December 1, 2021

Are you feeling like things are not as fresh in your business as they used to be? In this episode, I’m going to share how you can refresh your niche and message so you feel excited about your business again.

In this episode I cover:

What you need to consider when things start to feel stale

How you can change things up without changing your niche

And why you need to evolve.

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Refresh your niche and messaging

If you have been in business a while, you start to feel things get stale. You are less excited about your business. This is the time to review your business. Think about what you are about and why you started your business in the first place. Not because of all the selfish – but valid – reasons like working around the kids. Instead, I want you to think about your “why”.

Why do you do this in the first place for other people? What are you passionate about? And what is your real mission?

I have been reflecting on these questions. For me, if I drill down to my big why – it is because I love to see women who want to impact other people. And who have that incredible ambition to build something and create their own financial freedom.

This is my big why. I see so many people not following their dreams. People who give up on their dream because they do not have the knowledge to make it work. It’s about the mindset around knowing that it is possible for you and knowing you are worth more than you give credit for. It’s about growing into your expertise.

Also, on a strategy level, it’s about understanding what works in business and what doesn’t. Being great at what you do and having that defined mission does not mean you will be great in business. I wasn’t great when I first started out. I have many failed businesses under my belt because I did not know what I was doing. Business is not taught in school. There are critical skills that are not taught in university.

My big why

You need to learn the skills from the people who have been there and done it. And it is often taught by people who have not yet demonstrated success, and who regurgitate things that they believe to be important without putting it into practice.

This is why I exist. My sales coach told me that if I did not step up and put myself out there as the expert, someone else who is worse at what I do, will. When you market yourself and learn these strategies, anyone can put themselves out there. Listen to my episode about writing a best-selling book versus evergreen books, where I share how easy it is to get to the top of TripAdvisor with marketing.

You can sell anything without any integrity behind you. I know my listeners and readers do have credibility and integrity behind them. Yet, you do not need these to sell or make money. My why it to ensure those who are great at what they do, and want to position themselves as a specialist in their field, can make money from it. It is disheartening seeing talent go to waste. There are so many people that have not tapped into your expertise and are missing out.

I need to come back to my big why to remind myself about what I do.

Come back to your niche

If you do not already have a niche, this is a great opportunity for you to look at your “why” and put a flag in the sand to become known for something. That is something to get excited about. To finally acknowledge that something in your business has not been working and get niched.

You can then get other people excited about what you do. Niching is a choice between having success and not having success. How long will you struggle until you niche down? To reach someone and make an impact.


If you have a niche but it starts feeling boring. Perhaps you have shifted? We are ever-evolving beings. In EverTrek, we change and expand. I ran an expert session for a client mastermind, telling the story of Ever Trek and the change.

Andy is the founder of EverTrek, with a passion for travel and trekking. To inspire and facilitate people’s dreams. People create reasons to not follow their dreams – like believing you need to be the fittest person to trek to Everest Base Camp. In fact, it is easier than you tell yourself it is. So, we want to break down these barriers.

Andy wanted to do everything when we started out. Run scuba diving trips, sea fishing, trekking and so on. With knowing the niche, I steered him away from doing this. And it is easier to listen to an outside source than a family member. We then took it to the micro-niche of Everest Base Camp and it felt good.

This takes away the overwhelm of running different trips. The suppliers, the marketing content, the logistics. It gives you a place to start.

You can never position yourself as someone to go to if you are never going to specialise. Making this move, EverTrek could go deep on our content. We do so to this day and we are still finding new topics to talk about. The landscape and marketplace are ever-changing. There is always something new and fresh to talk about.

Why go to another company that runs multiple trips when you want to go to Everest Base Camp? We still have people who sacrifice their deposits with other companies because we are known for running treks to Everest Base Camp.

Change the niche

But then we changed things up. It is not smart to stick with one place in terms of what could happen in that country. We wanted to expand but without diluting that niche. We did not do this because it felt stale but because it was a smart thing to do.

As we added more destinations, we needed to look at our positioning statement so we could still cut through without becoming a generalist. We shifted the niche and stuck with high-altitude trekking. The UK’s number one high-altitude trekking specialist. We expand the niche slightly and make the shift. A new world is opened up and expanded to new areas.

Small shifts helped us expand our reach and business without diluting our niche. You can change and sidestep your niche.

Go deep on one thing

A recent Elevate client was covering a few different areas of careers. Helping people get confidence going for new jobs, and redundancy. We wanted to create a funnel and niche for something very specific. This client raised her prices so she is being paid her worth. Her strategy pulls people in from a particular area – female leaders in a new role who feel out of their depth. It has made this client multi-five figures from one masterclass and made the step to niche.

Making the statement on going deep on one particular thing can get you excited. You can see the impact. You can see how you will transform someone.

Get excited

Another way I help Elevate members get excited is when they start moving in a new direction. It is not about taking a U-Turn on what you are known for. Do not turn your back on what you have achieved so far. Instead, bring a new dimension into this.

For example, I have a client who is about financial abundance and manifestation. For this client, it is about being a mum rather than all about the money. It is about doing it while pregnant, raising a family and having a business that generates a lot of money while having space to breathe. We made the new dimension about space and money as this is what she creates. It is about balance without sacrifice.

It goes into what your big why is and take that even further.

Another client is about burnout and creating more space in your life. Plus, creating ease and abundance not being crippled by lack of time. This client felt something was missing from her message. So she shifted the ideal client to look at those more spiritually inclined. People who want a spiritual connection as well as more space. This allows them to make an impact while creating a life they want while creating their own version of success.

Embrace the evolution

You can see how these evolutions happen. A shift in the client creates a shift in the messaging. There are new problems that need new solutions and so you find a new calling. And you can probably feel this in yourself. Life changes dramatically, adjust in line with this.

By exploring what this might look like can help you find the light and excitement again. While still being super specific, staying relevant and in demand. It also lengthens your customer journey so they want to stay with you. It keeps your customers with you as long as you don’t veer too far from your flag in the sand.

However, if you have been struggling and your “why” is so far removed from what you do – then do change it up. It doesn’t always need to be this dramatic. There are so many ways you can change things within a niche without changing the niche.

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