May 6, 2020

Selling in an uncertain market and even making investment decisions for your own business right now can feel like a precarious prospect… So how do you help people to make money decisions when they’re scared, sceptical and uncertain?

In this episode we cover:-

  • How to create certainty in working with your business even in a recession.
  • What strategies ARE NOT working right now and what’s actually damaging your credibility and selling power.
  • How you reach the tipping point where people start queuing up to work with you vs chasing them down.

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All people able to make big decisions right now in this uncertain market. Well, let's find out in this episode
Hello and welcome to this episode of the Experts Unrivalled Podcast. I'm your host Jen Hall, your business positioning coach and market leadership expert. And there's been so much going on at the minute with our businesses and our clients businesses. It's all a really, really exciting time. Whilst we are still, as I'm recording this, in the midst of lockdown, there is a small glimmer of hope that things are starting to lift. And you know, we can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We're not getting too excited because you know that I'm not one to, you know, jump the gun because we just don't know what the future holds. But I am still getting a little bit excited about some of the rumors that I'm hearing around starting to lift and sort of human contact looking like it might appear at some point in the next 10 years, which would be fantastic, but we have just switched over.
It's the 1st of May as I'm recording this. And yesterday was the last day of our campaign. And we've just tipped over the 330,000 pound Mark, which I am so, so chuffed with. We absolutely smashed our monetary goal. You know, I was positive in this market that we would do well. Now this particular income has come through the adventure travel business that we run. And it's really interesting because obviously hospitality and the travel businesses, two of the biggest impacted industries and yet we've just brought in a huge amount of money in, in a matter of weeks. Which is, which is incredible and I'm really chuffed about, but I'm going to be honest with you, you know, whilst we were still confident that our audience would buy because the majority of this income has come through a warm audience. Obviously the cause of the, the market leading name we have, we do have some cold traffic come through because our third party credibility, which I think I spoke about in the last episode or the one before last should I say, cause the last episode was the amazing Jessica Lorimer which if you haven't checked out she talks about positioning yourself as a number one to corporates, which is just fantastic.
So go and check that episode out. But the wonderful that was talking about third party credibility, which is where your audience does the sharing for you, which is the kind of the tipping point for becoming that market leading name. Because you know, your audience is sharing for you. And everyone who knew me wouldn't say, who do I go to for this? Your name is the shouted from the rooftops. So you know, we have had some cold traffic. They've been very quickly warmed up because people do, if you get a third party recommendation, then you're going to trust it because they've been there, done, they've been through your processes and they've enjoyed it. And so therefore that's, that's good enough. But going back to my original points, I was slightly concerned at the end of the day, we're in a recession right now.
It hasn't necessarily been officially nonsense as far as I'm aware. But it's a dead set that we are. And you know, and obviously like I said, we were in one of the two most impacted industries during this crisis. So obviously there was a, a wavering of all we going to make as much money as we normally do. You know, I'm human being and as confident as I am and our brand name and what we deliver. You know, there's, there's, there is that small element of uncertainty that was sitting within me, but I've come out of the other side of this having hit a huge monetary goal and exceeded expectations to really kind of share that news. I know I keep sharing it and I've already talked about this and you're like, yes, Jen, we've had it before, but I just want to really reiterate, people are still buying even in an uncertain market, people are still buying the things that matter to them and they're, and the more importantly thay're buying from the people who were showing up and the buying from the people and the businesses who have a name that they can trust because they've built that third party credibility.
They're a market eating name and they know who they're buying from and they know that they're going to get a great service. People do not want to gamble with their money. And I've spoken on the other side of the aid with the market leader league and if you haven't heard that name before, by the way, that's my new brand name that I'm gradually introducing into the business. The podcast name won't change as far as I'm aware. Everything stays the same. But I am initiating a new brand, the market leader league, which by the way, okay, here you go. Here's some really exciting news, which I don't know whether I've told you about or not, but we're introducing Andy Moore into the market leader league business, which is my, for those of you who are wondering what earth this is all about.
This is basically my business, my baby, my coaching consultancy business where I help entrepreneurs to get to market either level. Now Andy Moore is my partner in success over in the adventure travel business. And it's also for my fiance just for transparency. But we work so well together over that. He's amazing. You know, we've worked like such a great team and we thought, you know what, with the wealth of knowledge that we both have, why not join forces again over into this business. And he's really excited. I'm really excited and he brings so much new knowledge to the table. In terms of like he's obsessed with tech, like he has a real passion for it and his favorite phrases. What would the best in the world look like? So look out for that episode because the next time we record and Andy Moore will be joining me on the podcast so you can hear all about his side of the story on becoming a market leading business.
So yeah, I'm really excited about this joining of forces. I think it's going to be incredible for the business, it's gonna be incredible for our clients that over the last couple of weeks I've spoken to around 25 business owners and you know, they've had to make big decisions, some of these business owners. So just so you know, the reason why I've spoken to so many people is because I've been running these evolve and elevate strategy sessions, which are going off a storm guys, if you, I'm not going to be running them from it forever, I don't think. So at the moment it's one of those things that I'm running them until I get bored of running them until I want to change it up. So, you know, get in there now before they disappear. And they're helping business owners right now in this current climate to really understand the processes of getting that market leader name.
And I also share some of the incredible strategies and campaigns that have brought in a ton of money in both our businesses and with our client's businesses. So make sure you become the link is in the show notes to get yourself booked on. It is a group call, is it a maximum of five people and you guys get time at the end to ask questions. So do come and join those. But off the back of that, I've been inviting certain individuals who I think would be great on the program, my elevate program, which is a 12 month program once one master, one hybrid that takes you from you one ounce market leader level. And I've invited a few of those business owners to join the program and some incredible business owners have made some great decisions to invest into their business right now to help them achieve exactly what I just described, which is fantastic.
However, they've also been concerned quite rightly about investing in an uncertain market. And the thing is everybody's feeling this way right now. Everybody is worried, scared. Like I said, I was even concerned that we were going to bring in the kind of money that I wanted to bring in during the campaign that we've just run. I was, you know, we're human beings and in an uncertain market, things can feel, you know, concerning, and especially the types of people that I invite on to elevate tend to be the business owners who have been in the game a little while. And therefore that means that they've usually already invested sometimes a lot of money into something already. And do you know what it's awful to say, but nine times out of 10, they've invested and unfortunately it's not worked out. They've been missold, they haven't been told all the information.
And you know, they, it wasn't the right thing for their business at that time. And it's, it's a shame and that means that they've been burned and so they're scared about reinvesting. Now, you know, this is prevalent at the moment that is happening all the time, particularly in the coaching industry. But it's happening all over the place. People do not want to gamble. I know I've talked about this before in other specific episodes where I talk about the current crisis we're in. The people do not want to gamble. They are scared, skeptical. They want to make sure. So the things like high ticket webinars where people are sending people from a cold ad into a high ticket webinar hoping that that's enough to warm people up. It's not, people need warming up way more. You know, they need conversation. If you want them to part with money, they need to feel the trust.
They need to know they're going to get the, you know, the goods from you and the results from me because you know, if you are looking to get that high ticket money, but in particular they do, they need that extra special personal connection. They're not just going to be spending their money Willy nilly with somebody. They just seen that time has been and gone and we're not in that market anymore. We need to make sure we're putting the time and the effort into our prospects, into those people who want to invest but are scared to when they need reassurance. So that's one of the biggest things I need to talk to you guys about today is that your people need you to reassure them, particularly if you haven't yet got that market-leading name. If you're working towards the market leading name, they're going to need that reassurance more than ever.
And the only way you're going to do that is by stopping being lazy. Stop relying on automation. Stop relying on dull content. Stop relying on you know, a quick win posts that will hopefully get you a ton of sales. It ain't going to happen guys. You need to put more effort into having conversations, building relationships on the ground upwards. Yes, it sounds like work, but do you know what's more work? That is a lot of wasted time and efforts on systems and campaigns and strategies and structures that don't work for your business right now because they are not implemented effectively to warm up your audience effectively so that by the time they get on the call, they're already warm. But you know, that call is ever more important, particularly for high ticket, you know, so some, for some products you don't need a call.
It really depends on the type of business that you're running. But for those people whose normal process involves a call, that call is more important than ever. People really want to be reassured, you know, and some of the things that I've helped, those people who I've invited into elevate to help make that good decision for them to make them feel like, yes, this is, this is the right thing for me and I'm ready to jump is helping to show them with case studies, giving them names of previous clients where they can go and check me out and make sure, because again, they've kind of done their due diligence in the past by looking at testimonials, by looking at the surface level view of what you're offering and the fact that you might have a flashy website or you might have this or you might have that, but people really need to know at the core level that you're the right person and the only way they're going to get that is through third party credibility.
I know, I keep saying this guy's so, so important and so give them that third party credibility if people aren't at the point where they're willingly sharing on behalf of you, you know, get the make that happen. You know, I recently got in touch with a few of my clients and said, look, I'm going to give your names out. I hope you don't mind, these people want to approach you and ask you what it's like to work with me, get their permission and then set it up. Get pit gap people to talk to each other and start that ball rolling where people can share that third party credibility and reassure your future prospects that you're sure thing. So, you know, and if you are not in the high ticket business, yes, it won't necessarily be as much of a gamble, but they still want to make sure that they're making the right decisions.
So more than ever, social proof isn't so necessary. So looking at things like you know, making sure your testimonials are out there, making sure that they're thorough, making sure that they demonstrate the transformation that your product delivers, you know, and make sure that you are demonstrating that with content assets that you actually taking those testimonials and you're promoting out there so that people start to build that trust over time. Because this kind of one hit wonder, see would buy isn't going to work. They needed to see you numerous times and to build that trust and credibility and that relationship with you to know that you're not a flash in the pan, that you're not someone who is all about the surface level and not about the integrity. They need to know all of this before they're ready to buy. So for instance, when I talked about this high ticket webinar thing, which is something I spoke to one of you know, the potential people that that's going to jump into elevate is that, you know, they've invested into this thing where it's like this one advert that goes straight into the webinar and then straight into buy from me or jump on a call, which is pretty much the same thing cause you don't want to be flowering up your calls as nice one-to-one coaching when actually it's about selling them into something.
I'm all about the transparency when it comes to, you know, getting people on calls, otherwise it just feels really icky. But that's what you're expecting them to do. And there's just not enough trust built. So I'm not saying you can't use strategies like that, but you need to think deeper. What else do I need to do before they see that art? You know, how can I get them to warm up to me before they go into the webinar, before they get the call? Because people, if you're being transparent about it and you're being transparent about it being a sales call more to the point and they know it's a sale. If they're not ready to invest and not because they're not ready to part with their money, but they're not ready to part with their money for you because they don't know that you're the right person or not.
They need to make sure. So give them all of that before they get on the call. Do as much as you possibly can. I know that even once they're on the call, they may still want extra reassurance, particularly at the time it is now. People are not gambling, so give them all of the paraphernalia, all of the things that they need, the social proof and walking them through. Spending that extra bit of time with them to really help them know that they're making the right decision. That's going to be the thing that pays off. So my big advice of the day is to stop with the quick win mentality and start marketing for the longer game because that is what will help your business to thrive. This is why people are making great decisions to invest into their business, into joining elevate, and you put making that big investment because they've got the reassurance both on the possibility for their business to thrive, the possibility that they themselves can make that happen and that the program that they're joining is going to be the thing that gets them there and why it's different and why it's going to work versus the other things that they have previously invested in and didn't work.
They need to know all of that and now they do. You know, people are jumping at the opportunity, but you have to understand that, you know, you can't expect people to jump at your service from the, from the word go. They need more understanding. They need more reassurance and more education than that. So it's think about marketing for the longer game and just stopped with the while. I'm just going to put this out and hope, hopefully I'll get people jumping at it because that ain't going to work. It's all about your positioning, what you put out there and how you are helping people. You know it on an individual basis because yes, you can't have conversations with everyone who follows you and case in point because not everybody reaches out to you or there are a lot of stalkers out there. So you need to be thinking on two levels.
Those people who do reach out to you, make sure you really have those quality conversations with them because that's how people start sharing. That's how they start sharing their great experience they've had with you. Whether they have bought from you or not, whether you've had a conversation and gone, do you know what, with all integrity, you're not the right fit. You're not right for this. So you know, this is where I suggest you go. This is where I suggest you start and then come back later. Or you know, I'm not qualified for that. Whatever it is, and you can send people away. But people, when people have a good experience like that, that builds trust and they will share their experience will start the ball rolling on that third party credibility. And for those people who are not reaching out, he was stalking you from the sidelines who are not engaging and just reading and watching what are they reading and watching?
That's really key because you can't control when people see what you're doing, but you can control what they see. So how strategic are you being and what you're putting out there? Because if you're just creating content for the sake of creating content, that's never going to hit well because it means that you're putting out content that's perhaps mediocre. And so if people for the first time kind of see that or they start to see a stint of your content, it's really gone down. Healers got boring, it's not interesting to them and it, and it's kind of left them with a bit of, well I'm kind of wasting my time here feeling. Then they, they're off, they're off somewhere else, they're off to find the, you know, the next best thing. But so you need to be really clear about, am I putting time and effort into creating quality content versus the quantity of it to make sure that what they're seeing at every stage is spot on and hitting the Mark.
So if you're not creating good content right now, you are potentially damaging your credibility. You know, and I don't want to be a Debbie downer and be like, well, you know what, I'm just trying. I'm practicing. Yes, I'm all for trying and practicing. But you know, you don't have to publish everything that you try and practice on is. It's the other thing. And yes, there is a case for testing content and testing stuff, but you're going to have to learn, so test and learn, don't test and keep, continue to pull it doing the things that aren't working. You have to change something up and if it's not working over a long period of time, then it's time that you've got some help to do that. It's time that you invest into your business because otherwise nothing's ever going to change. On the other end, you know, an engagement, like I said, it really engagement's great, but it doesn't bring the money and the real thing that you want to be testing is not how many clicks you get isn't how many people like it isn't how people will comment on it.
It's around how many people are reading that and then reach out to you personally and go, Oh wow, that really hit the spot and then buy from you because you've set that conversation up. That's where you really want to be headed. It's in the bottom line. Who is buying from you? Why are they buying from you and are they buying from me because of that content? If so, then yes, that's the content that you need to put more of out there. I know so many supposedly successful people out there who focus on the engagement and I know so many people out there who don't focus on the engagement and focus on the quality and they're making more money behind the, you know, this Facebook famous thing is really, really grating on me because this is what has caused this epidemic of people being burned where people are investing because they're seeing the posse and the people the following that they've created.
Engage great all day buying it all. Is that business owner seeing the return on investment on the other side of the coin in monetary value. If not, then that ain't a business that isn't a successful business. That's a business that focuses solely on self gratification and that's never going to work. You need to be focused on making the money. It is a business. So what kind of content are you creating that helps people make great decisions for themselves? Where they feel confident in buying from you. That's boosting your credibility, that's challenging their thought processes, that's making them think differently and that's educating them on a new way of thinking and a new way of working. Educating them on you, making sure that they understand that you're the one who work with your, the GoTo. You're the expert in your field. I'm not saying, you know, engagement lights aren't great.
They are. We all have that, right? We all love it and it's, and it's great. It boost your reach. You can potentially reach more people. All of these things absolutely, but also become worth knowing. Don't just become well known, become well known for being worth knowing. That's the key to everything. When it becomes, when it comes to becoming a market leader, when it comes to really creating a business that is truly successful in the longterm, that's where your focus needs to be. Not on popularity, not on likes, not on engagement. It needs to be who was the person to work with? Who do I trust? Because you can be really popular and still no one will buy from you. You need to be popular for the right reasons. That's my key message on this point. Become well known for being worth knowing. So making a big decision in this market is harder and I'm not going to flower that up.
It can be a difficult decision. However, if you're doing everything you can on your side to position yourself as the one to work with that you know with full integrity that you are the ones that work with and you believe in your methods and you know that if people were to just take that chance with you, that they would see incredible results. If you've got all of that mindset and you are articulating that to your markets and you are proving it to them, showing them and demonstrating that you are that person and there was absolutely no reason why your business will not be successful right now, we've gone and proved that point with making all of that money in that short space of time in a recession. So have a good think about how you're positioning yourself to your market. Are you doing everything within your power to reassure people that you're the right person or the right business to do business with?
Going back to my previous point about you know, helping people to take that chance on you. You want to remove the chance part of that sentence. You want to make it a sure thing. So what are you doing to make your opportunity a sure thing where they know that they're going to get the results that they need, the support level that they need and the transformation that they want. That needs to be key. Remove the chance element and reassure them. Give them that sureness in the uncertain market and you will see that it reaps rewards. So there we go. That's this episode. I really, really hope you enjoyed it. And if you're someone who would like the extra reassurance because you're thinking that you really want to focus on positioning yourself as that credible experts where you can build that market leading name in your industry.
I know that you are the go to expert for your niche. If that's you and you want to have a chat about how you can join elevate. And by the way, you do need to start thinking about it soon if you don't want to start paying the high prices because Andy is joining us, we're looking at raising the prices in the program because he brings so much more to the table into that program. There's so much more support now. He's on board even though there was loads of support before, there's even more now. And you know, he brings skills such as like Facebook ads and and looking at your world class customer journey. There's so much more aboard. So the price will be going up because of that. So if you are somebody who is on the fence who was thinking, Oh gosh, I just don't know whether it's the right decision, why not jump on a call with me to discuss, to see if it's the right thing for you so that I can either provide reassurance or tell you that it's not the right thing for you and you can actually rest, rest and bad's going, okay, fine.
At least I've explored that option and it's not or it is and you can make it make a decision. I spend a lot of time with people on my calls to make sure that they are making a good decision for them. They've got all the cards on the table to know whether they are going to get the return on investment that they make. So if you'd like to have a discussion with me, do make sure that you book a call with me. The call is in the show notes, so do you just have there. Otherwise you can type in and jump on a call with me to discuss how you can start working in elevate to really make that happen. But I'm all about the reassureness. You can go speak to my clients, you can check me out, you can do what you need to do. I'm free for stalking guys. So anything that you need to to help you make that great decision for you. It's all out there. It's on the table. So do jump on call with me, have a discussion. If you need to go away and think about it, then that is also fine as well because I, again, I'm all about reassurance and giving you space to make good decisions when it comes to making big decisions for your business. And I will see you in the next episode.

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