January 5, 2022

Hands up who’s fed up with creating content that doesn’t convert? Who’s exhausted from being VISIBLE ALL THE TIME and not seeing the results that you know you should?

In this episode of the Expert Unrivalled podcast, I’m revealing the NEW WAY of being visible that will not only allow you to eat your dinner without having to post a picture of it but will actually make you far more money!

  • Discover three ways to start being more strategic in how you produce content.
  • Enjoy a mid episode rant where I talk about ONE simple mistake that so many people are making that makes your content utterly pointless! 
  • How to move leads out of the ‘friend zone’ and into the ‘paying client zone’.

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Strategic Visibility

It is so important to switch from the exhausted overly visible entrepreneur to someone who actually makes money from the time they spend being visible online. Let’s be honest, no one enjoys being on social media all the time. We need to have balance in life. Continually documenting everything online like Gary Vee is the fast track to burn out.

The Gary Vee’s of the world have a full content team. It is not a normal way to run a business.

I much prefer to be more strategic about how I show up. We see coaches out there who appear to be online all of the time. In some cases, this is true. It is how they build their audience by heavily posting on social media. I do not think this is good for your health.

If you disagree and love posting all the time – then best skip this episode and move on to the next one.

However, if you would rather see results from being online then I will show you what you need to do.

Those who post all the time tend to be a lifestyle business. Their audience aspires to have their life and that is what their customers want to buy into. If you are selling a service or skill and want clients for your expertise than your life – then read on.

Posting all the time will leave you exhausted and not seeing the financial return you need.

Celebrate what is possible

I have made £80k in the last quarter through coaching by using three or four posts that link to my Elevate and Evolve strategy sessions. These pieces of content have converted the most clients for my coaching business. I give you insights into the campaigns I run.

You can convert your clients easily. People are under the impression that customers need to know you over a long period of time to build trust. This is not true. It is how you position yourself so that when someone comes across you, they get the best from you at that time.

You cannot control how often people see you or when they will see you. You can control what they will see when they do see you. The biggest mistake I see is the focus on quantity over quality. So people will spurt out content, asking random unrelated questions for the sake of engagement. Hoping they will get some response.

Generate individuals

The random posts will get engagement. But you will see that engagement drop. Instead of going after the engagement, create quality content. That is not about generating numbers but is about generating individuals. Generating leads from people rather than getting the most people possible to see your content.

You will find that when people are interested in your content, it will get their brains working and you will find that engagement drops. In my experience, I see a pattern of entrepreneurs who get engagement and those who look for quality.

I was the overexposed business owner. But I have seen a new way of doing things that work in terms of monetary results. It is about creating quality content for individuals. Focus in on getting that one person at a time.

When you do broaden out, you lose some of the quality of your content. It generates fewer clients and less money because it is surface-level stuff. You want the right clients who will buy from you, not the most active person on Facebook.

Make your content the best

I was watching the story of Queen. I am a huge Queen fan. It spoke about how it is difficult to fill Freddie Mercury’s shoes. Queen is known as the best rock band in the world. Every song is a hit. The band hit for a home run every single time.

This stuck with me about why the band is so successful. Everything was about quality. They would not release anything that was mediocre. This is something that we can all take away when it comes to what we are putting out there for our business.

We need to take the same high standards.

I would rather you create less content and make it better than focus on the numbers.

You will be less exhausted. And the right people will pay attention when you do post. Being market-leading is not about being famous but about being worth knowing to the right people. You do not need to be visible to everyone. This is why you do not need to rely on a personal profile.

I am not saying do not use your personal profile. It is not a long-term strategy but it is a way to funnel in the right people and connections. They need to be funnelled into something else and become interested in your gated content. They may join a webinar, for example.

Many people will like or comment as support but that will not pay the bills. Think about slowing down on being everywhere.

See your content as a journey

Not a spray and pray technique. Get attention for the right reasons. And make sure these are the right people. Make sure you understand your niche. You need to know who you are and who you serve so that you can create quality content. Without this, you will find quality content creation hard.

If you are getting clients from referrals and not from your content. Or your audience is not following you on your journey, you will be wasting time and energy showing up for people who do not know what you do. You need to articulate what makes you different and who you serve.

I had a total waste of time doing this. I’m not going to fluff it up by saying it was a part of the journey. It was simply a waste of effort. And I see so many people doing this. So many clients say that they wish they had solved this problem sooner.

If you are one of these people – get this sorted now.

If you have your niche, then uplevel your content so the right people pay attention.

Where you put your content

Be more thoughtful about where you are putting your content to attract the right people. For example, using your personal page with the right headlines. You should be spending at least half your time on your headlines.

So many times I see people going live with no headline. They waffle on a post until you get to the point. Spend half your time on the headline. If no one is drawn in, no one will bother clicking or watching. People will only watch and read your stuff without a good headline if they have experienced content in the past or they have time to waste.

You need your headline to be good enough every single time.


Say you are on your personal Facebook page, and the content invites your audience to the next stage. You are in a pool of everyone on your personal page. Who sees the posts? It may not be the best use of time in an ongoing strategy.

Instead, consider Facebook groups. Or make friends with the leader of the group and offer an expert session. It positions you as an expert faster. It is icky to use someone else’s audience to sell your products. So make sure the audience is complementary but not in competition.

For example, I ran expert sessions in Lisa Johnson’s expert group. I appeared on Janet Murray’s podcast. We all do different things but share an audience. Lisa came to speak at my Expert Unrivalled event. It is about being more strategic.

Strategically Visible

  1. Reduce your content in favour of quality
  2. Focus on the right people
  3. Put out content in the right place

Make sure you put a call to action with all your content. Think about it as a journey and where they need to go next. Have a purpose for your content. Content needs to achieve results.

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