April 20, 2022

Fed up of spending hours recording or writing content to just get ignored and see ZERO results? In this episode, I’m going to show you two simple ways to make your content grab the attention of your ideal clients and convert them! SIMPLES!

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Make your content pop and convert

I’m tricking you slightly here because the two lines I’m talking about here are not two lines of text. Let me explain more. I’ve seen so much awful content online and it’s bugging me. It’s often awful for simple reasons that can easily be fixed. You don’t need to have rubbish content. Creating good content is not difficult.

There are a few things you need on your checklist to make sure your content is going to pop out, get someone’s attention and then convert them.

1. Headlines

I see so much content without a headline. Let people know what they are about to watch. Before you put out content, ask yourself: “why would someone bother using their time to watch or read this content?” It’s important to understand the point for your audience.

Have you demonstrated that point? And created a headline that articulates why someone should bother to watch or listen to this content?

You will always find people who are loyal to you and engaged with your content. But they are not necessarily going to buy from you. So if you want to reach buyers, you need to be more intelligent. You’re not creating content for your friends and your mum. Instead, create content that will get the right people who will read and watch and get the right people who pay. You also want new people who will want what you’re selling.

If someone is coming in cold, you cannot rely on them knowing you and your stuff. This is why your headline is so important.

Writing a great headline

It needs to be relevant to your ideal client and specific to them. Then they will know it’s directed at them. Talk about a specific problem or outcome. Or you can use their label in the headline somewhere. You want people to resonate with it so much that only the right people will see that information.

Put the wrong people off and pull the right people in. If it’s not doing that, then it’s far too generic.

Make it relevant and specific.

You also need to make it fresh and disruptive to catch their attention. If they see the same headlines time and again, we have so much information thrown at us that we won’t stop and look. You need a unique angle and a fresh perspective.

You can come from a controversial angle but use it sparingly. Don’t make your regular content controversial and negative. You need a good balance. Get passionate about your beliefs and disrupt in a positive way. One of the best way to do this, is to use analogies and metaphors. This helps you paint a picture in people’s minds. This can help people find a fresh angle on something that has been done before.

For example, Lucy Orton helps to beat procrastination and self-sabotage, she has a great headline about stop scratching the mosquito bite of obsessive thinking. Obsessive thinking is discussed a lot in her industry but using the analogy is a powerful way to capture your attention. Using words in this way can help you disrupt the scroll and capture attention.

Make your content as specific as you can and note down who it’s for and why this content is relevant.

2. Time your punchline

Don’t give away your punchline in your headline. Save some of the stories for later if you want people to read more of what you’re talking about. Use curiosity to build intrigue so someone wants to click and find out more.

You need to think about curiosity in every line of your content. Think about how you will entice someone to listen or read until the end. As well as being useful with your content.

You do need a punchline.

Core message

Make sure your content has a core message. What are you trying to deliver? When I started the podcast I asked: “what do I want people to know?” That is that your content can pop and convert. I wanted to make sure I gave the information to you so that you can implement it. This is a simple idea that I want to give to you.

I am also demonstrating my knowledge so that you can see what you might experience if you work with me. I absolutely run this podcast to help business owners become the number one in their market. But I also want to show you there is more to be had when you invest money.

It’s about the purpose for other people and the purpose for you.


The other punchline I need you to consider is the call to action. You’ll notice I give a CTA at the beginning of every podcast because this is where most people are listening. I think about my CTA and what I want people to do.

What is the point of a post without a CTA? If people don’t want to take action, they won’t. But there will be people reading who will want to take action. The CTA might be to download a freebie or join the group. Anything that will help take your audience on that journey. Give them the opportunity to dive in deeper.

Problem – Agitate – Solution

Use the problem-agitate-solution structure. It helps with giving value and helping people to understand their own problems. As well as understand who you serve and how you help them. Firstly, outline the problem.

For example, this podcast episode sees the problem that people have so much content out there getting ignored and not converting. That’s the problem outline.

Then you agitate. If no one is clicking or watching, then how much time and effort are you wasting by creating that content? For nobody to see it? What is the point? You are agitating the problem and showing them the impact of this. They will not see any return on investment and be a busy fool.

Finally, the solution can be a value or a tip. In this podcast, it’s a tip with two lines to use. Or it could be a solution where you book a call with me. You can use it in both a values and sales situation. It keeps the content relevant to the people to who you are talking. It keeps your content granular and dive into the impact.

The problem may not be negative. It may be aspirational and be about where they want to get to. When it comes to the aspiration, it’s about what they are leaving on the table by not taking action. You will be building excitement with the agitation.

There are so many ways you can use this structure and for it to be different each time. And it will help you create great content to resonate with your ideal clients.

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