March 23, 2022

Are you ready to start selling high-ticket?

In this final part of my High-Ticket Selling Series, I’m sharing my five top tips for selling a high-ticket service. Sharing what I’ve learned over the years of running multiple £multi-million businesses, these five tips will help you start selling your next high-ticket product.

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1. Make sure you have lead generation methods

And make sure that these methods you’re using are really drilling down. High-ticket buyers have particular problems and want your service to fit just right. These people have a particular set of circumstances. So drilling down and getting clarity on who they are, what their problem is will draw the right people in.

Your lead gen needs to speak to this particular person so you can get quality people over quantity. If you’re getting a whole host of people downloading your lead magnet but you cannot pinpoint the high-ticket buyers, then you need to review this method of lead generation.

You may need to segment them out or get people to call themselves out as a high-ticket buyer. This makes a slightly longer journey. Although if you are being strategic, you can create a separate lead magnet for your high-ticket buyers that can attract the right people from the start. This will then shorten the sales process.

You also need to think about what kind of lead magnet this buyer will want. Do they need a PDF or something a bit bigger? It could be a PDF but it needs to be worthwhile and something they want. Tighten your titles on these lead magnets down to the problem and outcome they want. Make it congruent to the offer.

Always start with what you’re selling. You can either focus on getting lots of people through or make it super specific to only get the right people step forwards.

2. Effectively nurture leads before the call

Let’s say your ideal client has downloaded your PDF and found it useful. Have you brought down that fourth wall and built a relationship with that person? You need to pull them into the second layer. An email will not do it. You either need a series of emails or think about where else they can go.

It could be sending them to a podcast episode or a video. Or it could be to a masterclass. Masterclasses do not work for everyone but for me and a lot of my clients, they have worked very well. You can use a masterclass as a lead magnet. You can even charge them a fee to attend so they are more engaged when they show up. We have tested this to great success.

Once they are in the masterclass, you can quickly nurture them. You are able to demonstrate your value, position yourself, you have got the engagement. However, you do need to think about how you will sell high-ticket.

People rarely buy high-ticket from a Facebook ad or social media post because they do not want to gamble with their money. They need to make sure you are the right person to buy from. So you need to make sure you have the right solution for them.

Therefore your lead magnet needs to:

  • Demonstrate your value
  • Position yourself
  • Show you are the expert
  • Show your solution is one of a kind
  • Your solution has science behind it.

Then they will know they are buying the right solution. People can adore you as a person but extracting the science from what you do will help you scale. It also gives a proven process that builds trust and justifies the price tag.

Before you even mention your products, you need to educate on a solution. Where are they going wrong/ Why are they struggling? And why they cannot get over it? Then show how you can help them get over it and implement your process. This is how you shift from education to selling. Make sure the timing is correct rather than jumping straight into selling.

3. Offer calls

You may be able to sell without a call – it is possible. It is not for everyone. If you don’t offer calls when it comes to high-ticket you are missing out on sales. You do not need to make it mandatory but some people do. People and programmes are different, so you need to do what’s right for you.

The call can be optional. Or give them a way to talk to you. A call is better as it breaks down the barrier and reassures people it is right for them. And you can make sure they are right for your programme. You will increase your conversions if you sell high-ticket with a call.

Calls should not be scary. If you nurture before the call, the call should be easy and reassure them. If you are worried about sales calls, we cover this in Elevate so that those calls are fun and straightforward and not icky.

Follow up

You need to follow up before and after the call. If you are not offering calls, it’s about getting the sale. Either way you need to follow up. It is extremely rare you get to the end of the masterclass and someone says: “I’m in.”

I once went to an event by a well-known coach. Then I went into a strategy session. I was very interested but had concerns about the current product but I wanted to work with them as I felt it would uplevel me. So, I wanted to buy something I just didn’t know what that was. At the end, they said they’d reach out afterwards.

Weeks went by and there was no follow up. Then I thought there was something wrong with me and they didn’t want me. Maybe they thought I wasn’t the right fit. So I left it. Six months later I get a call saying they noticed I’d not bought the programme and asking what held me back. I explained they never reached out. They were so embarrassed. By this point, I’d moved on and invested in other things.

Following up is not about badgering people. It is about delivering on a promise, giving room for a conversation to happen, and making sure you answer all their questions. Following up is allowing them to move forward and buy into something that will change their life.

High-ticket changes lives. People who buy high-ticket have big ambitions and it’s a privilege to help people. The recent Elevate members, trust me to help them with their journey. They are about to change their life and do great things. It will make them realise their potential and make a bigger impact. I get so excited when people join Elevate because it’s life-changing.

This is how your follow up helps someone make the best decision for them. Systemise the follow up and take the emotion out of it. It makes the process a lot easier.

4. Speak to everyone involved

Even if there is only one person taking part, there is usually a spouse or partner in the background who also needs to buy into it. There might also be concern and fear about making the right decision. It is a big investment. They have their own fears going on that is valid and normal to experience.

You also have partners who are fully behind the investment. It is about risk-averseness. It is never one person buying it, there is always someone in the background. If this is the case, I take a call with the other person to talk through and reassure them.

I’ve done this myself and thought something was amazing and can see Andy question it. I am more risk-averse. When we discuss it, questions can come up that I’ve not asked. So in these cases, get the other person on the call to ask the other questions.

Some people are scared of this and getting on Zoom to talk about it. You need to get out of this and be comfortable with calls. Anyone who goes through Elevate finds these calls easy by the end.

5. Offer a payment plan

If you have someone who is ideal but unsure, then offer a payment plan. You can even offer extended plans that go beyond the duration of your service. People have been loyal, in my experience, and been good in terms of paying. You are still selling high-ticket but recurring monthly.

Sometimes you need to reframe in your head. Contracts need to be in place and it can work. You can also offer pay in full bonuses. It does not need to be a discount but extra bonuses. Some people can pay now so why not give them a few extras. Be flexible so it allows you to secure people at your price but suits them as well.

This is my last episode in the High-Ticket Selling Series but I hope you’ve found it useful. I’m going to be talking about USP, marketing strategies, messaging and ideal clients in the coming weeks.

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