December 14, 2016

”The most controversial thing I ever did, was to stick around” -Madonna’s acceptance speech for Woman of the Year

The whole speech was quite frankly ‘pure truth’, hard-hitting and inspiring!

Madonna, for me, symbolises standing in your own truth unapologetically!

If you haven’t watched the speech yet, I suggest you watch it, I’ll add the link at the bottom of this email.

​​That quote about sticking around, really spoke to me today.

I am currently going through an incredible up-level where by I’m stating an opinion, or put more correctly, I’m stating what I know to be truth, knowing full well there will be others out there who will point blank disagree with me.

To those people I would say ‘take the wool out of your ears’. That wool is not serving you! It will ALWAYS be the case that unless you’re ready to hear what I have to say, it will fall upon deaf ears and/or defensive ears.

But stating your opinion is harder than you first think! It’s so easy to backtrack to try and fit in with others opinions because as humans, we crave connection, and to stand out from the crowd, alienates us.

But do you know what hurts us more as business women? Saying something that no one cares about!

We will never connect with everyone! FACT! But we will connect with those who resonate with our message, who when they hear your words will resonate truth throughout their being!

​​Who are you trying to connect with?​​​​​​​ Those who disagree with you or those that love you for what you stand for?

As coaches we’d be idiots to think we had all the answers, BUT we have to stand up and help people with what we KNOW to be truth, within our zones of genius, that we KNOW will ​​get our clients to where they need to be!

Our clients need us to be strong, they need us to lead and they need us to stand in our own truth unapologetically ​​and stick around! Do not shrink back, step forward and walk your walk PROUD! Shine your amazingness and don’t let the fear of others hold you back! Don’t let your own fear of being wrong hold you back… you know what you know and you don’t know what you don’t know as my Dad used to say!

Here’s what I say (all the time)… Say what you want to say with confidence, knowing that you will always be wrong in someone else’s eyes! But to those people you resonate with, you will be inspiring and leading from the front on a mi​​ssion to make a difference to the world! That right there, is every reason for you to say your stuff, stick around unapologetically and do what you were born to do! That right there is inspiring, admirable and courageous and in complete integrity with you!

Watch this incredible woman share her words of inspiration…​​​​


Love Jen xx​​​​

About the author 

Jennifer Hall

Jen Hall is Business Clarity Coach for Coaches, Consultants & Experts who want to become Unrivalled Go-To Experts.

Jen not only gets you clear on your micro-niche, message and what makes you unique and desirable, but she helps you to define what makes you an irrefutable offer to the market so you can position yourself as a high-end 'must have' option for your prospects.

She is a Multi-Award Winning Speaker and Best Selling Author of Expert Unrivalled.

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