April 28, 2021

This is something that so many agonise over. What to call their product?

The fact is you can call your product/course/program anything and if you’re marketing & sales process is good then you’ll still make sales BUT if you’re smart with it you can call it something that will make even more sales. 

In this episode you can get unstuck and decisive and find a name that will inspire sales galore.

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5 different ways to name a course, product, or service

There are a couple of things you can do to help improve sales when you name your course. Technically, it does not matter what you call your course or service, if the person loves what you do and really needs it. You need to do the work on the messaging and positioning to be in this place.

However, I do believe it is important to have congruency with what you do and what you call it. You can help people make better buying decisions with the name you give to your course or service.

What should I name my programme? Is a question I am asked all the time. When it comes to names, I have a Ronseal approach. Making a name explanatory makes far more sense.

1. Use the outcome

Name your product around the outcome or transformation you will deliver. For example, my signature programme is called Elevate. I named this during a mastermind. We were trying to explain what I do. I help create market leaders within an industry. The name Elevate came up because my coach at the time said I elevate people’s positioning, marketing, and impact. It is congruous with what I do.

While Elevate makes sense, the only way you will fully explain what the programme does is by giving it a tag line. A secondary headline that goes with the programme name will help make it clear to your ideal customers what your product or service does.

For example, with Elevate on the sales page it says “the programme that takes you direct to market leader position, where you become the most desirable option in the market.” It explains exactly what it does. Then the sales page explains the other elements of the outcomes, backing up the name of our programme.

The name of our programme cannot explain everything it does. You need words around this to help make that clear. So the name is not the be-all and end-all. You need to be able to articulate the benefits of buying it – this is the key thing. Do not get too hung up on the name side of things.

I have a self-study programme called Monetise Your Message. This is clear in that it’s about niching and discovering what makes you stand out and the messaging to articulate this.

Selina Soo calls her programme Imapcting Millions. This is about PR and exposure and the name of the programme is becoming better known that Selina.

James Wedmore’s programme almost supersedes his personal brand. His is called Business By Design. People want a formula and that is what he teaches. Generating clients on scale. And this is the feature on which he sells the programme.

Do not forget to trademark your names.

2. Use the problem that you solve

If your service tackles an issue then you can use this as your name. I know someone who has a Snowball Debt-Buster Plan which helps you to remove your debt. This is extremely Ronseal. It makes sense to the ideal audience. It also suggests there is a unique method and science behind it.

3. Combine the problem and the transformation

You can think about the problem you are solving. Or you can do both. You can amalgamate and do a transformational title. For example, you could do From Broke To Abundant. You can do a before and after name which outlines the transformation.

4. Use identity

People are motivated to buy things that uphold the identity they want to keep. For example, my business partner Andy, has the identity of an outdoors trekker. Someone with big ambitions. He buys clothes that match that identity. When he has to buy a suit, it needs to be the right kind of suit that goes with his identity.

I bought him a present that I knew he would like from Tony Robbins. I know who is selling it, I know why I was buying it and the transformation but I cannot remember the name of the product.

We buy things that suit our identity. It is the transformation that we remember more than anything else. By naming around these areas it gives people the confidence to buy. And we buy into things that uphold our values and identity.

You can think about names that uphold that identity. For example, I had a group called High Profile Legacy Leaders. It describes the ambition of the people in that group. They want to leave a legacy, have high impact and be a leader. This works particularly well for a group programme.

You can also use this for your own marketing and bring it into your copy. Helping people see that what you sell is in alignment with who they are will help them make that buying decision.

Which is why you need to decide what your values are so people have a place to measure against.

5. Ignore all of these rules because it feels good and works

You can use different ways and the grey area to name your products. Jessica Lorimer names her course the C Suite. It is niche, congruent to who she is, it works but it does not follow these rules. What sells it is the articulation of what it offers, that people get great results and that it gives big promises. And people understand what she’s about and what she does before she gets to the course name.

Jen’s Advice

If you are coming up with names for your product and services, my advice is to name it around the transformation. Remember not to get too hung up on it. Do it and move on. You can always change it later. If people are bought into what you do, then the name does not matter as much as you think. But keep it congruous.

I had a programme called Expertology which is around the science of positioning yourself as an expert. You can always add Ology onto a word. This is before I was taking experts to become market leaders. It does not follow the exact rules but still fits. But do not get stuck at these small hurdles.

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