July 26, 2018

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the ONE Human Emotion that will not only Convert Prospects to Clients in Turbo Time, but will also Transform their Lives...

I'm about to reveal a secret that I've discovered during my time testing and studying what really compels people/prospects to buy the things they do. It's the key to conversion!

We already know that people base their buying decisions on two things - emotion and logic. This emotion combines both of these elements and if you can work out how to give it to your prospects, it will compel them to purchase your product/service.

And the emotion is - HOPE

Now it's debatable as to whether hope is actually an emotion, many psychologists have debated this for a long time. But we can best describe this as a cognitive shift from which further powerful positive emotions are created.

How Can Hope Help You...

As a business owner, your job is to problem solve, and something is only ever a problem if it truly feels like one. So your prospects will be feeling various feelings of frustration, stuckness, anxiety, fear of failure, confusion and perhaps even despair. (The list need not end there!)

If you're able to show someone a NEW way through the problem to the destination they want to arrive at, and show them that they should have complete confidence in you as an expert to take them, then you are giving them new hope. True hope has to make logical sense, on some level, there has to be a belief in the way forward and in the person helping them through.

Show people a unique road map of a new way forward, if it's a way they've already tried and it didn't lead them to where they wanted to get to they will have lost 'hope' in that way forward. So trying to sell that to them again, even for free will be pointless. Give them a 'new way' of moving forward and it will ignite hope, and if you've made this 'new way' make complete sense and you've made this 'new way' totally your own, then you will logically be the best person to take them through it.

Of course, they have to like you and know of you in order to get that far, besides if you're not able to grab their attention and connect with them authentically then they will hold back


Hope not only converts your prospects like electricity creates light, it is also the launchpad for authentic transformation. Hope sticks a rocket up your backside and compels you take action to reach your goals. More poignantly, it motivates you from a positive place that makes you WANT to take action, meaning once they say to yes to moving forward with you, they will be taking action and creating incredible results for themselves. TRUE AUTHENTIC TRANSFORMATION. And all done in name of serving and helping your prospects step up to take action towards reaching their dreams.

Authentic marketing is about giving your prospects new hope in your own unique way.

***Do you think 'hope' is an emotion? How are you giving your prospects new hope? 

***Add your comments below!

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Jennifer Hall

Jen Hall is Business Clarity Coach for Coaches, Consultants & Experts who want to become Unrivalled Go-To Experts.

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