September 2, 2020

I preach niching from a marketing perspective because without a niche your marketing is weak and therefore sales will never excel. 

BUT did you know that niching doesn’t just help your sales – it will also help you to charge far more than you currently are, get a higher conversion of clients AND will supercharge the results you get for your clients. Listen now to find out how…

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Niching. Isn't all about marketing, but also about supercharging your client results.
Hello, and welcome to another episode of the Expert Unrivalled Podcast. My name is Jen Hall. I'm your business positioning coach and Market Leadership Expert. And in this episode now I'm back from sunny Greece. My gosh, it was super sunny, like 38 degrees, sunny, so sunny that I could barely walk and we lived in the pool a week. But I back in this episode is all around how niching can actually help to supercharge your client results. Now, I felt really compelled to talk about that this, this week, it is a shorter episode this week due to the fact that I have come back of holiday and my gosh, I've got an influx of new clients and other things going on. So I apologize for the shortness of this one, but I actually thought it was, this is a topic that I've been wanting to share for such a long time, but it's not necessarily a, a lengthy one.
It's not gonna take ages for me to make my point here, but it didn't want to share something with you that I've noticed from both experience and also from clients experience as well around what we talk about niching as something that really helps our marketing helps it become more refined to helps us to fine tune. It become more targeted, helps us to resonate with our ideal client in terms of looking at those specific outcomes, that much, their specific situation, that much who they are, what they want and will the problems that they're dealing with. When we confine that niche, our marketing is super charged. It becomes far more targeted, very laser sharp, and we can find that we make so much more traction and becoming known for that thing and getting clients on board. Now, that's all great. And that's what we want, right?
We want the money. We want the clients, we want the, the successful business and all of those things too, but actually something else that really, really, that it really helps is to supercharge your client results. And there's a reason Pinus. And actually, if you think about it, it is also related to business success because if your clients are doing well, it means that you're going to get more referrals. You're going to be able to shout about those you know, great results and that in turn will mean more clients, seeing more potential clients, seeing those results and wanting to jump on board as well. So it does work in both a business success way as well as a client success way. But the reason why it's super charges your client results is because you both have an end goal to work towards.
It becomes far more measurable when you have that outcome that are promising somebody. And do you know what a lot of the time we know one of the biggest reasons that's potential clients saying no to you when you're looking at selling your stuff is because we are too afraid to promise that end result. We are too afraid to say, this is where we're heading. And that is one of the biggest reasons why people find it so difficult to niche down because they have this fear of promising this fear of what if I can't get the result for that person and all of these other things. I'm very quickly on that case. When you feel someone that's hearing this going, yeah, that's me. Please tell me more. If you are that person who is thinking that, then you have to think of it like this.
You cannot be 100% responsible for somebody else's results. You can't be, no it's all within our nature to want to do that. But you know, myself included, right? I have to remind myself on a regular basis but I am not fully responsible for my client's results because I get too passionate and i care deeply about their success that I contend to as that caring person take on board that full responsibility. But it just isn't, there is a two way relationship in any relationship, you know, it's what you bring to the table and what they bring to the table. Of course it has to be with an integrity, all right, an expert and by that, you know, I'm just going to call it a spade a spade here. You have to be confident to call yourself an expert and here's all the time, you know, no, one's really an expert.
No one knows this. You have to feel confident enough to call yourself an expert, because if you're not, then you are going to show that on confidence when it comes to talking to potential clients. And when it comes to even dealing with them, once they've said yes to you, and then you're coming across as unwavering and not sure about what you mean, you do have to be straight down the line, straight down the middle, confident that you know what you're talking about. And the absolutely. If someone is to follow all the advice that you've given them, that they will end up getting, you know, the same or similar results. But the thing is you cannot guarantee anything. And the reason you can't guarantee anything is because it also relies on their part. You know, it relies on their action, taking it relies on them, harnessing certain, certain attributes, getting outside of their comfort zone and doing things that they haven't normally done before moving into that new space, because new results required new version of yourself because you can't continue to be the same, do the same things and expect to get different.
Basalt is just not going to happen. And you cannot be fully responsible for that change in that person. So you do have to realize that you are coming into this as a two way relationship, where you bring your expertise. You can bring advice, you can bring your coaching skills. You can bring your amazing signature system that you know is proven to work, but you also have to understand that they have to put it into action, that they have to harness certain attributes qualities and do new things. Be a certain way in order for everything to work together. You know, there is no magic pill. There is, you know, such a thing as evolving and growing into a new stage. And that's what they have to be able to do. They have to be able to be coachable. They have to be able to be open to new ideas, whether you're coaching or not, they have to be able to take what you've given them and use it.
You know, you give someone a mop, your floor is not going to get cleaned unless they use the mop. It's, it's a simple analogy, but it's when I use it all the time that you have to realize that it is a two way relationship, but from your side, you have to be confident. Now you can give that analogy to your clients. It's very simple on two years. But you can let them know when they're looking to sign up with you that yes, if they do everything that you say that you know, should absolutely work, but you can't guarantee results due to the reasons of being that it's a two way relationship that they have to do these things in order for it to work. So you beat, be honest with people about it. Absolutely. But you gotta be confident for him from your end.
And part of that confidence comes from saying, I am going to help you get this specific results. And so yes, it helps them get them on board as a client because they could go, okay, great. You've got the confidence and I can see that you are an expert in your field and that you're going to help me. You've given me a loose promise that yes, should I do the work? Should I be able to do all these things? Then I should absolutely be able to get the same or similar results. That's great. Now what happens is they know that's where they're heading. That's their GPS position. They know that that's where they need to go to now something that somebody told me awhile ago, many years ago now, when I was newer to coaching and dealing with clients, is that at the beginning of every client journey and potentially even every session that you map out the goal of what you're aiming for so many times, I kind of seek coaching sessions.
Run was like, okay, well what's up and it's very much client client led now. That's great. And I'm all for that style and it has its place. But I also believe that in conjunction with that, there needs to be a GPS setting because it could be that what they're bringing to the table that day isn't relevant to where they want to go. And that actually focusing on those things or just taking them off in a completely different direction. So when it comes to it, they don't actually end up where they want to be. They ended up in some other place and it's fine. If you want to change the goalposts or move that GPS setting somewhere else, as things evolve as things change, but you need to be aware of where that's going and be intentional about that GPS setting about knowing that's where we're going.
That's where we're heading. If it changes fine, but it's very intentional, we're aware of that happening so that it's measurable so they can see themselves getting closer to the destination. Otherwise, what happens is the sessions, the coaching sessions or the service delivery sessions, or however the service is being delivered feels like it's just kind of, wittering on it's a bit like the whole charging for time versus charging for you know, a transformation. If you're just charging for time, people are checking their watch to see how much time has gone, how much value they've taken from it, without that clear transformation, without that clear GPS setting of goals of the result that they're heading towards, it becomes very difficult for them to measure if they're actually getting anywhere or whether they're just throwing money down the drain. So it's really important for, for everybody involved that you have that GPS setting and that when you set it from the outset, in terms of your marketing, they know what they're buying into from the front of the forefront, and also gonna run another podcast session on expectations, boundaries, and contracts, because they are also very, very important because that sets out the expectations.
It makes everyone very well and honest of what's to be expected during what you're heading towards, what you're there to help them with so that they can go great. This is where we're heading. This is what we're doing. And this is what I'm aiming for. And it was super charged the servers. It was super charged, the results that your clients get because they know the speed and trajectory in which they should be working out and where they need to be heading towards. And they can gauge that, however, you know, or, you know, X amount of months have passed and I'm still nowhere near the cause of what, what is happening? What are they not doing? What's not working. Where do we need to tweak? What needs to change? What have they not done? That's causing that result? Is it something or the coaches and, or is it something on the client end?
And you could both measure that so that, you know, whether someone is happy or not, whether they're getting a service that they're receiving, because you're able to measure that. So it's really important to make your coaching or your service, depending whether you're a coaching business or not measurable, that you've got solid outcomes that you go, I am going to help you achieve all of these solid outcomes and you can take them off as you go so that they can feel like they're making progress, that they can feel like they know where they're headed. And actually it feels right. Like your you're more progressive because of that intentional way of working. So yeah. Yes. And he is important to your marketing, but it's also very important feel client results. Otherwise we're just swimming in the, abbess hoping that we might hit somewhere eventually. And that's no good for anybody and they're not going to feel like they've had great value for money if they don't understand that trajectory, that GPS spot.
So if you're going to, if I haven't already sold you on niching, from the perspective of it being a fantastic for your marketing also be sold on the, on the position of it's also great for your clients and when they get those specific results and they can actually say, look, this is what we had attained. You can then pull that back into your marketing, to then get more of the same type of client that you've niched into helping to help them come on board and feel like they've got that social proof that absolutely people just like them can achieve those kinds of results. So do be specific. Do you understand those goals? And if you're in the mode of thinking about where do I niche, which way do I go, or would those things and that's whether you're new, whether you've been in business awhile, I know people who've been in business awhile who haven't niched but have still kind of successfully if that's what you want to call it, Teeter along getting clients through referral.
But they will never boom, because if you don't have that GPS point, there is no where for anyone to kind of sink their teeth into. And they're really just going on recommendation that working with you is great, but then we can really articulate why that is. We need to, we want to be able to say, this is how you help people. This is how you serve them. These are the results that you get for people and make them really specific so that more of these people can reap those benefits. And you can make more of a difference in people's lives. You can climb that market leadership ladder, get yourself positioned at the top, becoming known for getting people, those specific results. That is what is key. So I would absolutely say that whether you're new or you're in that situation of referral marketing, relying on people to, you know, pull you through.
And that's great if you're in that position, that people are still referring you on, you're still getting clients, but you'll also be able to charge far more if you niche as well. Because as soon as people understand that you're going to be able to get them these specific results and the impact of that results, how that impacts their finances though, their lives, their children, their family, their relationships, their finances, mindset, health, all of those things, how getting those specific results have knock on effects, all those areas of their life. They're suddenly going to understand the value that you are giving. And until you can do that, your pricing will never be as high as it could be. So you can absolutely charge more as well. So these are the great benefits of niching, or if you're marketing or for your client, we'll say for your prices as well.
So there is my short and sweet episode for today. I really hope that you took some value from this and you saw the actually getting really specific. And I would absolutely encourage you to bring that kind of process into all of your coaching and your service based sessions or system, or however you're doing it to actually set those GPS settings as many times as you possibly can, in order to make that service, the delivery far more intentional working towards those goals so that they can see the value and they can see the progress that they're making towards it. It makes it a far more enjoyable experience on both ends for both the person delivering and the person receiving. So there we are there, we have it by the way, guys, if you're enjoying these episodes, it would really, really appreciate it. If you would leave us a review because it seriously helps the rankings of the podcast, it gets it up there and it helps more people receive more of this great information that we share on the podcast. If you are looking to recline that ladder of market leadership, position yourself as that number one choice in the market, then please do book a call with me, please book that call so we can discuss how to chat. And I can be brutally honest with you around where you're at in business and what you need to do in order to get to that top. Mark, if you want to have that discussion with me, then please do book a call. The link is in the show notes, and it would be great to speak to

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