October 6, 2021

This episode is dedicated to the creators out there that can’t help but create EVEN MORE NEW PROGRAMS! This might surprise you to hear but creating NEW all of the time is hurting your business and your impact. Listen to this episode to find out more on why and what you need to do instead to create a sustainable business that can scale to seven figures and beyond.

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Why continually creating new will hurt your business

If you have a habit of creating tons of programs, this could potentially be hurting your business.

This is something I’ve done in my own business – going through the cycle of constantly creating new things. While this feeds our creativity, it can be detrimental.

Too many launches

The amount of launches you have is not necessarily the issue. Instead, it’s a way for you to not focus on your core business model. When you are always in launch mode it means chasing your tail. Always creating content, selling, and launching. In doing this, we end up creating more work for ourselves.

More importantly, there is no need for this. When you have a business ecosystem in place, a natural pathway for clients to flow through your services, then it allows for people to stay for the long haul.

If you are always launching something new, there is no clear path for them to follow. If everything is new, where is the cross-sell? How does it all fit together?

Now, you don’t need to create one thing and stick with it forever. However, it’s good to have a core product and there create extra products that either uphold what you are doing in that core product or become the next stage for your clients to move on to.

In creating a business in this way, you work more effectively, can plan financially and crucially, get better at selling your core product.

Learn by doing

We all know that the best way to get better at what we do is to learn and improve on what we have. When you are always in launch mode it’s the equivalent of ticking off the boxes, moving onto the next thing, and never actually improving the process.

In fact, when you are always launching new programmes, you are effectively going back to ground zero each and every time. It may not be starting at the beginning again but in terms of how you sell, position, your messaging, the funnel you create – all of these things take time to put together and perfect.

You need time to edit and tweak it.

If you want to run an auto-webinar for example, you need to run that webinar every single week for a year before you consider moving it to automation. Then you will improve on that content each and every week.

This is an important point – to move things forward in your business you need to automate so everything isn’t done from scratch. Yet, to do this you need to practise. And launches can be tiresome as you have a cot to create. A lot of work goes into a launch. So when we start from scratch each time, we have to reinvest that time as well as miss out on the opportunity to improve.

Core products

Any seven-figure business has a core product that serves as the main platform to pull people in. They may change and level this up at the time, they will tweak and improve these programmes. In fact, they may even change the need or create core products for particular ideal clients.

You will create new programmes again, but these seven-figure businesses are not continually scrapping what they do and recreating it. Instead, they are giving the business a chance to find its roots and grow a particular business model.

Give your clients a better learning experience

Another key part of this is that when you improve instead of creating new, you give your clients a better experience. You are making your product better so that they can dive into what they need to achieve.

I believe that the reason people create new products is that they love the feeling of announcing something new. There is a passion and excitement that comes with launching something new. But it is time to get excited about improvement rather than new. This is where you are going to make the money, create the biggest impact for your clients and really hone in on what works.

Going off niche

There is also a danger of going off-niche when you continually create new. You lose focus and divert into services that are not necessarily within your remit. It dilutes what you are about and you lose what it is you become known for.

This is an important reminder: you want to become known for a signature programme. The core product that you can grow and is the entry point for your ideal client. You want to become known for this signature programme.

Like Jame Wedmore and Business By Design or Serena Sue and Impacting Millions. You become known for your programme and the results that you get from people. Yet, if you’re continually creating new then you are going to miss out on building a business for the long haul.

It is in this signature programme that you build a business that can scale and grow. Constantly creating new does not allow for this.

Smarter Strategy

A smarter strategy for launching would be to change the way you position your product. If you’ve tried to launch one way and people are not buying, then change how you position it. You don’t need to create new. And don’t create the course until you sell it.

Another way you can tweak is to consider the title of the programme. And have you got your messaging right? Do you explain the clear benefits and outcomes? Does your programme solve one key issue? Look at all of these factors, then tweak and change.

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