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Jan 29

It’s not your niche that counts..

By Jennifer Hall | Uncategorized

it’s what you do with it…
No, I’m not contradicting myself, but I am saying that discovering your niche is only beginning!

Having a niche is a great start, but that isn’t the ONLY thing that will help to position you as the expert, it’s what you DO with it that counts.
A big part of positioning yourself as that stand out white-hot expert is in the actions that you take.
Communicating your niche in everything that you do!
Deciding what you stand for as a brand and then showing up and taking action in alignment with those values and what you stand for!
Deciding ‘your style’ and then getting visible in front of your audience and showing up as that person!
Truly knowing and then articulating to your market your mission and the purpose of your business!
Creating and publishing the right mix of approachable/relatable, ‘I’m the expert’, big impact and ‘i’m the one you’ve been waiting for’ content.
If you’ve got the problem you solve nailed and the solid juicy desired outcome then great, but why would they choose you?

A lot of the time, the reason for your lack of action is actually because you only have half the clarity.

It’s only half an idea, half a niche, a fluffy and vague mission and message. And you’re not truly becoming the person you know you need to be to OWN your expertise and show up as that kick ass expert that everyone ‘should’ be raving about!

Your niche is critical but it’s only just the beginning. Gain FULL clarity, OWN your Niche and zone of genius and then take that ACTION!

What are you missing that if you had it, you know it would change everything?

If you want to discuss how you can get that full clarity on your niche, ideal client, mission and message so that you can start to take full on action and finally position yourself as the white-hot ‘go-to’ expert, then why not book yourself onto a FREE Clarity Strategy Session here , my diary is getting pretty full but there are still spots open!

Charge with integrity
Jan 22

How Much ‘Should’ You Charge?

By Jennifer Hall | Business Alignment , Pricing

Today I'm not just talking about charging your worth, I'm talking about...

How much should you charge...with integrity!

You may want to charge top dollar for your services because

  1. you want a bigger income and
  2. you believe your results are worth it...


One of the biggest blockades to you feeling able, and having the integrity to charge and be paid high-ticket prices, is your willingness to invest the amount of money you are charging in your OWN development and coaching.

If you're hoping someone is going to pay you top dollar, when you are unwilling to pay top dollar UP FRONT for your own personal development, then you have a serious issue with integrity!

You have a serious issue with the ability to believe in your success...

And thus a flaw in the ability to believe in your clients.

Your BELIEF in both the power of your 'coaching', personal development and the client’s ability to transform and leap to success with your guidance, is essential for your client to achieve successful results!

big Investments mean big results!

Stepping up into a new league happens before the first session of coaching even starts. It happens the moment you invest a large sum of money. It's a reflection of how serious of an intention you are making.

So How do you get serious dream clients?

The answer is...CHARGE MORE!


If you're not willing to take yourself seriously... don't expect anyone else too.

What you charge must be in line with what YOU are willing to invest in yourself!

Jan 15

How can you offer the best service when you’re marketing 80% of the time?

By Jennifer Hall | Business Alignment , Business Mindset , Productivity , Uncategorized


Firstly, if you’re not making marketing/sales your first port of call then you’ll never make ‘good’ money NOR will you give the best to your clients. 


Secondly, If you spend all your time focusing on the product/coaching package, you’re blinkered for the following reasons:

  1. Getting clarity on your niche and Ideal Client is all part of your marketing strategy and if you don’t know who the person is that you are selling to, and/or you don’t spend time speaking to those people, you could be creating a product/package that nobody wants or cares about.
  2. You won’t have an audience to sell to or worse, an irrelevant audience, and therefore that product is obsolete.
  3. No one knows who you are, so there is no trust.
  4. Chances are, by not marketing you have not been offering any or enough value to build know, like, trust.


When you make studying your IC and marketing/sales a priority, you are then able to do the following:

  • You’re able to QUICKLY create packages that your IC actually wants.
  • When you sell the package first before you’ve created it, you save yourself a lot of time and worry creating things that people don’t want.
  • If you’ve sold something first and then you have to create it… surprise surprise, your productivity to create it, shoots through the roof!
  • You’re able to serve and add value whilst building a relevant audience to sell to.
  • Prospects will have the ‘know, like, trust’ factor and will have bought into ‘you’, so they KNOW the value, and they KNOW your expertise.
  • By offering value relevant to your IC regularly as part of your marketing strategy, you are growing and learning all the time for the sake of your clients.


So you can see that to offer the best service to your clients, you MUST make the study of your IC and marketing to them your TOP priority, otherwise you’re selling them crap they don’t want! And that’s bad news for your business AND your clients!