March 24, 2021

You’re not the only one who’s feeling the need to take a break from business and step back – the current situation and the global burnout is affecting so many. But not everyone is in the same boat – there are many out there right now who LOVE their business and it’s working FOR them during these turbulent times instead of something that drains them. 

In this episode I talk about the five areas you need to assess and potentially change in your business to create a business you don’t want/need to take a break from. 

I’m also sharing my insights on ‘when to call it a day’ with your current business.

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Create a business you love again

When you fall out of love with your business it is usually because something is not in alignment. Cora Darlington says “when things don’t feel right, we want to retreat. It’s the difference between self-care and radical self-nurture.”

You can create a life that you don’t need to run away from. And that flows and has space to breathe.

Have we created something that we don’t want to run away from? And that we want to grow and nurture? We need to create the right business eco-system for us.

So, in most cases it is not the time to take a break or quit.

Times when you do need to take a break

  • When you need compassionate leave
  • Feeling burnt out
  • For health reasons

But we should be creating a business that allows for these things to happen. We should create a business that allows for life to happen. Rather than a business take over our lives.

5 areas you need to re-design to create a business that you love

1. Boundaries

If you do not have boundaries in place, you will resent your business. You need boundaries with yourself and with your clients. This can include how many hours you work, when you work and how many clients you take on. You need to stick to these boundaries. However, if it feels good to you, you can break these boundaries. If you’re in the flow of doing something then it makes sense to break the boundaries.

There is a difference between this and working all hours. If you find these boundaries are being broken all the time, it’s time to check in with yourself and see what is going on. Then you need to reaffirm that boundary with yourself.

Breaking boundaries is a sure-fire way to feel misaligned and resent your business. Or even your clients. Setting good boundaries at the start of your work with your client and then you have realistic expectation. As does your client.

2. Delivery Method

One of the main reasons I see for people wanting to pull back from their coaching business is because they have taken on too many one-to-one clients. This can easily catch us out. And often happens at the start of your business.

Personally, I phased out Voxer from my business as I could feel it draining me. I know that Voxer works well for many of my clients, and that’s great. But that delivery method doesn’t work for me.

It is about balancing your client needs along with your own. Is there anything you can tweak or remove? Or change to another platform?

3. Pricing

You could be happy with what you are delivering but it may be that the price is making you pull back from your business. If you are not earning enough for what you are giving – then there is a problem. You need to consider raising your prices to reflect what it is that you are delivering.

Pricing is essentially an energy-exchange. It is what you are giving versus what you are getting back. If what you are giving is not worth what you are getting back then you need to look at this.

You need to give good value for your clients. If you are happy to over-deliver on a price then you have hit the right spot. If you are not, then you are not charging enough.

4. Mission, Messaging, Relevancy

Having a passion for what you do is important. If you are not excited, then your business will fall. You will have the Sunday-night dread. One of the reasons you run your own business is so that you do not have that dread. If you are feeling this – then it might be the time to pivot.

If you’re messaging is attracting nightmare clients, then your messaging may need to change. You can do the same thing but position yourself at a different level. Then you can attract clients who will pay you what you are worth and appreciate it.

If you are feeling tired by your messaging then you may need to tweak it. Finding a new way of talking about what you do and deliver may be about relevancy. Does it speak to the pain points of your clients at this time? Does it talk about the goals of people at this time.

This is something we need to remind ourselves about on a regular basis. And we need to go back to our mission. Why are we here serving these people?

By going back to our mission, we focus on why we started in the first place. We remind ourselves of our passion. Plus to look at how far we have come and the success of our clients.

If your ‘why’ has changed, then you need to consider a pivot in your business. It may be that you need to change your business so that you reignite that passion.

5 Facing rejection

If you are facing rejection and struggling for clients, then you will feel unfulfilled in your business. Likewise, if there is a cap on how much you can earn because you are charging by the hour then you start to resent your business.

When I shifted my business into coaching – it was a struggle and made me want to retreat at times – but I knew I would do whatever it takes to make it work.

Time to change?

When you feel like quitting, rather than quit, think about what you can do to change things. Decide what needs to change right now for you to feel happy with your business.

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Jennifer Hall

Jen Hall is Business Clarity Coach for Coaches, Consultants & Experts who want to become Unrivalled Go-To Experts.

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