May 12, 2021

fizzy wine marketing

The business owners who really care have ‘champagne standards’ for their talents and for the transformation they bring to their clients. But they are using ‘fizzy wine marketing’! 

The attitude to running a business is not the same as having a good work ethic or being talented… in fact you could be the best at what you do but no one could have a clue about it or ever experience it. This is the reality for many business owners – unseen & untapped talent hidden from the world.

If you’re ready to be seen and heard and fancy a kick up the bum to get yourself out there positioned as a trusted expert – then make sure you listen to this week’s episode on the player above or read the blog below.

The ‘Fizzy Wine’ Marketing that is Killing Businesses

I’ve been hearing a lot of positive trolls recently. People saying: “I don’t want to be the best. I just want to do well for my clients.” And I wonder if people have a lot of time on their hands to make these kinds of comments. I do appreciate they are trying to get their message out there.

In the last episode, I touched on the concept of not being the best or being number one. I do not have negative feedback on that sentiment. Without the backbone of passion to make an impact, there is no business. However, having been through it a couple of times before, it doesn’t matter how passionate you are – there is a goal to make money from your business.

Often we view wanting money as a bad thing. It is needed as much as water and food in order to live our lives. We are fortunate enough to have our basic needs met. Equally, money is part of your security. When you put your heart and soul into something and you don’t get something energetic back in the form of money, you become resentful.

When you run a business, you cannot run away from the fact it is there to make money. And doing your best for your clients is not enough. This is a truth bomb that I want to put out there. We have champagne standards for our talent, what we deliver and how we deliver. You also need champagne standards for your marketing. If you do not have this, you will not make the impact you want.

Making an impact

If you want to make an impact but do not share your message in the right way, you will not make that impact. If you do not have the trust or your market, then you will not progress. And your passion and talent is meaningless if the only person who knows about it is you.

If you have that talent, you want other people to experience it. For this, you need your marketing to be on point. You need to strive for excellence and articulate why you are great. For example, when you get a ‘no’ on a sales call, you get that defiance that the client needs this and you know you can help them. And if they invested they would be able to go further than they are right now.

Being a market leader is not about arrogance

It would be arrogant of me to think that I am the only person who can help. Let’s tackle this idea of being number one in your industry as being arrogance.

I want to be the best at what I do. This means the investment of time, learning and money into my own learning is huge. It also means to be the best I can do, I need to work with lots of clients so that I have experience. If you don’t work with lots of clients, and don’t have great marketing, you won’t get the experience you need.

Equally, being the best at what I do doesn’t mean being one up on everyone else. It is about creating great products for my clients. Understanding my specific ideal client, their specific problems and give them a service that fits them like a glove.

I am not talking to everyone, I am talking to a market within a market. I talk to the people who want to make an impact and progress. Who want to take their business seriously and leave a legacy. You have to identify who it is you are talking to so you can understand how you can be the best for them.

If you don’t have that standard, if you don’t strive to be better and innovate, you are not going to be impacting the people that you need to.

A lesson from the Wright Brothers

There is a story in my book about taking the very first flight. The competition with the Wright Brothers and Langley. Langley had all the financial backing and the Wright Brothers didn’t. The lesser-known story is that later on, they worked together to create our aviation experience now. Without Langley, they could not progress aviation.

Competitors are able to work together to progress something for all of us. You need the competitive streak but also the will to collaborate. It is about using each other to inspire, innovate and better the world.

If you want to make an impact and be a pioneer, then you need to be better at your marketing.

I spoke to a woman last week who wanted to be famous for her work rather than herself. You don’t have to become a personality or Facebook famous. You can become known for the work you do. But you still need to be a good marketer. Or you have to get help to do this. As the founder, you cannot be detached from this process and be the driving force behind it. This is what creates successful businesses.

Leave a legacy

If you are looking to create an impact, leave a legacy and impact more clients than you already do, you need to become known for the work you do. And you need to think about getting help with your marketing. This is what we aim to do with Elevate, where your marketing is on point. So your market knows you are the person to go to for that service. If you don’t have this, you will not make a big enough impact.

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