June 10, 2020

Whatever level you’re at whether that’s 5, 6, 7 figures or even just starting out, we ALL love that feeling of waking up having made a ton of money overnight knowing that the money means you’ll also be changing and transforming lives! 

In this episode I’m sharing the key to that ‘overnight success’ and why visibility and consistency is NOT necessarily the thing that will generate the surge in sudden monetary success.

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Want to create an overnight success breakthrough? In this episode, I'm going to show you how to do that.
Hello and welcome to yet another episode of the Expert Unrrvalled Podcast. My name is Jen Hall. I'm your business positioning coach and market leadership expert. And in today's episode, we're talking all around emulating the overnight success. But before we get stuck into this episode, I'd just like to shout out Debbie John, who has been shouting at all about my podcast and spreading the news. And this is really, really helpful guys. So if you know of anybody who you think would love to listen to this podcast, please do share it. And obviously please do leave me a review as well, because it just helps the natural organic reach of this podcast. And it really does help more and more people to access the juicy goodness that is within these episodes. So please do make sure that you share. Share the goodness. Don't keep it to yourself because then we can share the love and spread it on, pass it on and help more people have more business success.
And, but Debbie John, just to give her a quick shout out, she's fantastic. She's come up with a brand new groundbreak breaking way of helping to heal children from things like anger from behavioral issues and things like that with her play healing technique. So I just wanted to give her a quick shout out. So thank you very much, Debbie, for shouting all around the podcast. I appreciate it. And then anyone else who decides to leave me a review or share the goodness then please do let me know who you've recommended. Leave me a review and I will make sure that you get a shout out on the expert unrivaled podcast. I feel like I'm on a radio show. Anyway, back to today's episode. Now today's episode is all around this overnight success. Now, have you heard of the expression: I'm an overnight success that took 10 years in the making?
Now, this really resonates with me because I I've spoken about a bit about my story on the last episode, but I spent many years, I've been an entrepreneur since I was 19 years old. You know, it was this obsession with creating businesses. I loved starting businesses up. I went through quite a few and you know, quite a lot of them failed. And you know, when I say failed, I gave up on them because they just weren't making the money. And it was a huge struggle. I tried turning like hobbies into, into businesses and they just became a huge thorn in my side and the hobby that I want to enjoy didn't become a hobby anymore. And I really just wanted to make money and that's when I realized that yes you know, money, isn't the be all end, all of everything, but it's certainly is part of being running a business because if you don't make money from, if you want to be spiritual about it through you know, running a business, that's in alignment with your purpose, then you know, you're gonna find that you become resentful, bitter, annoyed that you'll give, give, give, give giving, but never actually getting anything in return.
So money is a fair exchange of energy. And, you know, at the end of the day, you're running a business and the key to running a business is the business makes money. That is one of its key you know, KPIs first success, is it making money? If it's not, then you arguably are you even running a business? Your possibly, if you're not making money out of it, running a very expensive hobby that stings a lot, doesn't it? Or, you know, you're just creating a very, very busy job where you don't actually end up getting paid a lot of money for it, and you don't get paid for your holiday time. You don't get paid for your sick time and you don't get paid when people don't pay you. So it's really important that we actually get paid for your services.
So that's super, super important. Business equals making money. And if you don't, it really becomes the biggest frustration. So this whole thing around, you know, the overnight success that took 10 years in the making, for me, it was about these multiple failed businesses that I gave up on because, you know, and even some of them were generating some money. I don't get me wrong. They weren't all completely like never making any money at all, but they weren't making the kinds of money that I wanted to make. It was never really sort of hitting the spot in that mark. And it was only really over sort of the last six years that I really started to see progress. And in each of those stages, I had these kinds of breakthrough moments, you know, where for instance, I had my first like 10 K day where I was like, Oh my gosh, this is amazing.
I've made 10 K in one day. That was incredible. That kind of felt like an overnight success moment. And then, you know, just recently, specifically for my coaching business, I had a day where I made 50k. So you can see that, you know, that those, those successes can absolutely snowball and they will end up being bigger and bigger as the years go on. But for some of you, you might even be at the stage where you haven't even got that 10k day. You haven't even got maybe that a grand day, whatever, whatever that looks like for you, you know, we all start somewhere. We all start at the bottom and this is something that I'm really, really passionate. I talk about talking about the moment because people start seeing people talking about their successes and how amazing the last launch went on all of these things and it's easy to feel that comparison kind of rise up within us and that feeling of less than, and them, but I'm not there yet.
And what's wrong with me and why am I getting it? And it's very easy to be in that position because I have been in that position. Because you just under, like, I am equally as passionate. I am equally as talented, but yet I'm not seeing the results. And one of the biggest reasons that you are not seeing the results is because dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, your message is not hitting the spots. A lot of people like to blame the fact that you're not being visible enough or that you are not getting out there and all of these other things, but actually if you're getting yourself in front of those who would be great clients for you, and then when you're speaking and talking or writing or putting whatever it is in front of them, if that's not making them go, yes, I need to be, you know, I need to be on that session.
I need your services. I need to have a call with you. I need to find out more. I need to go listen to your podcast, you to go read that blog, because this is exactly what I'm need right now. If you're not getting that immediate reaction. And this is something I spoke about on the last episode, I think around getting that instant reaction in seconds. If you're not getting that, then you're just going to be going around with a really loud microphone, spouting off a very poor message that is just going to waste energy for you and the people listening to you. You know, when that happens and you keep doing that actually consistently, you find that actually it damages your reputation more than it does help it because people start to switch off. You know, it's a bit like to give you a little insight into my personal life here.
My sister blesser turned me off on Facebook because she was just like, Oh God, please stop talking about your business all the time. And that's fine. You know, that's her. But guess what? She's not my ideal client, which is why she wants to switch off from all of my notifications. And it bores her to death. Hearing me talk about it all the time. It really excites me and it excites my ideal clients. And when that message is out in front of my ideal clients, I get instant reactions. I get instant followers and I get in some cases, instant sales. So, you know, you have to obviously make sure that you're not taking into account. The fact that you all you're talking to the right people because the wrong people will switch off anyway, regardless of how great your messages. But if you're in a right in front of the right people that, you know, gosh, you know, I was made to serve you.
And yet I'm being completely overlooked by you. And if you're not getting that person saying, Oh my gosh, yes, I need to get in your world to find out more about what you do. Then you, haven't got, you, haven't hit the nail on the head. And the more you go out there with this mediocre message, which isn't hitting the spot for your ideal clients and you keep going on about it, they will start to unfollow you. They will start to switch off and you will actually start to damage your credibility because they're just like, Oh gosh, it's her against him again, talking about X, Y, and Z. I'm not interested. And it grates on people, you actually start to lose followers. So it's really important from the, from the first step, if you want that overnight success feeling, if you're feeling like you've plateaued and that you're kind of, you know, even if you've been in business awhile, but you're just not seeing the leads come in anymore, everything's started to stagnate.
It's all going a bit sluggish. Or if you have been trying, like I used to for years to try and make it work, but you feel like you're banging your head on a brick wall because nobody's listening to you. You feel like you're justifying, you feel like you're convincing. And you're not seeing that sudden, Oh my gosh, yes. I need to hear about, more about what you do reaction. Then something needs to change your messaging is the first thing that has to change. Visibility. Yes. Is a problem. So for instance, if you are not, you know, getting out there in front of the right people at all, then yes, that would be an issue as well. But you know, it's not because you're not being consistent enough, It's not because you're not showing up enough because, you know, let me be really honest with you.
I've had a period recently where I've had a huge influx of clients. And so the only thing that I've been able to cope with right now is helping those clients get incredible results, by the way, you want to shout out Francis Callahan who has just sold her first high end package, whoop well done to you. And we have a package creating intensive just recently. And she just sold that first, that first high end package. So I'm so, so pleased for you. You know, she has doubled the ROI on what she paid me, so whoop well done. But yeah, I have just been so focused on helping my clients who have paid me because obviously I've also got homeschooling and stuff to deal with. I have a life outside of work and say, I haven't had time to be focusing on generating new leads right now, but that will come.
I will make time for that. But at the end of the day, when I am visible, when people are seeing my stuff, when I do have, you know, I've obviously got content on evergreen content, again, with the messaging that I know that works, that I know will generate leads because it's been proven to that goes out there and that can be on in the evergreen. And so I still, I'm still getting people, you know, join my world through, you know, people referring me through that evergreen content where they're jumping onto my list because I've got my call to action, absolutely everywhere and all of my stuff to either download something or to join a strategy session or to jump on a call with me, wherever that might be. That's lurking in the background as well to be working for me whilst I'm working with my clients, but I obviously will make time.
But I know that when I make time for lead generation, it gets results. You don't have to be on it 24 seven, you know, this old way of being in groups, 24, seven posting networking, sorry. When are you going to have time to serve the people that have paid you once you do finally start getting clients? You know, it's not a strategy that is, that is going to work moving forward. And so yes, being visible to the right people is important, but more importantly, being visible to the right people with the right message that hits the spot is even more important. It's not equally as important. It's more important because you know, like I said, the consistency and the being on line all of the time jam, it doesn't have to be the way, you know, that's some people like it.
Some people like being on social media all the time and that's fine, that's fine for them. But for a lot of us, it's like for me, Oh my gosh, I find it exhausting. You know, I try sometimes I think I do the Gary V thing where I'm just like, Hey, the other day I was like sitting out in the garden in our new hot tub. And I was like, Hey Jay, what? This is something I would like to share. And I spoke about not just like, look at me and my hot tub. It was a little bit, I'm not going to lie, but it was more about, I remember a time when, you know, lines were blurred where I used to be a workaholic and just always working, working, working, never really taking any time out. You know, we're never taking any time out for me or my family, you know, I was constantly on it and, you know, and I realized I didn't want to live like that.
I didn't want to be like that. And so I've made time to sit and stop and chill and relax and spend time with my family. It's very important. And you know, part of the reason by the way that I used to be like that is because I wasn't seeing results with the message that I was having, you know, I wasn't seeing the results. And so therefore I was push, push, push, push, push, push, keep getting visible, keep being out there, keep being consistent because I was told that was the key to success. I just need to keep getting out there, you know? And, Oh my gosh, it's just exhaust me talking about it and thinking about it. You need to realize that, you know, you can't experience overnight success if you've, if you've got the right message and you're putting it in front of the right people, you will suddenly see a sudden surge of everyone going, Ooh, that's something I need to pay attention to.
And yes, I would like it. Thank you very much because I can see it's necessary. I can see ID debt. I can see that you are the person to help me with this. I can see that I can trust you. I can see that you're the specialist in this specific thing. And my gosh. Yes, you're right. My problem is that bad or gosh, yes, you're right. I really do want that result and I don't want to wait any longer for it. How long am I going to sit on this before I actually do something? And you really made me feel like I need to just start taking action right now, when you get to that point with your message, you know, that it works because you've tried it on one and it worked. It's going to, you know, you put it in front of another ideal client is going to work again, by the way.
And again, and again, and again, you can replicate it so that, you know, every time that you show up with that message, you will experience that overnight success, that that overnight success feeling should I say, and that will, you know, gradually snowball. And like I said, each time, that's how we've grown 700% in the last few years, because we've consistently shown up with a consistent message that we know is work. We know works. Yes. That message has to be revised as well, by the way, it's not the same message. It's a proven message. But with tweaks because the market changes, the landscape changes and you know, your message can sometimes have a shelf life. You know, and it's the way that you reinvent it and reposition it. And rehandle it to people that keeps it alive.
But yeah. You know, so please stop, please, please, please stop wearing yourself out, banging your head on a wall with a message that isn't taking effect. Stop, take a breath and go, is this message working? Be honest about it Yes or no? If it's not, then you need to sort it. Okay. That's really, really important because now you get it sorted, then you'll never go to, you're never going to get there. And that's something I've been really focusing on recently with a bunch of new clients that I've had coming in, both from a seven figure level, a six figure level, and also a new pivots starting brand new level as well. Every level that I've been working with on every business has been messaging. Let's make sure that this message is hitting the spot with where you want to be, because if you've pivoted, then you know, a lot of the time the message gets diluted for some weird reason.
We all try when we pivot and that everything broadens up and gets a bit murky and it doesn't hit the spot. So, you know, it's not something a one and done experience. Yes. Messaging is something you need to be continually focusing on in order to make sure you can create that success every time. But, you know, I've been working with these clients on their messaging or at every single level it's so important. You know, it's never something that I skip because even if someone tells you to have a great message, personally, I know that I can tie it up even more fun, tune it, to make it even more great and amazing, and even more fine tuned. There's always room for improvement, right. But it's something we always focus on. It's something we have to go through to ensure that every kind of campaign strategy that you put alongside that message will work.
And actually, it was really interesting. We were watching the film around Brexit last night that features Benedict Cumberbatch. And it was all about the message, you know? I don't like getting involved in like political things. I'm just going to say, though, I wanted to stay in the year that's that's. That was where my vape was. I want to say that not to divide people, I'm just being transparent. That's where my beliefs were on that. But you know, I couldn't help, but watch this, you know, how they worked in terms of the you know, getting the extra 3 million voters as this kind of like private propaganda. Totally, totally not on board with that, for whatever political views, you know, standpoint, you Turk, that was for me an underhanded tactic when it comes to politics anyway, trying not to get too much into that, but the reason I'm saying that is because I'm about to tell you that actually I was in awe of how he was working to create a message that really drove it home to the people that he was targeting.
And that's really key is that when I work with my ideal clients, I can't judge the ideal client. I don't try and sway the belief or sway the opinion, because if it hits the hits, the person that you want to be working with, then go for your life. And that's what they did. They did real life risk research. They did real life market research to find out the pain points and the reasons why people wanted to leave. And then they created a message that encompassed it, which was take back control. You know, that's the message that they put out there consistently to drive that message home, to, to get those non-voters voting and to get those that, you know, work are going to vote that way anyway, on board as well. So it's messaging is so important. It's impactful. It changes the way the world works.
And if you don't get in there first, it made me sad because it makes me, it makes me, it makes me so passionate because I'm just like, you can see that, you know, the way you don't know what everything everything's glamorized in a film, right? Isn't it it's taken and it's, and it's, and it's put and positioned in a certain way and it's angled in a certain way. But the way it was portrayed in the film was the Cummings, you know, was really more focused on winning than he was about the message. He was a clever marketer. He was, you know, he talked about the metrics of politics. He talked about, you know, getting in the back door that inception, you know, he's a great marketer and that's what marketing is about, but it's about how you use it. Are you going to use it to help get your message across what your passionate about what you believe is right?
What you believe is just what you believe is good, what you believe will help your tribe, your people, whether that's a political level, whether that's at a, you know a different level of business, level of health level, relationship, level, whatever you believe is like, you know, what is wrong with the system of the way things are currently done? If you don't articulate it in a understandable, simple, emotionally compelling way, there will be people out there that you fundamentally disagree with doing better, doing well, making money from what they do, you know, putting their message out there and getting incredible results. Because I'm remind you on nearly every episode that how good you are and what you do means absolutely to your financial results. It's all about how you market, what you do. And so you have to be willing to get, to become a better marketing this whole, Oh, you just want to focus on being, and doing the thing you do that you love.
You don't want to be worried about marketing. You might, that might be true, but guys, here's the truth, bomb unless, you get excited unless you get good, unless you make marketing a focus in your business to get it right with your message, you will just be running a busy, expensive hobby. That just becomes a big thorn in your side. There's the truth of it. Otherwise you are going to be watching everyone else make a success out of it and you won't be. And that will just build up that bitter resentment, get good at being a marketer so that you can spread the goodness of what you truly believe is right for your tribe, right, for your people. So otherwise, if someone less good at what you do, will take that position, you know, take the lead, become that market leader, because if you don't someone else will.
You know that you've got a lot of gold to bring to the table, you know, that you can really truly transform people's lives, then stop messing about with a mediocre message, get it sorted. By the way, if you want to get it sorted and you want the right person to help you with that, I'd just like to put my hat in the ring. This is my jam is what I do. Every single client that I work with will contest to that. I promise you and, and feel free by the way, to request names. And I will send you a bunch of them and you can go and do your stalking as much as you like. And you probably would have already heard that. I'm also pretty good at messaging by the podcast episodes. If you're new to the podcast, please do go and binge.
The first three are epic. So feel free to get all the way back to the beginning. I mean, they're all pretty epic if you don't mind myself saying, but make sure that these first three are a good place to start. So if you go back to episode one you're going to find some, you know, some serious golden those, and those first three episodes, but yeah. Dip in dip out and you will see, obviously I will be sharing, you know, messaging tips throughout those episodes as well. But if you do want help with that, and you just want to get that overnight success feeling once and for all, then please do. You're cool with me. My link is in the show notes and it is bit.ly/claritycallpodcast. And you know, for some people, this might sound a bit braggy and a bit like, Oh, you know, we're looking at you blowing a trumpet.
And in the last episode, I actually talked about this as being one of the reasons for my success is that I'm not afraid to blow my own trumpet. You know, there are things that I'm not so good at, and there are things that I'm really good at, and I'm happy to share about the things I am very good at. And that is one of them. Messaging is one of my biggest jams. And so you need to make sure that you, you get some of that, like I said, I'm very confident about that. There are no, there aren't any flies on me. So anyway, I would like to offer you the opportunity, do jump on a call with me if you want to get that sorted otherwise, however you do it, make sure that you get your message sorted make sure that it happens because if you don't, you will always have that, Oh gosh, I'm just wading through treacle.
Let's make it easy. Let's make making money easy. And let's make sure that you articulate what you do as something that is seriously valuable, seriously wanted, and that you weren't articulating a need for your services, whether you are solving a bleeding neck issue or whether you are actually helping someone build a bridge, whatever that is, you know, whether it's like, well, you know, you're being, you're more of an ambitious aspirational seller. We still need to articulate the need for it. What are you leaving on the table by not taking action right now? What's in the future that you could be taking a piece of that cake right now, but you're choosing not to, you know, you need to be able to articulate without using necessarily cake metaphors urgency and that need to start, you know, buying from you, use marketing for good use marketing for goods.
You know, anyone can use it. That's the thing, it's whether you choose to use it for good. And that's why so many people have got burnt because marketing has been used for not great purposes to get a quick bucket, but actually on the backend the fulfillment isn't there. And that's the thing. This is why so many great people do not get the in because the people who are so focused on making the money here, put a lot of time and effort into their marketing. That's where their efforts gone to. And that's not to say that every great marketer doesn't serve their clients. I'm not saying that, but this is how people have got burned because these people have got really good at that. But actually they're not really great at what they do on the other side is so people have bought into it because they think it looks amazing and then they don't end up getting the service.
You guys who aren't seeing those results are usually because you've been putting a focus effort into honing in your skillset, honing in your expertise getting that experience. But now it's time for you to start being paid for it. And it's time for you to start focusing your efforts on that marketing so that you can change lives because you guys that will prevail because those people out there who were really good at marketing, but not great at what they do. You know, whilst they'll keep that turnover of new people and these poor victims who come through non the wiser thinking, Oh gosh, I'm going to get a great result. And they don't, but they won't continue to buy. And the money is in the repeat buyers, the people who buy from you once, and then the lifetime value of that customer continues because they're like, wow, this was great.
And you can continue to monetize that because they just see the results time and time and time again, you guys will be the ones that prevail because they will see that they will see that you are amazing at what you do. And the fact that these people will then have a great experience and they will refer you on. So you get that third party credibility where people keep passing on the message. And that's when you start hitting that market leadership level, because you've got people sharing your message for you. And that gets over to the wider markets. And you can start spreading a lot quicker in terms of making sure that your reach really does get amplified. And, you know, that's why you will prevail over those people who are great marketers, but not great at what they do. But unless you start focusing on the marketing they never going to get that.
So anyway, that's my little podcast rant for today, and I hope it was interesting. I hope that you were inspired to actually take action, whatever level you're at, whether you're a beginner, whether you're a seven figure seven figure earner to really focus back in on that message to make sure it's on point sharp and really getting that reaction because whatever level you're at, when you focus on that messaging, you will amplify your results. There we go. I will see you guys in the next episode. Don't forget guys, book your call using the link in the comments, but it's bit.lyclaritycallpodcast. Have a chat with me and we can see how we can work together to get your message on points. Take care guys. See you in the next episode.

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