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Nov 27

Why Is No One Buying?

By Jennifer Hall | Uncategorized

Creating a program is easy, it really is! I’ve created loads! I set my financial goal, I created the program, released them, and you know what, some of them completely flopped!
For me and countless others trying to ‘make it’ in the coaching world, we start off with such high hopes for our programs. You create it, release it into the wild and then wait… wait a bit more and then FEAR kicks in… why is no one buying???
You start to create the exit strategy in your mind- What will I say when no one buys? What am I doing wrong? What can I do to get people on board? What is my husband gonna say? What am I going to tell my friends when they ask how business is going and I haven’t even got a viable product!??
AHHHHHH! OK it’s hide in the toilet and cry time!

The creation of a good program is only a case of solving a problem… that’s it! The conversion rate of your program lies in the strategy and the traffic you drive to your program. The problems arise when you struggle to:

– Understand fully your ideal clients ‘real’ problems,
– Sell it in a way that it speaks to your clients wants not what you know they need,
– Apply action to a strategic launch rather than haphazardly blurting it out here and there,
– Stay in touch with your passion and energy to keep going when things are going as predicted and you don’t sell out on the first day!

BUT lack of FULL clarity on your ideal client can be a real sticking point and can ball up the best of intentions! Without that, you can’t create a program because you don’t know what ‘real’ problem you’re solving nor the outcome you’re helping them achieve.
The first step to creating a program that really grabs people’s attention is in making sure your program speaks to their wants, NOT what you know they need. Look at your client’s position through their eyes, not yours. You have a very different perspective from where you are standing.
You’ve won the fight, you’re steps ahead and can see where your clients are standing in a new light, you know what they need to get ahead.

But that isn’t going to get you anywhere unless you tap into the perspective from where your client stands. They want to know you understand them and that you have the solution to their problem, that you can give them what they WANT from their point of view.
Then you can give them that AND what they need in the program itself.

Nov 20

Self Sabotage in your business at it’s BEST

By Jennifer Hall | Uncategorized

If you don’t get these TWO things right, you DON’T have a Coaching business or fulfilment!

Niche and Ideal Client are THE two most important aspects. If you don’t have them right, you’re prone to want to give up, throw in the towel and stamp your feet!

Struggle, frustration and tears will follow the confusion on who you serve and what you help them with.

I know what it feels like to struggle in business, to feel like every 12 hour day you pull is utterly wasted and for nothing.

Ease and flow come when you have Clarity and Alignment. When you are aligned with your purpose, money making niche and the mindset/priorities of your ideal client everything flows. Marketing, money making and FULFILMENT!

Stay tuned because in the next days I’m going to share why people are pretending to have clarity, and you don’t want to miss that!

As we said, ease and flow come when you have Clarity and Alignment. When you are aligned with your purpose, money making niche and the mindset/priorities of your ideal client everything flows. Marketing, money making and FULFILMENT! A lot of people struggle for too long on this, pretending they have clarity when they really don’t. They are NOT being honest with themselves. Why would someone do that? Well, let me lay it out for you here…

  • They might be scared that if they get the clarity they’ll no longer have an excuse to fail!
  • They’re avoiding having to invest to get the clarity they really need as they don’t see the value in it.
  • They’re scared to let go of what no longer serves them. This one is a BIG one! Holding onto what you’re comfortable with and have invested so much time in is SCARY AS HELL!
  • The struggle is comfortable, it’s all they’ve ever known – success can’t really come from EASY, can it????

YES, IT CAN! And if any of this post has nudged you to start being honest with yourself I’ve done my job for today! Success really does come easy when you know HOW!

Check your clarity today, do you really know who you’re talking to and what their pain points are specifically? OR are you feeling fluffy? Stop and check-in – this could be your make or break moment!

new mindset new results
Nov 13

The Simple Mindset Shift You need to Make to Run a Successful Business

By Jennifer Hall | Business Mindset , Client Attraction , Uncategorized

shift Your mindset for success...

Today I'm talking to you about the simple mindset shift that you need to make to ensure that your business is successful! 

I'm going to give an example that explains this in startup terms because it's the easiest way for me to explain this concept, but this can be applied at any stage of a business not just in a start-up.

In fact, it's really key that you keep this in mind whenever you write content in your marketing, speak to your audience or whenever you are creating a product. 

who needs a mindset shift...

A problem arises when people create businesses or create products on the basis that they just enjoy doing it. For example let's use craft businesses, which seem to be very popular at the moment. A lot of craft businesses in the last year have popped out the ground like daisies because people want to turn their passion into a profitable business, but where it fails is when you are doing it for you, instead of the client.

When I talk about the fact that you can work in alignment with your purpose and you can absolutely make money from it, I truly believe that, but what I do not mean, is that you can turn any hobby or process that you want to teach into a success.


It definitely won’t be successful unless it solves a problem!

This is the key mind shift change we need to make, i.e. looking at what we do from your client's perspective instead of our own insular view.

This is why it’s so important to start with a mission that's bigger than us and to delve into why we started the business in the first place. You have to make it bigger than just you and your family and what's going on in your world otherwise it’s a very selfish point view that no one else is really interested in.

When we ask the question - ‘what is the transformation that I want to see happen in in the wider world?’  we ensure that we can help them solve the problems that 'they' have in order to help them achieve the goals that 'they' have.

its all about the client...

So whenever you go to create a product or write a piece of content marketing you really need to be looking at it through the eyes of your ideal client instead of from your perspective. 

So instead of saying ‘this is my process and this is what I want to teach or take somebody through’, ask yourself:

  • What is the problem that this person has?
  • What is the goal that this person has?
  • How can I use my skills and my processes to help them achieve that goal and overcome a problem that is stopping them achieve it?

post mindset shift...

As soon as you make that shift you will find that your business will be sellable. You will be able to monetize it and to make traction because you’re  actually in demand instead of running a fun enterprise. It will still be purposeful, you can still work within your zone of genius, but use your superpowers to help rather than to pass the time!

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