February 9, 2022

Does the word “high-ticket” make you feel icky? In this episode, I talk about how you can sell a high-ticket product with integrity.

  • Find out what selling with integrity looks like
  • How you can stop over-promising and deliver EXACTLY what your clients want
  • What you really need to consider when you price your high-ticket programme
  • And the mistakes you need to avoid.

We’ve all seen those high-ticket coaches who promise the secret formula to success but deliver very little. They give the industry a bad name and are probably the source of your icky feelings when it comes to high-ticket. Let’s clear up some myths and get you excited about selling high-ticket with integrity.

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Selling high-ticket with integrity

Often clients will talk about going high ticket but worry about the number of people out there who are selling high-ticket. There is an element of shame for some people when it comes to offering high-ticket. As though there is an element of ripping people off. This is not what selling high-ticket is.

Look at who you are selling to

The kinds of people who you sell high-ticket to are different, as I spoke about in my last episode. You need to think about the kinds of problems people will have when you are selling high-ticket. For example, I will buy high-ticket in business but am unlikely to buy high-ticket in health because, for me, there is not a big enough problem in health.

In my business, my ambitions and needs are much higher and therefore do not need low-ticket. If you are simply raising your prices without justification, then you are not pricing with integrity.

I heard an inspirational quote recently, “my work is not for explaining, it’s for experiencing.” I can see what it is trying to say however, it does not make sense to a buyer. It does not give them reassurance but whiffs of arrogance. Be careful around this area – owning your worth whiffs of arrogance.

Pricing high-ticket

Bring it back to the person you are selling to – how much is it worth to that buyer? Yes, you deserve to earn good money but you do not earn it by ripping people off. This does not sit well with me. You need to look at the offering when pricing rather than you.

There is a difference between undercharging because you don’t feel worthy of money and charging an inflated price.

Bigger transformations warrant a higher price tag. Extra support warrants a higher price tag. You do not need to put in extra support to charge high-ticket. The transformation is key here. Neither is it about luxury experiences. You can raise the price to provide a luxury experience. Or you can be taking your clients further on the journey than other offerings on the market.

For example, I run intensives for people to sell high-ticket. Yet, in my Elevate Programme, we go beyond the point of creating a high-ticket offer and see the process through to your selling the offer and products. Seeing the mistakes and giving critical feedback. It’s about looking at how you can go further into the market – it is more than a high-ticket offering.

The return on investment

So the price tag covers these transformations, the 1-1 working, and how limited the spaces are. It is about being able to explain, articulate and justify the price based on the return on investment. This ROI does not have to be money, it can be many different things such as weight loss or the consequences of not getting the help. It’s about making the pain point go away.

Whatever niche you are in, there is always a return on investment. It is about amplifying this return and not creating a unicorn problem that you think someone has. It is about creating concrete USPs and offering something that is not available elsewhere.

Selling with integrity

For any service, what people want to see is integrity. It’s about following through with what you are going to do. I have seen high-ticket coaches sell to some of my clients and break their promises. Sometimes life gets in the way and you have to cancel meetings but it should not be a pattern of behaviour.

Integrity drops when coaches take lots of money from people and they don’t give the clients the support they were promised. Or these clients do not see the results. It’s the kind of people who sell a secret to 7-figure selling but you only find out the secret once you’re on the course. Only to find when you buy in that there is no fancy formula that you can swipe and deploy which will work.

It is a shame that this happens, but it does. This is what gives high-ticket a bad name. You can be fantastic at selling but fall down on the delivery. To sell high-ticket with integrity, you need to be able to deliver your promise.

Get contracts in place and make them visible

Make sure you have contracts in place that are visible. The contract is in place for both parties. I see contracts broken by coaches. You need a good contract in place. I want my clients to read my contract so they can see they are making an investment rather than spending money they do not have.

When you get to the higher end with coaching, it needs to feel a bit painful and be a stretch. This means you are committed to it. I have taken loans to pay for investment in the past but I am within my financial remit to pay it back. It is not up to you selling to decide for people what they should spend their money on.

So, I want people to read their contracts to understand what they are buying. This way, they do not try to cancel before the end of the contract. Make sure the contract is something you feel happy with and is worded in a way you are happy with. Contracts should protect both parties.

Deliver on the basics

I see people panic on the frills around their packages or products. For example, if I attend a business seminar but it happens that it is a fancy hotel, with luxury treatment and a nice dinner. Let’s say all the frills are delivered but the seminar stinks. The seminar is the reason I go – it doesn’t make the experience better. It let me down on the main reason to buy.

You have to ask yourself: are people buying for the frills or are they buying for the basics? What is the one thing people truly want and desire? Focus on this and everything else is a nice to have. Then you will be selling and delivering with integrity.

If you are delivering with integrity, there is no shame with selling at a high-ticket level. It’s about packaging it up correctly and following through on your promises.

The mistake of over-promising

Over-promising is where I see high-ticket selling going wrong. People throw all the extras in and then they burn out. It’s unsustainable. They will get six months in and do not have the energy to sustain everything they promise.

Make sure that you can keep up your service-level agreement. Then over-deliver on it. Don’t chuck everything in the pan. Keep it to the level you need to achieve the result. Chuck in the frills as a nice to have. Only put in the core aspects that people want and will get them the return on investment.

It is not about looking at what people can or cannot afford. What people can afford is none of our business. If people want the transformation, they will find the money. It’s about not manipulating people into buying it.

Once you make it simple, it will sell effortlessly. This is what we cover in Elevate. If you are looking to position your products to sell high-ticket with integrity, book a Clarity Call with me here.

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