September 9, 2020

A couple of weeks ago I had a conversation with someone that changed the way their business now operates forever more. This penny drop moment brought a realisation that is now saving him time and energy, and will bring in far more money and more successful clients. 

Want to know the nine words that changed everything and transformed his business?

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Get ready to hear the new marketing angle that will change the way you do business forever. Hello and welcome to the Expert Unrivalled Podcast, my name's Jen Hall, I'm your business positioning coach and Market Leadership Expert. And on today's episode, I'm talking about a significant penny drop moment that radically changed someone's business in a matter of seconds. So I'm going to be divulging all of the info in just a moment. And even if you get through this and you absolutely 100 percent agree, this will absolutely reinstill the fact never to go down this route, ever.

So it's going to help you do one of those two things. You're going to make you change your business or it's going to prevent you from making a big mistake.

So before I get on to giving all of this info out, I also just want to say a massive, huge, proud, well done to everybody in the elevator mastermind. We've seen sold out programs that have just been released for the first time. We've seen incredible new passive income streams coming through the door, thousands of pounds worth of recurring revenue added to the bottom line. We've seen twenty six came months. And I'm just super, super proud of everybody in that in terms of their monetary results, but not just the monetary results.

Also the fact that people have been coming up with some stonking and I mean stonking incredibly groundbreaking, unique magic bullets, which Highbridge basically, if you're first for first time, Lisner is a concrete USPI, something that absolutely differentiates you from entirely from the market that's unique to you that people are falling over themselves to get. And we've had some incredible breakthroughs, some incredible creations and innovations going on in the elevator mastermind. So well done, everybody in that's so, so proud of you.

And if you were looking to become part of the ELEVATE program, which primarily is a one to one program where you work side by side with myself and Andy and also some guest experts that we have coming in from time to time, plus the elevator mastermind included in that, then you need to make sure that you get a call back to me, the picking the calling is in the show notes if I can get my teeth back in. The recording is in the show notes.

But for those listening, you just want to drop it down quickly. It's bit dot liberty, dot ally forward slash clarity call podcast. All you need to do is just go to that link and you have called me, have a chat to see where the Elevate program is right. For you. So anyway, back to it. So I was chatting to somebody on the on a call the other day and we were talking about how they were going to take their business moving forward.

And as it stood, they currently had three different areas in which they worked, three different idea clients initially were working with, and they found themselves in networking groups with a certain type of business owner. Now, these this person isn't necessarily a business coach in terms of the marketing sense, but they did the coach business owners were in in these networking groups with a particular type of business owner. And these these types of business owners weren't making very much money, were still struggling to validate their business ideas and, you know, were relatively at the beginning stages of their journey.

So he's surrounded by this particular type of ideal client. And I could actually rephrase that. He was surrounded by this particular type of prospect that was presented to him. But we were looking at these different areas of his business and where he's been most successful and actually where he's spending the majority of his time. And I've spoken about this before. And another one of the amazing kind of panicked moments that other people have had was actually from a podcast episode around strategic visibility.

So how to actually be strategically visible without being exhausted and broke. And, you know, it massively changed the way people were working. I saw people closing down Facebook groups. I saw people shutting down social media channels, stopping particular social media activities that just weren't bearing any fruit, which actually sounds quite devastating, but actually very, very positive moves because what they were doing was spending all the time in the wrong place, all the time and effort doing things that that wasn't bringing anything in for them.

Now, you obviously have to check to make sure that it's not the message that's wrong because you could be the right place. The message could be wrong that you do have to troubleshoot and just see, you know, is it what is wrong here or is it where I'm hanging out or is it what I'm saying? But these people make these decisions and pull them back out of time where they can. She's spending more fruitful areas, and that episode is fantastic, by the way, I do say so myself.

So do go back and listen to that one. But anyway, we're looking about where he was spending his time, actually, where the policies he made the most money from, which are particular ideal client avenue. Is he gone through it? First of all, we recognize that actually there was a bit of that going on. So there was a bit of strategic visibility that needed to be tweeks because he was spending all his time over in that area that actually wasn't bearing any fruit.

And he was he kind of got suck into it. And he asked me, you know, plain as day, should I be carrying on, hanging out here and trying to supply products to these types of business owners. And my honest answer was this. And this is the actual thing that I said, and this is what changed the way he's done business. And I'll tell you the positive outcome that comes after this. And that was is that some people are so far down the rabbit hole that they can't see the positive that you're bringing to the table.

And this is crucial. And I see it happen all the time where people get into convinced mode, where they are desperate, they can see these people need help. And they knew that if they just if they just did these things, that life would be better. But the problem is, depending where people are in that journey depends on their priorities. And if you're not feeding the priority for them at that time, then you're going to find yourself banging your head on a brick wall where they they can see that, you know, logically, they can absolutely see that you could add value.

But that's not their biggest problem on their plate right now.Or the fact is that it's not the thing that they want to hear. For instance, I speak to a ton of business owners who get on a call with me. And they ask me about the sexy stuff, the funnels, the Facebook accounts and the passive income and all of these sorts of things. And, you know, sometimes they hear things that they don't want to hear, which is you're not ready for that right now.

And actually that's not the best strategy for you. Or maybe that's what we should be looking at. That's not going to bring you in the most money or that anger and that message is wrong for that type of person that you would like do it. I'm very honest with my advice, and they don't want to hear it because they just want to go off and do the passive income. They want to do the sexy thing. And it's all be fine.

Go ahead, do it. And literally nine times out of ten, I will get someone circle back and go, oh my gosh, I wish I listened to you, but people have to struggle before they seek out help. You know, it's very rare. It's not completely unseen, but it's very rare for someone to come on board and go, look, I'm completely need this. Never tried anything myself. And yes, I can see that you're you know, you have a roadmap.

And what you said to me makes sense. Yes. Let's prevent all of the mistakes. And that's just go in fresh and do it all. Lovely for the word go. It's just not right. So it's not real. It's not real life. People will want to try it themselves. They see the shiny object. They want to go towards it. They want to go and do those things first. So at least take their time to find out that out.

That's boiling. That's not quite where I wanted to go. They've got to make the mistakes. You know, it's like when you when you were younger, when your mom was going, you probably shouldn't do that. And you're like, yeah, whatever. Okay, mom, I will do. And then you go out and then you don't want to admit it, but you do think to yourself, oh my gosh, why did I not listen?

But we have to do those things. I've done it myself. You know, I've had arguments, well, arguments, heated discussions with with with one of my coaches around a particular way that I wanted to do things. And she knew she could see she'd been there, done it, got the t shirt. She's been there, done it, got the t shirt with all the people who have tried it. And I'm like, but no, it might work for me.

It might. And yeah, it might. Yeah, it's it's very unlikely. It's been proven not to. And so she was like, you know, I'm just telling you, this is the facts if you want to go and try to do but, you know, at the end of the day, it's probably not going to work out and but you can absolutely give it a go because there is a chance. There's always a chance that it might.

And lo and behold, you go off, do it or think about it and go, yeah, you're probably right. Let's change tack. Let's think about a different way of doing things, because that's probably not going to be the best way to do it. And so, you know, you have to recognize this and so that this is what changed the course of his business. You know, this information, this realization, this penny drop moment of I'm spending all of my time trying to convince people that don't want to listen, who do not care about what I'm talking about.

Now, you've got two options here. You either start talking about things that do care about fine and then you start selling those things. But it is not in your remit to do so if that's not who you are best placed to serve. And also, by the way, people who are new.

That's something particularly if we're talking about businesses here that tend to have as much money as people at the other end. OK, so you also have to bear in mind that how much where they are on the job depends on how much they're willing to spend on something as well, how much they can and which they can afford. Your client has to be able to afford to pay.

So if you're looking at high end, whatever it is, you know, and it is not always the case, you know, in terms of how much money people earn, depends on whether they can afford it or not, because people will find the money if they really want it. So you have to they are few and far between. But basically the rule of thumb is the bigger the pain or the bigger the ambition, the more people are willing to pay.

That's the kind of what you need to take out of that conversation. But your ideal client does still need to be able to afford what you're putting in front of them and say, for instance, if you're taking the business businesses as the example, they also have a certain money mindset, the beginning as well, that the less that they're willing to risk less. Now, there are the unicorns out there. You know, I used to serve the unicorns.

That's what I was all about back in the day when I used to solely help out with finding helping coaches find their coaching nesh. You know that they were right at the beginning of their journey, but I still saw programs around for Cormark. You know, people still bought them because they were the unicorns. They were serious. They were all out. They weren't dabbling. Now they do exist. People will pay the big ambition. And that's who I was seeking out, the people with big ambition and absolutely did work.

But if you're looking for a mass markets and you're spending all of your time around, people who, you know, with one unicorn, let's take the networking for an example. Okay. Networking really only works when you keep showing up, showing up, showing up in the same circles. People get to know you and finally they start to trust you. Yet you're the person showing up consistently so long. It's a long game. Networking, absolutely fruitful, absolutely fruitful.

One hundred percent recommended and to do networking. But if you find yourself in a networking group where you have been there and you've tried that strategy, they may just not be the right kind of people that the unicorns that you're after are not there.

And actually they're the the majority, not the minority. And you showing up consistently to people who do not want to hear it. The same thing in a Facebook group, for instance, people keep going back to the same people, trying to tell them the same message, and they just don't want to listen. And they're not pumping any new people into their. So they just want the same old people. You've got to keep moving and you have to be put your business hat on and go, what am I selling and to whom?

Why is it a priority? Why is it urgent? You've got to get all of those things in a row and everything matches up an alliance to make sure that everything makes sense so that you can speak to the right people, so that you can make sure the message speaks to those correct people and that you can you can sort of go in the right angle, whether that's more people, less money per person or less people are more money per person.

Whatever it is, it's all of these things have to align. You have to look at that. And this is something I actually speak about in my evolve and elevate strategy sessions, which I'm looking to for very soon. I'll put the link in in the show notes and you can have a look at that. I don't know what the date will be, but it will be a surprise for you when you open the link and you'll find out what the next date is.

I talk about business model and all this sort of thing. You have to make sure that everything is aligned to make sense to who it is. Just adding to what you're selling, the message that you are giving them away or hanging out and who you're speaking to. All of those things have to make sense. That's how you build your marketing message. How you build your marketing strategy is by and then inevitably a business model by looking at all of those elements.

So in the end, after having this conversation and it was not as in depth, there's literally all I said was some people are too far down the rabbit hole to be able to see what you're offering them. In that moment, he realized that things had to change and he realized that he's going to have to be far more strategically visible to the right people. And he actually decided to go down the corporate route because that's where he spent the most money in the past.

He wasn't precious about which one of these other clients he wanted to suit, but he really was. He, you know, people people who don't listen suck your energy because you would just want to help them. You just, like, listen to me. But couldn't you understand you're stuck and convince me. Do they draw you back, draw you back? Then they change your message to turn into a plead rather than dangling a juicy carrot. And so you end up in this vicious cycle.

And that was what was going on. So he realized, I need to stop doing that. You know, this is what I offer. This is who I offer it to. And you know what? Sometimes when you do that, it helps people step up. It's like, OK, well, they're no longer trying to convince me the.

Telling me is, if I do this, no, look at all these other people who are actually going to work with them and seeing these results, oh, I want a bit of that actually helps people to step up when you stop paying people who don't listen so much attention and you should focus on the people who were you. You were right to serve. It pulls people out of that that silo mindset pulls them out and get them to pay attention to go, oh, OK.

Now they're making these paradigm shifts that now enables them to become ideal clients before they were prospects that they listen.

Now they're starting to look and see the results and starting to pull up to where they need to be the site to make that paradigm shift in themselves, inevitably helping them more by not banging that drum consistently with them, starting to bang the drum to a new set of people with the right carrots, knowing that you're giving them the correct message that they want to hear, that they want to buy to go. OK, fine.

Yeah, that's that's what I'm after. And everyone else is going to look and go, OK, so that like the you know, we got marbles in the playground. You're holding these marbles in your hand. You like can I kind of look rather than picking them up their face, I mean, it just it just these it's start have more dignity. Start realizing that what you have isn't something to to to convince people of is very valuable. Now, again, I've mentioned at the very beginning this episode, and that's about making sure your messaging is right because you could have something amazing.

I'm sure you absolutely do. She got to position it correctly. You've got to make sure that the right message is going to the right people, but you don't want to be convincing. So there's two parts to this. So if you listen to this going, gosh, yeah, I'm in the same boat, I'm fed up of this and you're like, I want to start seeing results. You've got to look at two things. Are you speaking to the right people?

Is your messaging correct, both of those things before you start making any kind of decision here? But, you know, this person that was speaking to all of them chopped off the other two areas of the business and just focused on one, which I think is the best decision because he's picked something he can go all in on that messaging for that one ideal client. You can start becoming known for that thing, for that particular ideal client. He's specialized, he's Nesh, and he's going to make far more progress doing that than trying to at a try and serve too many people and diluting the message, making it very bland, not very understandable, because actually each of these different people needed very different things at very different stages of their life and stopped trying to ram down a product that didn't make sense to somebody at that level down their throat.

Just go, actually, you know what? You're not there yet. You're not ready. Don't want to listen because you're not ready to hear it. So he started to focus on the people that are the where they can make the most transformation, give me the most and the best results for that for these people. I make more money for him as well. It's a win win scenario. So have a think have a look at your business. And if you're agreeing with me and you're already there, then just just make sure you check in, because is very easy to get sucked in.

Check out where you're hanging out. Make sure that you're in the right ballpark, hanging out with the right people because you will find otherwise they will start amending your entire business to suit the people that are in front of you. And if they're not right and it's not the right direction for you and your business, then you need to shift to places you look at ways, spending your time. And second of all, we need to look at well, actually, no, I can really help these people.

I really want to. Well, you going to have to look at your messaging and you're going to have to look at your positioning and just realize that are you actually a lot of the time with the messaging stuff, you're talking about process and you're talking about what you can do for them instead of what it will do for them. You know, you do benefit. You're not talking about what that's going to give them. The transformation has to change.

Your life hasn't changed a business, change the finances, the health, the mindset, the relationships. You're not talking about that stuff, which is why it's not hitting the mark.

You know, people don't don't don't buy it. What's the saying? People don't buy by drells.

They buy homes that they want to see what they're getting. They want to know what the end result is. So you've got to look at that. And you've got you've got to ask yourself, why is that a priority for for them? Why should they bother listening to me? Why would they buy my thing? Why do they need to buy it now and not later? Why do you need to buy it now? And what was the consequences of leaving it?

What are they leaving on the table if they don't? All of those things are very, very important. So that is the penny drop movement. And I really hope this message helps many more of you out there who are either sucked into it now or could get sucked into the future.

No more convincing, no more banging your head on a brick wall. Something's got to shift. Something's got to change, because as soon as it does, you will start seeing a flurry of new clients and a flurry of money. So there we go. If you want to chat more, you to do do one of two things. You can call in with me. And we can chat directly, talk about your business one on one, see how I can help you, or secondly, you can pick open the link to the evolving elevate strategy session, 20 pounds a session to come in and learn more than please do and is an hour and a half session.

I tell you what the date is, so don't ask me. And we need to do is just click the link and the date will ping up and you can back into that. Otherwise I will see you on the next episode.

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