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Tuesday | 11th May | 7pm (UK Time / 11am PT)

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Not only will you receive a full refund of your £20 deposit when you turn up live for the session - If, for any reason, you don't feel like you've taken value from the strategy session, you will also receive a further £20 meaning a completely risk free commitment!

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You missed out!

In this 90 minute strategy session...

  • I will demonstrate how to create a concrete USP (aka a Unique Magic Bullet ™ ) that differentiates a business from everyone else to finally breakthrough invisibility and stand out.
  • The steps to position you as a market leading expert AND a market leading business brand that laps up the lion’s share of the market using our Market Leading Methodology ™.
  • Discover how to build market leading credibility to get the respect and attention in any niche.
  • How to create profitable business messaging that will bust through the current myth that says 'the entire world is reluctant to spend'.
  • Learn how to create an ‘Evolving Business Model’ that’s proven to scale to seven figures and beyond.

Since working with Jen, I started converting dream clients with ease who didn’t question my value. I had the confidence to double my fees AND sold at the higher price point without question. I feel like the queen in my own niche, and I’m about to approach one year in my business and I've already hit 6 figures!



Hi, I'm Jen Hall, award winning Business Positioning Coach & Market Leadership Expert for coaches, consultants & experts and co-owner of a market leading multi seven figure business. I've been around the block a few times and know a thing or one hundred about positioning businesses as stand out category of one industry leaders.

This isn’t an average ‘webinar style’ event - this will be held on Zoom where personalized questions can be asked specific to individual businesses (instead of trying to shoe-horn in a one size fits all approach.)

In a world full of countless coaches & experts it can feel impossible to truly stand out and feel like your business is blending into invisibility!

Meanwhile every 'old timer' business coach (who paved their way during a time where the competition was low) is saying that the answer is to be more 'authentically you' and the copy cat business coaches are saying the same ... because that's what they were told (excuse me whilst I roll my eyes).

It has to be MORE than that - there needs to be 'science', logic and tangibility behind a business.

Certain big tech companies didn't become a market leading

business because their leaders were maverick personalities, 

it was through their ingenuity and ease of use.

I'm here to walk through the exact practical steps to building a market leading business with a point of a difference  that allows coaches & experts to make high ticket sales what ever the economical weather.

Inside this Evolve & Elevate Strategy Session I will share my Market Leading Methodology ™ that took our business from ground zero to where we are today... a multi 7 figure market leading business who VERY recently ran a launch that secured £1.5

There are very limited spots to this masterclass so make sure to secure yours now for just a £20 fully refundable deposit!

My Clients Say

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Business-changer AND a Life-changer!


The sessions are GOLD!
Thanks Jen Hall


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Expert Unrivalled

By Jen Hall

It's time to...

Hook and convert ideal clients BEFORE they get on the phone.

Find a point of differentiation that captivates the market and stand out from the crowd.

Actually find practical ways to hit those dream goals (sooner rather than later) which currently feel so far away.

In just one session I micro-niched one more step, increased my prices and streamlined my whole message.

Within 2 months, I had signed-up 2 new high-end clients ($4.5k).

No fuss, no bother, I didn’t have to sell, they just wanted to buy from me!


Secure one of these very limited spots to the

Evolve & Elevate Strategy Session

Where I show the steps on how to evolve and elevate a business

to become the number one choice for ideal clients.