June 3, 2020

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Let’s be honest there aren’t ever just three things or one thing that can take us to market leader level.

BUT there are three focuses that I can honestly say have made a significant impact in amplifying and fast tracking our monetary results to generate over half a million pounds in the first quarter of this year. 

And in this episode I’m going to be revealing what they were. Excited? 

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In the first quarter of this year, we have turned over half a million pounds, which we're truly proud of. And in this episode I'm going to talk about the three focuses that led to that half a million
Hello, this is Jen Hall, your business positioning coach and market leadership expert. And I'm really excited about today's episode as I always am. Because in this episode I'm going to be talking about the three focuses that led to our half a million or over half a million pound turnover in the first quarter of this year. Especially, the majority of that is you know, pleased to know is actually during a recession. Yes, I don't think there's been an official announcement yet that it, that there is one, but there definitely will be any time soon because of the state of the economy. But it doesn't mean that you, your business won't make money. And that's the key difference here is that there's always the kind of the 80 20 rule. You know, the 20% of businesses that are lapping up the majority of the market share 20% of businesses who are, you know, making it work, who are getting people, the right people on board and who are retaining, you know, a lot of the time when people hit recessions, they start looking at kind of like unnecessary expenses and they're looking at things that they need to cut.
And looking at things where they think, okay, well you know, what isn't serving me right now and we'll just get rid of that. So you know what, it's those businesses who aren't continually serving their customers and their clients who are not making themselves necessary to their customers and clients, they are the ones that inevitably get cut and lose customers. Now, obviously there are other situations here, which I'd like to just point out that you know, where businesses as they currently were physically cannot continue to function. But that's the key here is that as they were, they can't continue to function. But that does not mean that as an entrepreneur that you can't adapt, that you can't change, that you can't move things forward in a different way to retain your, you know, the custom that you, that you had. You know, there are many ways in which you can reinvent your business model and how you deliver your services and even changing your services if necessary to make it work.
And it really is this, you know, we're people, people talk about these kind of panic pivots. Should I be pivoting right now? Should I not? And I think the key here is, is if you physically cannot deliver the service and the way you currently run it moving forward or you cannot, you know, future sell something, you know, there is absolutely room for an adaptation, not in a panic but in a very thoughtful way of going in case of how can we serve our customers in the best way possible. A lot of my clients have been making those adaptation adaptations. They've been helping people to do it themselves. They've been by clients. A videographer has been taking raw footage and editing that footage to make it look amazing. So he's not necessarily having to shoot it, he's just having to edit it on the backend.
So there are many different ways in which you can reinvent your business to adapt to the current moment and also future self or when this is over, cause it's not gonna last forever. And that's what we did. You know, one of my businesses is a travel company and that's where a lot of the money has come through. You know, we've really, really, you know, been a huge success during the recession, during this pandemic, you know, what if that's one of the hardest hit industries, we're super proud to say that, you know, we've had an incredible quarter. And because we've sold now for the future and we've, we've articulated well to our audience exactly why they should be buying now, making the offer as juicy as possible to them to secure them in because they're looking forward to, I know I am when it comes to travel.
My gosh, I can't wait to get on a plane and get somewhere. And you know, me and Andy were saying last night and the new hot tub we bought (so excited about the hot tub) that we're just spinning a bit like caged animals and we're really looking forward and we had an, as we have everyone has at the moment, this memories of like last year, two years ago when you were out on a yacht somewhere in the sea or you're out at a hotel somewhere, having a new all-inclusive meal, wherever it might be or you know, climbing a mountain or exploring a new country. We're seeing that a lot at the moment up in the Facebook memories. So yeah, we're pining after things and we have to understand where our customers are coming from. And you know, serving them as best as best we can right now, either for the future or adapting our service so we can serve them better right now.
So, you know, it's possible it can happen. I know I'm just, I'm keeping up the beat guys. I'm just reminding you that there are so many different ways that you can reinvent yourself and a lot of the people that end up, you know, really not doing very well during a recession. Like I said, there are people who don't do that, who kind of surrender to what's happening instead of adapting and changing. And I know that's a bit harsh to say, but it's true. And I appreciate some businesses have it harder than others, but you do have options. And it's about exploring these options and being clever about how you change things about that word entrepreneur couldn't be more valid than it is right now. Really be, you know, being the entrepreneur. And that's why I've been running these evolve and elevate strategy sessions.
They're at £20 guys and I've opened up a new one for the 10th of June. So do make sure you book onto it. Because in that I really show you how, you know, step by step, how we've created the money we have and how we've done that and grown our business year on year and continue to do that even through, you know, this, this pandemic. So I think it gives you some ideas on, on what you need to be focusing on. But I'm going to give you another three today. The three focuses. I was chatting to Andy last night and we were talking about, you know, why are we actually found it so easy to make money this year? What can we attribute to that?
And so I want to share the three focuses that we had but in these elevate evolve and innovate sessions, strategy sessions we really go through an hour and a half of in depth you know, strategy and information on how you can start to generate more money in your business right now. So you make sure that you do become that the link is in the show notes. And if you're just looking, if you've been following me for a while and you just want to skip that step and you're like, now I know that you, Jen and Andy are going to be the ones to help me in my business right now. Then what are you waiting for? Make sure that you book a call with me because we can really start to help you to generate more money in your business, to adapt, to evolve and to elevate to another level and become the business.
There are people want to stay, become the business where people want to actually jump on board even during a recession because they see you as a necessity. That's where we want to get to. So without further ado by the way, both of those comments are in the show notes, so do just pop down. The link to book a call with me is bit.ly/claritycallpodcast. I'm not going to call out the link for the elevate and evolve strategy session because it's just far too long and convoluted. So you are going to have to put a bit of effort in, otherwise reach out to me or Facebook or you know, or LinkedIn or wherever you are. And I will get you that link if it's easier. If you're struggling to find the father and the show notes, then do just let me know.
Right? So without further ado, I'm going to dive into the first of the three focuses. And these are gonna sound a little bit simple. But I genuinely believe that they have massively helped. And the first one is shouting about our successes. This has been, I think, a huge contributor as to why people are paying so much attention and showing so much interest over the last year. That's because we put a lot of effort into blowing our own trumpet. And it's not a particularly British thing to do. Not sure where you're listening from, but our spirits were very, you know, almost brag or whatever. And it's not about bragging, it's about showing people what's possible for them. And that's the way we have to start seeing it. It's not about what you know when you say like selling a serving, it's the same thing when you shout about your successes and you shout about your clients' successes, it really shows them what's possible for someone like that.
And obviously when you share it in a way that shows people that you're not just a lucky punt or that your clients aren't lucky and that you're consistently getting results time and time again, you know, because people like to do that, they like to justify, well that person's had that success because of these reasons. And that's not always, you know, it's not, it's just not true. It's not always do. It's just not true. You know, everyone is dealt sat and hands and we all come from different walks of life, different backgrounds, different industries, different businesses. And at the end of the day, if you can show people, and I'm not obviously talking very business language here, but I mean this could be to do with your health, relationships, whatever shouts about those successes both in your life and your clients, both hands in hands because people really like to see to see that, you know, when you share your own story, it really connects people emotionally to you.
They understand that you get where they're coming from, they understand that you get their situation. And that you're not speaking from an ivory tower perspective. They need to see the full story of where you began away. You got to, that's really key because, you know, me and Andy weren't always making this, this kind of money. You know, I talk about, for instance, the first ever Facebook competition we ran in at the track and I talk about, you know, I think we always argue whether it's 60 or 80, I swear it was 60, but Andy's always the optimist. He said, we made 80K. And you know, to a lot of people, like that's a huge amount of money. And like we didn't start making that. I can talk about that. That wasn't the first step. Like I started coaching 20 pounds from the kitchen table, struggling, like literally struggling to get any clients whatsoever.
Even for 20 quid. It was like I was almost at the point where I was just like, yes, cool. Just come for free please. I just want to help somebody. That's how we get, well until that becomes a thorn in your side, cause then you start feeling resentful. Right. But that's, that's the position I started in. Andy for a good, I think you know, for the first, cause we found a debit tracker, you know, when we were together, we, we met around about five years ago. And both of our businesses started up about, you know, mine first I think, and then his following shortly afterwards, within sort of eight months or so. And you know, when he started at the track, the first time, I think we had like, I dunno, one customer for a good six months. Like, you know, it wasn't like we, it was a great start from the very beginning.
Your first Facebook ads competition was, you know, you would S grant at that time we were ecstatic about 60 or 80 grand, whatever it was. We were excited, Socratic about that kind of money. But now it's, you know, we're, we're generating over 300 K a time whenever we run a campaign like that. So it has grown year on year, but we didn't always start out at that amount. You know, it was real struggle to begin with. When you're learning the ropes and you're getting to know things, it can be really, really hard. And you know, I wasn't shouting about successes and because I think a lot of the time, because when I first started out coaching, it wasn't business coaching. I was actually helping people get alignment with their life's. That's how it all started, which all sounds super fluffy and I still believe that you should absolutely be in alignment with your life's purpose.
Whether you take that into business or not, you definitely in order to fulfill in your life. It's a genuine belief of mine that I feel that you have to be in alignment with it somewhere. You've got to follow your calling because if you're not following your calling you will live a half lukewarm life. I genuinely believe that but that's how I started. I started out in the life's purpose coaching side of things and I think a lot of the time people feel like that they can't shout about that their successes and their clients' successes because they feel like a failure in business and you have to back the question unless you are a business coach or yours and your result is wrapped and that's very specific care cause you can be a business coach that doesn't necessarily revolve that the monetary result doesn't revolve around money.
But you know, at the end of the day, unless you are physically helping and you're saying, I can help people make a ton of money and you're not making any money, that's obviously slightly out of integrity and something needs to be fixed there in order for you to kind of move forward. But I'm talking about every one bar that, you know, people get so caught up in, well, I'm not making money in my business a form of failure and therefore I can't shots about my successes. Then hold on a minute. What results are you actually getting through your ideal clients? Is it actually tied up in money whatsoever? Is the result money? No. In which case, why are you feeling like such a failure? The fact that you aren't making, hitting the monetary goals that you'd like it to each month, which is then preventing you from shouting about their successes.
It makes absolutely no sense. And I'm hoping that a few of you are nodding on and going, Oh gosh, yes. Because we hold ourselves back. And I was in that position at that point, if I was such a failure that I wasn't getting the kind of clients and I wanted to at that stage and therefore I kind of felt like, well, you know, I can't start saying how amazing I am because I'm struggling to get the amount of clients I'd like to have. But it didn't take away from the knowledge that I have. It didn't take away from the abilities I had or the capabilities, we all have to start somewhere, you know? And yes, obviously the more clients we have and the more experience we have and whatever else we do get better. But it definitely doesn't take away from the value that you have at that stage.
And you know, and there were other factors to be taken into account. Sometimes, you know, you might not be making the kind of money that you want to be making your business for various other reasons. How would you have to take a break for family? Perhaps you've had to do other things. And yet we start to think we're not making the money and therefore I'm not good enough load of rubbish. That is something that I found so hard to get over. But the quicker you get over it, the easier it's going to be. If you start shouting about your successes and then more people are going to come on board because they're going to feel comfortable, they're going to see your confidence, they're going to feel like, yes, this is the company that I want to work with them, look at these results that they're getting for their clients.
And you know, sometimes the success is have to with you first, you know, and that's how, you know, from talking back right back from the beginning of my story, the success has had to stop thought from me because I was starting from zero. I was starting with zero clients. So the only person I had to shout about really was me. But you know, you can't not do that because you feel like, well, not monetary, getting the money in. If it has absolutely nothing to do with making money for other people, then why are you getting so wrapped up in it? So shout about your successes both from your perspective and your client's perspective. You know, and if you've got client testimonials and you've got client case studies and case studies more so than testimonials because unless you really guided your clients to give you the testimonial that really demonstrates the value and the results that you give, then you know, with their permission obviously create case studies where you can describe where they were, what you did with them and where they've got to and who they are, what background they're from so that people can start to identify with them and go, well, gosh, that's just like me.
I used to be like that and that's where I am struggling at the moment. I want that result. Perfect. I can see, I think you've shown me demonstrated the value that you bring to the table. So do shout about your successes. Create those case studies. Get those cases to get those testimonials and and you know, and make sure that you recognize the successes that you have shared about your successes that are related to the results that you want to get for your clients. If that's where you're starting from right now, that's where you should be focusing on first and foremost. You know, you have to build that trust. People need to see your confidence. They need to see your energy. They need to see you in the space of I am capable, I can do this.
This is where I've got to, I'd love to help you know, more of you do, you know, get this result, overcome this problem, whatever it might be. So that's been huge. I think, you know, particularly for this year, you know, if we talk about probably the last six months I guess. We really been honing in on doing that and really just, you know, stepping into that mode of, yes, I am pretty good at what I do. And not in a braggy way, but in a way of showing them. So the next focus then is around articulating, funnily enough, why people should buy from us. This has been a huge focus, and I'm not going to bank too much on about this because if you haven't already been listening and go and listen to more of the podcast episodes, because I talk about this a lot because it's what my zone of genius is around is around articulating.
Which is why I tell that story around, I was struggling from the, you know, for any clients, 20 pounds, that kitchen table, you couldn't even beg somebody to work with me because I wasn't at that point articulating why somebody should be buying from me and really showing them the results that they can get. And that's important. It's, you know, there's a few areas of articulation that you need to be honing in on. And obviously articulating your credibility it's very important showing people, like I said, the results that you get for clients, show people the results that you've got from yourself depending on when you're starting from showing people and articulating the fact that you know what you're talking about. So you could have written a book, you could put, you know, speaking, you could be demonstrating your knowledge as guest speaking in certain areas, there are many ways in which you could do that.
But obviously the most obvious thing around articulation is actually being able to very simply explain what you do and really honing in on a wanted desire and a problem that needs to be solved. And really focusing in on articulating those couple of things. Because when you do that, people start to see and understand the need. Something I've been sharing recently. I ran a messaging workshop in my group recently and you know, something that I mentioned in there is that just because someone isn't your ideal client, like obviously your ideal client is important to be the first to understand what you do and understand that what you bring to the table. But if you haven't got every single person in the room, whether that's they're an ideal client or not nodding their heads and going, Oh my gosh, yes, absolutely, I can totally see the needing and why people would be buying from you and why you're so needed.
If they're not all nodding their heads, then you haven't got your messaging right and you're not articulating an understandable way why people should, you know, a five year old needs to understand what you do here. So don't make your messaging over complicated and don't farred it up too much. We need to be more wrong seal for those of you who are like, what nerve you on about it, you know, I'm talking about it. Does what it says in the 10 super clear, really understandable, no fluffy messaging, no ambiguous wording where people can go on earth. Does that mean it might sound very grandiose and lovely, but people don't got a clue what you're talking about. Make sure it's understandable and make sure you're demonstrating why people need to be buying from you. And that means you know, on the front end focusing less on how and what you do and versus actually the wanted outcome that your ideal client wants and the problem that they're suffering with.
Those are the things that you need to be speaking about to really demonstrate that desire and that need for your business and your services. That's really, really important. So articulating why people should buy from us has been really key. And obviously one of the things is also is articulating why we are better than some other companies out there for our specific ideal client. Like why should you buy from us versus somebody else? And that's not to say that we're stamping on the heads of our competition. That's certainly not what we like to do. But we do like to do is really hone in on what makes us different and really amplify on that message of when you buy from us, this is what you get and they won't see it anywhere else because no one else is talking about it. No one else is offering it.
And it's very unique and it's very needed. And so when you're able to hone in on that area and really amplify that message around those things, the USP is that you bring to the table, people start suddenly start to think, Oh wow account you will the number one choice I need to be buying with you and from you. So you know, articulation has been really, really key. Getting really clear and simplification. I've written that down as another episode that I might talk about another time. Something I want to mention, this one is simplifying everything. Don't make it overly complicated. You know, people try and fit so much in in the front hand, that's not necessary. You know, people buy results, you know that they're not buying the drill, they're buying the hole drill gets. So really think about that.
Where do people want to get to? What's their success Island? Where do they want to be? Really show them that and really show them and understand that you know, that they have a serious problem here that they need to have fixed depending on whether you are that aspirational business or whether you're more problem focused and depending what type of business you are, but you need to be really focusing and honing in on that. So yeah, so articulation has been really key. It's been a huge focus for us. And by doing that, then you can really make such drastic differences. And you know, something else that I've been talking about, cause I've been running a recent launch inside my Facebook group is the fact that within seconds, and I mean seconds of delivering a message, you can get people personal outreach and you straight away.
And I gave the example, I was in a networking meeting yesterday, I think it was. Yeah, it was, I was in a networking meeting yesterday. And as I was speaking, I had four people before they even finished speaking. You know, and I only had a three minute slot and I think I was in minute one. I have three to four people reach out to me personally to say they were thinking about working with me. Could they have more information or the fact that they, they loved what I was saying. So you know, articulation is, is so crucial because it can convert people in seconds when you get it right. Your message take hours and ages and many, many times for people to really understand what you do, it shouldn't take that long. It should be that you should be able, once you've got that powerful message, people should understand what you do, know what you do and know that you are the one to buy from.
And the way that you show up and the way that you speak of the language that you choose to use all contribute to that immediate outreach. And when you have that immediate feedback, you know that you've hit the spot with your message and you can then replicate that over into your websites. And you know, really sort of leverage that messaging because you know that it's working in person, it's going to work elsewhere as well in video, website, social media, wherever it is that you want to spread your message. So, you know, articulation is absolute key to making sure that you become that wanted choice in the market. Now the third focus is actually helping people understand why they haven't got the results so far. That has been key. Particularly my business now, depending on what kind of business you are, now I'm going to use the two polar opposites of my business versus the, as in what I'm saying, my business, the market leader league, business coaching business versus the travel company that we also own.
So if we take those two companies into combat, into comparison, when it comes to my teaching business, it's very much focused on helping people understand why they haven't got the results so far. Because when people get these epifany moments and they're just like, wow, okay, I really understand why I've been failing, I didn't get that before. They suddenly have this affinity with you, this connection where they're like, Oh my gosh, okay, thank you for showing me the light because I hadn't realized that doing it this way wasn't going to work. And the actually I was doing it wrong all along, or I've been learning the wrong thing and my focus was in the wrong area or whatever it might be. When you show people how they have been doing it wrong and how they can now do it correctly, now that makes a huge difference because then suddenly they're on board with, you know, they've had that epiphany moment where it resonates truths from the, from the soul outwards, but they're just like, yes, I totally get that.
I can see where I've been going wrong. And actually now this new way that you've showed me is the perfect way and it makes total sense to me and I ready to move forward with that new solution. That's been really key to making sales really easy for me. You know from, from the moment I started to understand this concept, it's made sales super easy and it's really helped bring the money in because it's adding value to people's lives and businesses. It's helping them to really see that where they've been going wrong and a new way of doing things. It gives people hope, it helps people understand that there's a roadmap and there is a possibility that they can finally achieve what they want to achieve. So by doing that, giving people this new hope, it really helps to convert people on a very deep level for, you know, particularly for the high end offerings that I have, they really helped to convert people because they're just like, okay, I understand it.
And again, it's, people can sort of turn this on its head to go with this sounds very icky or manipulative. It's all truths and none of anything that I ever say is a lie in order to manipulate someone into getting to it all it is, again, bring it back to the articulation. It's just being able to articulate that and being able to show people, you know. So it's almost a bit like going back to my second focus, which was about articulation, you know, I show people where they going to get end up if they don't start making a change now it's not a lie. It's like that winter is coming. Have a look, see what's ahead. If you don't take action now, this is going to happen. And it's not a lie. It's totally true because I've seen it happen a million times of the people.
And also I've been there myself. I know what's coming. It's like when your mom tells you like you shouldn't be doing that and you're like, I'll do it my own way. Thanks. I've cool. I'm just going to carry on doing what I doing because I know best. And then you realize that your mother was in fact correct. And she knows because she's been around the block a few times, she's seen it happened before, hse's seen it. So at the end of the day, you need to step in. And the reason why we don't listen to our mothers is cause it's our mothers. And that's the thing. We haven't, you know, we've got issues with that. But you know, when it comes to looking to an expert, you have more power in order to have influence over people.
It's just, it's just the way the world is, isn't it? We don't listen to the people closest to us. We listened to a complete stranger who sounds super confident what they're talking about, but it's always the way. And it, you know, I find it, for instance, so funny, obviously with mine and Andy's relationship, I, we talking about something for like years and then suddenly someone else will say it and you'll go, Oh my gosh, yes, I've been saying this for so long, but I've just learned to accept that that is the way of the world that will never change. But sorry guys, taking away from the jokes now, but really going back to that, you know, that winter is coming. It is not a lie. It's not like we're lying about this. We're just bringing the truth to light and repositioning that and showing people what will happen if they take action and what will happen if they don't take action.
It's just as simple as that. It's, you know, it's a consequence of doing this and the consequences of doing that. But until you are able to show people that they won't take action because they've not been there, they've not walked that route before so they don't know what's coming. So it's your job to help them see further ahead and pay the longer game. And that, you know, that has massively helped. Certainly. Sorry, flirting back to point number three, which is how people don't understand why they haven't got the results so far. So yeah, that has been really key because they come to that apifany moment, builds that trust and they start to see that you have a better way of doing things that they want to lead in. Now, if we take that for the adventure travel company, right, and we look at that and that side of things is not, it's a different type of service instead of service based business.
But we're doing two very, very different things. You know, I'm helping people elevate to market leader level in one business and we're helping people get up to top of Kilimanjaro, whoever's base company, another two very different businesses. And so it depends on what type of business you are, but you can still use the same principle. And it might not necessarily be about helping people understand why they haven't got the results so far. But it could be that winter is coming principal. It could be, you know, cause it's like most of our customers attempted to Kilimanjaro and they've failed. You know, a lot of the time it's helping them at the front end to understand that, you know, there were a lot of people who have failed. That's a huge failure rate on Kilimanjaro. We're pleased to say we have a huge success rate.
I'm going to say, I think we're probably still on a hundred percent. I don't think any, any one of our customers has yet to not reach the top of Kilimanjaro. And there's various reasons for that. And this is where, you know, not that they've not, they've tried it before and they haven't got that. If you're a business where your customers haven't even began to try it, they still would have heard stories about people not getting to the top. They still would've heard stories about people failing. And so they need to know that they're going with a company that's going to help them achieve, even though there's this huge failure rate out there. And so, you know, we have various reasons why that works. First of all, we have a longer route to go on because when you have a longer route, you get more time for a climatization.
Therefore there's a much higher chance of your success rate, you know, the guys have ever 30 years worth of experience in dealing with altitude sickness and taking people up that mountain. And so therefore that that must be contributes as well. And it's a very various other things which might bore you with, but and that's obviously, I won't be boring you if you're an avid mountain fan, but I can't take that into account here. And I would go and go and listen by the way, if anyone is listening on there, so going, Oh my gosh, you know, every time you're talking about going to Everest base camp a lot, Plymouth, Joel, I'm really interested then make sure that you go and jump on to Andy's and Dave's podcast, which is called the mountain malarkey podcast. So if anyone is listening to this going or you know, I'm really into that stuff as well.
They are relatively hilarious and they have some great episodes over on the mountain menarche podcasts. So go and listen to that podcast cause they'll talk all about the mountains and, and you know, talk all day about all of that kind of stuff. But anyway, you get the picture. There are some key points that we can really pull to the forefront to say this is why it will work. You can trust us to help you get to where you want to go because of these solid key reasons. And it brings it all the time guys. It brings it all the way back to those solid concrete USPs. Not the USPs aren't unique or beneficial. Like I'm, you know, I'm me so therefore I'm unique or I've been working in the industry X amount of years because you know, for a lot of people they're all saying that and it's not really a USP as such.
We need to come up with some solid reasons like that whole, it's a longer route that no one else offers and therefore it gives you a longer time to climatize and that is why and that you will end up getting to the top. You were able to very easily and quickly explain what makes us better, why we have something unique to offer that no one else does and why that's a benefit to our customers. And it's really important that you do that. You know, someone, one of the reasons that I say that I'm the best and helping you differentiate yourself is because I'm not about, flowering up and coming out with weak reasons as to why you're unique and really boosting them and blowing smoke up your skirt to say yes, yes, you are absolutely unique, Josephine. You know, you've got incredible skills and therefore that makes you unique.
No, it doesn't. And I'm quite happy to tell you that the reason why I'm, I'm good at helping people differentiate themselves is because I'm not going to let people lie just there. Yes, you are great as you are and you are enough and all of that malarkey. But in order for other people to understand that you're unique, I help you to extract that from you and make it concrete and productize it so that you can actually deliver it beyond just you delivering your services and ensuring that people truly understand why you are the one to work with over everything else that's available out there. So, you know, that's one of the reasons and one of my USP, so I explain. But you have to be able to articulate and explain it very easily to show people and help them understand why they haven't gotten the results before and why your thing now will help them give them the new hope and a new way forward and they will absolutely love you for it.
So there we go. Those are the three key focuses I really do attribute as to why we've had this half a million pound success in this first quarter because we really focused in on those three things. Now it's never just three things guys. And you know, I just want to be honest with you, but I wanted to kind of pinpoint these three because you know, they've made a big difference. And I always think that there are certain things that you can focus on, which will absolutely make you give you that traction a lot quicker if you focus on the right things. Now, like I said, there were more than three things to focus on, but those three will absolutely help you make incredible leaps and bounds in building your reputation and helping people understand why you're a necessity to them and really help you lap up the market share.
I genuinely believe that these three things really contributed to that. But like I said, if you'd like to hear more about it, then do make sure that you jump on and evolve and elevate strategy session 10th of June is the next one. So do you make sure you pick on start come and join it's just £20. And yeah, and we can start giving you dealing out more stuff and it's not, it'd be nice because that means I get to actually speak to you guys in person as well, which would be really lovely to meet more of you. So yeah. Do you jump on that links in the show notes and like I said, if you want to bypass all of that and you're just like, no, I'm ready for this kind of success. I want more money in my business. I want to make more impact. I want to be a market leader. I want to be seen as an industry leader, as somebody to buy from, and as a number one choice in their markets. Then you just need to just get on a call. Guys, get on a call with me. The link is in the show notes, bit.ly/claritycallpodcast. Do you make sure that you get that booked in because I would love to chat with you and I will speak to you guys in the next episode.

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