May 27, 2020

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Too many entrepreneurs find themselves convincing others of their value & ‘justifying’ what they do, showing up with a ‘please buy from me’ attitude and being taken advantage of by well meaning ‘skill swappers’. 

It’s time to stop begging for business and start watching the queue of clients form. 

This week is all about the #truthbombs! In this episode I help you own your worth, move beyond feeling like a ‘small business’ to start showing up as a confident market leader who’s an obvious choice for their market.

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This episode could be a tough one. This could be the episode that banishes a business mindset that's been holding you back for a long time.

Before we get stuck into today's episode, I really just wanted to congratulate some incredible entrepreneurs who have stepped up and joined my 12 month elevate program. The program that elevates you to market leader position. That number one choice in your niche. I'm really excited to see what is in store for them over the next 12 months. But there's one thing that is guaranteed. I've got a few businesses at varying levels in terms of their current monthly turnover. However, what's guaranteed for all of them is that they will all be pushing through to that next income level to make sure that they all growing because that's what happens when you really focus in and focus in on that market leading positioning you generate more noise in your industry, generate more noise in your market, attracting more and more people to you. So the only symptom that you can experience is year on year growth.

I think I've mentioned this a few times. In our adventure travel company, we've grown 700% in the last four years, which is supposedly unheard of, but it does happen and I'm really excited to see what happens with these businesses who have stepped into elevate to see how much they can grow and scale their businesses and really position themselves as that number one option. So if you are sitting on the fence and you are wondering is elevate right for me, then your best bet is to just jump on a call. So do you make sure you book a call with me that's The link is in the show notes so you can go and grab it over there. But yes, you know, don't stop sitting in wondering, get on the phone, give me a call and we can discuss how we can help you in your business and really get you positioned as that number one choice and get you growing and scaling to where you want to be.

Hello and welcome to this podcast episode. This is Jen Hall. Your business positioning coach and market leadership expert. And I'm really excited about today's episode because it's a high level conversation, which I think needs to be hard around a business mindset that I feel is holding people back from really stepping into their full potential and their full grief possibilities. It's coming up time and time again in networking when I'm networking is also coming up in some of the clarity calls that I take for people who are looking to apply to come on one of my programs. And it's just something I'm seeing that happens a lot and I think that it's almost like this weird silent epidemic that doesn't really get talked about. And that's what I want to really dive into today. And that's around this kind of small business mindset.

And it was really interesting. So I had a message come through from somebody because I'm looking to get a new kitchen and I think I've talked about many episodes, obviously with lockdown it hasn't materialized as yet, but I'm hoping that change that story soon enough. We're looking to get a kitchen and we were looking at to get a couple of quotes and we had the one quote and the next quote that we wanted because of everything that's been going on has been a lot slower coming forth. But we wanted to be smart and we wanted to make sure that we had two different quotes now. One was from a more local supplier and one quote was from a household brand and we were looking at the strategy of making sure we were making the right decision on where we're spending our money.

And something that's really key to remember for both yourself and to others is that it doesn't matter whether you will local or not. It's about what you are offering and how that is of benefit to the people you're offering it to. Because when I went back to this to this small local company and I sat around the fact that we loved what they've done so far and the process and everything else, but we just need to be smart about where we're spending our money as I've been buying on about for the last two months around, this is where people are at. People want to make sure they're spending, particularly when it comes to large sums of money, you know, we're talking over 10 grand you know, to make sure that they're spending it wisely. And so I wanted to play it safe and just how to have these two comparisons.

Anyway, they come back and they say, no problem. I understand where you're coming from. But I'm also sure that you understand that it's important to shop local and do you know what? It annoyed me. I absolutely love this company and what they stand for and what they do. And we are absolutely earning on the case of actually buying from them anyway, but not because they're local and not because they're a small business. We're going with them because of the quality that they supply and we're going with them because of the customer service and the level of the bespoke nature of actually designing the kitchen that we want because of the unusual nature of our cottage. It's extremely old and we have a few quirks going on that we need to work around that of bulk standard kitchen and kitchen fitter wouldn't be able to navigate as well as this company.

Anyhow, it really, really got to me. And you have to kind of calm me down a bit because I was like, how dare you try and guilt trip me into buying from you. And you know, I absolutely agree that we know we need to support each other as business owners, but we really need to move away from this. You must buy from me attitude because I'm a small business. It doesn't wash with me. It doesn't wash with a lot of other people. You know, making people feel guilty about using places like Amazon or other market leaders isn't going to work. All it's going to do is going to push people away from wanting to buy from you. Instead of begging and playing the guilt trip card we actually need to start stepping up into really owning a niche, really owning what we bring to the table and owning the unique selling points, the concrete unique selling, selling points that we have regardless of our so-called size.

Because it's just not why people buy. You know? And this is what keeps so many businesses playing small because they hear this word "I'm a small business" and you know, I don't class myself as a small business, we certainly don't harvest small business turnover in terms of size and manpower. Yeah, maybe you could say we're smaller than some other businesses out there, but it's not about size. And I think this whole thing around being small and that label of small will absolutely keep your growth at a certain level. And it was certainly stunted if you continue to stay in play. That small business card continuously and not just that, but also seeing yourself as small fry. You know, I've seen it happen a lot when I speak to people. And you know, well, the way they show up in networking spaces comes from you know, from a place of please, you must buy from me instead of this place of you need to buy from me because you are going to get an incredible transformation.

And you're showing up with that energy and that confidence to know that you're not afraid to eat alone if you have to because you know that what you have is incredible and it's going to change somebody's life and that the size of your business or you know, the industry that you're in or whatever it is that you seem to have hang ups around does not matter. It doesn't even come into play. You are coming from a place of pure energetic confidence that you can, you know, deliver the goods no matter the size and actually finding the benefits in your business. Not because you're small, not because you're boutique, not because you know, you, you, you, you offer a bespoke service every time unless it is relevant to do so. And there's always the exception to the rule, like I mentioned before around the kitchen.

And she, yes, one of the reasons is because I've got trust that these guys know what they're doing because they've dealt with the quirks of odd shaped houses before. And so that's why, you know, they're making a bespoke, it's not a one size fits all approach to fitting a standardized kitchen that's going to make a botch job of what they're doing. And so actually the bespoke nature of what they're offering is unique compared to what, you know, what is out there normally off the shelf. And so yes, for them that is something that they should play on. That is something that they should niche into that they should probably talk about more in their marketing. But it really does depend on the industry. If you're talking about the coaching industry and particularly in the one to one coaching industry, you know, most services are bespoke.

You know, most services are one-to-one lad and you'll get bespoke information that's not special. And so it's understanding again that not, I think I say this every episode, it doesn't matter if it works. One business, it has to work for your in your industry and your business. You have to look at the overall landscape. And that's something that we're really looking at inside of my program at the moment. And I've potentially got another client on board, which, you know, is in the same arena as somebody else who's on my program. But to me it really doesn't matter because if you really dig in to what makes you unique and really look at that individual unique belief that your organization has, you know, we can all coexist in the same space and actually attract different corners of the market for varying reasons. And the thing is, if you start trying to attract the entirety of the market that's available to you, you will end up attracting nobody because there is no differentiating factor.

And so you'll end up with, with no one. So it's important to really dig into what makes you unique, what makes you a benefit to your market so that you can dominate a corner of it until you really understand what you bring to the table and that you were able to articulate that. Like I said with that confidence to say, this is why you should buy from me. This is why we are better for somebody like you with your specific problems, with your specific goals, with your specific aims that you have. We are the perfect fit for you. We fit you like a glove. That's what people want to hear. They want to have that trust to know that you are a specialist in helping someone exactly like them and I think that a lack of confidence really comes down to the facts that you haven't honed in on that unique specific genius that you have and you haven't really honed in on the context on which you can fully fledge in, where you can really own and say, I help this person who has this specific problem achieve this specific goal.

Because when you have that much clarity and you have that much context behind what you do, that when you express that you get nods from all around the room, whether they are your ideal client or not, they completely understand the need for your business, the fact that people need to buy from you. Then you have this inner strength and this inner confidence to know that you can scale, you can grow to the level in which you want to because some people don't want to be huge conglomerates. You know, that's not everybody's dream and that's fine, but what you don't want to be doing is not growing but through fear, through feeling small, through not feeling like you know, you can compete with the big fish because that just puts you in a weaker position and you won't find that.

You won't just stunt your growth. You know, you really will come across as somebody who is unconfident in what they do, who is unconfident in actually helping anyone at a higher level. And so if you're looking to sell anything for a decent amount of money, you will struggle because it will show through in every fiber of your being. And so my plea to you today is to really step out of doing that. Really find the thing that you can completely immerse yourself in so that you're able to articulate with position, with confidence, with gumph to say, I know who I am and what I do and who I help and what with. When you start to take your business seriously, when you start to take yourself seriously and you start putting boundaries in place because the other thing that happens is when you come from this weak position where you aren't fully confident to see yourself as a big fish, as somebody who makes a serious difference to people's lives and businesses.

When you come from that weak position, you are easy prey for people to take advantage for other business owners. When you're networking to start asking for unwarranted skill swaps where there's an equal exchange of services where you are offered exposure as payment versus actually getting paid in full for what you are monetarily worth. And you will find yourself bending those rules because you aren't coming from a place of strength. You are coming from a place of weakness. And so you start saying yes to those so-called opportunities, which 99% of the time and up draining you more than they do serve you more than you actually get anything back in return. And you just feel undercut, bitter and resentful. And that's never going to work. Boundaries are so important. And part of those boundaries is knowing what you bring to the table, knowing your value and knowing your worth and knowing what you're willing to do and what you're not willing to do.

When you start respecting yourself and respecting your business and really understanding the true value of what you offer, you will find that those boundaries are a lot easier to put in place and are a lot easier to stick to because what's the compromise? And if you continue down that route, you will find that it will stunt your growth and you will plateau at the level you're at and you won't move forward. It's time to take a stand to fully understand, to niche down, not just for the sake of your marketing, but niching down for the sake of knowing how valuable you are. Because when you get really clear on the impact that you have for somebody specifically because the impacts that you have for everybody is diluted when you really break it down to the perfect individual that you serve and knowing how that impacts them, how important that result is to them, how important that getting that problem fixed is for them and the impact that has on the rest of their life.

You suddenly realize how powerful your business is and how important what you do is and why you shouldn't be compromising on price, why you shouldn't be seeing yourself as this small business. You know, you are somebody or a business that makes a big difference and that you have a big impact. So don't niche just for the sake of your marketing. Yes, it's important, but niche for the sake of your confidence. It is so important because until you start to specialize, you will always lack the power and the confidence behind what you do. So I'm hoping this episode has kind of changed your small business mindset to actually step into realizing how powerful your business really is. And the fact is all that needs to happen is your ability to articulate that value. Because once you have the language, once you have the words to say it, that will automatically fill you with so much confidence to show up with different energy, new energy and really stand your ground with those boundaries as a market leader.

And you have to start adopting this mindset. Now knowing that your market leading market leading means nothing in terms of size. There are many markets, small businesses in terms of size that are market leading. Size doesn't make a difference. So stop seeing yourself as small. Start seeing yourself as a market leader. Start finding the language and the words and the productization of what makes you an obvious choice out of everyone else for your perfect ideal client. And you will soon find that you start stepping into that new energy to start showing up for those who truly need you. Because the longer you stay in the position that you're in, where you are showing up from this place of weakness, you are letting people down. And I know this is really harsh, but you are letting those who need you down. They need you to be confident.

They need you to step into your potential and your power to know that you are making an impact. You know, if you're not confident in that, they can't be. And that means that if they're not confident in you, they can't access the very thing you've been put here to do. And that's a crying shame. So no more, no more with a small business mindset, stepping into a market leading mindset, a high value mindsets, understanding who you are and what you bring to the table. Step into that and you will find that so much will change for you and your business. Anyway, if you would like some help in articulating what makes you a wanted, must have to articulate the power behind your business and what you bring to the table. If you want help finding that language to package you up, to be able to articulate this to your market, then make sure that you book a call with me.

The link is in the show notes, but the very quick link to shout out is Make sure you book a call with me because this is something that we can absolutely work on together to give you the language to give you the confidence to really step into that high value mindset. And to start converting more clients with ease and to start being the obvious choice in your field. I absolutely love to help you with that. So do you make sure you have a call with me and I will see you all in the next episode.

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Jen Hall is Business Clarity Coach for Coaches, Consultants & Experts who want to become Unrivalled Go-To Experts.

Jen not only gets you clear on your micro-niche, message and what makes you unique and desirable, but she helps you to define what makes you an irrefutable offer to the market so you can position yourself as a high-end 'must have' option for your prospects.

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