Are you planning on running and scaling a successful business right now, next year and the year after that?

Are you still planning on becoming THE business to work with in 2020?

If so...

Are you planning on coming out the other side of this pandemic with the same weak strategy that wasn’t working before, AND that will continue to get you straight back to ‘Nowhere’?

Why you're holding back from selling your services
Here's what  you could expect from returning to the popular destination of 'Nowhere' :-

  • Make sure you return to this favourite excursion - ‘The 'Hard Slog to Get Clients' excursion including experiences like; showing up online every day, creating endless content and trying to convince people to pay you... unsuccessfully.
  • With the optional upgrade of an ‘Ineffectual Marketing Message’ that blends in with every other ‘sheep-preneur’. This upgrade will ensure that your excursion scores the MOST rejection possible.
  • The must see show - ‘The show where you show up EVERYDAY for people who don’t show up for you!’  I can’t tell you how much we all love this one; A peaceful trip to 'Crickets-ville' where you'll be able to S-H-O-U-T your message ALL DAY LONG... to the sound of pure nothing-ness... enough to lull you into a deflated and frustrated mood. Or better still, vanity 'likes' that give your ego the temporary boost it needs to get through the day...
  • And last but not least - be sure to check out ‘Your Bank Account’ because that will be the clear reflection of how successful your trip to ‘Nowhere’ is going. You’re aiming for that feeling of disappointment and the frustration of feeling like you’re running a business that isn’t taken seriously by the market, not to mention avoiding hitting your financial goals (because we HATE those in Nowhere!)
  • Oh- and of course! How could I forget the market!? You know that place full of people who need your help but choose to go elsewhere? You know the one!

But seriously - 

How long can you afford to sit in the land of ‘Nowhere'?

Here's the truth...

Now I know very well that you're reading this and thinking  - 'well I am somewhere, I do have some clients'. 

Let's be honest, 'Some clients' and 'somewhere' is not where you really want to be.

You don't merely want to survive, you want to become THE leader in your niche which means 'somewhere' really is just another name for 'Nowhere'.  You're very aware that just surviving isn't going to get you to 'THE leader level' and that running a business in this fragile state will end up on the scrap heap.

Before this pandemic the market was already savvy, but the economy was booming with money being spent left right and centre (Question - did you see much of that money coming your way

However, people are no longer willing to take a punt - they want to ensure they're investing in the right things and from businesses and companies who are known as the best of the best at what they do. 

In these uncertain times where people are being far more considered in how they spend their money, it's essential to evolve the way you market your business and elevate your positioning.

Meaning - it'll be the market leaders who prevail, not Nancy Nobody. Harsh but true...

This is a choice - it's simple - 'Evolve & Elevate' or 'Stagnate & Die'. 

Are you the best of the best at what you do?

If you ARE great at what you do but you’re spending too much time in the land of ‘Nowhere’, then I’m sorry to say - your market doesn’t believe you, and they won’t believe you until something changes.

If you’re
not planning on doing something different right NOW, then you’ll be sitting right where you started. And serious question time …

  • How long are you willing to stay there?
  • How much money are you actually leaving on the table by showing up without the proper positioning that you need to show your market that you are the no.1 choice for them?
  • How much longer are you willing to play small whilst the industry leaders take the spotlight?

You have to make a decision to do something differently... or accept your extended stay in this not-so-sunny destination.

If you're done with the way your business looks right now... and you're tired of other people getting paid and getting the industry recognition whilst you get palmed off with endless excuses... then CHANGE.
  • You GET to build a business that is financially fruitful.
  • You GET to futureproof your business against client avoidance, non-payers and time-wasters.
  • You GET to have significance in your industry and become a sought after author, speaker and industry legend.

But only if you do the work.

The things that take you to one level will not be the things that take you to the next.

What Does The Evolve & Elevate Strategy Session Involve?

I have decided to create these sessions for a specific type of business owner and entrepreneur who has the ambition to become THE leader in their niche and is smart enough to know that in order to get there they need to do something very different to what they've currently been doing.

In these 90mins strategy sessions (max 5 participants):-

engage your following
  • We'll take a look at where you are right now in terms of your business success to date and identify the steps you need to take to bridge the gap and fast track you to become the number one choice for your market.
  • I'll walk you through a proven process that took my business to 7 figures and market leader status.
  • These sessions will provide the clarity you need to make game changing decisions so that you can dominate your market, get recognised by your industry and make more money.

These sessions are charged at £20 per person.

Who these sessions are NOT for:-

  • New businesses (less than 1 year) who are still trying to work out their offerings and haven't yet had any full paying clients.
  • Entrepreneurs who's core driving factor is freedom & purely passive income streams, these sessions are reserved for those who are building a business to make money, grow & be the best at what they do; and to then enjoy the flexibility and choices that more money brings.
  • Dabblers! Those who are not 100% committed to their business success need not join these sessions. The attitude of 'There is no try - there is only do' is necessary.
  • Current clients - you guys are already taken care of in this department 🙂

Who these sessions are PERFECT for:-

  • Service based business owners who want to move from being a 'nice to have' to a sought after leader in their field.
  • Those who want to become known as the 'one to work' with by their market and the 'one to watch' by their industry.
  • Those who want to capture a large proportion of the market share instead of the dribs and drabs they're currently seeing.
  • If you want to see your bank balance reflect the incredible market leading position you know you're capable of achieving.

If you're ready to evolve & elevate your business to become a sought after business leader whether you're a personal brand or not - then book your Strategy session today!

There are currently only two dates available for these sessions and they are limited to just five people per session - so make sure you get yourself booked in so you don't miss out.