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Are you scared it wont work
Sep 26

Scared It Wont Work? You’ve Forgotten Something Very Important.

By Jennifer Hall | Business Mindset

Are You Feeling Scared?

One of the biggest reasons people fail to take opportunities and risks and fail to invest in themselves and their future is that...'I'm scared it won't work'.

This truly upsets me, because they've forgotten something very important...

Have You Forgotten As Well?

You've forgotten that...

  • You have everything you need right now to start the journey to success. That every successful person started exactly where you are right now. Each faced their own set of challenges. In the words of Gary V 'everyone thinks their sh#t is the sh#t'. No matter how privileged or underprivileged you think you are, we all face challenges and difficulties in equal measures. It's about accepting the hand you've been dealt and doing the BEST you can with it.
  • Success is a choice. You choose to keep going, to get help, to work hard. It's your choice to make sacrifices, to take AND create the opportunities that will get you to where you want to be and to throw the towel in when it gets tough.
  • Fundamentally you are entitled to success just as much as the next person. My most successful clients were told they would struggle and couldn't do it. They were failing miserably at the time we started working together. Success does not breed success, failure breeds success. That is, if you choose to see it that way. You have just as much right to embrace success as the next person.
  • You were on a mission to help other people and that in fact your fear is impacting those that need you most. You've got all caught up in the fear of looking stupid and a failure to those around you. And the sad fact is those people whose thoughts you care about so much, do not matter. Those that need your help matter. Whether you're helping people to finally lose weight that has been crippling them in health and mindset. Helping people to get clear on their journey and become the captain of their own ship. Helping people to create wealth, or reach a better place in their lives... you're here to change lives!

Don't Let The Fear Take Over...

  • Whatever it is that you started out wanting to achieve, being fearful is not only holding you back from fulfilling your greatness, but it's leaving a void for all those that need you the most. 
  • People who are scared it won't work sidestep through life. Taking opportunities, but not the ones that take them forward, Instead they take the ones that take them to something different, something easier. Less scary, less risky.
  • If you let the fear take over, this will be you for the rest of your life. Remember your mission. Remember your 'why' and start taking steps forward.
  • Believe in yourself, because you have more power, more control and more resources around you than you truly know.

'If you think you're too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a tent with a mosquito' - Dalai Lama


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copy that converts (3)
Sep 26

3 Ways to Make Your Copy Convert like a Pro

By Jennifer Hall | Client Attraction , Client Conversion

Clarity is the key

Part of the work I do with my clients asides from gaining them clarity on what makes them utterly awesome, unique AND desired to their ideal client, is that I help them actually implement that clarity to master their marketing.

This morning I have been giving feedback and helping one of my clients tweak their sales copy and their lead magnet. This is so it not only hits the spot in terms of speaking to their ideal client, but also so that they are able to position themselves as the authority in their industry.

Make Your Copy 'Speak'

I thought I'd share some ways that you can make your copy 'speak' to your ideal client, that will result in paying clients. This isn't an exhaustive list. Copy writing is a comprehensive cocktail of elements, but these tips will add instant conversion punch to your copy...

1. Future Pace & Poke the Badger

A lot of people think that after they've gained clarity on their ideal client, all they need to do is find them and get in front of them. But the marketing messaging that you put in front of them needs to be spot on or you'll let these ideal prospects fall between your fingers faster than the speed of light.

You have to spell out their reality and their future reality to them. Don't let them assume it for themselves. When you put emphasis and detail on both these ends of the spectrum, you create a larger distance between them, and their goal. This means your promise to get them to the finish line has more value.

Not only that, but it pushes the emotional buttons that have to be pushed before a sale can be made. People buy emotionally first and with logic second. So your copy has to agitate their before state and bring to life their possible future.

Give them contextual details such as...

'Right now I know you're struggling to lose the weight. I know you're fed up saying no to a piece of cake one day and feeling great. Then the next day eating the entire cake and burying your head in the pillow of eaters remorse. 

I know that the mirror makes you cringe. I know you know you should love yourself unconditionally, but you're annoyed at yourself for the bad decisions you're making for your health. I know you just wish that you could find the strength to stay on track with the endless diets you've tried.

What if I told you that you could stay on track consistently. That you could finally reach that weight-loss goal. You could feel proud to say that you are HEALTHY. Not just in terms of the food you are eating but that you have a healthy relationship with food. 

How amazing will it be to fit into that little black dress you bought five years ago. To show up to that party looking hot AF. How will it feel to bounce around with energy, feeling amazing and powerful. No more lugging yourself to work on a Monday morning feeling tired and remorseful for all the work you've undone over the weekend in drink and takeaways.

Imagine saying no to the food you know will scupper your goal and not feeling like you've missed out!...'

See how powerful words can be when you truly understand the inner workings, inner problems, and desires of your ideal client. How when you spell it out for them, it truly does 'speak' to their emotions. 

Disclaimer- this copy is written out by me just now and isn't the copy of a client.

2. Uniquely Useful vs Uniquely Useless

People who buy services, buy them because they are useful in someway. Being unique is great, but if what you're communication in terms of solving a problem is vague, broad, and seemingly useless, or invaluable. You'll struggle to turn your copy into clients.

Give them some context on the specific problem they are solving and the specific outcome they are looking for, and they'll see more use than if you just use flowery, pretty, or epic language that sounds great but lacks substance.

3. One piece to an entire puzzle

See your copy/message as just one piece to an entire puzzle or funnel if you will. Think about the entire journey from the moment your perfect prospect claps eyes on your content. to the moment they say 'YES' to working with you.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself when writing copy...

  • What does this piece of copy that you are putting together need to do to get them to the next stage of that journey?
  • What is the end goal/purpose and what part does this piece of copy play in achieving that goal?
  • What is the next step and have you communicated clearly a call to action to take that step?

If you'd like to talk through how I can help you curate a marketing message that converts then book a call with me by clicking HERE now.

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Sep 06

High-Ticket Selling – There are Two Types of People, which one are you?

By Jennifer Hall | Business Mindset , Client Attraction , Pricing , Uncategorized

There are some people that get excited by charging high ticket and there are some that get scared...

Which one are you?

***And if you get excited, is it for the right reasons?

i.e. high cash injections into your business, finally being able to focus on your clients high-transformation, attracting high-paying committed clients, being able to finally spend time growing your tribe without the worry of when you'll next get paid to cover your costs.

***Or are you one of those 'out of integrity' type of people who try and get away with overcharging?

Because that is the exact reason people get so worried and scared about charging high-ticket prices.


I'm going to call out the two HUGE things that worried me when I first started out, and all the things that my clients have said to me the past...

'What if people don't find what i'm offering valuable enough or worth that amount and ask for their money back?'

'And even if they pay, why would someone pay someone like me that amount?'


Let me give it to you straight...

  • People who pay more get better results. The higher price doesn't just benefit you. It benefits your clients on a MUCH larger scale. They are more committed, more determined, more ambitious and more action taking.
  • If you're able to sell at a high-level, yes they have expectations, but these high-paying clients aren't stupid. They will have complete trust and faith in you. So unless you're genuinely trying to shaft someone and you're lying to them, they wouldn't be paying you those large sums unless they had complete confidence in you.
  • And on the 'why me?' note, why not you? What makes you less worthy than the next person. You wouldn't be on this journey unless you knew deep down you had something incredible to offer people.
  • High-end clients aren't 'better' than you. They just have a problem that they need solving, and here's the real Truthbomb...They WANT to pay what's necessary for it. If the problem is that bad, or the ambition, that strong, they don't want to half arse it. They want it sorted. They don't want to be chucking money down the drain.

The Answer...

In my brand new 121/mastermind hybrid programme not only do I show you how to gain the trust and confidence of your ideal clients to sell high-ticket with ease, but I also help you to build the trust and confidence in yourself as a high-transformation coach/consultant/expert.

I won't have you looking at yourself in that worthless way. You are incredibly valuable, you're just ignoring what's there and letting the mind gremlins take a hold.  

Stand up, take your place, own your worth, and start changing lives... you know, like you set out to do!  

Work with Jen...

If you'd like to discuss how you can turn your purpose into profit through finding clarity on your coaching niche and on who you serve so you can monetise your unique skills then just book a call with Jen Hall here

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