January 4, 2023

In this episode, I’m sharing lessons from thriving through adversity and securing £4.1 million in sales.

If you want to build a business that can weather the storms of any event, then this episode is for you. I share the story of how our travel business grew during the pandemic, the strategies we put in place and the lessons we learned.

Plus, the kinds of strategies you need to create in your own business to build real stability so that external events will not impact your sales.

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Thriving through adversity

These lessons will help you build a business in the face of an economic climate that may not be heading in the direction you want. I want to help you create a business that thrives regardless of what is happening elsewhere. There is no doubt, there are events that are unavoidable which we cannot control or change. But there are things you can do to bypass this and control your own environment regardless of what is happening outside of your business.

It can be easy to get caught up in the negativity – there is no point to move forward thoughts. As a travel company, we have had incredible achievements during the pandemic. We have secured £4.1 million in sales during this period. Don’t get me wrong, our business has been affected by the pandemic. We have had to come up with solutions to create financial stability. This is one of the elements we are focusing on this year in the business: creating stability.

Creating stability

We are focussing on strategies to get as much cash into the business as possible. There have been a fair share of knocks and concerns as a travel company during the pandemic. It has been a tough time. But we have also flourished and thrived in different ways. We have grown the company in terms of sales and with four new staff members across all our businesses.

Last week, we had two big planning days for our travel business to look at how we create more stability in the business so we can continue this growth. One of these strategies is to bring in more subscriptions, to allow people to pay monthly for their trips. We are pushing these subscriptions and encouraging people to pay this way. The benefit is that when someone gets to the trip date, there is no big expense while having an epic trip.

Staying positive

We have a big team planning day where we brainstorm and deliver the plan for the whole team. I love these days as you can thrash out ideas and get excited about the year ahead.

The ability to stay excited has massively helped our company. It’s maintained the positive mindset and passion for what we do. The moment you get dragged down by the negativity, your brain shuts down. It doesn’t allow you to problem-solve or see things in a positive light. Nor does it allow you to pivot. You miss out on the opportunities.

You need to stay focused on the solutions. So, you might not be able to do what you have planned, but what can you do? I hear this quite often: “I really want to run my event but the restrictions stop me.” How else can you do it? Of course, moving events online will not be the same experience but people still buy into it. There is still value to get from online events. Sometimes you need to move forwards with what you can do at the time.

We want to send people out on trips. On the whole, people are great. They have been extremely understanding and willing to reschedule. And this is why we get their loyalty.

Make it easy for your clients

We offered free rescheduled. It was easier for our travel customers to reschedule. And in the coaching business, I extended payment plans for those who were concerned about the future. For many people, there was no need to be concerned but there was uncertainty. Coaching clients were looking to help their business thrive through this time by taking action. Yet, there was still a fear and objection.

What can you do to help people overcome their fears and objections? To help them sign up with you and stick with you? You have to think your way around these issues. And what are the new problems people have as a result of the pandemic?

New problems

Yes, we are all in the same storm but we are not necessarily all in the same boat. This is why it is important to know your ideal client. Some people are stuck at home and short on time. That concern is time, stress levels and managing work. Whereas you can have people who have more time and their concern is making their business as viable as possible – such as how they can meet people or take it online?

When the world changes, what is happening to your ideal client? What new problems are being thrown up that you can help with? If you are simply ignoring the new problems, you are missing out on massive opportunities. Sometimes there are new objections rather than new problems.

In the travel company, one of the new objections was waiting until the travel restrictions are lifted. So, we are looking at our messaging this year. We are getting severely booked up and have a backlog of people wanting to go on a trip as soon as possible. If you are that person waiting to go on a trip as soon as restrictions are lifted when you come to book you might find it difficult.

Or for example, if you want to wait and book in 2024 – we have dates available now. Using the subscription payment model, makes those monthly payments slowly drip out.

It’s about looking at the benefits and helping people make decisions to book now. What can we do to create urgency when there are objections? It’s about looking at impact, change and new objections.

Look at the businesses that have been adversely affected. Take Secret Cinema, for example. We have had a brilliant experience but it is one that needs to take place in person. Obviously, they cannot do that as it involves bringing large people indoors together. They pivoted and created online events where people can experience the world. It was still really immersive. They worked on solving the problem and are a perfect example of an affected industry that has risen to the challenge. Think about what is possible.

Importance of a USP

Having a USP is so important. It helps you to stand out. Our travel company’s USP works because we created a community. The EverTrek Support System has a community, a training programme, and group accountability. There are lots they can get stuck into right away. There is a lot someone can do for preparing for that trip. It is about making sure they have the right training, equipment and social connections.

We have honed in on this USP throughout the pandemic. It also helps us to stand out. The market has reduced in who we can inspire to book now. Those passionate about trekking has reduced. This means it has reduced for all companies that send people to the places we do. There is more competition and we need to stand out in the market. Our USP helps us do this.

The same happened on a Clarity Call, someone said my website stood out and my messaging stood out. Having that USP, plus the messaging and marketing that positions you as the one to buy from, is super important to have that stability.

If you are only mediocre, you will not survive let alone thrive throughout adversity. There are many who will shut up shop and try again when the climate is better. But those who stick at it will take the lead as being the one to buy from in the market.

Do not disappear

There is no point in thinking that people will not buy. We ramped up our visibility during lockdown. We started the Tuesday Tune In where people come in every week to ask questions, hear about trekking and integrate within the community. And we have hundreds of comments and thousands of views. It helps build our brand and interact with people.

We have continued this beyond lockdown because it has been amazing. It is different to what others are doing. Do not disappear. Ramp up your visibility. When it goes quiet, it is easier for people to hear you. Use the opportunity to take the stage and take the lead in your arena.

High-end offers

Ramp up the desirability of your services, create urgency and have high-end offers. Why is it imperative that they buy now? What is it about your services that means they need to buy from you? Create reasons for urgency. If the pool is reduced and there are fewer people buying, you need to make more per client. You have to rethink and get the cream of your market. The quality clients who are excited.

Quality clients buy high-end. They want to buy high-end. I am excited about this because I’m having a whole season of selling high-ticket offers. In times of adversity, it is vital to have high-ticket options. It helps to build your momentum and help you thrive. You can look at payment plans that have long-term high-ticket offerings. It gives you stability and great results.

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