July 22, 2020

Struggling to FIND your USP? In this episode I’m giving you four different ways you can find or pioneer a completely unique concrete USP to differentiate your business and become the number one choice in the market.

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Need a little help finding your USP. In this episode, I'm going to show you the four different types of USP that you can use to differentiate yourself.
Hey guys,to another episode of the expert on rivaled podcast, my name Jen Hall, your business positioning coach and market leadership expert. And in this episode, I'm talking all about USP. Now, USP is all my favorite, favorite topics to talk about. And the reason it's my favorite thing to talk about is because I truly believe that it's imperative in this day and age to ensure that you are finding ways to differentiate yourself, because it's the only way you're going to find that category of one status. That unrivaled status is going to pull you apart from everything else out there on the market to become the number one choice. And that's the goal, right? That's why we're listening to the expert unrivaled podcast. And that's what I'm going to be talking to you about today. Now there's something that struck me upon my, my drive back home from taking my mum back to Hawk was actually, there are a few different types of USBs that would really be helpful to identify for you so that you can start to really think about your own businesses and work at how you can pull yourself apart from everything else out there.
Now, for some of you listening to this, you may be wondering as of last week I talked about a campaign that I told you to keep your fingers and toes phosphor, because we were hoping for a million pound launch, a seven figure launch that we were hoping to get. And I'm pleased to say, not only did we hit that million pound Mark, we absolutely smashed it. We came out at 1.4 million, just shy of another half a million. So we were so, so impressed. So pleased. So chuffed, so proud the public was out there that the corks are popping. And we're still not really you know, w we still haven't really sunk in that, you know, during, you know, we are a multimillion pounds market eating company. Absolutely. We're super shocked about that. But the, the amazing thing about that launch is that the amount of money that we brought in over 14 days, just the 14 day period.
And we know that we can absolutely replicate that and just duplicate that kind of money again and again, and again, using the processes that we've put in place. So we're super pleased and, you know, and it's also a sign and I've mentioned this before, but it's also a sign of that market leadership status, because, you know, if we were to have implemented where we have, we've implemented a very similar campaign, this is just like the sick top version. This is the amazing supercharged, super tweaks run at time and time again tweaks couldn't get any better version, but right back in the beginning, we would run this campaign. I mean, it's nothing to be sniffed out. I think it was pretty 60 or eight K that we got on our first time of running that campaign right off the bat and the very, very early days of starting out.
So, you know, it makes money. Yes. But part of the reason we make more and more money each time, and it just grows and grows and grows is yes, because we're not scaling, but more so because of our market leadership status, because we are known in our industry for what we do. And I want to invite you, you guys probably miss last week's session where you, so you'd probably, unless she were on it, you've missed it. But I am running a, another elevate and evolve strategy session that is coming up in August. The link is in the show notes, and it will give you all of the available strategy sessions as any one open at the moment. So if you guys want to get onto that and learn those campaigns, learn the strategies that behind the scenes and the process that we've taken to get from where we were to where we are now then do get on there, cause it's gonna share all of the goodies and the goodness and the insider scoop on how we actually have ever achieved this kind of success and how we continue to just up the bar and up the game every single time and smash it, you know, we're just super chuffed.
So please do hit the link in the show notes, and it will take you over to book you into the evolvement elevate strategy session. They're 20 pounds to join, but goodness me, the value that you will get from it will just blow you away. So I'm really excited to see you on there, make sure you go and book your place. And there are limited spots guys. So, you know, if they get booked out, they get booked out. But I do run them. You know, I say semi-regularly it tends to be either once a month or once every other month at the moment. So make sure you get your you're your bum on the next one. So I w P is a huge deal is part of the reason we've got our market leadership status. And you know, I truly believe that differentiating yourself is important.
So I want to share with you today, those the four different types of USPS piece, and also some examples of ourselves and our clients to give you guys a little bit of an idea, please do not copy or attempt to copy any of these. I'm going to share with you. It's not right. It's out of integrity. And it works that you in good stead at all, because at the end of the day, your aim in this is to be the first. And if you're not the first, then you will always be sloppy seconds. So there is absolutely no point trying to steal somebody's idea. So that's something that out there and you know, I know my regular lessons listeners and probably even my new listeners will not be thinking this, but just as, just as a disclaimer I would really appreciate if you respected other people's intellectual property.
I've seen so much recently about people stealing stuff, like what is up with the world? Like why do people think that's a good idea that they can just take somebody's stuff and take it off? Because you know, it's, it's stealing a, but B you know, it's not going to take you very far because it's just going to show through. And if that's the way you're gonna do business in my experience you don't get far at all, so don't do it. But I am going to share some great examples of my clients. USP is to give you guys an idea of how you might be able to replicate an idea for yourself. The whole point of the USP is that it's unique. So taking it and using it is just pointless. And you really are. You really will be sloppy seconds. It won't be long before other people within our industry, within our businesses that are gonna be trying to do the same thing, trying to copy.
Anyway, they don't, well, it will stink and wreak of you know, of copying and ripping it off. And it won't go down because it's not authentic. It hasn't come from the right intentions and it doesn't come from the right intentions. It doesn't go down well, anyway, I'll start ranting on about it. It just gets my goat. Doesn't it? You, when people do that anyway. So the first one I'm going to talk about is the engineered USP now just very quickly, the USP is not going to come out of the sky and fall into your lap. It's extremely rare. It's extremely rare that you do find them. Sometimes you find them but you will find them in the most unusual places. And hopefully these ideas will help you, but in most USP is, are created. They are thought about because it's possible that you were actually not doing the things that you need to be doing right now in order to take it forward.
It might be that you are, but it's very likely that you're not. So you really do have to kind of put your creative cap on here and have a good thing about how you can actually start adding new things into your business process, model marketing in order to actually appear different to everything else out there. It's not necessarily that something's going to come natural to you. So stop waiting for that bolt of lightning to strike you. It's not going to happen. It's time to put the thinking cap on that. And you start thinking about how can you be different if you're not different, or how can we be? So the first one is the engineered USP. Now an engineered USP. And for those of you who haven't heard my term unique magic bullet, I'm talking whenever I refer to a unique magic bullet, it's my thing.
It's what I talk about in terms of a productized USP, because USP is, can be very ambiguous. People start using things like, Oh, I'm creative, or I've been doing this for X amount of years. They know they're not unique nor have their much benefit to people. So it's really important that we start to actually really extract that USP, give it a name, productized it, make it super tangible. And I'm going to show you some great examples. So you know, engineering USP, so engineered ones, I'll give you a couple of examples. The first example I'll give you is my amazing clients. Aleksandra LendSquare, she helps corporate women who have got divorced to start the next chapter right life. She's got huge experience in the luxury fashion industry. And she's worked with companies like Chanel and things like that. And she specializes in health women.
She also has a big passion and for helping women to move on after a breakup. And so she's combined these two things amazingly to have belief is, is that you cannot really, and truly become a next level version of you without bringing in the reality into your, into your life. And I'll tell you exactly how she does that. So basically she uses coaching to help these women move forward, but equally in order to start creating a new life and a new version of yourself, you actually need to start thinking about the kind of clothes that are wearing. You need to think about your environment and, and really kind of purging out the OLS and recreating this next level version of yourself. Otherwise, you're always looking at the past and whilst she thinks it's important to bring some elements of you with you, you also, they need to start looking forward and start thinking about who you are to be, but you need actual physical items to actually embed that next level version of yours.
And so she actually has the next level here method, where she helps to combine the purging in cleansing and reinvention your mindset, but also the person and the cleansing and the re-invent Shannon renewing of your ward, strobe and environment, which is just incredible. And she puts those two things together to help women move online. You know, it just sounds amazing. Anyway, anyway, he's watched queer eye for the straight guy where they go in and they kind of like redo the whole house and things like that. You know, she, she does all of that stuff and it sounds super, super fun. But she's just amazing and the way she does it. And that's just that for me is just, it's, it's kind of like a groundbreaking new way of thinking about things. I really don't think many people out there doing. And as you can imagine, yeah, she's very niche as well.
So she's got a very niche market that she has, and she's taken that. And obviously, yes, yes. That method could be used to help so many but she's chosen to help corporate women who are, who are recently divorced, that's her nature, and that's gonna set her in good stead for business plus with this amazing method that she has and she's brought to the table. Yeah. She's engineered pulled two things. Yeah. You know, in terms of like, you know, the divorce coaching side of things, and then her background and experience in, you know, luxury brands and pulled them together to really create something that works, that really helps women to step into that next level version of themselves. So they'd be great. There's an example of something that's been engineered taking two different things, put them together. And you know, they've evolved into something completely new, a completely new method.
And then you've got my amazing client attach at Bray. We worked together for a short period of time and she does something called success imprinting, which is very much grounded in a very special and unique way of helping people at a subconscious level. She's taken old ideas and reinvented them into something new. She knows she's got huge experience. You know, as a social worker, the social worker background, she's got huge experience in various other new methods that she's been working with over the years. And she's taken that experience, taken that knowledge and that almost that research of working with hundreds of clients to realize what actually has a long term effect. And so now she's, she's helping incredible business leaders to break through the imposed ceilings on them selves by getting rid of their success saboteurs using the success imprinting formula, which is just incredible.
So that's that's Tasha that again, she's engineered that herself, you know, and that's, that took time for her. And as you noted through both Aleksandra and Natasha, they they're experienced in what they do. They've had years of experience and they're pulling together methods that they truly know and are grounded in science and, and, and their experience and, and research, and actually their own experience pull that together to engineer something just incredible. So those are the couple of examples of something that's engineered. And the other thing to remember is that there are no new ideas. So, you know, all of these things will be something that's probably already been thought up, you know, someone's already, already thought it, or those in isolation, the ideas exist, but it's about putting them together. Yeah. And it's about putting your own spin on things and, and, you know, really bringing you into that method, think about how you can put that unique stamp on it because that's really, really important.
And that's where the whole copying thing is really wrong because, you know, I've given you you know, the, the high level overview of, of this, this engineer's method, but at the end of the day, there's a lot of thought that's gone behind this. This isn't just as simple as that's what I've just told you. They've got a whole science behind these engineered ways. So that's why it's really important for it to come from you. What's really important for it to be authentic, but you can absolutely use your own experience to engineer something together from, you know, ideas that have already existed. It will never be completely 100% born from something completely brand new. The ideas will be inspired from ideas that already exist. It's just about how you make it. And that's really important. And then, you know, like I said, be the first stop sitting on ideas.
If you're worried about other people taking them forward, then you know, do something, stop sitting on it, actually get out there. And that applies to all of these. I'm about to talk to you about the next one is the secret USP. Now this is one where basically either your industry are doing it like everyone in your industry are doing it or something that you're doing, but you're just not talking about, or the industry isn't talking about. And I've given this example a million times on this podcast, but just to kind of weed it out again around that that brewery where this guy was walking around, trying to find that kind of marketing angle that he could use for them. And he noticed that they were, you know, what hand washing the bottles to purify them. And he was like, this is amazing. Like why, like you had to wash all the bosses like, well, yeah, it needs to be pure for the, for the, for the bear to go in and can't have anything in it.
So we need to make sure that our handwashing and checks and quality checks to ensure that it's pure. And this guy was like, well, this, this is amazing. Why are you talking about it? And he was like, well, you know, everyone, all the breweries do it. But the fact of the matter is no one was making a song and dance about it. And that's really important to remember that, you know, whether you're doing it already or whether your industry is doing it, what can you really pull to the forefront of your marketing that you're perhaps already doing? That actually would be the huge benefit other people don't know about. And again, you know, you snooze, you lose. If your industry isn't talking about it, then boom, you know, that's up to them. You need to start talking about it. I'll give you an example of my, one of my old clients study keyhole is a perfect example of this.
She's a mortgage advisor and she helps specifically self-employed couples and self-employed individuals to get mortgages now. Yeah, she's involved because you know, that market needs them because unless you know anything about the mortgage industry and how to get the best deal, then you're going to need her, but you don't necessarily need her specifically. You go to any mortgage advisor who helps self employed people and get the same kind of service. But what made her really special that made her really, really stand out that she wasn't talking about. She was just doing it for free was that she was chasing everything. She was chasing the solicitors. She was chasing the state agents. She was liaising with that, with the accountants. She was doing all of these things. So you don't have to worry about the thing you can carry on with your business.
You have to worry about figures or anything like that. She will saw everything for you. So you wake up one day with a mortgage and you wake up the next day with a house, not quite as quickly as that, but it's, it feels like that it's seamless. It's stress-free and you know, if anyone's going to choose a mortgage advisor, it's probably going to be her, if she was to talk about that. But she, she wasn't, she was just doing it. And it was just came as a surprise. But as soon as you start to realize benefit, this is to your ideal client, particularly a self employed person who runs businesses. You're really busy and have time to keep chasing for things like that. You just want to know it's in good hands, that someone's on your, in your corner, making sure that things are working the way they should behind the scenes and from a place of expertise.
Because my God, like the amount of times that, you know, you're just like, you're chasing and they're giving you the run arounds and you've got no kind of empowered knowledge to kind of argue back. So you're just like, okay, yeah, whatever you say. She knows every trick in the book. Yeah. So she knows the truth of the matter, and she can get behind things and really give you an insider's view as to how the process is moving forward. So, I mean, it's just invaluable. And so when we actually extracted it, gave it a name and called it the trusted chasing liaising service, this is now become something that is completely unique to her and has services in her business where people will want to go through Sally keyhole to get that mortgage, because they know that they're going to have this incredible service. So that's really, really important to think about what are you actually already doing?
That is a huge benefit, or perhaps your industry is also doing, there's a huge benefit that nobody's talking about. What can you start really putting shining a light on that? That's the secret USP. The next USP is the backdoor USP. Now the backdoor USP is basically it's almost like we're always finding a gap, right? Like it's always about finding the gap in the market and leveraging it and really taking that forward. But this is a way of fading. It is about finding that gap where you're still perhaps doing the same things as other people, but you're providing something additional, almost like a supplementary USP. And let me give you a sort of example of this. So in avid track, for instance, where we're coming up with our USP, we were thinking a case of what's the missing. Yes, everyone else is booking people into it, but what are they not doing?
Where's the gap. And we found that, yeah, people weren't being supported in knowing that they are actually going to feel confident in getting to the summit of wherever they're going to their base camp of wherever they're going. And they have a lot of concerns and worries that they needed to get help. And you know, in either just from the fact of like making sure they've got the right equipment and all of those sorts of things. So we found that gap and we went around the back door. We're not like reinventing the wheel here. We're still booking people on the trips, but we're also providing something additional to the service to give them something extra. That that is very much needed, builds trust with people. And it positions you as an expert and it makes people want to work with you because, you know, we provide a lot of upfront the value to our customer base.
And so, yeah, they're like, okay, well, who else? I'm not exactly gonna mine. All the information with you, build trust with you and then go with someone else. When you give that kind of level of service, they're just automatically going to enroll and they do. And they pay with us because not because we're trying to rock them if their money, but obviously it comes at a cost, these different things that you put on and we have the best available in terms of porters guides, all of those things. We're not just good in one area. And that's the thing about market leadership here is just kind of give you that insider, this isn't about being great in accident in one area, you've got to think about the whole shebang. You know, it's gotta be about everything. It's gotta be about the customer service. It's gotta be about, you know, really finding something.
That's a benefit. It's great having a USP for your marketing so shiny, but how much of a benefit is it to your market? It's gotta be a benefit to them. So you've got to find what is the best in the world. Look like something, Andy always says, what's the best in the world. Look like, how can you be the best in every area so that your customer has the bat and your clients have the best experience possible, right? From the word, go from the moment they come across you to the moment they become a client to the moment they, they, they, they were way in the ping back to you again, to get the next thing from you. And so, and so forth. You elongate that lifetime customer experience, that lifetime customer value for you. So it's really important to know that that isn't just like, Oh, you know, let's just get this this amazing USP done and on your happy successful.
No, no, no, no, no, no. The market decides if you're a market leader, not you. So you need to up your game in every area. And by the way, that's something that I share with you inside of the elevate and unfold strategy session as well. I have a particular method that I focus on different areas that I focus on that you need to be excellent in all of these areas in order to reach marketing level. So, and that was one thing we did. We, I also worked with Paul and Tracy Smolinski from intro base and amazing an amazing networking organization. I would probably say the fastest growing networking organization in the, in the UK based in South Wales and have franchises across even as far as Sweden just amazing, really love what they do. They worked with me to work specifically on the unique magic bullet and the U S productize USP and something that they recognize that they were already doing to a certain extent.
And that's the thing you have to realize here is that this is about fitting things into boxes. It might actually touch upon each of these areas that I'm talking to you about. But you know, they are helping to create not just a great platform for networking, but actually an amazing network of master networkers who know how to utilize to its fullest, a networking platform, wherever that may be. And so something that they realize that they kind of do already, but really productizing that is that they came up with a master networker program where they're extracting their knowledge of how to be the best networker without any itchiness, which I love. And, and, and really, you know, make money from networking as well, because you know, a lot of people want to do networking without the egg, but also didn't make any money.
And it's like, well, hold on a second, we need to be smart about being strategic with our time. Right. All about the strategic visibility, by the way, if you haven't listened to the episode, it is a stinker. And it's one of my most listened to episodes. I think it's episode 38 as far as I can remember. But yeah, that's just a great episode. Please do go and listen to that, but yeah, you've gotta be strategic about your visibility. Is there a point like going to networking events if you're not actually gaining anything from them you know, that there's so much opportunity to be had, not just the money, either collaborations, doors opening, who do they know, but we've gotta be smart about how we, how we do that and also come across in not pushy way either. So there's a good balance to be had.
So anyway, they've created an actual program that they give to every single member who signs up like that's amazing. That's really cool. So again, finding that back door, what other networking places not doing okay. Where they're not focusing on that. So many people focus necessarily on the, on the kind of like the mentoring business side. That's not why people joined you guys. That's not why people came to you that came to you to network with other businesses to get out of clients, to find opportunities, you know? And so they, they figured that out, they worked it out and that's what they're now doing. And it's just incredible as they now doing again, they'll be doing it already, but they were not talking about it, but now they've got some very sort of very tangible that they can now offer you know, to entice new members on board and good for them because they're brilliant.
I've been a member of a chip it's by the way, bloody fantastic. One of the best networking organizations I've ever had the pleasure of attending. So it was, you know, I was over the moon to be able to work with them, to help them with that productization of that USP. And I would say probably this next one is I would say one of the most powerful and most common ways of forming USP, particularly in the service based industry, particularly for coaches and consultants and things like that. And that's the mind blower, the mindblower USP. And this is where basically your shift, it's a concept that shifts the perspective of your ideal clients. So they're just wowed by, Oh my God. I never thought about it like this. Like, it was, it's a real, all of these things are kind of like an epiphany moment or something that's super enticing.
But this one really is that right? It's that apifany of, Oh my gosh, this is exactly what's been missing for me. And now I understand why it wasn't working for me before and now I can see how it works now. I've got so many examples I could use for this. So many examples. For me, it's my UMB. Whenever I talk about the unique magic, but everyone's like, Oh my gosh, yes. You know, if, if product based businesses do this and talk about the U S PS physical USBs of the product, why are we not doing that services? Exactly? Why are we not doing that? Okay. So, okay. Yeah, I see the need for it. And I also see the need to differentiate makes complete sense. Here's a way that I can do it. I didn't have it before. It's that, that penny drop moment for my client then white again, incredible women helping corporates to actually retain their talent by helping women within that organization who goes on, who go on maternity leave to support them through that for when they return, because she recognized that these women were mentally checking out whilst away you know, whilst on maternity leave.
And then when they got back, they left, they came back cause they had to, but they were already looking for the door and not coping very well. So she created this whole new mat leave retainer model, brand new revolutionary that no one else is talking about. No one else is rethinking about no one thought of putting in place. And she's got some huge companies on board with this, which is just fantastic. And I'm so proud of her for really pushing it out there. But that's mind blowing for that industry for that, for that niche of, you know, HR in corporate is just for that particular, you know, maternity leave piece is just like, wow, that's, that's just, it's simple, but mind blowing at the same time. And that's the key here. This is something I really wanted to mention actually with the, it's allowing a concept to be simple enough because people try and make things overly complicated.
And actually that does the opposite. What it can do is cause confusion and they don't understand how it works. You're looking for the simplest version of the idea in order to explain it to people. So they can have that epiphany moment, because if it's too complicated, you're not allowing them to come to their own understanding of what's going on and it's not impressive. And it's not, it's a curse, it's a curse of the expert. Over-Complicating everything, keep it simple. And this is a simple concept and you know, she's, she's productized it, she's trademarked it and she's taking it out to the market and it's just absolutely going down a storm. And other people probably have thought this up guys, but it's just the way it goes. She's taking it forward and she's doing really well with it. She's put her own spin on things she's engineered it.
So not only is it mind blowing, it also touched upon it being secret. It also touched upon it being engineered and to a certain extent go being a backdoor supplementary as well. And there's so many different levels to her service. So it's so malleable for these businesses in order to integrate. So that's one example. Next example is a client I mentioned before as well, core Darlington who is come up with the radical self nurture concept, which is very different from, and she's going to come and talk about this on a future episode of the podcast, but it's basically very different to self care. Self care is like getting a massage, you know, taking time out for you in the evening, I'm in the bath, all of those sort of things. Perhaps going on a retreat would be self care, radical self nurture chorus.
Expective is where you transform your entire life. You are able to put boundaries in place. You have crystal clarity on what fills you up so that you, you can make decisions about your life, which will transform it from the inside out so that you're never put it in position. Why you need to go in a retreat because you're always in a suit state of harmony in a state of calm, you know, you're, you're not coming up with this whole, you know, the choosing struggle, choosing busy, busy, busy, actually, no, I choose not to be busy. I choose to, to be in flow. And it's easier said than done, right. But yeah, radical self nurture methods that she has to help people achieve that flow, achieve that sense of center and peace. Yeah. Where they can be high performers without having the stress, the burnout, the, the, you know, the awful side effects.
Yeah. Of perhaps what sometimes a high performer can have. You know, she's really changing the game on that really helping people to be more productive, to have it all, to have that life with their children, to have that life with their spouse, to travel and to run successful businesses at the same time through using this particular nurture this radical self nurture and her using her thrive method, which is incredible in conjunction with. So again, something that's fantastic mind blowing, different way, different perspective on how to help people in those situations. Know one of my, say an older client of mine, not older than age, but older in terms of what I worked with. Wow. And when it's just incorrect, the bull, she helps people helps business owners, sorry, I should say how's business owners to make more of their finances, to grow their finances, to, to manage them and invest, you know, she's someone who came from extreme debts, overcame that and is now financially free living the life out.
I think it's, she's in Jamaica. It could be wrong. Apologies on one, if it's not Jamaica, but anyhow, she's just, and she had this new concept because the reason why she was in incredible debt was because she's a spender and I was spending by the way, I have that in me. And I'm trying to recreate new labels by the way. Do you have a tendency with what? My way, my money mindset has been Bobby brought up as a child. So as a father, I have those tendencies, but something that she does is instead of, I tried to like suppress the spending, you know, in the start like a budgeting and pulling everything back. She helps people who have that way inclined that's her niche is helping those, those businesses who are spenders. She comes out with this spending plan. So rather than budgeting, she's like, okay, well, let's prioritize what you're going to spend on.
Right. You know, what, what, what, what are you going to buy and why? So you're intentional, you're purposeful a new, different way of thinking about it actually works in alignment with your normal tendencies, but you're able to see the truth of the matter. And you're able to pull your head out of the sand as a spender and actually look at things objectively to go, okay. So where am I spending? It's not, it's not bad to spend, but where am I spending it? Why am I spending it? And is that feeding into my goals? You know, it's not really getting me to where I say I want to be yes or no. Okay. So maybe I don't want to spend it on that. Maybe I want to spend it on this. So different way of thinking again, mindblowing something that's like, Oh, wow. I never really thought of things like that before.
That makes total sense. Another one of my clients Malayne Lee, absolutely amazing. I love my name. She has something called inspired marketing because she believes that's the reason why people have failed launches or they end up struggling whether or not pushing, pushing, pushing, pushing, and never really seeing any real amplified monetary results for their efforts is because they don't have this inspired marketing piece. Whether, you know, you are aligned with your business, the business purpose, and with the actions that you need to take. There is no skin in the game. There is no excitement. There is no joy, there is a flow. And so she helps people to get into this inspired marketing States in order to produce amazing launches in order to really amplify their business, amplify their wealth and amplify their impact. Again, something a different way of thinking about things, you know, and again, that kind of touched upon the engineered side of things because there's a lot of science behind what she does in terms of, you know, psychology and mindset and actually how to get you from, for me to be.
So those are some incredible examples from some of my amazing clients who have created just amazing USPSS and really rocking it in that industry. Just, just absolutely mind blowing. So super proud of all of those who I've mentioned and yeah, there we are. So I'm hoping that these four different ways of creating your S pieces really helped you remember being the first stop, waiting around for permission, just get that out, get it out there. And you know, if you want help with creating your product ties, USP, your unique magic bullet, as I caught it then I do run specific intensives around that. You'll also, if you want to have an opportunity to apply, to be a part of my elevate program which is my 12 month program, which takes you through that you think magic bullet phase plus the niching phase and the messaging and takes you beyond it to really start taking that to the market and positioning yourself as a market leader.
So whether you're interested in elevate, whether you're interested in intensive or perhaps different option than do, make sure that you book a call with me or get yourself onto and evolve and elevate strategy session, both the links are in the show notes. Do make sure you go head over to that, click the link and anyone who's wanting to pick a call without actually having to click anything it's bit dot Lee forward slash clarity call podcast bit dot L Y forward slash clarity call podcast. And guys, I look forward to seeing you in the next

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