August 9, 2018

big fish inadequacy - How I over came comparison paralysis

Do You Feel Inadequacy? 

It's easy to look at everyone else and feel small in comparison (deadly easy), especially the big fish who have all the fancy stuff. I used to look at the big stars with...

  • the team to catch them talking off the cuff in a professional interview.
  • the editing pro who makes all their content look like it's been through Hollywood production.
  • the slick filming crew and amazing public speaking talent.
  • the customer service team who show up to help out with tech issues.

And part of me felt seriously inadequate, like 'who is going to listen to me in comparison to that!'


The thing is, none of those things REALLY matter, really they don't.

They only mattered to me because that's where I wanted to be. It didn't really matter to my ideal clients.

The only thing that matters to your clients is that they get help solving their problem and achieving their goals. That's it!

Now I DO believe in making things as amazing as you possibly can, with what you have, to give a great impression and build trust as an expert. And if you look at my old content compared to my new content you will see a marked improvement. But the old content still impacted and helped so many people, and I still made a ton of money back then.

I can't keep track of the countless 'polished' productions/articles that really don't contain any real value! They look impressive but they're lacking in substance.

So The Simple Answer Is...

If you're going to go all out making something amazing, the ONE thing that you can guarantee will win over all the fancy stuff, is 'amazing value'. Helping your prospects solve and move forward.

Make that your priority first and foremost and the other stuff will come. People appreciate raw, real and valuable content.

The world aint seen nothin yet!

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Jennifer Hall

Jen Hall is Business Clarity Coach for Coaches, Consultants & Experts who want to become Unrivalled Go-To Experts.

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