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Feb 17

The ONE Big Secret to Securing Quality Coaching Leads Without Paid Ads

By Jennifer Hall | Uncategorized

I know firsthand what it’s like to KNOW how much value you give your clients and the potential there is for you to change someone's life but struggle to attract the right people. When I first started a coaching business 4 years ago I felt like I had to convince people to work with me. But there was one big, all-encompassing strategy that I wasn’t getting right from the outset which was causing the drought in clients and the poor quality of leads I was getting.

My big mistake? 

I was marketing to too many different people! 

This realisation sent me into an obsessive learning frenzy and I made it my day job to figure out what made a business fail and what made a business thrive.

The biggest reason why businesses fail is that they don’t position themselves to their market as needed. Or more poignantly, the market doesn’t see a need for them! The trick is to position yourself as the go-to expert for solving a genuine problem and/or achieve a specialised result for a certain type of person.

For example, I was recently asked a question from someone who was struggling to generate enough great quality leads into their business on how to solve this problem.

This person described their current lead generation process as:-

  • Providing a quiz, delivering the results of that quiz and asking the prospect to book in a call. With some value emails thrown in to warm up the prospects that need a bit more swooning before they book the call.

To be honest on paper it’s a great process! Simple and effective!

However, not everything is as it seems. Even though this person has a great process, the content isn’t bringing in the number of leads nor the quality of people they want.

The Problem...

So there is a problem in two areas:-

  1. Lack of relevant wanted results. I.e. the content is not ‘speaking’ to anyone in order to create that need to click to find out more.
  2. Lack of pre-qualification of prospects. I.e. Due to the first problem - the tyre kickers and freebie hunters with time on their hands are slipping through the net resulting in the calls being of low quality with less than perfect prospects.

The solution...

  • The traffic coming in via the quiz is on the generalised topic of Stress. Stress is such a vast topic. If it's vague like 'Are you suffering from Stress? find out here...' you will be lacking in clicks coming through. Many people will suffer from stress, the trick in this scenario is to get specific on the context of who, for example - parents/business owners/corporate execs etc.
  • By creating a micro-niche you can get more specific on the ideal client and thus start prequalifying from the outset to get the right people into the funnel. So instead of stress an example could be 'Suffering from work overload? Take this quiz to find out what personality trait is causing you the most stress and how to fix it!
  • Plus, you'll get more click-throughs as the quiz will start to speak to someone in particular, resulting in more engagement. Once they're in, your value can be directed to their specific problem and their specific outcome with context so that they truly feel like you're speaking to them.
  • The value will be given in the results after they’ve taken the quiz so it will be imperative to make sure this blows their socks off and to make sure that you personalise the results as much as possible for their specific situation.

People don't want national newspaper horoscopes that can apply to anyone and everyone, so getting as specific as possible in your micro-niche will absolutely help.


  • Micro-niching is the first step to pre-qualifying and attracting perfect prospects.
  • Get specific on 'who' you’re speaking to, so you can find context and allow the person to self-identify.
  • Grab their attention by tapping into their desired results to encourage more interest from the right people.
  • Also, by including a prequalifying questionnaire before they book a call so that it sieves out the less than perfect.

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Feb 14

‘If it didn’t sell at the first price point, you didn’t sell it right!’

By Jennifer Hall | Uncategorized


If it didn’t sell at the first price point, you didn’t sell it right!

Discounting isn’t going to make it any more delicious.

In fact, discounting on service-based (live delivered) packages will only damage your business.

Regularly discounting  (and sometimes even once) on your services means that your audience will always be waiting for you to run your discount again because that’s now the perceived worth.

Discounting means that you’ll attract the people that didn’t see it’s value in the first place but they’ll give a half-arsed punt this time around and see what happens – hardly the clients we want to be attracting and working with?

When you discount live delivered services you’re discounting yourself and your worth.

It’s also really important to think of the impact discounting can have on your current clients or previous clients. The lifetime value of a current client is worth more to you than fresh blood and how do they feel when they have had to save and pull together the full whack and the next day it’s cheaper?

It’s not the price point that’s the problem, it’s your product, positioning, profile and communication of the value and transformation you/the product brings to the table.

Early bird discounts reward the action takers and loyal followers. Discounts that come after tend to be because of our own desperation to sell and can punish those that believed in themselves and in you to invest on it’s worth.

Pricing your products is a direct reflection of how you and others perceive the value. Communicate that right and you won’t need to bend.

If they can’t see the value, that’s why it’s not selling, it has nothing to with price. Position yourself as the BEST option in the market, and people WILL pay your worth.

Feb 05

FREE Clarity Check – No Call Required

By Jennifer Hall | Uncategorized

‘Ooooh FREE Clarity Check, interesting!’ I hear you cry!

Today I’m about to help you identify whether you have clarity on the WHO or whether you’re still as fluffy as cotton wool when it comes to your ideal client, are you ready?

Let’s do this!

When you describe your ideal client does it sound a bit like this?

‘They’re stuck, they don’t know what to do, they’ve been doing the same things since they can remember, doing what they ‘should’ be doing rather than what they want to do for themselves and they want more from life! They’re stuck in the rut of life and they’re not going anywhere quickly. I help them live the life that they want!’


‘My IC is someone who longs to be healthy, they’re sick of being overweight, they want to eat healthily but they can’t stop the cravings and so they overeat and eat the wrong foods. I help them eat healthily, feel better and lose weight.’

The above is like a horoscope in the national newspaper! It could apply to almost anyone.

There is nothing specific in the slightest to allow the right person to self-identify and have the reaction that you’re going for, which is…

‘OMG that’s me! It’s like you’re talking to me!’

The first one doesn’t even offer a result… it may look like it’s offering a result but it’s really not, there is nothing specific there for anyone to get their teeth stuck into.

I’m not doubting that you can indeed help a variety of different people BUT your marketing will not work and client attraction will be a serious struggle. Because in marketing, everyone is no one!

What is it that’s missing? CONTEXT

Let me give you an example of context here so you can see the difference.

‘My IC is a Coach and they’re struggling to get clients and make money from their business. They feel bland and vague among the SEA of other coaches out there all doing the same thing. They know they have something of great value to offer but when it comes to writing content, emails, going live on FB they just can’t seem to pull the words together to talk about anything relevant. They’ve exhausted the pool of ‘tools’ and ‘how to’s they can share and they feel like they’re not talking to anyone. They’re scared they may have to find a J.O.B soon if they can’t make this work. They see others out there killing it both in impact and money making and they desperately want a piece of the action. They know that if they don’t get clear on what makes them stand out and if they don’t nail that juicy wanted outcome, they’ll always be struggling to make money in their business and that J.O.B is coming ever closer! Every time they try to nail their ideal client to someone specific they get scared about making the wrong decision or from cutting out the market and limiting themselves, so they stay in the vicious cycle of bland, vague and invisible. Their business is one of THE most important things in their life and they desire to have a genuinely successfully business and be seen as the Go-To Expert in their field. They’re ready to invest in the right help to make that success happen. They’re determined that failure is not an option and they’re ready to do whatever it takes to see their dream business and their dream status become a reality’

This has context, they can self-identify not just with the feelings but also with the label of ‘Coach’ and the specific struggles and desires that I name. They’re able to say with absolute certainty that I’m speaking to them, no question.

As a Business Coach technically I could help with a variety of different things and different people, but in order to make money, I have chosen to become an expert and specialise in a certain area for a certain person. I’ve nailed my micro-niche. Did you know that when I first started helping people in a Business capacity, I was helping EVERY kind of business! Guess what? I struggled! It only started to make a success when I focused in on the what and the who!

If you’re questioning if you’ve niched enough, you probably haven’t. And if you haven’t you’re always going to struggle to attract clients consistently and make $ in your business.

I hope this article has given you some insight on its own as to whether you truly have clarity or not but if you’re not sure and you’d like to speak to me to double check, then you are more than welcome to book a call with me to chat through where you’re at and I can let you know whether you’ve nailed it or not and what to do next if you haven’t.

Just click here to book the call!

Love Jen x