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"Since working with Jen, I started converting dream clients with ease who didn’t question my value. I had the confidence to double my fees AND sold at the higher price point without question. I feel like the queen in my own niche, and I’m about to approach one year in my business and I've already hit 6 figures!"

Shamoni Gilani

Cora Darlington

"The proof is in my bank account! Thousands of pounds of life-changing recurring revenue all through designing a business model and a marketing plan that feels GOOD. My network is asking 'What are you doing - because your stuff is ON POINT!' "

Lucy Orton

" I don't just feel like an expert, I have created a market leading brand in under a year securing high ticket clients!"


"In just one session, Jen advised me on a slightly different path, and straight away I could see positive changes. I micro-niched one more step, increased my prices and streamlined my whole message and within 2 months, I had signed-up 2 new high-end clients (£4.5k). No fuss, no bother, I didn’t have to sell, they just wanted to buy from me!"

Julie Sakaas

Amanda Owen-Meehan

"After nailing my corporate niche and working with Jen in Elevate I have generated £80k in under 6 months! "

David Williams

" After just one session with Jen I got clear on my offerings and what makes them truly valuable and secured a client for £36k in just a few weeks."

Who is Jen Hall? With over 15 years in business, Jen Hall is the co-owner of a industry leading adventure travel company. She’s also an award winning business coach, best selling author of the book ‘Expert Unrivalled’, and host of the ‘Expert Unrivalled Podcast’.

Today, Jen is widely considered the “go-to” expert for helping entrepreneurs and business owners dominate their markets, overcome their competition, and become industry leaders.