December 29, 2021

Struggling to FIND your USP?

In this episode, I’m giving you four different ways you can find or pioneer a completely unique concrete USP to differentiate your business and become the number one choice in the market.

This is the perfect episode to hear when going into 2022 so that you can start the year standing out.

Four Types of USP

Your USP is crucial to differentiate yourself. And differentiating yourself is the ONLY way you can create a category of one and pull you apart from the crowd. That is the goal – to become the number one choice.

There are a few different types of USP that will be helpful to think about in relation to your own business and pull you apart from everything else in the market.

USP gives you that market-leadership status.

Please do not copy any of the examples because the aim is to be the first and not the sloppy seconds. Also, your USP is not simply going to fall into your lap. It is extremely rare for you to find one. You will find your USP in the most usual of places. Most USPs are created and thought about. You are unlikely to do what you need to do to take an idea forward. You’ll need to add more into your business and marketing model to stand out in your industry.

1. The Engineered USP

An engineered USP – you may have heard me talk about a Unique Magic Bullet. A Unique Magic Bullet is my thing. It is a productised USP. USPs can be ambiguous that is not unique or have benefit to people. It is important that we extract that USP, make it tangible, turn it into a product and have a benefit to your audience.

For example, an engineered USP is like my amazing client, Alexandra Olenska, who helps corporate women who are divorced to start their next chapter in life. She has huge experience in the luxury fashion industry, she specialises in helping women move on after a breakup. Alexandra has combined these two things. Her belief is you cannot become a next-level version of yourself without bringing reality into your life.

Alexandra uses coaching to help women move forwards but also consider clothes and environment. You need to purge the old and carve out a new life. While it’s important to bring certain elements with you, you also need to look forward and think who you want to be. You need physical items to embed the next version of yourself.

Be first

It is a ground-breaking, new way of thinking about this situation. It is a niche market. This method can be used to help many but she specifically helps corporate women. And designed an amazing method. It is engineering two areas together to create something that works.

Another example is Natasha Bray who does Success Implemented. She has taken old ideas and reinvented them into something new. Natasha uses her social worker experience, research and knowledge to understand what has a long-term effect. She is now helping business leaders break through the self-imposed ceilings they put upon themselves.

You’ll note both these examples are experienced in their areas. Remember, there are no new ideas. It is how you put them together and your spin.

2. The Secret USP

Either your industry is doing it or something that you are doing that you are not talking about. For example, there is a brewing where they were looking for a market angle when he noticed they were hand washing the bottle. This guy asked why the brewery was not talking about it – all the breweries do it but no one was making a song and dance about it.

Sally Keyhoe is a mortgage advisor for the self-employed. She is in demand. You can go to any mortgage advisor who helps self-employed. What makes Sally special is that she did not talk about how she was chasing everything. The solicitors, estate agents, accountants. Sally sorts everything for you – it is seamless and stress-free. If she talks about that then people will choose her.

Sally knows the tricks and tips to move the process forward. When we extracted it and gave it a name, this became completely unique to her. People will want her to get that experience.

Think about what you already do that is a huge benefit and no one is talking about.

3. Back Door USP

This is finding the gap in the market and leveraging it. It finding the gap where you do the same as others but provide something additional.

For example, in EverTrek we look at what is missing. What are other travel agencies not doing? People were not being supported in getting to the summit of where they were going. There are concerns and worries that they need help with. We are not reinventing the wheel but providing an extra service that is very much needed. It makes people want to book with us as we have upfront value to our customers.

People pay more because they get this extra service. And we have the best available. We are not just good in one area. It is thinking about everything. It has to be of benefit to your market. What does the best in the world look like? How can you be the best in every area? So your clients have the best experience from the word go.

I worked with Intro Biz. They create a great platform for networking but also a group of master networkers. They share their knowledge about how to be the best networking and make money from networking. And they have a programme that they give to all members. This was all that they already did but did not talk about it.

4. Mind Blower USP

This is a concept that shifts the perspective of your ideal client. It gives them an epiphany moment. For me, this is my Unique Magic Bullet.

For Lynn White, she helps corporates retain talent by supporting women on maternity leave to return. She created a mat leave retainer model that no one else thought of putting in place. For this industry, it is mind-blowing. It is simple but effective.

This is the key. It is allowing a concept to be simple. It is too easy to overcomplicate. You are looking for the simplest version of the idea so you can explain it to people.

Another example is Cora Darlington who has the Radical Self-Nurture Concept. This is very different to self-care. Instead, this is transforming your entire life, putting boundaries in place, have crystal clarity on what fulfils you so that you can change your life. This means you are always in a state of harmony and calm. You choose to be in flow rather than busy.

This method helps her clients achieve that flow and peace to be high-performer without the stress and burnout.

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