Introducing Elevate - the One-to-One / Mastermind Hybrid programme that takes you direct to Market Leader position where you become the most desirable option in the market

  • Command the attention your talent deserves
  • Become the no.1 choice in your market & make more money
  • Make an impact & get recognised as an unrivalled market leader in your niche

"Since working with Jen, I started converting dream clients with ease who didn’t question my value. I had the confidence to double my fees AND sold at the higher price point without question. I feel like the queen in my own niche, and I’m about to approach one year in my business and I've already hit 6 figures!"

How to attract high paying clients

It's time to quit being #secondbest and claim your number one position in the market!

There's no time to be humble right now - you're far too talented to be experiencing any kind of rejection in your business and you know it.

Let's not beat around the bush, you've been around far too long to be hiding in the shadows of the big fish who seem to be taking the lions share of the spotlight and the market.

Besides, we both know you have it in you to WOW the industry...

The problem?

Right now, the reason you're not hitting market leader position is due to the fact that you don't have clarity on...

  • What makes you a leading authority in your niche to give your industry & market something worth talking about.
  • What makes you stand apart from your competition so that when your prospects come across you there really is no point looking anywhere else.
  • What makes you an offer they literally can't refuse. 

Articulating any of that leads to a fair amount of waffle and you're not convincing anyone including yourself. (Harsh but true!)

 You and I both know that with the right amount of clarity on your TRUE value & innovation of concrete USP's you can seriously make a dent in your niche!


...Attracting ideal clients who are ready to say yes to your chosen price point BEFORE they get on the phone!

...Receiving invites to speak on the best stages & getting quoted by well known industry platforms!

...Having complete confidence in the fact that your services are not only valuable, but are truly wanted by the market! When prospects come across you, there literally won't be any point in looking elsewhere!

...Knowing that you have a concrete unique selling point that sets you apart from everyone else, eradicates competition, positions you as a market leader & compels your prospects to buy!

How to become an expert and feel like one
Award Winning Business Coach & Best Selling Author of Expert Unrivalled

Shamoni Gilani

Clarity Expert &

Messaging Maven

Discovering Jen has been by far one of the best discoveries I have made in my business, it has radically changed the trajectory of my future and my positioning in the market place is so much more powerful than ever before.

I have invested in several coaches, spending several thousands and while each one of my coaches have played their unique part in my growth and incomparable... NO ONE can take the place of Jen, she has been invaluable to me.

Jen was able to pinpoint my 'unique magic bullet' & what happened after was magical, I started converting dream clients with ease who didn’t question my value, I had the confidence to double my fees and sold at the higher price point without question. I could have “competitors” who are 10 years ahead or making 10 times as much, yet I feel like the queen in my own niche and I’m about to approach one year of my business and I've already hit 6 figures.'' 

In this 12 month 'one to one' / mastermind hybrid programme you will...

  • Get clarity on your true value & your high-value clients so you can articulate with precision why you’re a market leader & the first choice for your market.
  • Innovate a concrete USP/Unique Magic Bullet for yourself AND your individual products to stand out at the forefront of your industry.
  • Catapult yourself into the spotlight to get recognised by your industry as someone to seriously pay attention to & open new doors to exciting opportunities... Like paid speaking gigs on the best stages, podcast interviews with industry leading platforms, collaborations with key influencers.
  • Develop a high-value mindset and dominate your niche with fierce conviction knowing what you bring to the table is wanted, valuable & unlike anything else out there!
  • Create irresistible premium products & packages that are priced what they’re truly worth & feel unshakeable confidence in selling them.

Lynn White

Talent on Leave Ltd

Jen drew out my vision and helped me articulate the message I needed to attract 'big named' market leader delegates to our inaugural 'Parental Leave Leaders’ Scotland event this year. Not only did we sell out, we had a 94% turnout. I was in danger of just telling a great story and leaving people nodding their heads but not taking action. Jen took that talk and made it a call to action (to buy) helping me show up bigger and make the impact we did."

Why this is NOT a group programme disaster...

Firstly this is NOT a group programme! So many programmes are prescriptive with strict time constraints meaning the pace is all wrong and you can easily hide or lose where you are in the programme.

Where this differs as a hybrid, is that you get the benefit of the support and cheerleading of your high-level peers BUT  you get my full one-to-one attention throughout the programme to focus on what YOU want to focus on.

For those of you who are concerned about getting the right level of support, this is designed to give you the one-to-one support you need with the peer support as an added benefit - not the other way round.

Feel like the expert and banish impostor syndrome

'' I am someone who hates the usual group set up and this is why I have created this model of one-to-one support & mastermind, because you get the best from both aspects leaving out the parts you hate.''

The programme includes... 

  • 12 Months of my personal support!
  • Quarterly one-to-one Strategy Sessions, plus a monthly group call to get the feedback of the entire mastermind collective (including either myself or Andy Moore - Market Leader League Business Coach!).
  • Upload documents for personalised feedback including sales pages & content. 
  • Lifetime access to dip into a portal of invaluable actionable training & worksheets focused around my strategy for Market Leader Success (shown below).
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook group to ask questions/get feedback/cheerleading from both myself and the mastermind members in between sessions.
  • Use my Market Leader roadmap to focus on the areas YOU need to improve and hone in on. This is not a prescriptive process, it's a proven process that works around you and where you are at.

David Williams

International Education Consultant

Jen has the great ability to see through the fog. As an entrepreneur it is sometimes difficult to recognise your own expertise. For me, I felt it difficult to identify myself as an expert, even though I had the proof of success from clients. Jen was able to help me realise my own value and the value I bring to clients. Giving me the tools be confident enough to go and ask for what I’m worth.

At the same time Jen was able to help me package up my support in to clear and distinct offerings making it easier for me to identify what the right package might be and for my clients to have a range of choices for service offerings. All this has meant that I am better able to serve the people I work with, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jen to anyone in the same position. In addition, she is one of the nicest people you’ll meet, a real gem.

David went onto secure a $40k contract within 3 weeks of his first session! 

The Four Pillars of Market Leader Success

Messaging & USP

Nail down the TRUE UNIQUE value of what you're offering so you can harness unshakeable confidence, stand out from the competition & gain the attention & money of your market. 


Harness the confidence to charge your worth so you're no longer leaving £thousands on the table & create a business ecosystem that works like a well oiled machine to maximise profits. You won't find a one way blueprint inside Elevate but you will find an effective conversion strategy tailored YOUR business.

Content That Converts

Create sophisticated & attention grabbing content that isn't about vanity metrics but actually converts prospects into paying clients and markets your business as a force to be reckoned with to dominate your market.


Learn how to build credibility as a market leader so you can position your business as the ONE to do business with. Which doesn't revolve around relying on endorsements from industry giants! Strategically taking control to build your brand reputation from the ground up will be the priority throughout your year in Elevate.

Cora Darlington

Queen of Ease & Flow (Burnout Expert)

Working with Jen has completely transformed my business. Within the first two months I had already more than covered my high ticket investment with Jen and since then have gone on to double my income adding thousands of recurring revenue every month as well as high ticket cash injections.

I am really clear on what makes me stand out as a unique offering in my field and I've already received glowing comments about my positioning & credibility. What I REALLY love is that she truly is on team with you to make sure you achieve exactly what you want.

Are you ready for this to be your new reality?

  • Never feel the need to convince anyone of your value - your message & marketing will say exactly what needs to be said to capture the attention of your audience.
  • Get recognised as not just a leader but THE leader in your niche and claim your 'must work with' status.
  • Never again take a brain picking session disguised as a discovery call and actually take quality sales calls that convert to an easy yes.
  • You’ll end up with far more yes’s because people actually respect your boundaries & expertise as a leader and they’ll know exactly why they need to work with you BEFORE they get on the call.
  • Prospects will no longer compare you to other options because there is no one else that rivals your solution to their problems. It literally won’t make sense to go anywhere else.
  • You'll stop comparing yourself and start feeling bulletproof confidence knowing that you’re unrivalled in what you offer.
  • Never feel uncomfortable saying no to less than ideal clients because you have clear boundaries on your worth and know the true value of what you have to offer.
  • Feel secure enough in your expertise and opinion to deal with the trolls that inevitably show up for thought leaders.
  • If charging high ticket is on your list to tackle then attracting a more desirable high value client who are willing to pay your prices is what we'll do. The price point will accurately reflect your higher market position. This also means you can take fewer clients, get greater results and more freedom with your business!

Steve Bollschweiler

Insight Video Marketing Ltd

Before I started working with Jen in the Elevate Programme I didn’t really have much direction in my business - I was going from client to client just about surviving. I wasn’t sure where I sat in my market, which is dangerous because the video production market is incredibly saturated. It was important to me to figure out why my business and my approach is different from others out there doing the same thing.

Since working with Jen I’m far more confident about my abilities, I know how to speak to people about my business in a way that sells my unique service and I can articulate the benefits of my products with ease. My messaging is clear and I have far more confidence to reach out to potential clients, knowing that I do have a concrete USP that not only helps me stand out but that also provides a compelling reason to choose my company.

Jen encourages you to develop your own ideas with her guidance, rather than just doing it for you. It’s more of a journey that we go on together - she’s like the positive voice in my head that makes useful suggestions and guides me onto the right path.

I’d seriously recommend any business in a saturated market who is struggling to differentiate and stand out to work with Jen. 

Is this programme for you?

This programme is NOT for those who...

  • Own a solely 'physical product' based businesses.
  • Don't want to take action and just stay in 'think' mode. This programme will only work if you take the action to make changes in your business and actively promote.
  • Want to be told they're doing it all right and refuse to try a new direction.
  •  Have never worked with a client on a paid basis, this is for business owners who are experienced at getting results for their clients.

This programme IS for service based business owners / coaches / consultants...

  • Who want to become market leaders & be the first choice for their market.
  • Who want to stand apart from the competition and create a unique value proposition that converts high paying clients with ease.
  • Who want to know exactly what makes them unique, desirable & premium so they can sky rocket their conversion rate (potentially at a higher price point.)
  • Who are ready to start getting industry recognition by getting things like... receiving invitations from big industry names to speak on the best stages, getting quoted by industry leading platforms, writing a best selling book that impacts on a large scale.
  • Those who are serious about making money in their business and are willing to pivot and tweak their message, brand and their offers throughout their entire business in order to achieve success.

Sally Kehoe

Mortgage Advisor 

for Self Employed 

Business Owners

Jen really helped me achieve a light bulb moment around packaging up my offering in a more compelling way and also helped me realise and articulate concrete USPs and the value I provide to my clients. Jen has a great ability at focusing in on your business with laser precision and is full of great ideas that she constantly offers throughout your time with her. She is a natural at seeing potential in people and their businesses. Not only is she an absolute expert in her field but she also puts so much effort into building up confidence meaning you leave with not only complete clarity but also the mindset to take massive action to achieve your goal.

**Following a testimonial outlining Sally's best USP's she immediately secured a new client off the back of it that very afternoon!**

Your Investment

The investment into joining Elevate is £10,000 and requires a high level of commitment. This programme is not designed to keep you busy, it's designed around your entire business success & solid results.

So if shifting to a market leading business that makes more money and impact is a priority right now then this will focus on ALL the right areas to make that happen.

There are limited spots for this intake into the programme  don't miss your opportunity to be one of the few to access this high level of support & knowledge in this one of a kind opportunity, apply now.

''I loved working with Jen so much, I have now booked to work with her on her new year long programme as I wouldn’t want to go to this next level without her on my side, my only wish is I met her 10 years ago! She goes above and beyond with her support, no BS advice and I know she has my best interests at heart, which means the world to me. I not only highly recommend Jen, every coach looking for clarity on their journey needs a Jen!'' Shamoni Gilani

Julie Sakaas

Food Addiction Coach

I worked with Jen on her one-to-one programme and everything started to fall into place. In just one session, I realised where I was going wrong. Jen advised me on a slightly different path, and straight away I could see positive changes. I micro-niched one more step, increased my prices and streamlined my whole message and within 2 months, I had signed-up 2 new high-end clients ($4.5k). No fuss, no bother, I didn’t have to sell, they just wanted to buy from me!

If you're ready to...

Become a market leader and the first choice to work with!

To start attracting high paying clients who are ready to say yes to your chosen price point BEFORE they get on phone...

To receive industry recognition, all the best invites and spotlight opportunities from industry recognised platforms...

...then it's time for you to say YES to your business success!

Apply for Elevate NOW...

Or check out the Frequently Asked Questions below for even more info...

Lucy  Orton

Self Sabotage Expert

for Female Entrepreneurs

Working with Jen in the Elevate programme has been a complete and utter game-changer for me. From the moment we started working together, I had immediate clarity about my business' direction and who I serve after months of uncertainty and floundering in different directions and with different products and offerings. After my first session with Jen, my messaging flowed effortlessly and I had a clear blueprint for achieving the level of success I was aiming for. 

Jen helped uncover my niche, package my offers and develop my USP. This has enabled me to absolutely own my expertise, grow my reputation as a market leader and ultimately charge more for my coaching services. In the last six months (through lockdown, homeschooling and more)
I have grown a following, a mailing list, created a UK Top-7 podcast, been invited to speak at events and have attracted wonderful high paying ideal clients into my world.

I am very excited to continue working with Jen in 2021 as I know she will be the champion I need in pushing my business and income goals to the next level. As a business coach and mentor Jen is an absolute pleasure to work with and I always look forward to our calls. She's a super-quick and laser-focused thinker and is incredibly responsive and generous with her time and knowledge; I've learnt so much from her already. From the moment I became aware of Jen, I knew I wanted to work with her and already Elevate has surpassed expectations with Jen overdelivering time and again and providing masses of value in so many ways. If you're thinking about working with Jen, don't hesitate,
it'll be the best business investment you make and will set you on course for huge success in 2021!


When do we start?

If you're accepted onto the programme you can start as soon as you'd like! This is unlike most other programmes whereby it is not dictated by other members or the content schedule. This is a one to one programme with the added benefit of peer support.

Is this for new businesses or established businesses?

This is for established businesses who have worked with  paying clients to get results for one year+. It's imperative that you are confident in getting results for your clients.

I've invested in other programmes in the past and I've not got the results, how will I know if I can get the results I want?

Here's the thing,  I care deeply about my clients results because I have an extremely high success rate to protect and of course I care deeply about your results. As long as you do the work, care as much as I do (I can't want this more than you) and follow the guidance there is absolutely no reason it won't. I have a proven success method that WORKS if you are...

... willing to make changes, get uncomfortable and tweak your business. If you're resistant to change and you're not open minded then this probably isn't the programme for you. 

Also, if you haven't yet invested in a programme that focuses on positioning & articulation like this one, it's no surprise that the other stuff hasn't worked... once you've got the clarity on what makes your business desirable & unique the other programmes you've taken will most likely have a greater purpose and yield results that you previously couldn't get.

My programmes don't just focus on alignment, whilst that's important and it's something I aim for you to achieve, it's also about having that guidance on following a direction that will yield better traction in your business. For example, serving a slightly different ideal client to ensure you get the best clients, the best outcomes for them and so you're not fighting people on price all the time.

Whilst I use powerful coaching style questions to help you take the best direction for you and not just prescribe a direction, I also switch to a mentoring style where I'll push you to go that step further to uplevel your business.

Alessia Pandolfi

Tech Expert for Online Coaches

I decided to work with Jen because I wanted to be able to work less but make MORE money. However, I had absolutely no idea how to do it. I was tired of trying to be visible all the time and frustrated that my efforts weren't paying off. I knew I was good, but I lacked strategy, clarity and, most importantly, confidence.

I now have total clarity on my new 'high paying' ideal clients. Together we created my first high ticket package that allows me to work less and earn more. We created core evergreen content that not only gets more traction, but helps to overcome any objections & draws attention to my USP's to convert clients before they get on the phone.

Before finishing our coaching, I sold my very first high-ticket package! It not only completely paid off the investment I had made, but it also brought a 60% ROI!
I couldn't be more satisfied with taking this step to work with Jen: I have total clarity around my clients and their needs and my confidence has skyrocketed.