April 22, 2020

You don’t get to decide if you’re a market leader or not, it’s the market who decides! So how do you go about generating credibility in your space to become the market leader and no.1 choice in their eyes?

In this episode we cover:-

  • The two types of credibility that are BOTH critical to you reaching market leader status.
  • A shed ton of ideas that you can take action on right now to boost your street cred as a market leader.
  • How to stay in control of what people say about you when you’re not in the room AND how to snowball your credibility and reach.

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Today's episode is all about raising your street prad so that you can reach market leader level

Hello it is Jen Hall here, your business positioning coach and market leadership expert. This is the third episode in the market leadership series and I am on a high today. I'm not quite sure what it is. It's not like the weather's particularly great, but maybe it's because it's Friday. And you know, I'm feeling good, I'm feeling good and I hope that you guys are as well and that you're staying safe during this lockdown and you know, you and your family or, during this time you know, it is through this period of time. It's one of these things isn't it? We have these ups and downs. That's kind of the big theme. Whilst I did a post the other day on on Facebook because, you know, there's been a lot of judgment and bits and pieces kept flying around, haven't what people are doing, what people are not doing, how people are behaving and gold for bridge or how enjoying yourself during this time.

God forbid that you would feel okay and be enjoying yourself in any way, shape or form. And on the other hand, we get the, the preachers, they were like, well, everything's fine. I don't know what the problem is, but the fact is we're all in a different boat. We've all got different situations. Going on, you know, the, you know, there are people, if you're a key worker or you have key worker skills or you may have volunteered, life is very different from for you. And thank you so much for doing what you do and putting yourself out there. I know some of my business friends have actually even signed up to go and work in, you know, supermarkets and things to help provide food. You know, that's NHS, thank you so much.

But also, you know, let's not forget those people as well who are really giving up their time to, you know, make sure the majority of people stay safe. There are people with kids at home, people who are trying to work with kids, people tried to homeschool kids at different ages, people with pets and want to go in and out the door every five seconds. I don't really want anyone's got one of those, but I've certainly got one of those. And you know, there are so many different things that are happening right now in people's homes with within this lockdown. And but the big thing throughout all of this while, so everyone's in a different situation, in a different boat and we all need to be appreciative of, you know, the little things that we have right now.

It's also the case that everybody is experiencing ups and downs. You know, no matter your situation, everybody has updates and everybody has their down days during this time. So you know, hold on through those down days and stay strong because they will be up days, you know, they do exist. They might seem few and far between sometimes, but there definitely are the up days. So they are giving massive hogs to everyone who, who is on a down day and also giving hugs to everybody who is on an up day because why not? Let's, let's, let's keep that treatment equal. It'd be, he might want it for various different reasons. My goodness, I'm really looking forward to seeing people again. Anyway, today's episode is all about building credibility as a market leader and I'm really excited to kind of share some bits and pieces with you today.

Some things you may have heard, some things you may have not heard and all the chefs and different perspectives on things as well. Which I'm excited to share with you. Something dimension that I have happening at the moment. I'm running these evolve and elevate strategy sessions. Today I've sold out of two of them within, around, I think it must've been within 24 hours. So I've actually opened up a third slot. I'm considering continuing to do them. So if you're lucky enough, I'm going to think in the, in the show notes for you to use and Bitcoin if you'd like to come on them. We've just celebrated, well, we're still celebrating. We're not just celebrated. We're still celebrating a launch that we put in place. I designed this and put it in place around about 12 days ago now, 12, 13 days ago, and we're on around 120 K not sharing this to, to, to be miss braggy sharing it because I want to show you that just because we are in a recession now, it might not be an officially announced, but we are in a recession.

And just because we're being told that people aren't buying and people are only buying things that are, you know, for, for survival is just not true. Because this will all end eventually. So I just wanted to kind of share that with you to kind of give you guys hope that, you know, if you are experiencing a bit of a downer at the moment in business that it doesn't have to be that way and that you can evolve, you can adapt and you can elevate yourself so that you are making the, making the monies. And so I'm running these strategy sessions to walk you through you know, you know, kind of like the, the process of how we've built our market leading business. To kind of show you some of the, the ways in which we've generated, you know, amazing results such as seven figures within eight months.

You know, and I wanted to kind of share the knowledge. So yeah, these sessions are available at the minute. I don't know whether they will be bought by the time you click. So if you're interested then make sure that you go and check the link out. If there are no there is no availability, then please do pop me an email at Jen@jen-hall.com to let me know that you're interested. And then, you know, I may well open up another session. But yeah, they are selling like hotcakes at the minute. It's only 20 pounds, 20 pounds to come and see and adhere about. Some of the things and strategies that we've put in place that have created the success that we have. So if you want to come and join, come and click the link or you also still have two spaces available in my elevate mastermind.

So if you're interested in becoming a part of that, then do make sure that you click the link to the call with me and we can have a chance one-on-one to look at, you know, how I can help you become the number one choice in your markets and become that market leader and elevate your position. So yeah, do you make sure that given you a ton of things that you can be doing right now? So say to make sure you're either on a call with me to talk about jumping into my elevate mastermind. If you're already sold on what I do and how I work, then do you make sure you just jump straight on a call with me? Otherwise, if you fancy a little taste of what I'm about, then come and join one of my sessions.

All the links are in the show notes. So then first off, I've got a few kind of truth bombs to lead with today. And the first one is, is that only the market decides who the market leaders are. You can say you're the market leader until you are blue in the face and it wouldn't make you one. Size of business also means absolutely nothing when it comes to becoming a market leader. And I've said this before that I just want to remind you that some of the smallest companies are killing it in their space at the minute and making a huge amount of profit helps by the fact that their overheads are low because they're small. Becoming a market leader is more than just profit. It's a symptom of becoming a market leader. You become a market leader by dominating your market and you dominate a market by becoming the number one choice in their eyes.

So how you position yourself and build credibility is what will get you to that market leading position. It's so important. So there are kind of two areas which I want to talk about today. And the first one is positioning your business as a market leader. And the second is building third party credibility as a market leader. And I talk about both of those points and the ways in which you can do both of those. First of all, starting with positioning your business as a market leader. So first off, being specific and who you help and what you help with is massively going to build credibility. And the reason why that does is because you become a specialist. The more specialized you are it is easier it is to dominate a space because you become kind of like an exclusive expert just for those types of people.

And when you become that exclusive expert, people build so much trust with you because they're just like, wow, you are the specialist in helping someone just like me with my specific problem and or my specific goal that I want to achieve. And so therefore why would I go anywhere else? So by micro-niching and being really specific, it massively helps to build that credibility and trust with your audience you're trying to dominate. Once you've dominated that small corner, you will then start to build a third party credibility, which I'll talk about in a moment. But you will start to pull in a larger proportion of your market. But you've got to drill down first and foremost. The next thing I want to talk about is becoming the expert. Now obviously we've talked about being a specialist, which by the way automatically positions you as an expert because the more you specialize, the more expert you become in reality, not just in terms of what you're saying, but you know, there are ways to actually position yourself as an expert.

And one of the big things that people somatically think about is PR and press. You know, to really put yourself out there and get visible fire this method. Now this will give you the visibility and it will raise your credibility to an existing audience. But to a warmer audience, it doesn't matter if you're Facebook famous or you're famous because you've been in the guardian or whatever it is that you kind of be put yourself out there and you've got these different things. It doesn't necessarily mean people are going to buy from you. That's not credibility. I put out a post, which was slightly controversial a little while ago about the Boris credibility. Now, you know, and I was speaking to my sister about it last night. I don't want to get into any political debates. I'm even like tentative about discussing it on here, you know, politically I saw that my political opinion or anything like this, this is just generally the way his kind of credibility has kind of come and gone or gone and come.

Who knows? But let me explain. You know, when we first heard about Boris, he was this, you know, fun guy that kind of appeared on, have I got news for you that happened to be an MP and everyone loved him. He thought it was hilarious and he was funny and he was very popular before he actually got into any kind of serious power. But that popularity didn't mean that we would have chosen him as our leader. You never know, but I severely doubt that if we'd have had a choice as a nation, that we would have trusted him enough to really put him in that position. We didn't really have that choice. That was kind of taken away from us. It was just almost like, okay, are here I am and I'm going to taking over. It's like, okay, wow, okay, well let's all pray and hold onto our butts.
And it was very considerably concerning time when he came into power, but you know, just because you're popular and just because somebody who's out there in the media or you have that press attention, it really doesn't mean that you're going to make sales off the back of it. So, you know, I'm not saying don't use PR and press because it does get your name out there. And if you're clever about it, you can actually absolutely find leads from having that press cover coverage. But you know, it's not always easy because press have their own agenda, you know, they, they want to take it in the angle that they want to take it with. And it's not about you. It's about the papers, about the medium, whatever their audience that they're speaking to, they're not here to help your business.

So you do have to recognize that. So here are some other better ways I find of positioning your business as a market leader. Because I just one more point about press and PR angle is also some of the next can be very tenuous. And so therefore trying to kind of shoehorn a link back through to your business can also sometimes be hard. So not saying it's not worth it because on the odd occasion it does. And actually, you know, having that kind of PR period, like I said to a warm audience is, Oh wow, look, so and so was in the paper, you know, well, maybe I should listen up. But they've already, they've already kind of got to know you and they're already in your arena because of what you do versus, Oh look, there's a really cool person that in the press.

So here's some other ways. Here's some other ways that I find a far more quality when it comes to positioning your business as a market leader. And firstly is guesting in other people's spaces. They like guest speaking, guest appearing, whether that's writing a blog, appearing to speak you know, even perhaps appearing in somebody's book, you've written a chapter or a quote or you've been created by the industry, that is one of the best ways in order to position your business as a market leader. So you know, that can look like appearing on other people's podcasts. Like I said, appeairing in other people's books, speaking of the people's memberships, speaking within other people's networks, or finding a platform of some sort during that network in order to position yourself you know, going to speaking at events. Another fantastic way of positioning yourself as a market leader is writing a book.

It still is. You know, people can sometimes is a bit of a thing going around in a minute of, you know, we know everyone's writing a book, but that's just not true. Not everyone will bother to write a book. It's just not the case. It's a big undertaking. It's a huge commitment and it's something that you need to be consistent with if you don't want to be taking 10 years about it. By the way, I've recorded a podcast episode. If you haven't listened to it around writing a book in two weekends, which is absolutely true. So please go listen to that if you're thinking about writing it back. But you know, people are still like, wow, you've written a book that's incredible. You must know if you've written an entire book on the subject, you must have a lot of outset. So it positions your business as the experts and obviously if you can get the accolades of the bestseller and all of that kind of thing, then you again, it positions you as, wow, you're a best selling author.

That's incredible. You must know what you're talking about is the general consensus when you hear that. But you can also appear at other, other people's books as well. So if writing a book is something on the list to do, but you know, you've got, you don't, it's not the right time to perhaps tackle it. Then another way is also to, you know, be interviewed for someone else's book, giving your opinion on something, writing a chapter, all of those kinds of things. There's another great way to position yourself becoming a speaker, as I mentioned, that's also something that really positions you as somebody who really knows what they're talking about. And whilst I'm talking about all of these different things. It was interesting. I was talking to a another business friend a couple of days ago and he was telling me that he's literally after being in business for so many years, he's really only come across his thing and that's the thing.

Let's use the duplicated wording. But you have to know what your thing, what your specialism is. You've got to know who it is you help specifically micro-niche and what you help them with in order to make any of those appearances worthwhile. Because just by being visible and just by putting yourself out there just by talking and speaking and appearing, it doesn't mean that people will buy from you. It only will work if you are specialized. If you are very clear about what you are, the leader of that has to be super clear. So making sure you understand what your thing is, what your micro-niche is, is absolutely essential to making sure that all of this kind of works. I get that. The position you as a market, as a market leader, because I know a lot of people who are speakers, but are they making any money?

No. Are they even getting paid speaking gigs? No. You know, they're going out on the speaking and they're getting a lot of attention and they're getting, you know, wow, look at this person. They're going to all these different places, but what they're talking about isn't leading to any sales because perhaps there's a couple of reasons for this. Perhaps it's because they're talking on different topics each time and actually they're not becoming known for anything specific and therefore you can't be a leader in everything. You've got to pick something in order to become the leader. The other reason is potentially because they're not speaking in the right places, they haven't really nailed who were aware they need to be speaking and perhaps they don't have a great back end because you know, the real money for from being a speaker is on the back end. It's not from the speaking gate.

People won't be paid speaker, you know? That's great. If you get, you get paid to go speak, fantastic, great. But it really isn't where the most money is because you know, there's always a ceiling on being able to do these things. But having backend systems and backend products that you can then send people onto, now that's where the growth is and that's where you're going to be able to pick up the majority of, of your market. So just be very aware of all of those things. The next thing is FAQ content as I like to call it. Now this means writing content on the questions and quandaries because I like to cast those as two separate things that the wonderings of people that perhaps people are too scared to ask. Now you want to be writing FAQ on the things.

Obviously frequently questions kind of gives it away. You want to be writing content on those frequently asked questions like, Oh, verbalize. Absolutely. you know, in some businesses, particularly in our adventure travel business, we have something called a knowledge center that has worked really well. The binge and by kind of reading through all the content staff and then, and then buying isn't working so well for the kind of coaching consultancy industry as much as it used to, but certainly in our a bunch of travel business it is. And, but I wouldn't like to blanket set that off as, as a particular rule that there isn't, it isn't working because at the end of the day there are ebbs and flows in the market is changing constantly. But still having content that that directly speaks to those frequently asked questions positions you as an expert because I'm like, okay, when I asked that question, Oh, you seem to know what you're talking about, you know, kind of thing.

But even better than that is answering the questions that people too scared to ask. And even better, even better than that is actually answering the questions that your competitors are too scared to answer. Now that is where the gold lies. Now I'm just going to say that again, answering the questions that your competitors are too scared to answer. Now, these are the questions that are perhaps a little bit controversial. And it kind of leads me nicely onto my next point about cutting through the noise because to cut through the noise and be seen as a market leader, you need to be confident in what you have to say first off, but you also need to share the opinions that will divide, you know, these answering questions that even your competitors too scared to answer means that the answer is going to be a little bit techy that it's going to make to go, Oh my gosh, yes, absolutely.

This makes so much sense and brilliant. Yes, I totally believe in this opinion or what you've said here and other people will perhaps be turned off by it or not. Perhaps they will be turned off by it if you really hit the nail on the head, so you've got to be comfortable with doing that. I, when I say you've got to be comfortable with it, no one's really uncomfortable about being disliked by half the population. No one is ever comfortable with that, but the fact is you're just going to have to get over it and do it, deal with it. If you want to cut through the noise, it's so important. Now it's obviously important that you're being thoughtful about this because I've seen this kind of go wrong so many times where people are being controversial for the sake of being controversial. That never works.

You've got to really believe in what you have to say. You have to be willing to defend your corner and your side of the coin so that you know you are confident cause you will find that there are trolls. Inevitably when you're a thought leader, when you're a market leader, inevitably you will be, will come up, you know, come across trolls who will just be like, well I don't think that and I think you'll this that. Unfortunately those people exist in the world and you cannot hide from it. That will happen. And so many people all along just going to delete the posts. No, don't. If you've been thought about it and you genuinely believe in what you held saying and the information that you are giving, then stand your ground and you know, write a thoughtful response back, respectfully disagree and hold your corner.

That is the best way that you're going to position. No market leaders sort of runs back into the corner and goes, well I didn't mean it now offers. If you didn't mean it and you didn't think it through and it's actually an opinion that you after seeing someone else's, you've actually turned around and gone. Actually, I probably should've researched that a little bit more than a little bit more thinking around the different sides of the coin here before I started shouting what I think because your opinions do have to be well rounded. You could hear everybody else's thoughts on the matter and hear the different sides of the coin and then, you know, still sit on the side. Doesn't mean used to have to sit on a fence because you need to be well rounded. It just means that you kind of thought it through in your mind and come to a decision and go on.

Yeah, I've heard all of the different things on this and there are different perspectives. However, in this case I think this and you know sometimes there is no black and white really, there's always a gray area and you know, a lot of the time people end up disagreeing perhaps because you've been a little broad with the messaging, you know when you drill it down, because like I said, let me give you another example. You know there's a lot of people preaching at the name and about people are knocked down and that's fine. All very well for people who are in your shoes. But if they're not in your shoes, you're not really able to kind of preach about what someone else is going through and telling them how they should feel and what they should do if you're not in their situation, which is why it becomes ever so important to micro-niching be specific on the person and be specific about who the message is for.

Because when you, you know, when you start, are you putting up the can of worms and blanket saying, this applies to everybody. It's just not true. So be very specific in everything that you do and you know, think about who the message is for, what the piece is, who the content is for, and what the purpose is. How is it going to help them? You know, don't be controversial for the sake of it, but do absolutely state your opinions. I give the information based upon your own well-rounded opinions and beliefs and ways of doing things. And, and you will find that you absolutely ended up dividing, but you will start to attract the right kind of people to you who will become diehard loyal fans. It really, really helps. And if you can tenue to sit on the fence as it were and blurt out bland words, they'll just blend into nothingness.

So it's really important for you to really grab people's attention with the things that people care about, both on a positive and a negative. In order to get the attention that you need to position yourself as a credible leader or a leader, the leader in your field, the more you do that, the people like being given the hard and fast line because they look up to people like that. They want somebody to tell them what to do. It makes them feel comfortable because they're like, okay, I agree with you and this sounds like the best way to be. What do I do? Tell me, give me some instructions on what to do, particularly in times of uncertainty. That's more true than ever. So really stick with that hard line and don't wave. I don't sit on the fence. Don't be blind.

Do it. Now the next thing that I want to talk to you about, there's so many things that you could talk about that would position your business as a market leader. And I've probably missed out, you know, a hundred. So I'm just giving you kind of like the some of the common ones, some of the things that you can tackle. And you know, there'll be plenty, plenty more episodes and plenty more opportunity to talk about positioning and you know, yourself and building that credibility. But the kind of, the last thing that I want to talk about that really builds credibility is having what I call the unique magic bullet, which is a productized USP. Check out the first long episodes that I have on the podcast. If you want to find out a bit more about that. And probably the last episode if you want to just caught this.

And the last episode that I talked about being coming a category of one business that talks about this unique magic bullet within that and having signature systems is intellectual property. Now, the unique magic bullet, just very quickly for those who are like, I still don't know what you're talking about. It's basically a mechanism within your system that makes your system work. So when people come across you, you could say, well, you know, the reason why you haven't been able to do this is because you've been missing this. And that would be your unique magic bullet. And it's productized. It's given a name. It's not your signature system. A signature system is separate to your productise to USP, the productise USP, the unique magic, but it is within that signature system. And that's what is the key to what makes that signature system work.

So an example of that I always use the example of the Mac iOS, a Mac operating system within the Mac computer is what makes that work so well, which, which is what brings the speed and capability that those computers computers have. So the signature system in this case would be the Mac book. And the unique magic bullet would be the Mac operating system. Marisa peer RTT, the rapid transformational therapy. That's her unique magic bullet. That's what makes her transformation so powerful because of that, you know, that bringing in of different therapies and blended together, that's the unique magic bullet that she's productized. So that breaks the rules slightly. It is a system as such. But just know that you know, your client, your customer journey isn't necessarily your unique magic bullet. There's gotta be some science behind what you're talking about, but all of those things are signature systems are unique magic, but they massively position you as as an expert.

It's intellectual property and in order to create intellectual property, you have to know what you're talking about. And particularly on the side of the unique magic bullet, if you have a new unique solution that's groundbreaking and pioneering that you bring to the table, well that's going to position you big time as a market leader because it's like, wow, they really come to the table with something that's really making waves in the industry. This is really going to change things up. It's going to help send me people, it's going to impact so many people. It's going to impact their competitors because it's something that they've not been thinking about that the gap was there within that market. And you know, you've swooped in with this brand new solution that no one else is offering right now and that will position you as somebody to listen to of the leader in your field when you have that.

So that again, you know, this unique magic bullet that I keep bringing up time and time again, it helps them so many levels. It helps with your credibility, helps make waves in your industry. It helps to cut through the noise. It helps to position you as that expert to position you as that market leader. And it helps to convert clients. You know, all of these people who know, I'm not sure who to go to. Now you are the number one choice because you have this amazing new solution that they can't get anywhere else. They have to come to you if they want to utilize that unique magic bullet that you've created. So it works on so many different levels. It's just key. It's just amazing. Everyone needs a unique magic. But again, if you guys need help with creating that, then I'm the one to come see.

So do you make sure that you book a call in with me If you want to work with me, if you want to talk about working with me and discuss the possibility of me helping you to create that unique magic, but in raising your profile and raising and innovating new to market leader level, then do make sure you make that call. So I'm going to move on now to building third party credibility as a market leader. Now the best way to explain what I mean by this is what are people saying when you're not in the room? Now we've all had that phrase and this is something that is the both of these things are needed. You need to be able to go out there and be confident and say, Hey, I'm the leader and this is why, and this is what, you know, what I bring to the table in order for your market to kind of listen up and go, Oh, okay, this is something different.

This is something new. This is something that I need to pay attention to because this is going to help me. That's how you're going to be able to get their attention on your side. You have control of that by what you put in front of them, by the content that you put in front of them. But the second one isn't so easy to get. And when I say it's not so easy, one of the best episodes to listen to in order to help strengthen this third party credibility would actually be the episode. Why market leaders go back to basics. And I'm going to talk about a couple of things from that episode just now. But in order to get that third party credibility where people are sharing their experiences that they've had with you is about, you know, an amazing customer experience.

So making sure that you're getting them incredible results, giving that great client experiences because you know, both on a, on a smooth round, but also perhaps when things go wrong, sometimes it's your time to shine, to really turn that experience around and make it the best possible experience. When we've had this recently with the impact, if the travel on our adventure travel business, it's been our time to shine where we've had to, you know, turn all of this around and you know, you've been, you know, you've been very apologetic buyer and given them a great experience. Like they've been really understanding and obviously it's out of everyone's control, but really, you know, making sure that they looked after and they're given the best possible experience. Wasn't something that they were really expecting as much. And it's, you know, to us it's kind of like second nature.

We're, we're big on our customer service, but after receiving some emails from some of my suppliers and people that I pay money to, wow, did we do a great job in comparison? You know, some of the messages that I've received from, you know, some of the suppliers that I use and that I pay money to, it's kind of been, you know, the message has been, look, you know, we've got your money. We need to keep it. There's not really anything you can do about it because we need to pay our suppliers and so on and so forth. It's a very selfish message, you know pretty much I need to save my butt. So sorry, but you know, this is the deal. And whilst, you know, businesses have to look after themselves and make sure that they are you know, keep ticking along, it's not left a great taste.

You know, when this is all over, you know what, I continue to use them properly, not, so you have to be really careful about the messages that you deliver to your customers and how you treat them through the good and the bad. You know, you need to make sure that you turn these situations around for, you know, for your customers. Overdelivering you know, I always like, obviously one of the key things to running a very successful business and a market leading business is having a great offer. Now, obviously, you know, you want to make sure that you're offering the angle that you're positioning your products and your services is a good one, that people are like, wow, sounds amazing. However, going that extra mile for people and dropping in these surprise and delight treats within your business will, you know, will massively impact people if they're not expecting it.

So we kind of keep a few things back that we know we don't necessarily advertise on the front end, but things that they weren't expecting or were just like, Oh wow, this is incredible. This is amazing. Thank you so much. It really helps to leave a really positive impact on your customers where they feel like you're really going that extra mile for them. Just recently my coach blesser, she has very strong boundaries. I just want to say this, my coach has very strong boundaries normally. And I say normally I asked her if she had some time this Monday had calendar was blocked out and I would, you know, I always respect people's time. I said, look, I'm being super cheeky. I, you know, I knew time on Monday. If you don't, it's cool because I know that you don't normally sort of give calls on that day.

And she was like, Jen, what? Absolutely, I'll make time for this and for you. And it was a surprise. I know not all, which you might not always be able to do it. You know, she has those days blocked off for a very good reason because she's got things on, she's booked things in. But that particular day she went the extra mile and she changed things, you know, or met or fitted me in as it were. And it's not something that I'll expect and going forward, I think this is a, is a one off experience, but she just went that extra mile. She just over delivered for me, which made me feel really special as I'll thank you so much. Really appreciate your time. So just, just doing little things for your customers just go that extra mile makes a big difference. But just being there for your clients every step of the way, you know, I've see so many businesses are focused on sales.

Just don't get it in, you know, get the money in and then, you know, and people sort of Teeter off because they're not looked after. They're not kept in touch with. And they kind of feel like it's a very one sided conversation. They're doing, you know, all the work and you're not, and it's a very simple thing. It's just making sure that you're in touch with people. You know, for instance, in my mastermind I checked, you know, I see you guys are a bit quiet. What's going on? You know, it's a two way street in ensuring, you know, just because they're quiet, I'm not like, yay, I'm can sit in the corner and do nothing. You know, if they're quiet, why you're quiet, what's going on for you? How can I help? How can I support? And it just provides a platform for the conversation to open and for people to feel like, Oh, she actually really cares.

She genuinely wants to help and support. And she's not here just to take my money and run. All of these are simple things that you would think that are just obvious. I'm not always done consistently. And so it's really important to focus and be a client customer centric business. That is what gets you that third party credibility. That is what gets you you know, people sharing and talking about you in a positive way when you're not in the room. Obviously you can take things like case studies from P from the incredible results that you've gotten for your clients. And you can use that for the positioning side of it. So you can actually take a great customer experience and then put that on the front end that you can then you utilize another little trick as well, is making your services shareable.

So you want to be thinking about what kind of business are you? Are you quiet your business where people will openly talk about the topic? Because if, I think I've mentioned this on the last episode, so I'll just use the example again so we can stay congruent. However, if you're, if you're a got expert at helping people with irritable bowel syndrome, it's not necessarily something people shout about on the, on the internet or social media or you know, wherever. So you might want to be thinking about the share-ability in terms of a more underground experience of do you know somebody who has been through your experience who could use my help? You know, it would be great if you could, you know, refer me onto them. You could perhaps provide an incentive to do so. You know, if they get them in, you could go and give them a rough referral fee or you could give them some extra support if they, if they decide to take your services.

There are different ways that you can do it, but don't ever underestimate the power of your current customer base. If you treated them well, get them to refer, refer you on because they will gladly talk about them. They're amazing experience with you. And if you are a more aspirational business where people you know will gladly talk about, you know, what you do publicly, then another great tool is to give them things that they can then share. So gifts and we use things like at the personalized planet over in our ever track business that is always shared. People get that like wow, as a planner it's got my name on it, this is incredible. And they take a selfie with it or they just take a picture of the planner, a shout out on social media, just like just got my planner and they're excited about it and they're excited to share and you know, it goes to a wider audience.

And particularly for our ever trackers, they genuinely, you'll find that people sit in friendship groups or you kind of do the same thing. And so there will be other people who are into tracking within their friendship groups and then they're sharing things like that. It's hitting the right kinds of people as well. So there are different ways to create share-ability. Depending on the type of business you are, there isn't a one size fits all when it comes to that kind of thing. Again, community communities in some aspects. You know, we want a lot of aspects will absolutely help with share-ability and, and you know, get come and come and come over here, come in this corner of the world cause this is amazing. This is what's being done. You get people to inviting people over on it on a softer rather than a harder but more of a more a softer introduction.

Communities can be a great way to do that. Not for every business. Nothing is ever the same for any single business. There is no one size fits all prescriptive method that will ever help your business if you're not exactly the exact at that prescription is for. So you do have to understand that different businesses have different ways of working and things that what better for others, but there's that little later view to things that you can absolutely be following and using within your business to help position you as that market leader. And when you get it, like I said, when you get a great result for a customer, share that results, use it. You know, if you got a great result, share that result. If it's relevant, obviously you know, something that we don't, I don't really want to do is go to our community of avid trackers and be like, ha ha ha, look how much money I've made from you.

It doesn't really give the right tone, does it? That's not what they want to hear. They want to hear about how are we going to support them during that trip and all of the money that they've given for my audience. If you guys who are listening to my, you know, a business podcast, they want to hear about the money. So think about the results that you get for your particular audience. And those are the results that you want to be sharing and they want to be, you know, that wants to be appropriate. So yeah, so have thought with that. A lot of, I see a lot of business people whose result is not to make money for that or help other people make money sharing monetary results, bragging about it like it's in like it's a great case study. Be able, don't care about the money if that's not what you're helping them with.

They want you to help them with the health of their mindset or you know, that their adventure that they're about to go on a trip. They don't want to hear about the monetary result. That doesn't really mean anything to them. And it can sometimes be inappropriate and not relevant where it is relevant, share away, be clear about that results. And I think that's key is when you're clear about the result that you get for people, everything becomes so much easier because you're like, okay, this is where I focus my visibility and my time and showing people how I help people just like them to get this result. And you want, that's the kind of case studies that you really want to be sharing and talking about the most because that's what your audience will care about. That, that is what will help convert those people within your market into clients.

And remember, we're not serving markets, we're serving individuals within a market. You know, you need to be thinking about it at a granular level. When you do that, the messaging and the angling and the offering will be so much clearer. So there we go. And that brings my credibility episode to a close. Like I said, there's so much more to talk about, but there'll be, I'd be blathering on for days. And so just a reminder of a couple of things that you can be joining right now. One is the strategy sessions, the evolve and elevate strategy sessions that you can jump onto. I can't guarantee that there will be spaces guys because they are selling like hotcakes at the minute. But like I said, if they, if you go on there and you can't find a space, then just email me, Janet, Jan hyphen [inaudible] dot com and I will absolutely, you know, consider reopening.

If I get enough enough of you guys reaching out to me, I'll, we'll consider reopening another session. And obviously I still have a couple of spaces left in my elevate mastermind. You know, I'm very particular about who T who I take into my masterminds, but if you are somebody who is ambitious, has a lot of skin in the game, wants to go to market, leader level is at 100% committed to getting there and ready to go. And you just need someone to guide you through for accountability, but mainly through strategies that are going to help you make the most waves in your industry and help to elevate your position and to help you build infrastructure within your business so that it can cope with the growth that will come with market leadership. Then I am your gal and the mastermind is where you need to be.

And I say the mastermind, it's my elevate mastermind and it's one-to-one hybrid. You know, the mastermind element is an inbuilt community, which is the cherry on the cake. You get my one to one attention. This is not a group program disaster. It's not like you go in and I spoon Fiji the same process of everyone else. You have the opportunity to have one to one time with me each month and every quarter plus a group call every month as well. So there's a ton of support in there. Plus the opportunity to upload documents into the G drive for me to give you feedback on copy to make tweaks and changes to make it even better. And then obviously you've got the community where you can ask questions to both them and me to get kind of like answers to questions that you have in between each call with me that you booked in.

So there is, there's so much to be hard for the right person. Like I said, I'm a bit picky, so that's thing for you to do is to jump on a call with me and let's have a chat. Let's have a discuss and we'll make sure it's the right decision for you and whether you are right for the program you know, to get you the best results you possibly can. I'm not, I'm not a, I'm not a people snob. It's more about all you, the at the right stage. And you know, if you've got everything in place right now for me to get you the best results and we won't know that until we chat. So jump on a call, let's discuss and let's see if you are right for that elevate mastermind. Excited to speak to you guys. So all the links are in the show notes.

If you want the link verbally for the booking a call with me, then the link is bit.ly/claritycallpodcast, all one word, all lower case at, or just click the link in the show notes. Next thing I want to give you is a request. Please be enjoying these episodes and you this episode and you loved hearing the information that's on here. Then please do leave me a review as well. I'd be much less grateful if you would do that for me. It would be lovely. Reason being is because it massively helps with the rankings, helps get this more out there and it my day, and it means that I can give you a massive shout out as well. If you do sounds your shout out on the podcast, then leave me a review and you could be podcast famous. Any who, great to speak to you guys and have a fantastic week. We can note it will be weak because this will be recording it on a Friday. This will be launched on a Wednesday, so I hope you guys have had a fantastic week, happy hump day and enjoy the rest of it. And I'm looking forward to speaking with you, either one of my strategy sessions or onto a call to chat. Speak to you guys soon.

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