely all help you are the client. You want to be the one that's chosen and that's all to do with your positioning, elevating that position, understanding articulation, how you use the language to help people, you know, position an offer that the programs or products, how you build credibility and trust, so and so forth. And that comes into, you know, giving that value, showing people the steps to move forward and, you know, they need your help to implement that. So there are so many different ways in which you can use that problem, agitate solution structure, but it's a great structure that is, is loose enough for it to be different each time, but provides enough structure to go out there and actually start creating some really great content.
That's going to resonate with your ideal clients. So just remember if you are somebody he wants to fast track their progress to becoming that number one choice in the market, then that market leader in their industry, then make sure you do become cool with me in the Shane eights, for anyone listening, who just wants to quickly remember and get it in their smartphone or whatever. It's a And you can book a call with me when I'm back from my holes. We can have a great chat and find out if there's a way that I can help you to really ramp up your positioning around pop your sales and just generally ramp up your business in every way, shape or form in terms of becoming known for something amazing in your fields and that people are queuing up to work with you. So do you make sure you book that call in and I will see you guys

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