July 18, 2016

Ignore this post at your peril!
Make sure you’ve got these 3 CRUCIAL ELEMENTS!

There may be a few of you in this camp – You’ve done your business plan and you’re super excited to get to started, you feel like you’re ready to go! BUT I urge you to make sure you have the THREE CRUCIAL ELEMENTS BELOW… if you don’t STOP! Get them right otherwise you’re headed for disaster!

OR Some of you might feel like this – so you’re working with your passion, something you truly believe in and it’s just not working! Either you’re business planning isn’t flowing, you can’t see how your business will work or you’ve said what ev’s to your business plan and you’re not getting any clients!

If you’re not working with something you truly BELIEVE in, then it’s time to rethink your product or service because it won’t work. (ps I can help with this as well… as long as you have a WANT to be your own boss)

Either way… Don’t give up, one of the keys to success is perseverance!
Now I’m about to give you the 3 CRUCIAL SUCCESS ELEMENTS of ANY Business! You get these 3 things right and you’re guaranteed to have a successful business.
So you’re working with your passion, something you truly believe in and it’s just not working! Either your business planning isn’t flowing easily, you can’t see how your business will work effectively or you’ve said ‘what ever’ to your business plan and you’re not getting any clients!


*Why are are you wanting to run this business? What’s in it for you? If you were trying to sell running a business to yourself what would you be saying? More freedom, more money, no glass ceiling on income, more holidays, more flexibility, it’s going to feel amazing, what an achievement, I’m going to feel xyz… etc! Really work what the reasons are, when you do that, working hard towards your goal is a heck of a lot easier.
*More importantly, why are you doing this for others? How are you helping to fulfill other peoples lives? What pain, anxiety, barrier are you fixing? Or how are you making their lives easier which makes more room for what? What is about what you want to supply to the world that makes you so passionate about it?


* ”A niche market is the subset of the market on which a specific product is focused. The market niche defines as the product features aimed at satisfying specific market needs, as well as the price range, production quality and the demographics that is intended to impact. It is also a small market segment.” Basically it’s about specialising and becoming an EXPERT on one particular aspect of your chosen business industry.

No one wants a jack of all trades, they want to know that who they’re going to is an expert and one who will be able to sort their problem to the highest standard. Because if people really want or need it they’re going to want the best! Now it’s not about necessarily retraining, it’s just about focused marketing and a focus in your learning from here on in. It makes referrals from existing clients so easy and more likely because they exactly what you do and who you supply to. It makes your marketing loads more effective and easier to manage. It immediately sets you above the competition because you leverage yourself above/away from them putting you in the spotlight. Never be afraid to niche, it’s only EVER A POSITIVE!


*Your ideal client, your avatar, what ever you want to call them, it’s important that your niche speaks to a specific audience. If you’re inclined to say ‘everyone’ is your audience… I’m here to tell you everyone is No One int he business world. If you don’t know who you’re talking to they don’t know who you’re talking to and you will get very few clients.

The moment you start directing your Marketing Message to your ideal client is the moment they start to listen up and become attracted to you instantly. They will gasp ‘oh my god that’s me’ and will start paying attention to what you have to offer them.

Never be afraid of cutting people out by doing this, those people will still notice you. All you are doing is creating EFFECTIVE MARKETING. If you don’t do this you are not an effective marketer and that doesn’t exactly make you the most professional business owner! Harsh but true!
So after reading this post you’re either going to be thanking me or feeling disappointed/worried that you haven’t got these three things down! Don’t despair… like I said, don’t give up YOU CAN DO THIS!

And I can help you with all three of these critical elements and much more!

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About the author 

Jennifer Hall

Jen Hall is Business Clarity Coach for Coaches, Consultants & Experts who want to become Unrivalled Go-To Experts.

Jen not only gets you clear on your micro-niche, message and what makes you unique and desirable, but she helps you to define what makes you an irrefutable offer to the market so you can position yourself as a high-end 'must have' option for your prospects.

She is a Multi-Award Winning Speaker and Best Selling Author of Expert Unrivalled.

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