Become an Irresistible Must-Have in the market

  • Get ready to have full CONFIDENCE in your service 'sellability'! (yes that is a word I just made up)
  • No more worry over if your services are wanted!
  • No more convincing people of your value!
  • Learn what makes you a unique desirable 'must have' to your ideal client & how to communicate it with full EFFECT!

Sky Rocket Your Client Conversion . Attract More Clients . Become the No.1 Choice in the Market

''I secured several clients during the first 4 weeks of MYM providing an immediate monetary return of 5.6 times my investment.'' 

How to become an expert and feel like one
Award Winning Business Coach & Best Selling Author of Expert Unrivalled

Being continually rejected in business is hard. We're taught that it's all part of the process and that we should just keep going. Persistence is key, right?

But business shouldn't be that hard and if we're experiencing rejection on a continual basis, it's a sign that if we want a different result (more yes's) then we're going to have to do something differently.

It's a case of understanding your market at the '3rd Layer'. The layer that gets to understanding exactly what makes them tick, what motivates them, their desires and what will compel them to buy from you.

  • Imagine attracting clients who are ready to say yes to your chosen price point BEFORE they get on phone!
  • ...Finally having people come to you asking to work with you, instead of continually trying to convince people that they should give you a shot!
  • ...Having complete confidence in the fact that your services are not only valuable, but are truly wanted by the market!
  • ...Knowing that you have a unique selling point that sets you apart from everyone else, eradicates competition & compels your prospects to buy!  

  • Having spent so much money already in what I considered similar programs previously, I was initially hesitant . I had no reason to hesitate in investing in Monetise Your Message because it has been like no other.

    It was a pivotal shift for me and my growing business. MYM really gets under the skin of who you are and what transformation your business delivers for your clients. MYM provided confidence, clarity and an inner peace that comes with discovering true purpose. 

    I found it easier to communicate the unique value of our products and I secured several clients during the first 4 weeks providing an immediate ROI of 5.6X. ''

     Jeff Kidner - Elite Breakthrough Solutions (Live MYM Grad)

    OMG!!! I got yet another breakthrough inspiration for my classes. So it is massive. MYM and You Jen Hall helped me to step out from my comfort zone with every single module and I have been overcoming my fears and beliefs about myself and what I am capable of. I got more clarity in this one program than I have over two years! - Sona Jany - MYM Grad

    The Monetise Your Message (Self Study) programme will enable you to...

    • Create your USP/'Unique Magic Bullet' that will not only eradicate your competition but will act as the Desirability Factor that makes you a NO BRAINER decision to your prospects.
    • Get '3rd Layer' clarity and a deep understanding of your ideal client inside & out to speak to their genuine problems and truest desires so that you can STOP convincing people to buy, & instead, communicate effectively so they see your value immediately using my '3rd Layer Marketing Method'.
    • Learn how to create content that hooks so you can start to build an audience of ideal prospects.
    • Turn your business from overlooked to irresistible by creating a money making niche & discover exactly what makes you a wanted 'must have'.
    • Craft a powerful marketing message that will attract  your perfect prospects.
    • Build a simple magnetic marketing plan that hooks, nurtures and converts at a high end price point with ease BEFORE they get on the phone

    Sona Jany 

    Live MYM Grad

    WOW!!! I got clarity on so many levels. I had to dig deep inside to answer questions I would never have come up with in the first place but which helped me to understand myself, my ideal client and my services!

    And, Jen, OMG, she is a real Clarity Queen. I'm not kidding! I can talk for an hour and she reduced that into one sentence which is snappy and to the point.

    Thank you Jen for the amazing time and for always having my back over these few weeks. MYM and You Jen Hall helped me to step out from my comfort zone with every single module and I have been overcoming my fears and beliefs about myself and what I am capable of. I got more clarity in this one program than I have over two years!''

    The programme includes... 

    • Lifetime Access to four powerful modules designed to get you clear on your message,  money making niche and your powerful client conversion strategy.
    • Interactive worksheets and pre-recorded video/audio training is accessed online so you can access the training at a time that suits you...
    • Revisit the materials over and over to fine-tune and pivot as your business journey evolves.

    Module #1 - 3rd Layer Marketing

    Fine tune & deep dive into your ideal client & message clarity to finally discover how you can position yourself as a wanted 'must have'.

    This knowledge will allow you to create packages that sell with ease & powerful marketing that converts.

    Module #2 - D Factor

    Finally understand your Desirability Factor and what makes you a no-brainer decision for your ideal client.

    Discover your unique value proposition - What makes you an irresistible choice amongst the many options out there in the market!

    Module #3 - Content That Converts

    Create copy and content that gets attention AND resonates at a deep level with your ideal client so you can turn perfect prospects into paying clients!

    Learn how to craft an easy to follow copy structure so your content gets attention from the right people and gets them hooked on you from the word go!

    Module #2 - Monetisation

    Learn how to create a powerful marketing funnel using my conversion secrets to attract & convert prospects with ease.

    Find out how to price and sell your packages so you can maximise on profits & convert those high-end /high-paying clients.

    Module #4 - Desirability Factor

    Finally understand your unique Desirability Factor & what makes you a no-brainer decision for your ideal client.

    Uncover your USP - What makes you an irresistible choice amongst the many options out there!

    This program is NOT for...

    • Solely 'physical product' based businesses.
    • Those that don't want to take action and just stay in 'think' mode. This programme will only work if you take the action to make changes in your business and actively promote.
    • Those that want to be told they're doing it all right and refuse to try a new direction.

    This program IS for service based business owners / coaches / consultants...

    • Who want to ensure their business services are truly wanted by the market.
    • Who want to stand apart from the competition and create a unique value proposition that  converts clients with ease.
    • In need of clarity on their ideal clients at a deeper level so they can start to write content that truly speaks to them and gets them hooked on you.
    • Who want to know exactly what makes them 'needed' so they can sky rocket their conversion rate.
    • Those who are serious about making money in their business and are willing to pivot and tweak their message and their offers throughout their entire business in order to achieve success.

    Your Investment


    Can be paid in 2 - 3 monthly lump sums of 2 x £348.50 or 3 x £232.33

    Sounds great?

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    Beth James

    Live MYM Grad

    I whole heartedly recommend Jen Hall & her 'MYM' program.
    I have been following Jen's work for a few years and was sure she could offer me assistance after deciding to pivot... Instantly I was bombarded with help & advice that cut straight through to the nub of the issue. The course over delivered in every aspect. There is NO fluff with Jen, she tells it like it is (with love though of course!). At the end of it I am feeling 100% clearer about what I am doing, who I am doing it for and how I am going about it.
    My advice to you is just dive in... You will be well rewarded and your future self will be thankful you did it.''

    If you're ready to nail your unique Desirability Factor which makes you a no-brainer decision to your ideal clients...

    ...and start attracting ideal clients who are ready to say yes to your chosen price point BEFORE they get on phone...

    ...then it's time for you to say YES to your business success and sign up now to secure your space on Monetise Your Message!

    Or check out the Frequently Asked Questions below for even more info...


    When do I gain access?

    You get access immediately and can take as much time as you like. The programme contents is self study but you'll have access to ALL the content straightaway - no drip feeding meaning you can work at your own pace.

    Are these reviews from self study takers?

    No, this is the first time MYM has been offered as a self study, the reviews on this page are from those that have taken the programme on live rounds where I have been accessible via group calls over 2 months. I'm telling you this to be completely transparent but there is absolutely no reason why if you hold yourself accountable that you can't achieve similar results. 

    Is this for new businesses or established businesses?

    I've taken both new business owners AND established business owners through this programme with incredible results. If you're just starting out, this programme will ensure you make a success at a much faster rate, will give you the clarity you need on your messaging/ideal client and will ensure you have an outstanding marketing plan in place so you're not feeling around in the dark.

    If you're an established business that is struggling to get clients at a high-end price point or indeed, any price point, then this will help you redefine your positioning, message and marketing plan to finally convert high end clients with ease. 

    OR you could be a business that is gaining clients but not as easily as you'd like and needs more clarity on how to position yourself as the no.1 obvious choice in the market. This programme will help you define your clear USP's and uncover the missing pieces in your marketing to become a highly sought after business.

    I'm concerned about the cost...

    This is not a cost, it's an investment that will see a HUGE return if you do the work. The price is the price because of the high-level of information. This isn't just about clarity, it's clarity on what will make you money. I have made payment plans available to make this as accessible as possible. 

    Another question to ask yourself is, whats the true cost of not buying this programme. How much money are you actually missing out on staying in this state of confusion and fog? Without clarity, your business literally can't survive, so by taking this programme you'll finally be able to move forward and make traction instead of staying stuck!

    I've invested in other programmes in the past and I've not got the results, how will I know if I can get the results I want?

    If you take a gander at Jeff's testimonial above, he had already invested before and this programme yielded 5.6x what he invested before the programme had even finished. Now whilst I can't promise you his results, it's a good indicator that this programme is worth the investment if you're serious about your business success.

    I want to change direction to an entirely new niche in my business, will this programme work for me?

    Yes! Whilst progress will be faster the more experienced you are within your niche, this programme will still yield incredible results with giving you the clarity you need with your USP, niche, ideal client and content. On the last live round we had someone do exactly that. Within the time of the programme they had defined their new niche, got '3rd Layer' clarity on their ideal client and defined their USP. Progress was a little slower in the beginning but they soon took full steam ahead and they have access to the programme material for life (just like you will) so they can continue to progress further.

    Jeff, who secured several clients during the programme itself, had no niche what so ever when he first started, he was an NLP practitioner and made extreme progress by taking action & doing the work!

    Click the button below to sign up 🙂

    Lisa Moore

    Live MYM Grad

    I joined the MYM program as was struggling to get clear on my new message as I was transitioning my business. I knew I needed to get clearer but kept getting stuck with knowing who exactly I wanted to serve & how! Jen's program was excellent, the content was really thorough and her input was always well thought through. It challenged me to really dig deep without making me feel stupid. Jen's enthusiasm and commitment to all of us on the program was amazing and it's really helped me to get clarity on who I want to serve. Thanks Jen x