October 13, 2021

How to share your controversial message

It can be really frustrating trying to share your truth and your message when the powers that be just want to shut you down and keep you quiet. Especially when your business revolves around these strong and controversial messages. 

How are you meant to create a movement and build a business around what feels like ludicrous and draconian rules? In this episode Iā€™m sharing how to get around the rules and the red tape so you can finally get your message out there into the world and start building a loyal following. 

How to share your controversial message

I’m sharing this subject today because one of the members of Elevate has been sharing their views online but the world keeps wanting to silence them. I work with many different coaches, from different backgrounds. These coaches can have different political views and I am fortunate to have an open mind and appreciate the views of others.

This means I can work with people of differing views from my own. Some have educated me and changed my mind to different perspectives. However, not everyone is like this. The benefit of having a strong opinion, we can polarise our audiences and bring in those who want to be there and want to hear our messaging.

If you are plain-Jane vanilla, it rarely hits the spot to build a following. Having controversial opinions is a good thing. However, it can feel like your message is being suffocated.

Speaking your truth

I’m trying to tell my followers that they should be speaking their truth but at times I cannot say what is on my mind and in my heart because it is not allowed. This has come up recently with a client who did an incredible TED talk but the platform would not allow it. Certain topics need to be backed up and it touched on certain politics in the world right now and they would not broadcast it.

I understand why they have to do it to protect their own brand and platform. We need to appreciate it is their platform and rules. Same as any platform – they have terms and conditions and codes of conduct. While this can feel hypocritical, that is their platform. They make the rules.

Abide by the platform rules

You need to consider that if you want to use third-party platforms like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, then you need to abide by their rules. It doesn’t mean you can’t play the game. Facebook Ads for me – this year has been a nightmare. I do have a genuine stat that I can back up but they don’t have the time to fact check so I can’t use it on a Facebook Ad.

There are certain topics that are simply not allowed. If you continue to talk about these topics, your account is shut down. So you need to play by the rules. Perhaps the platform is not for you and you want to come off the platform. However, if you want to tap into the people who are on these platforms, rather than getting frustrated and deleting the platform, there are other ways you can reach your people. You may not be able to express certain opinions about certain topics.

Beyond social media

It is greater to have people applaud your talk on its own merit. As my client, it is great to have a TED talk, but consider how else you can get your message out there? What about building your own stage? Create your own event where you can facilitate the messages that align with your beliefs.

When I look for speakers for my events, I always make sure I am happy with the material being delivered because it has to align with my values. Even create an event where it is just you delivering your message. Invite people to this. You can advertise these events on social media without being explicit.

You can give people a flavour of what you’re about without stepping on toes. Then tell there is more to be heard that you are not allowed to say. This messaging is like holding a handful of beautiful marbles and saying do you want to come and see them. It draws people in. Getting people as far as you can on social media and then bringing them closer to see your event. Whether on the live stage, over Zoom or anything not connected to Facebook.

Get people off the platforms that are restricting you and set up your own stage. Write a book about what you want to say. All of these things allow you to share your message, builds your authority, gives you market-leading credibility. You can create your own platform where you can share your message.

Build your own platform

Stop using “I’m restricted” as a blockade. Think instead what you can do to get your message out and put a stamp on what you’re about. The funnel you get from this will be huge. It will be slower in the beginning. You will have to build speed and momentum – it may be stickier than pinging on a Facebook Ad. The people who follow you will be life followers. Those who you attract this way will be on board with what you are saying. And these are the best people.

I always talk about quality over quantity. Worry less about how many and more about who is following you. Start banging the drum of your truth so that you can impact more. You have to play the game. You have to suss out what you can and cannot say – to get people interested. Then behind the closed doors open their minds up about what you truly want to say. Do this on a platform that you own.

You will find yourself in a better position this way than cutting yourself off from all social media platforms. Get your audience to come over to the other side. The best kind of message is word-of-mouth. This will also bring more people on board.

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