June 9, 2021

Absolutely anyone can build a financially successful business but only the people who truly believe in the possibility and start taking action actually make it happen. There’s no point just wishing your way to 7 figures – if you want to make that dream a reality then you need to start working towards those steps right NOW! 

In this episode I reveal the steps you can take TODAY that will set the wheels in motion for a millionaire future.

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5 Steps You Need to Take NOW

We sometimes see the seven figure dream as something far in the future. It is achievable but we need to put in steps now. Plan for when it will happen not if.

Make it believable

This is the first step: to make it believable for yourself. If you make plans now then you will accelerate making it happen in the future. I recently shared this with a networking company and it can trigger some people by saying making seven figures is relatively easy. It is simple as you do not need a special degree or qualifications.

Look at where I was six or seven years ago, I was charging £20 from a kitchen table. I had no idea where we would be today. I did know it was imperative that I know how I would get there. It is amazing how far you can get in a short space of time.

You over estimate what you can do in a year and you underestimate what you can do in five.

It is so true. This is why many business owners fall off. When dreams don’t happen straight away it can be frustrating. One year is trials and testing, seeing what works and making mistakes. The magic happens after the first year of business. Don’t expect overnight success. You need to be in it for the long haul. That does not mean not making money for a year but progress can be slow to begin with but you can build speed quickly in the years to follow.

Step 1: Niche

It is really important you figure out your niche. You will not reach six figures if you do not have a niche. People do not buy generalists when they hire a coach or expert. Really drill down when you want to dominate a corner of the market and think about what you will specialise in doing for a particular person. What problem are you going to specialise in solving? What outcome are you going to specialise in getting and for who?

If you have struggled with this for a while, it is time to get help to sort this out. If you have not sorted a niche within the first year on your own, you will struggle to do this moving forward.

Step 2: Articulate your message

You can specialise but you need to get your messaging around that niche watertight. Why people need to buy from you, the urgency and what will happen if they do not buy from you. You need to be crystal clear about this so you can communicate it because if you don’t get why you’re needed and the impact you make then your customers will not understand and buy.

Also have the messaging about handling objections about what you do. There can be specialised objections, that happen during the trial period while you’re setting your messaging. When someone says ‘no’, be interested in why so you can build that knowledge. When you do this you know how to do this differently and find the wording you need to use to overcome that objection in future.

This is important to learn at an early stage, especially if you want to sell without the need to have a sales call. Then you can move forward and sell to more people on evergreen funnels. Get curious and ask why. You are not a failure for getting ‘no’. Everyone gets a ‘no’.

You may also get new objections as the landscape changes. This is an ongoing process that you need to be a part of so you can react to why people are buying your services.

Step 3: Evolving business model

There are steps you need to take now to evolve your business model to scale. For coaches and experts, we tend to start working 1-1. Yet there are some people who want to skip this step and go to one-to-many or passive selling. You still need to be able to understand why people buy or not if selling to many. Getting feedback through this is a longer process and we may end up in the cycle of guessing.

Take sales calls in the early stages so you can understand why people are saying no or yes. Keeping a live element to your services or sales process will help you know what clients want so you can improve.

High-ticket is a good way to be paid your worth when working 1-1. This gives you time to build more passive products and a good foundation. However, you need to think about the future and understand the plan for scaling. Then you know where you are heading. You can hit six-figures in a 1-1 but to make seven figures then you will need to scale.

You don’t need to set it in stone and can change as you move. Also, understand when you want this to happen. Having time-based targets gives you enough healthy pressure to start thinking when you need to be at each point.

Step 4: Signature system

This is a roadmap of how you get your clients from A-B so they get the end results they are after. Saying you have a bespoke model is not good enough. Yes, you can apply your roadmap to each client in a slightly different way – you do not have to have a one-size-fits-all. But they do need to understand where they are heading. And if you want to turn 1-1 into a passive product or one-to-many then you need to think about this.

The sooner you think about this, the sooner you have your roadmap. It also helps your clients to get better results. You get that credibility factor. They know where they are going. You know where they are going. You have a proven process so your clients are not gambling with their money.

You can then turn this into a process that others can implement without your being there. This step is key for your business.

Step 5: Your USP

I’ve spoken about this for a long time. This is the core of what Elevate is about. You cannot rely on yourself to be your USP anymore. Move away from this if you want your business to be successful. You are great but your prospects need more than this. They need to see they are making a logical choice.

People do not want to gamble when they spend high-ticket. Your USP or Unique Magic Bullet is so important. You need to create a tangible, logical reasoning about why your ways and methods work better than anyone else’s out there. And work for your specific clients.

The biggest reason as to why our travel company is a market leader is the leveraging of the unique magic bullet. We don’t just book you onto trips, we make sure you can fulfil that trip. It is a challenging trip and out of comfort zones and have what they need to make that trip a success. We do this with our support system that has grown throughout the years. We have filled a gap in the market.

Your UMB can be filled in many different ways. it is critical so you can become a business unlike anyone else out there and can articulate why you are the best option.

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Take these steps

These are the steps you need to take right now else you cannot grow to seven-figures. You need these steps to grow successfully and beyond that. These are the steps we take you through on Elevate to make sure you can be successful and quickly as possible.

If you’d like to join Elevate or see if you are the right fit – book a call here.

Calls are zero-pressure so you can explore if it is a good fit.

About the author 

Jennifer Hall

Jen Hall is Business Clarity Coach for Coaches, Consultants & Experts who want to become Unrivalled Go-To Experts.

Jen not only gets you clear on your micro-niche, message and what makes you unique and desirable, but she helps you to define what makes you an irrefutable offer to the market so you can position yourself as a high-end 'must have' option for your prospects.

She is a Multi-Award Winning Speaker and Best Selling Author of Expert Unrivalled.

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