May 18, 2022

Anyone can put together a package but how do you put together a package that sells like hotcakes?

In this episode I talk about:-

How to create packages that are irrefutable to your ideal client
– Why it’s the first thing you should be thinking about before anything else in your business
– The simple marketing message that will bring huge sales results whether you’re selling high-ticket or not.
– Plus many more tips and tricks to create an offering that won’t be refused!

Creating Irrefutable Packages

There is an art to creating packages. Some people find the process easier than others. It’s important to hit the mark with packages with the selling points. Working with Frances Kelleher, I looked at her packages and then went on to sell a high-end, high-ticket package and make back her investment with me. I love to see clients making more money than they’ve invested in me. It can be done when you create irresistible packages.

Start with market research

When I say ‘create’, you don’t want to create anything until you have sold it. This can sound scary, especially if you are in perfectionism mode. As you might be setting yourself up for failure. Instead, we need to be doing some market research.

My favourite way to do market research is to outline some packages and see if they hit. When you create a new package or programme, you need to make certain assumptions. You have to make assumptions when you first create things. You need these to be educated assumptions rather than a stab in the dark.

What you don’t want to do is create a whole passive income product and all the content then put it out to find that no one cares about it. Or that the messaging isn’t right. Then you have to change everything you do because something isn’t right.

Instead, sell it first and then build it. When you get the first sale it validates what you’ve built. You know that people want it. Then you can create your programme. For example, if you’re doing a group programme you may want to create the first couple of modules and then pause.

In the past, I’ve created the first module – and sometimes I’ve not done the module until the week before it starts – then create as I go. I prefer working this way as I’ll get a steer from my clients in the programme. Understanding their struggles gives you better insight into what you need to do.

People aren’t paying for PDFs, let’s remember that. They buy the results. Create the route towards the result they want.

You can outline what will be in there and plan each module or step. Have the supporting materials and any content you’ve already made ready. You may not even need the supporting material but have the steps in place.

Know what you will sell first and foremost

Many people jump straight into content creation and building an audience. This can be counterintuitive to what we are trying to do. You are running a business to make money so you need to think about what you’re selling first. Creating content that makes sense for selling this product needs to be done before you start building an audience. Else you’ll be talking about topics that make no sense to the product. It will confuse your buyer and they will not buy.

Think about the campaigns you’ll run to build the audience and nurture people. The danger of not working this way is that you may end up attracting the wrong audience. You need to create messaging for the right person for your product.

Who will buy your package?

You are creating a package for a person. Yes, you are serving a market but you are also serving individuals in that market. How can you create the best package for them? That has all the bells and whistles to help them achieve their results. If you’re selling high-ticket it means giving them the best experience to charge more.

However, if you are creating a high-ticket package, you also want to consider the big problem you’re solving. Or the big goal you’re helping them to achieve. When people can see the return on investment from working with you, then they will do whatever it takes as it will be worth it.

The bigger the investment, the more people are willing to put on the line. Equally, the bigger the problem then the more someone will spend. See where you sit in terms of those price points. You have the ability to change the messaging to attract the kind of people you want to work with. You get to decide who you want to serve. They need to be a real person – so think about an actual person suffering from the problem.

If you are selling high-ticket, are they ambitious or suffering a problem? Additionally, you can create a luxury experience as an add-on. You can also provide a high level of support and access to you.

Regardless of the level you sell at who you are selling to? What do they want? What is the problem?

Understand the outcome

What is the one outcome that your product will solve? When you approach this in a simple way, it makes the marketing of your product so much easier. It cuts to the heart of what it’s about.

Once people are hooked on your product, then they can delve into it and you can explain the benefits. Don’t come out of the gate with all of the stuff, all at once. It will confuse people and dilute the message. Make your marketing simple. Explain the transformation in clear language.

Focus on the transformation and where they end up. Paint the picture of what this looks like and the impact the results will have on their lives.


Context is incredibly important. When we look at who we’re selling to, we need to be clear in the language we use to sell our product so that one person can immediately understand what the offer is. It needs to fit them like a glove.

How can you show them that this product is designed specifically for them? The way we do this is by using situational language so they can identify themselves. And that they can identify the problem. Identify the situations that they find themselves in and the struggles they have. See it like a day-in-the-life-of. How can you position your package to speak to them in their daily experiences?

Get down to the granular. For E.g. “do you find yourself sitting at your computer with no clue about the content you need to write to sell your products and services?” Go on and describe their day and the problem and emotions involved.

Bring the context, emotion and feeling into your language. Show that you also understand their dream and transformation. This will help them understand their return on investment.

Why will this work versus the other options?

Your client has the option to buy all the other options on the market. What makes yours the one for them? Share what is in your package that makes it work so well. What do you cover inside of it? When you can create the Unique Magic Bullet – the unique benefit to your ideal client – your products become more special. People can see why everything doesn’t work and they get an epiphany moment.

You also need to consider your overall sales funnel and the flow of traffic. Get the right eyeballs on your content that educates why they’ve struggled so far. And that their answer is in this package that you’ve created. There needs to be a customer journey within your package. This means cracking your messaging to build an audience for the right people for your product.

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