April 27, 2022

We hear it all the time ‘I’m ready to play bigger’ – but what does that actually mean and what can we do ‘practically’ speaking to start reaching that new level in business?

In this seriously juicy episode, we talk about –

  • Overcoming the fear of doing things differently and what that actually looks like.
  • The practical steps you can take in your business that will support a new level mindset.
  • The big mindshifts you need to make in order to achieve market leader status and how to make them!

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Playing Bigger

What do we mean when we talk about playing bigger? I feel when we use this term what we are actually saying is “I feel small, unworthy and not enough”. Therefore, it’s about taking practical steps to understand your worth in order to get you to that next level.

It’s about feeling confident about your worth and what you stand for. This is crucial in business to put you in a strong position. When you lack confidence, it shows up in every piece of content you put out. You need to understand why you are so special and needed.

In my book, Expert Unrivalled, I talk about a time when I felt that I was more of a nuisance than a help. I carried this feeling throughout my life – as though I was in the way. I no longer have this feeling and have worked hard on getting rid of this belief. A belief that held me back for so long.

Remember that you have as much of a right to be here as anybody else. You have as much potential as anyone else.

I used to look in awe at other people’s podcasts and speakers. This all comes down to belief and is a learned skill. You need to work on this continuously. No one wakes up being able to do public speaking, to have that level of confidence. We have to nurture this as a skill.

My partner Andy used to be painfully shy. Then he met a guy at the gym and would look at his confidence. He looked at that and learned from the behaviours. Rather than comparing, he changed his outlook to get the outcome. People want to be around him as a result.


It’s about embodying a mindset and way of being. These people are not special and there is nothing wrong with surrounding yourself with people like this and vibing off this energy. You have these qualities within you, instead, you need to harness these behaviours.

Our brains don’t like difference, it likes things to stay the same. So when we try to change our mindset and behaviours, it can be uncomfortable. We need to push through this in order to train ourselves in these skills. Going to the next level will be uncomfortable.

When you put yourself out there and do these things that are different, you will feel awful the next day. Being your own critic is completely normal. It is part of the process. But you need to recognise that the only person who feels this way is you.

1. Don’t get caught up in the ‘fame’

It’s very easy to look at people who are Facebook or LinkedIn famous where they get all the engagement. Then we post something out and get a couple of likes. That can make us feel small as though no one is interested in what we have to say.

This is simply not true. People are listening and watching all of the time. When we see people who have consistent engagement, have a look at the names as you’ll see the same people giving the support. For me, this is not growing a business but is vanity metrics.

While it’s lovely that people support you time and again. I am very grateful for my supporters. However, some posts I put out don’t get good engagement but do get a good conversion rate. People are more intent on hitting my website than they are on liking or commenting on my post. They want to know more about what I talk about.

Don’t worry about vanity metrics. It’s not all about the engagement. Your bottom line and your clients are the numbers you want to look at – this is what makes you a market-leading business. I’d rather you be in front of the right group than getting likes and shares from random people. You also need to consider if your ideal clients are on social media or consuming elsewhere like a podcast. Be smart rather than compete with vanity metrics.

Playing bigger is about not being afraid not to do what everyone else is doing. Instead, being strategic about growing your business.

2. Build a high-value mindset

To build a high-value mindset you need to specialise in something. When you specialise you become an expert in that area. You can also get clear on the impact you have on those who you serve. If you don’t specialise, it can be hard to measure the results that you give.

You can drill right back to find out why fixing the problem will impact other areas of their life. At this point, you can see how you make a difference and how you are needed. You can see the consequences of not working with you.

When I first started making sales calls and got a ‘no’ and it would supercharge this fire in my belly that I could fix all these other areas. I knew I needed to articulate better so I could help these businesses miss out. Sometimes it takes rejection to push you forward.

They’ve not rejected you, they are rejecting the result that you can get them.

Specialising will help your conversions as they see you as a specialist. It will help them make logical routes to how they need to get the results they need. You can help them come to a better decision to move forward as well.

3. Productise your business

You need to separate yourself from your business. Here is the product you sell, and here is yourself. When you buy something from someone else, you become the biggest advocate of their business and product – why can’t we do this for ourselves? When you extract your signature system and your USP, it makes it separate from yourself. You are not selling yourself but a mechanism that serves people on a bigger level.

Productisation will help you build bigger because you are not tying it to yourself.

The money you make in your business has no direct correlation between your ability to help someone and your self-worth. You crumple up a £20 note, it is still worth £20. You are worth what you’re worth. That doesn’t go away because someone doesn’t buy it. This is important to remember when you are not getting in financially what you want.

The way to make money is how you market and articulate yourself. It’s an easy fix that is a learned habit. When you find the language, you can sell what you do better. Let go of the financial income – it doesn’t take away from you being exceptional.

4. Don’t be afraid to do less

Move away from the norm, be more strategic and do things differently from everyone else. What is being publicised is not always the reality. It takes the same energy to sell something at £10 as it does £10,000. Recognise this especially if you are holding back your prices. Price based on it’s worth and then look at who you are selling to – make sure this is a perfect match.

You need to start with who you serve and understand what it’s worth to them. The bigger the problem and outcome – the more people will pay for it. The only difference is you get a more serious and committed buyer at the higher end.

Think about these practical elements and remember that you have so much value to give.

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