June 18, 2018

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Firstly, it's important to realise that likes and comments don't build a business. This is something that one of my coaches once said to me and it has been the prevention of a LOT of comparisonitis issues especially when it came to social media.

But if you are wondering how people manage to get engagement on their posts and why yours isn't quite cutting the mustard, I'm about to reveal a common mistake that many people make when posting on social media.

How Many Have Heard This Saying at One Time or Another? (Usually With Your Spouse) - 'It's Not What You Said, It's The Way You Said It!'

It's important to realise that the tone and style that you use in how you say what you want to say, will cause a certain response from other people and a lot of the time on social media that response is 'silence'.

Being me, I obviously seriously suggest that you indeed position yourself as an Expert but what I don't mean is... position yourself as a wooden encyclopedia/journal. 

It's important to remember that as much as you want to use social media for visibility, the majority of it's users are using it for personal connection, so you have to meet with that goal.

Ever wondered why that post you shared from your business page without comment got ignored?

Well, It's Because You're Broadcasting Instead of Actually Conversing with People

For instance, you post something from your business page of value to your fans - people who do read take value from it obviously and perhaps give it a like and maybe even a comment.

Then you take that same post, copy and paste into a group and wait for the comments to flood in... but they don't.

If you're treating communities as a place to broadcast value it's not going to go down well. People will accept it from your page because it's assumed that you are talking to the masses, but they are not going to like it at all in a group because they're there for conversation.

Here's a Better Way of Re-purposing That Post to Boost Social Media Engagement...

Begin with, 'Hey guys, I noticed a lot of you in here were talking about how to find your niche in the last few days and whilst I commented on your posts to help out and support, I thought it might be helpful if I posted some of my top tips on this that might help you gain a bit of clarity since this is my zone of genius. I'll tag those of you who I know were asking q's around this, I truly hope this helps you...'

Can you see the tone and context change?

It's less, 'LISTEN TO MY AMAZING EXPERTISE' and much more 'I'd love to come and contribute to this community on a human level.'

Be conscious of where you're posting and how you're re-purposing your content. Yes, you want to demonstrate your awesomeness and expertise but you also want to bear in mind how you're delivering that value and in what context/platform.

A Little Note and a Giant Truthbomb...

I hope you had a marvelous weekend! I spent mine visiting my family in York and seeing someone from my childhood who moved away to the states for 20 years and haven't seen for a very long time. It was so nice to reconnect after such a long time, and whilst a lot has happened (kids, business, living in totally new places) the relationship was still perfectly intact - don't you just love those moments! Connection is key to engagement and relationship building, and I truly believe that's made through conversation. Talk 'with', not 'at'.

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